Upcoming FCW Spoilers

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of FCW TV:

June 3:
We go to Summer’s office where she announces that Audrey Marie will be in a match tonight. Then Sofia Cortez and Paige enter after Audrey and Caylee Turner leave. Summer tells Sofia that she will face Audrey but then changes her mind and puts Paige in the match. Sofia is not a happy camper.

June 10:
Raquel Diaz came to the interview area and cut a promo and explained why her hair color has changed.

Match Number Two: Audrey Marie defeated Paige (with Sofia Cortez) with a sunset flip. Paige tried to hold on to the ropes but Sofia knocked her hands off the ropes to allow Audrey to win. Sofia was still miffed at the announcement that Paige would be facing Audrey instead of her. She refused to help Paige during the match. (Source)


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  • Poison_Ivory

    So they just randomly changed the whole roster and type of the show? Without any explanation? I’m so confused ..

    • Poison_Ivory

      OMG lol I read these as NXT spoilers. Haha this’s really embarrassing. :D

      • http://wrestlinggirl1993.tumblr.com/ xoxoRKOxoxo

        no the are completely changing NXT soon once they find a network to air it on!!!

        • Poison_Ivory

          Yea, how col is that!

          But still.. Come on, brain, work for your food for once.

  • wl75

    More info from that link from the June 10th ep:

    Summer and Rob Naylor are in her office and Rob tells Summer that Dusty Rhodes will be stopping by. Dusty says that there are going to be some changes and he tells Summer to go meet with Steve Keirn. Dusty takes a seat and talks to Naylor. Dusty scares Naylor and Naylor leaves the office.

    (This is starting the setup for the NXT changover…..they announced this was the next-to-last set of FCW tapings;the last set will be on June 7th. Dusty is going to be the GM of NXT, so Summer will have to be given a new role.)

  • Chryst Voegele

    better turn face/heel storyline than main roster.

    • Bhentoooot

      agreed. but the heck. interview about hair color change. @_@

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Tenille is wrestling in Australia, this weekend, i wonder has she been released by WWE, hope now

    • JJ

      Lance Storm said on twitter that she was never signed because of the injury, but he expects they will sign her soon.

      Funny how we’ve had the wrong info all this time!

      • shameronstar

        Awww! That’s disappointing to hear because I saw some of her work on youtube and she’s really good considering she’s only been wrestling since 2008! but they had that documentary where they clearly said she signed with wwe so what is happening?

        • JJ

          Here is the quote when someone asked if she was still under contract:
          “She never was. Signing delay for shoulder surgery. I think she will finally be signed soon.”

          If she was on their radar once she’ll probably get another look in. I imagine they told her to stay in touch.

        • Raekon

          Well it makes sense since she wouldn’t had been able to train and compete anyway. :)

          Hope she is ready soon!

        • jcarcano12

          She was signed it came on the news on Canada. She also was a heel in the Indy showing off she is going to be a diva?

      • Acid Rain

        Hopefully she gets signed, she’s one of my favorites. :(

  • Raekon

    At least they are setting up Sofias face turn which will explain her match vs paige on NXT afterwards. :)

    Really hope they keep it up in the new nxt and they will keep it the same way like the old NXT with backstage segments, great storylines and also a few belts to compete for (the fcw ones and new ones aswell would be good!).

  • FashionQueen86

    Yay Sofia!