TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE

TNA filed a lawsuit against WWE in Nashville yesterday, it’s reported.

Nashville City Paper reports that an injunction was filed yesterday alleging that a former TNA employee, Brian Wittenstein, who went on to work for WWE earlier this year, supplied the company with “confidential information and trade secrets”.

WWE informed TNA that Wittenstein had been divulging said trade secrets on May 7th. He was fired by WWE.

The information allegedly offered up included details on wrestlers’ contracts. TNA claims that the company is now trying to poach TNA talent with this information, citing Ric Flair as an example. The Hall of Famer reportedly tried to end his deal with TNA two days later, they claim, in order to return to WWE.

In the lawsuit, TNA states: “This wrongful disclosure and misappropriation allows WWE to effectively price TNA out of the market and cause irreparable harm to TNA’s business and profitability. WWE now knows the confidential details of TNA’s business affairs including its marketing and business strategy and analysis, which leaves TNA vulnerable to WWE’s unfair position in the market.”

“In order to injure TNA and gain a competitive advantage, WWE intentionally interfered with TNA’s contractual relationship with Ric Flair and maliciously used the trade secrets and confidential information provided by Wittenstein to approach Ric Flair.”

WWE’s lawyer, Jerry McDevitt, responded: “Our reaction is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. What the WWE did here is what you would hope any company would do in these circumstances it found itself in.”

More on this story here.

Thoughts: Though not specifically female-related, a very interesting story to keep track of given the parties involved. Who doesn’t love a good courtroom drama?

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  • numero47

    I read about this earlier, very curious to see what the outcome will be.

  • Lanoom

    Otunga is 20-0 at Legalmania and works for free. TNA has no chance.

    • Piggie James

      What about Mr. Joseph Park, Esq.? He would eat David Otunga alive.

  • Roqqsz

    As I messaged DivaDirt on Twitter the funniest thing is now the WWE can countersue TNA for using Real American for Brooke Hogans promo video. Real American is owned by WWE which is why Hogan has to use Voodoo Child or a watered down Version of Real American, Plus TNA is suing based off the assumption of Flair rejoining the WWE after it was Flair who quit on his own, Morgan finished his dates, and left, and Alex Shelly left on his own for never being used. So if TNA even tries to pull those 3 it’s over for them. Plus it was public knowledge of Morgan’s dates running out it was all over the internet so anyone can pull that up and prove it to be a shut case. TNA isn’t doing themselves favors with this lawsuit at all.

    • JillianHallTNA

      The “Real American” song is owned by Rick Derringer?.
      Yeah, wonder if we’ll see Morgan and Alex in WWE at all.
      As for Ric Flair, WWE paid him to go back because obviously TNA did use Flair very good and Flair was a big part of the company so WWE decided to get his ass back.
      I will remember that last sentence after WWE will have to pay cash to TNA.
      By the way, what happen to WWE network? LOL

      • Raekon

        I hope we will see Morgan and Shelley in WWE cause they are both great workers! :)

        Too bad they let Morgan go since he was their main eventer at Ring a King too.

  • Nostalgia

    And it begins… They didn’t take the WCW route and try to take WWE head on, Dixie runs to court. This hopefully angers Vince enough to upgrade all aspects of his company to make TNA look bad

    • lucky1now

      Here’s hoping that that does get to happen can you imagine the talent wars they can pull off

      • Nostalgia

        yes… The WWE would have to bring Kharma back, maybe Trieh or Lita. Pull the trigger on Beth vs Natalya. Put Naomi in the ring and let her go wild. The possibilities are endless

        • FrankNFurter

          I’ll take the latter, please.

        • GailKimFan09e

          And ill take all of the above………

  • lucky1now

    lets see how this turns out
    its funny how wwe fires the guy and admits he gave information…..had they never told on him this might not have happened…

    • No Holds Barred

      but if TNA found out then WWE would be in much bigger trouble for keeping the info to themselves

  • jcarcano12


  • Nostalgia


  • SherriShepherdWWE


    i wish TNA would learn when they play with fire there gonna get burned, and for a company that is kinda struggling with money and everything, they are gonna waste money on sueing WWE, for something that WWE came to them and told them was going on. like seriously they should have thanked WWE, for telling them,

    but it says they are now scared WWE is gonna sign all the TNA talent that contracts are coming up, but when you think about it, WWE never really signed very many TNA wrestlers, Kharma, Consqnes CReed, and maybe a few more, its TNA that is signing all WWE talent,

    i find this so pathetic by TNA, its crazy

    • WWFoverWWE

      WWE may have told them, but they still went ahead and used the information in a wrong way. But judging from your post history, we all know you’re bias to begin with.

      • mojodoom

        “Used the information the wrong way??”

        How do you even know they used it? How can anyone prove in the court of law that the WWE maliciously used those information to acquire talents from TNA and gain leverage when it comes to negotiating deals with said talents? The WWE is the biggest dog in the yard and if they really want to sign a talent or get them back to their side of the fence they will stretch their muscles and flash you their cash. Lots and lots of cash. If they think you are worth an X amount of cash they will offer you an X + Y amount of cash. They don’t need an ex-employee from a struggling company to come out and divulge “secret” information for them to make a move and snatch every talents they’d consider to be worth their dime.

        • Piggie James

          It’s certainly easier for them to make competitive offers to TNA talents to lure them away when they have all of their contract details.

          It might only be a slight advantage, but an advantage none of the less. And if it’s true that they were holding onto the information for three weeks, then clearly they must have had some reason for doing so (unless you want to argue that they were too busy preparing for Wrestlemania or that WWE simply forgot about it since they ‘care so little about TNA’).

          There’s a very coincidental timing with the alleged breach of confidentiality, and all this recent news about Flair, Morgan and Shelley definitively going to WWE. Perhaps TNA are just being opportunistic, but there’s no doubt more going on than what is being reported at the moment, and the details should come out in due time.

          I’d be pretty sure that TNA wouldn’t be prepared to go to court without more evidence than what we’ve heard about so far (to be honest, there’s very little information about the case beyond the initial injunction to prevent the defendants destroying potential evidence).

    • Piggie James

      ‘Struggling with money’? Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett have both said that the company has been profitable for several years now. So have other people such as former TNA employees Road Dogg (currently a WWE agent) and Terry Taylor (seen at FCW recently).

      This is in contrast with WWE whose stock price has been nosediving over the last year, and who delivered their first quarter in the red (since the early 2000’s I believe) in Q4 last year.

      Thank WWE for holding onto confidential information for 3 weeks instead of returning it immediately? TNA allegedly knew about the information leak from a WWE source tipping them off before hand, so if WWE became aware that TNA might know, they had no choice but to contact TNA, unless they wanted to face ever stronger legal penalties.

      The last former WWE talent that TNA signed to a contract was Matt Hardy I believe, all the way back in January 2011. You might also want to count Gail Kim late last year, but she made her career in TNA. It’s simply naive to believe that WWE wouldn’t want to raid TNA’s talent. Several former employees have said that there was significant interest in quite a few TNA talents (specifically Bobby Roode and James Storm as singles competitors). WWE have been depleting ROH’s talent roster for a while now, so it’s clear that they’re desperate for new stars, given their reliance on older stars at the moment.

      So of course TNA is going to be ‘scared’ of WWE raiding their talent, and there’s no doubt that they should be. Vince McMahon has killed many a promotion by raiding their talent in the territory days. The WWF itself was almost killed off by WCW taking most of their top talent in the 90’s (which forced them to make new stars in the Attitude Era). ECW suffered from losing their talent to both WCW and WWF. TNA has continually struggled with having their elevated talents leave to WWE (which is the main reason Jeff Jarrett kept the belt on himself all those years).

      If you simply expect TNA to lay down and let WWE take anyone they can buy out, then you obviously don’t want to see any sort of competition in the industry. Competition is what drives the companies to do better, and is how us as fans get a better overall product. Simply siding with ‘Team WWE’ every time, is only going to lead to them further monopolizing the market.

      • ballplayer10123


        The Attitude Era was so good because it had to be, otherwise it may have been curtains for the WWF/E. I dont want to see either company fold. I want them to push each other and provide quality programming. We have seen what happens when the WWE gets complacent. WWE could provide a good show just on wrestling talent alone, when there is little/no competition their product tends to be poor all the way around.

        Just like other markets where monopolies exist, the consumer is the loser. Just remember that WWE cheerleaders.

      • mojodoom

        What you have are mere speculations. It will not hold up in court. If they’re relying on the information that they’ve allegedly received from a WWE source then their case against the defendants doesnt have any legs unless that person comes out, corroborate with them and testify against the E. Even then it’s still going to be wobbly. That person is basically going to be the witness and their only evidence to a crime that may or may not have happen. Sure they can call those rumoured stars about to jumpship on the stands to testify. But that’s taking a lot of risks and I don’t think TNA would want to do that. They don’t know how contract negotiations with those stars went but I’m pretty sure a conglomerate like WWE doesnt lay everything out in the open to sign a talent. So how is that going to help their case against the WWE? It might actually hurt them. What we know so far as facts are : The person who divulge those sensitive informations was terminated for doing so. TNA was informed of the matter. TNA sued the WWE. That’s it. Everything else are pure speculations.

        I’m not taking sides, I’m actually critical of both promotion. You on the other hand is obviously leaning firmly towards TNA. That’s fine. But I only want to comment about the merit of their case against the WWE. So with all the information that we have so far, I think it would be very difficult for TNA to prove their allegations.

        • Piggie James

          I agree that from the information currently reported, TNA doesn’t have any evidence to win the case, but keep in mind that the case hasn’t even begun yet, and you’d have to have a very low opinion about TNA’s competence (and their parent company’s) if you believe that they don’t have anything else as proof.

          Personally I couldn’t say at this point whether I think TNA will win the case. But for that matter, I don’t think any of us can make that judgement until more details come out. I do believe WWE’s behaviour suspicious, and that there’s definitely more to this than a cut and dried case.

        • Shan

          It wouldn’t be able to go to court without significant evidence.

  • No Holds Barred

    TNA are already losing to Daffney in a lawsuit.. can they really afford to lose to WWE?

    • JillianHallTNA

      TNA just needs to settle the case pay Daffney her $15 dollars and move on.

      • No Holds Barred

        how rude, $15?? for all those injuries she suffered thanks to Terry Taylor and Dixie Carter’s ignorance, I think more than $15 will cover the cost of her medical bills.

        TNA are going to lose to WWE, accept it!

    • Piggie James

      All I’ve heard about the lawsuit is that the attorney who represents TNA in Texas, requested to represent them in Tennessee. The case doesn’t begin until next month, so there’s no evidence that anyone is ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ it at the moment.

      With that said, most people only know one side of the story, and according to Terry Taylor (who mind you is always highly spoken about by pretty much the majority of people in the industry), the medical fees were taken of.

  • Danni

    It seems people are forgetting that WWE kept these important files for WEEKS before informing TNA they had them. WWE was BIG TIME in the wrong for that.

    • Shan

      Thank you!

  • B1G_FaN

    TNA is a joke and will do anything to get publicity in mainstream media. Not many people care about TNA, even wrestling fans.

    • Piggie James

      They still average about 1.4 million weekly in the US, which isn’t all that bad really (although their viewership has been falling lately). They have even more viewership worldwide. Clearly millions of people do care about what they put out every week.

      WWE will also do anything to get mainstream publicity. It’s basically all that Vince McMahon has ever attempted to do, and that is for his company to be accepted as ‘mainstream’.

      If TNA has any sort of case at all against WWE, even if they end up losing, it would still be good publicity for them, since not everyone knows that there are other wrestling promotions besides WWE, which is perhaps what you suggest (because you can’t care about something you don’t know).

      I highly doubt they are doing this just for publicity though, especially since there’s a legitimate grievance here.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Wasting money? If WWE is trying to steal away their best talent and It’s illegal. You are supposed to do something about it. Who knows if they win and end up getting some serious cash out of WWE which would be hilarious.

    WWE is such a joke, lmao at people who still watch it LOL

    • jcarcano12

      I like TNA but they are going to loose and WWE isn’t that bad -!-

      • JillianHallTNA

        I guess we will see that. Hahaha!
        Yeah, only PPV saves them.

    • Jhonmarco

      How would they win? As JJ stated, WWE has the money & better law team to squash this. They could very well destory TNA if they pleased.

      Joke? Oh, right kinda how a man is holding a knockouts title. Or how Dixie has become a JOKE by letting people take over her own company? Yeah that’s a JOKE.

      • JillianHallTNA

        Excuse, do you work in WWE or TNA to know financial situation?
        WWE is very “rich” if they’re still wannabe a TV network..
        Wow, I got more jokes about WWE then you, I doubt you will read them all since true hurts to WWE marks ;)

        • Jhonmarco

          Anyone with a brain knows WWE has the amount of money to buy out TNA. I guess that explains why you don’t understand this.

          LOL and what channel is TNA on? Spike. Honey get your shit togetehr please. Feel free to state those jokes, you love taking shots at WWE, yet act as if TNA is the best company ever. Hiring Brooke Hogan LOL.

        • JillianHallTNA

          They have money but TNA isn’t going anywhere, TNA isn’t for selling ;)

          You wanna talk about United States? What about TV station in United Kingdom. They know what real wrestling is, TNA beats WWE every week and TNA just started and beat them.
          Brooke isn’t going to wrestle but here are lists of female JOKES in WWE:
          Hiring Kelly Kelly, Ashley Massaro, Ashley Flair, CAMERON, using Naomi as a dancer LMAO, The Bella Twins, Maria Men…. something, Maria Kanellis and the lists goes on.

        • redsandman99

          You want to know why TNA beats WWE in the United Kingdom? WWE is on at like two in the morning over there while TNA is on at a better time. And if you don’t think Brooke will eventually somehow end up wrestling, you’re just fooling yourself.

        • Jhonmarco

          They might as well sell. Dixie’s sold out already.

          CONGRATS! TNA beat WWE in one country, big deal right?! Let’s point out TNA hm? Hiring Brooke Hogan, the whole Daffney situation, the whole Roxxi thing as well, as underpaying roster members, & let’s see shitting on homegrown talent. Oh & there’s not being able to make their own stars & using WWE has-beens. Want more?

          And LOL yes because the Bellas were bad right? Actually Ashley barely had training, hardly the girl’s fault. Have we even seen Cameron wrestle before? Hm, didn’t think so. Maria? Perfect example of a DS girl having a passion for wrestling. You look so idiotic right now.

        • Piggie James

          If TNA were such a joke, they shouldn’t be beating WWE in any country under any circumstances (unless you accept that WWE is a joke too).

          Men holding women’s titles? The owner of the company losing control of it (in storyline)? Being on the Spike network? Brooke Hogan? ‘Celebrity’ authority figures? These ‘jokes’ have already happened in WWE.

          It’s arguable how big of a star Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are, but both have been pushed consistently above ex-WWE talent for the past year as the two top champions in the company, and neither have been ‘shitted on’. The only ex-WWE talents who are current champions at the moment are Devon and Gail Kim. Both who have been in TNA longer now than they ever were in WWE. The rest are all ‘home-grown’ talent.

          Yes it isn’t Ashley Massaro’s fault at all. It’s WWE for putting her on live television without giving her any training, and forcing her to learn on the fly. Same case with Kelly Kelly, who would arguably be a lot better if she took some time off just to work on her basic wrestling skills. Instead both girls are used as running jokes to describe poor wrestling.

          Anyone with a brain (and who has done some research) knows that the company that owns TNA (Panda Power Funds) could easily afford to buy out WWE if they wanted to. Probably the reason that they haven’t, is because WWE is simply not a good investment (hence why their stock has always struggled). TNA is only really a tiny asset for Panda, and any gains or losses it makes are fairly inconsequential to the overall company. Of course it needs to be profitable to justify keeping it (which it is believed to be).

          Some of your other points I could hold you to account for, but I’ll leave it at that.

          @redsandman99: There have been a few weeks when you could combine the individual viewership of all WWE shows shown in the UK (Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars, Experience, AM Raw .etc) including their repeats (ie. Raw at a better timeslot later in the week), and Impact Wrestling would still have more viewers. With that said, the most valid reason why TNA does better is that they’re on a free to view channel (about 95% of the population have it), while WWE is only on pay TV (about 40% I believe).

  • Nostalgia

    I believe the only thing keeping TNA alive is the knockouts. Everything else fails in comparison.. Sadly enough the knockouts aren’t enough… Because overall the WWE is a league of its own

  • JJ

    Oh TNA…

    Going after the man in question is the right decision. Going after WWE is stupid, unnecessary and going to cost them. WWE has a fantastic law team and they aren’t going to lose something when they aren’t in the wrong.

    We might look at this in ten years time as the first step towards TNA’s closure.

    • Jhonmarco


    • WWFoverWWE

      How are they not in the wrong? They have confidential information that isn’t supposed to be theirs, and are using it to a attack a company that isn’t a threat to them.

      I would understand if TNA was in WCW’s level and was actually competition, but this nothing more than bullying a child.

      • JJ

        That’s what TNA is alledging and as of right now they have no facts to prove WWE even benefitted from the information, let alone claim WWE is trying to “attack” TNA.

        Here are the facts we know so far:
        Wittenstein gave the information to WWE who then fired him for doing so and told TNA what happened. TNA responds by trying to sue them. That’s it, that’s all the facts.

        Bringing Flair into the equation is going to backfire for TNA because he’s been unhappy for months and HE wanted out of his contract. If WWE approached Flair with an offer that isn’t illegal; if they said to him “We know you’re making this amount and we can top it” that would be illegal. It’s doubtful WWE would have done that in the first place (they would have known in advance they could top his offer so would have no need to say it) and that’s basically what TNA’s argument rests on at the moment, which would be incredibly hard for them to prove.

        Really, it’s hard to see WWE as the baddie here unless you’re TRYING to see them as the baddie. If you take the information as it is, it doesn’t look good for TNA. It might even sour the court’s opinion of them for trying to go after WWE as well, rather than solely go after Wittenstein (which they would easily win).

        • Piggie James

          It has been reported that TNA was tipped off by a WWE source about WWE committing illegal activities against them 3 weeks before WWE officially contacted TNA about it. If this is true, then there’s an obvious question mark about why WWE would stall, as opposed to contact TNA immediately.

          As you have said, we really know very little about the case beyond what has been reported. I doubt TNA would be playing their full hand to the public (and WWE) right away. You’ve essentially made the assumption that all that we’ve heard so far is all the evidence TNA has against WWE. None of us are the position to say whether this is or not the case.

          I agree that WWE has a very good lawyer in Jerry McDevitt (who is incredibly cunning), but from his statements it seems like they’re already on the back foot and trying to mitigate their losses. At the same time, TNA surely has very good lawyers as well through their parent company. How good the lawyers are though is besides the point though if we’re discussing whether WWE is at fault or not.

          TNA’s ‘closure’ is wishful thinking that has never eventuated despite how many times people say it. I think the only way your statement would occur is if Vince McMahon suddenly wanted to do everything he could to put TNA out of business (in which case TNA might be better off not winning the case).

        • JJ

          You’re right that maybe TNA has something else up their sleeve, but it would have to be something strong because this won’t be good enough. Like any lawsuit they needed to lay their best hand down on the table to start with and if this is their best hand then they’re in trouble. 

          Unfortunately (for society) how good the lawyers are does matter. Right should prevail over wrong but often doesn’t. Often the better law team wins the race. WWE has a strong, intelligent and crafty law team with decades of experience and knowledge of the business and contracts. They are the stronger team in this case, and so far they have a very good case.

          Personally I do not want TNA or any wrestling promotion to go out of business so it is not wishful thinking. I want alternatives and competition so that every company steps up. I want more places for the stars of tomorrow to perfect their craft and places where people who will never get the main spotlight still get a chance to shine. But the persisting rumours of TNA’s less than stellar business practices and money issues persist for a reason. People more in the know than any fan or standard dirtsheet have expressed the same worries about their closure. With every risk like this lawsuit, it becomes easier to look forward in time ten years and pinpoint this as one of the key mistakes they made.

        • Piggie James

          There’s been new information reported (I’m not meant to link to anything here but I’m sure you can find it) that the lawsuit hasn’t actually been filed yet, and all that has occurred is an injunction on the defendants from destroying evidence. A lot of the information going around is actually misinformation (including some of the things reported here).

          So once again, it’s hard for any of us to really comment on the case until the actual lawsuit it at least filed.

          I do agree that WWE will most likely have the stronger law team, since certainly they will have more experience in the wrestling industry, but some of the issues being dealt with here are not specific to wrestling (like inside information), so the playing field might be more even here than for WWE in other cases they’ve had. It’s not like WWE haven’t lost court cases in the past either.

        • Piggie James

          Also, I’m not sure who you’re referring to who have talked about TNA’s closure. The only people I can think of are Jerry Jarrett and Jim Cornette, but neither are particularly credible when it comes to their opinions on TNA. Perhaps they would be actually complimentary about TNA now that their good friend Vince Russo isn’t there anymore.

          On the contrary I’ve heard quite a few former employees who believe that the company is doing fine at the moment and is not going to go out of business any time soon.

  • Bhentoooot

    they should do it to Divas. :))

  • redsandman99

    It’ll most likely be settled out of court.

    • Jhonmarco

      This is like poking a bear with a stick. WWE will tear them apart in court, though I guess you have to pay for those live episodes in some way? I doubt Vince is even bothered by this, as is custom with anything inolving TNA. Irrelvant.

      • JillianHallTNA

        WWE marks LMAO!
        Copy and paste, nice…

        • Jhonmarco

          Which company is relevant though? Oh, thought so.

        • JillianHallTNA

          To wrestling fans, it obviously ain’t WWE.
          Only little baby kids watches WWE and wrestlers go there because they can make lot of money since WWE started before.
          TNA is only 10 years old and look what become today! A global phenomenal!
          WWE will go DOWN in the next 10 years! ;)

        • Jhonmarco

          Crying @ global phemonal. Stop lying to yourself. It’s not cute. If anything TNA will be dead in 10 years. Ask any hardcore indy fans, they’ll shit on WWE, but they damn despise TNA even more. I didn’t realize you took a poll on WWE’s audience?

          TNA has been stuck in a rut for about 2 years now.

        • JillianHallTNA

          Indy fans are jealous because lots of indy shows were opened and debuted in TNA time and TNA succeed while other indys failed.
          Hahahaha, very funny, I’m gonna laugh when DivaDirt in 2010 year won’t report any news about WWE because WWE won’t be anymore.
          At least TNA isn’t losing fans every year so stop lying to yourself and wake up ;)

        • Taylor

          “I’m gonna laugh when DivaDirt in 2010 year won’t report any news about WWE because WWE won’t be anymore.” Um, what?

        • No Holds Barred

          ROH & DG USA have better wrestling than WWE, but they absolutely trump TNA. Wrestling matters? How about the Impact after BFG, 7 minutes of wrestling – LOLTNA. (Google it, absolutely hilarious how bad they are)

          Let’s go to a TNA house show – 300 people. Let’s go to a TV taping – 1,000 people. Biggest PPV of the year – 2,000

          WWE house show – 3,000 – 6,000 people. TV taping – 8,000 – 10,000. Biggest PPV of the year – over 70,000.

          TNA PPVs get around 3,000 buys (6,000 at best). WWE’s worst PPV got 96,000 buys – hm, I wonder who’s better!? WrestleMania got 1.4 million buys this year. More PPV buys than TNA gets in viewers

        • Piggie James

          Your numbers are ridiculously wrong. You could have proven your point with the actual numbers without having to exaggerate them.

          TNA house show: anywhere from 300 (very rarely) to 6000+ (in UK, of course only three or so times a year). The average is probably around 1000.

          TV taping: I believe the last few in the US were all in the realms of 2000 to 5000. The UK taping I believe was 10000+.

          Bound for Glory 2011: 3500 to 5500 (reports vary, most likely due to how much papering is factored in)

          WWE attendances vary widely, especially between Raw and Smackdown shows. Raw is almost always 8000+ for a taping, less for house shows depending on the arena. Smackdown has really struggled in the past year. At times their TV taping audience has been less than 3000 and they’ve had to ‘curtain off’ the majority of the arena.

          Wrestlemania always gets a massive attendance, but this year they still weren’t sold out on the day of the event, and had to cut prices (reportedly some people were given free tickets) to get an attendance record.

          The Wrestlemania 28 PPV buys was actually kind of sad. WWE announced it had 1.3 million buys (not 1.4 as you said), which got them quite a lot of publicity. However, the recently revised figures are that it was only 1.22 million. Obviously it was still a lot, but I doubt it was a mistake that WWE were off on their estimate by 800,000.

          Your TNA buy figures don’t seem to be based on anything factual (not even Meltzer’s ‘early estimates’ are that low). Not that I buy into what Meltzer reports, but he reported that Lockdown 2008 got 55,000 buys, so if you want to believe his usually low figures (since he is the only person who has ever tried to ‘report’ them, although no one else has ever corroborated his ‘estimates’), then you have to take his highest figure as well. In truth, no one can actually know what TNA’s PPV buys are since they’re a privately-held company. Very few people in the company know what those figures are (not even some of the top executives know), so one of them would have to have been leaking that information for the past (whatever) years (what they have to gain from that I have no idea).

          This is mainly off topic though (initiated by yourself), but I just thought your figures should be corrected. Although it’s sort of obvious that WWE should be pulling in higher attendances since they’ve been around for so long, so you’re merely stating the obvious.

  • Jhonmarco

    This is like poking a bear with a stick. WWE will tear them apart in court, though I guess you have to pay for those live episodes in some way? I doubt Vince is even bothered by this, as is custom with anything inolving TNA. Irrelvant. LOL

  • WWFoverWWE

    I believe in morals and ethics, and I feel what is WWE is did extremely unfair and wrong. TNA is not a threat to them in anyway, so I don’t know why they feel the need to attack them.

    But of course, the fans are just turning this into a popularity contest, not even taking into account who is actually wrong here.

    • Katie

      So it was a fair for Dixie a few years ago to announce Christian going back to WWE? I think not.

    • No Holds Barred

      I’m a little confused by your comment, WWE aren’t attacking TNA, they are defending themselves after doing the right thing by telling TNA about Wittenstein. Dunno what Dixie was thinking anyway, it’s a lost battle

      I’m sure all will hopefully be settled, hope it doesn’t get dirty.

      • Piggie James

        Of course they’re defending themselves. They’re the ones being sued. Allegedly they were the ones who threw the first stone though according to the lawsuit.

        Whether they did the ‘right’ thing is all relative. If they held onto that information for 3 weeks (as alleged), then it clearly isn’t ‘right’, and they only contacted TNA as a cover up, which is probably even worse than not telling them since they’re purposely attempting to mislead TNA into believing they only just became aware of the information. It also makes it harder for them to scapegoat someone below, since it’s more likely that the higher ups were aware about what was going on.

        @Katie: That’s not particularly relevant to what’s going on here. But regarding that situation, Dixie Carter was asked in an interview to address the rumours about Christian returning to WWE,and she went ahead and confirmed them. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point that Christian was returning, so it’s not like she really spoiled anything for anyone.

  • Kantrell

    You know I always wondered if ric flair was really working for WWE while he was in TNA. Him and hogan is really working with WWE to find out everything that goes on in TNA.

    • Jhonmarco

      It’d be hilarious if they just went to TNA to see how much they could do. LOL Dixie you dumbass.

    • Nostalgia

      That’d be funny lol.

  • AdrianRay

    TNA is fucked. Enough said.

    • TheBeautifulPeople.


  • Nostalgia

    TNA scores less than 1.0 ratings almost e every week. TNA’s roster is full of WWE has been wrestlers. There is no way they could put WWE out. Other than impact spoilers and photo shoots, they’re rarely on here. The WWE has something going on outside of the ring constantly

    • WWFoverWWE

      What does that have to do with the lawsuit?

      • JJ

        I’d imagine it was a reply to the hilarious claims that WWE will be out of business in ten years.

        • Taylor

          Agreed JJ. I see the Internet still doesn’t have an IQ limit set. A real shame.

        • Nostalgia

          That it was lol

        • Piggie James

          I don’t think TNA will be what puts WWE out of business. But it isn’t unrealistic that WWE couldn’t go out of business in the next ten years. And mainly by their own doing.

          Their stock is currently at 10 year lows. Their ratings (including viewership) have been falling for all their shows in the US (Superstars and NXT were both pulled for low ratings). They lost money in Q4 last year. Their PPV buys (outside of Wrestlemania) have dropped in the past few years. Attendance has been lower (especially for Smackdown).

          WWE Studios continues to drain on their profitability with no sign of being axed. The WWE Network that the company has already spent millions on (they’ve taken out a $200 million line of credit from JP Morgan Chase Bank to finance it) was supposed to have debuted at Wrestlemania this year, and is still yet to find a carrier that actually wants to broadcast them.

          There has been an absence of creating many new stars in the past few years and an increasing reliance now on older/Attitude era stars to headline shows and main event (Lesnar, The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Big Show, and to a lesser extent: Cena, Jericho, Albert/Tensai, Christian, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry) to keep ratings and PPV buys from dropping even further (after botched youth movements in the past like the Nexus). Once all these big stars are gone (in the next 10 years probably), then there’s only a few talents at the moment that have been built up enough to bridge that hole (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus), and none of them are proven draws yet (quite the opposite in fact).

          Clearly WWE is facing some serious problems in the next decade, and given the massive amounts of money to keep their company operating, if their revenue streams begin to dry up, they’re going to have to scale their company back, which is only going to cause further problems at an operational level.

          WWE Raw now moving to a three-hour format every week could be disastrous given how much it hurt WCW Nitro when they made the same move (which was at WCW’s height!), so overall WWE’s future prospects don’t look very good at all unless they make some dramatic changes to their business.

        • Shan

          I think it’s hilarious how Piggie James just shuts down the pissing contests with logic.

  • Katie

    They have no case. WWE could of sued Dixie Carter for going around saying how Christian re-signed with WWE.

  • No Holds Barred

    WCW did the exact same to WWF in the 90s, that’s how they got Lex Luger, Rick Rude, Alundra Blayze and even Jeff Jarrett – the man who went on to be a co-founder of TNA.

  • shannymac

    This will not end well.


    I don’t know why TNA even tries…they must know they can’t hold a candle to WWE. WWE could sue TNA fr them using real american for brookes promo but they don’t.