FCW Diva Debuts a New Look – Love it or Hate it?

One of the young Divas in FCW is sporting a brand new look, and that Diva is… *Drumroll*… Raquel Diaz, aka Shaul Guerrero.

The Guerrero prodigy tweeted a picture of herself rocking a Gaga-like blonde hairdo and similarly eccentric makeup, reminding us of Mother Monster in her Poker Face video.

The FCW Divas Champ debuted her new look at last night’s FCW television tapings, and in her tweet, gave us a little glimpse of the gimmick she’s going for — calling herself an “Ultra Diva”.

The question is, what do you think of Raquel’s dramatic new look?

Vote below!

Yea or nay? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Litaker61

    Probably just a wig but the whole wannabe Gaga ain’t working for me.

  • javiousmckenzie

    It could work she needs to lose about 10 pounds though

  • candieaddiction

    It looks absolutely horrible. I have friends that were at FCW when she debuted it last night, they said there was absolute dead silence after cause everyone was so shocked, and unsure.

    She should have left her look alone.

  • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

    Lmao!!!! She tryna be nicki minaj or something..thumbs downnnnn

  • redsandman99

    Thumbs down. Don’t dig the Gaga look on Gaga sooo this does nothing for me. Interesting note, I read that this was something they considered for Layla at one point.

  • Bhentoooot

    Woah! didnt recognize her. her looks is nah. Looks like that should be played well with attitude and build up to be loved.
    Ultra Diva. is she playing something like Mighty Molly? @_@ a Gaga version?

  • JJ

    Is this a joke?

    She looks awful…which could lend itself well to her gimmick I suppose. But then again, she’s got a built in gimmick as a Guerrero.

  • DJ8946

    A It Needs To Be Darker Or Could She Just Do Black Hair Blonde Tips. Overall I Like It But The Lipstick Needs To Go.

  • shameronstar

    OMG! What the hell did Raquel do to herself? First it’s the tattoos and tacky clothes(which I’ve grown to oddly like). But now this! I guess Raquel is trying to become the Lady Gaga/ Nicki Minaj of wrestling. The only thing she has to do now are stunts like saying she loves Satan or doing a segmentS where she’s possessed by a demon!

  • Lanoom

    Time for a Daniel Bryan-patented question and answer session.

    Q: Am I tired of the abundance of generic hounding WWE?
    A: YES!

    Q: Do I wish more of the men’s characters went beyond “Firstname McLastname dude in trunks” and the women went beyond not having characters at all and being reduced to just Firstname McHeel or McFace?
    A: YES!

    Q: Would a Diva main event rivalry between the “Ultra Diva” Raquel Diaz and the “Anti-Diva” Paige with flipping heel/face alignments be the best thing to happen to the division since Kharma?
    A: YES!


  • shameronstar

    Despite how surprising and shocking this is I’ll give the girl credit for one thing. She definitely seems like the type of person who thinks outside the box. Despite not being very athletic she’s very creative and unique and we need more people like that, so if this can help Raquel stand out and get over than I’m for it! Also, considering who her influence obvious is she’s clearly aware of the current trends in pop culture(unlike Vince McMahon), so she’s also very attentive of her audience as well!

  • FilmJenkins

    Female version of Kerwin White?!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_KingKunt_ Viva La Diva

    I guess it’s an effort, I give her props.
    However that lipstick… *dead*
    Reminds me of Fame Monster GaGa, only she can pull it off.

  • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood Sitau

    Omg, i saw thepicture and immediately thought, oh hell no another santina storyline): the whole look remind me of drag queens lol

  • mikie91

    I like it. She definitely stands out with it and that what the divas need right now.

    • mikie91

      I will however say that this will only work if she dresses all colorful too. That would so make it work.

  • AdrianRay

    I really don’t like it. I do, though, like the idea of an “Ultra Diva” character. Some intential “fierce attitude” will really make me smile. Work it all Shaul, make this look “you”.

  • lucky1now

    not caring for it but she for sure dont look like everyone else i give her credit for tryin to break the mold of looks

  • mariah.


  • DJ8946

    You Guys Do Realize That They Told Her To Have That Hair & They Gave Her That Gimmick

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    I kinda like the hair and eye make up! The lipstick is a no-no. Maybe it looks better face on too. And yay for the Mother Monster mention, Melanie!

  • Jhonmarco

    The way she took that picture though.


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    Oh, and also maybe this is for a storyline. The spoiler said she did a promo talking about her new look sooooo…yea.

  • Rhawk

    I might have started drinking before I saw this, but… wow! Its ‘different’ thats for sure, but not bad different. If anything she’ll definetly stand out more than any of the FCW AND WWE Divas, and this is a good thing for her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211052003#!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    i wish she’d atleast keep the guerrero surname with her… wats the point of training eddies daughter and making her prance around like a clown without a weird ass name!?

  • Poison_Ivory

    Hope she doesn’t end with a singing gimmick if/when this one fails..