Impact Write-Up (May 24th, 2012): Comedy, Mic Time and Character Development… What More Could You Ask For?

Salutations, loyal beings, and allow me to greet you to a wonderful edition of the Impact Write-Up. This week, we bring forth the second edition of “Open Fight Night”, but will it prove to be as useful to someone as the first was to Brooke Tessmacher when she challenged Gail Kim to a non-title match? We will have to see as this time it’s Gail and her bestest friend in the world, Madison Rayne, teaming up to battle ODB and her husband. Although the match may not be for the titles, bragging rights can go a long way in determining the next challenger, and hey, ODB is actually on TV again so that’s always a good thing. Without any further ado, let us jump into this recap as we stand only a mere week away from the arrival of my Knockout savior and god of all beings, Brooke Hogan!

We head out to the arena where the STILL addicting theme song of our devious Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim hits. Gail and her cohort in crime, Madison Rayne (complete with “Queen of TNA” sash) make their way out to the ring. Madison’s attention seems elsewhere, but Kim is in a take-no-prisoners mood tonight. And hey — HEY — IS THAT, I mean WAS THAT ANGELINA LOVE? Did Angelina Love just make an appearance? Are my eyes deceiving me? Did I inhale too much of my freshly made Paula Deen bacon lovers buffet that I’m hallucinating? By the time I can refocus, Gail Kim now has a microphone and takes a page out of Tony the Tiger’s playbook by discussing how being herself is GRRRRREAT!

Not only is she the reigning Knockouts Champion, but she is also the most dominant TNA Knockouts Champion in the hi… IT’S ANGELINA LOVE! Angelina Love is in front of my eyes on an actual Impact! Gail Kim continues giving us a history lesson, stating that SHE built this division… no, she IS this division, and everything revolves around her! Madison seems to be focused on doing her makeup, and I guess it’s for the mystery man she’s been interested in as of late. Nonetheless, Gail prides herself in being the most important Knockout in the company, albeit there is one small blemish, she says. She discusses that it DISGUSTS her that the Knockout Tag Team Titles are being represented by a man and a so-called woman! Because of this fact, Gail is going to take this opportunity to demand that she and Madison face Mr. and Mrs. ODB.

HEY LOOK IT’S VELVET SKY OUT OF NOWHERE! Oh, but here comes ODB and her husband out to the ring performing their comedic entrance. The bell sounds as Gail shoves ODB’s partner back and administers a wrist lock. Mr. ODB reverses it, but Gail then locks in a headlock. He reverses it again, as Gail uses the knees to escape and they exchange waist locks. This pisses ODB off, and forces her to tag herself in and level Gail with some forearms and a chest push! ODB hits a huge fallaway slam and kips up, before knocking Madison off as we go to a commercial. Upon return, Gail knocks ODB down with a clothesline, as we get a recap of some type of move ODB and Mr. ODB went for during the break. Gail then forces Madison in, as Rayne kicks ODB in the chest and begins screaming at her.

Madison connects with a running boot to the head for a two count as she then keeps the beatdown going with a tag to Gail. They throw ODB in the corner as Gail sends Madison right into her. Kim looks to complete the double team move, but Madison simply tries to exit the ring… clearly thinking about her crush. This frustrates Gail, who storms over towards Rayne and demands an explanation. Character development for the win! ODB then spears Gail to the canvas as both women try to crawl and make a tag. The tags are complete, but Madison seems uninterested in ODB’s partner. Suddenly, she starts to deck him with some forearms and a slap, as he removes his tights and hip tosses both women. A body slam soon follows, but ODB DEMANDS he put his damn pants on, questioning if he plans to “knock ’em up!”

ODB tags herself in and takes Gail down with a series of shoulder tackles. She hits a running powerslam, but only for a two count. ODB sets up for the BAM, as Gail fights out and goes for a running crossbody. ODB catches her, but Madison trips ODB up and Gail lands on top of her! Madison holds the legs down for the three count, as both Mr. and Mrs. ODB chase the two devious ladies to the back.

Thoughts: We’ll get to the match soon, but first I must discuss Gail Kim’s beautiful promo. I know mic work has always been the fuel fans use against Miss Kim, but I personally thought she was on fire here. Even though she hasn’t had many to compare it to, this was easily her best work speaking wise, in my opinion, and I thought she came off as full of herself (in character of course), yet funny all at the same time. From building herself up in character to basically what fans have been saying about her was a brilliant move, and I like how she takes the insults and adds them to her character. I think that’s what helped this come off so well because she had legitimate material to use. In some weird way, the detractors helped her execute her best work on the microphone!

The match was fine for what it was, but I moreso loved the character development. Gail and Madison’s miscommunication due to Rayne’s attention being elsewhere was the type of stuff that I’ve been saying I missed with the Knockouts. Top that off with Gail’s promo, and ODB (hilariously) screaming at EY (yes, he gets that distinction because he didn’t bother me tonight), you have a great night for Knockouts. Now if only TNA could find roles for the rest of the female roster, I would seriously have no complaints at all. I beg you, Miss Hogan, bring the rest of these women back to my screen!

Speaking of which, I’m so excited for Brooke to debut next week. She’s gotten a lot of hate for this role, but the girl has already gotten the Knockouts spoken about or appearing on several news outlets, so that’s a plus. Not to mention, I watched her show (don’t judge me) for two seasons, and I find her to be an interesting character that I enjoy watching. I do hope she enters as a heel, or at least transitions into one where the “power” goes to her head, because I feel like she would shine and bring me the joy that I have SEVERELY missed in the absence of Miss Karen. So whether I’m the only person cheering Brooke’s addition to Impact or not, I seriously cannot wait for next week.

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