Today in History: Molly and Spike Get a Table For Two

On this day in history:

May 28th, 2001 | The star-crossed romance between Molly Holly and Spike Dudley certainly had its Romeo and Juliet vibes: the Hollys hated the Dudleys, and vice versa. Both families wanted Spike and Molly to have nothing to do with each other. One night on Raw in the midst of this feud, an ambush by the Hollys had the Dudleys convinced that Molly had set them up. They vowed to put her through a table for it. They fulfilled that promise later in the night, though Spike did all he could to save her, using his body as a cushion and breaking her fall through the table. It’s not quite as tragic as Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, but with how unromantic wrestling can be, that kind of sentimentality is memorable.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ryan

    By golly its good ol’e Molly Holly!! =D
    She was so cute man!! and she could wrestle was tough..adorable lol

    And Spike n Molly mad that super dork loser weird couple but was cute as hell..
    Those damn dudleys…I miss seeing them put deserving women through tables lol…Mind you DivaDirt team..keep in mind June had a LOT of Trish Stratus hardcore crazyness/awesomeness, Gail Kim’s debut, Stephanie owning Lita, Dudleys destroying Tori and DX, a lot of fun Molly Holly stuff too lol..Ahhhhh 10 years ago..

    • shameronstar

      That’s what people loved about the attitude era! Not the excessive vulgarness necessary but the fact that they were willing to get their money’s worth out of their talent!

  • javiousmckenzie

    Molly was so over then her pops came just under Lita and Chyna the fan signs and everything she was buxom blonde and could wrestle. I noticed and a lot of others who i know agree when Molly started getting over with the crowd and as her pops got bigger and bigger they start pulling her story lines and she appearing here and there b4 the heel turn Mighty Molly. Its the same thing WWE did with AJ when she arrived to Smackdown the AJ chants and pops she was getting more over than there champ so they pulled her back

    • bluejay

      Jazz said in her interview with Diva-Dirt that WWE chooses who they want to put over. The popularity that these divas had every diva could’ve been a major superstar instead of just Trish and Lita. Jazz said they had their two “it girls” and they did not make an effort to put any other diva over. When Molly was more over then Trish then that was when they turned her heel. Don’t forget that WWE is politics and they had their chosen one.

      Molly Holly was a breath of fresh air from the T&A stuff that WWE was doing a lot back then. She was heads to toes talented and derserves more credit for her contributions to the WWE women’s division.

    • norisclouds

      It’s kind of funny. My friends stepped away from wrestling for a few years, and when they asked me who was still there the only female wrestlers they remembered were Chyna, Lita and Molly Holly.

      I mentioned Trish and they said “Who? You mean that blond in the cowboy hat?” None of them cared about her if they stopped watching during that time period. They were very surprised to find that she became an accomplished wrestler in her own right. Molly did make quite the impression on young girls our age when we watched. I’ll never forget her or her character.

  • shannymac

    I miss when WWE used to craft interesting storylines for all of their talent/divisions. Maybe the 3 hour RAW will at least bring a little bit of that back.

    • javiousmckenzie

      In a perfect world

  • kristalmelinafan

    Kurt Angle use to have a big booty back in the day.

    • TheBeautifulPeople.

      I’D Tapped THAAAAT.

      • TheBeautifulPeople.


        • javiousmckenzie

          He sure did before he lost all that weight big juicy donky booty him and RVD

  • Nostalgia

    I STILL love RVD sexy ass!

  • Timalee

    What I don’ get is clearly how the Dudleys were watching the backstage segment. That they should have known tha Molly had nothing to do with the ambush.

  • No Holds Barred

    I loved when Divas went hardcore back then and got involved with male storylines. IIRC, 11 Divas back then were put through tables, and the crowd always went wild!!

    • Jcott3

      Let’s see: Trish (twice), Mae Young, (twice), Terri Runnels, Lita, Jazz, Victoria, Molly (three times).

      I’m almost positive that Ivory went through a table when she was in Right To Censor, but no one else seems to remember it. Maybe I’m thinking of Steven Richards.

      On a side note, I remember the Dudleys talking about it in a shoot interview. They said Vince wanted them to do it, thinking it would get them over as heels, but the first time they did it was in Philadelphia (ECW’s hometown) and the audience cheered them!

  • art

    I miss molly i wish she would have stayed through the divasearch days i felt she hadnt reached the point where she was a legend….
    Loved the divas going through tables….

    • bluejay

      Molly would have gone down the Victoria route is she stayed during the DS. The women’s division was changing and they were more faith on models then they were on women wrestlers. The division was non existent when Ivory, Molly, Jackie, Nidia etc left. What saved them was the storyline between Mickie and Trish.

      • art

        Yes but i could see molly getting treated better then victoria….

    • Jcott3

      Molly was already headed down a one-way dead-end street to Oblivion after WrestleMania 20. In one night, she completely unraveled the massive push she got in 2003 and reverted herself back into what she was in 2002 – a total laughingstock! The only difference was that fans now called her “Baldy” instead of “Fat-Ass”.

      After WM 20, Molly virtually always lost. Not only did she lose every singles match she was in, she always had to take the fall for her team in tag matches. On the rare occasion that her team won, her partner scored the W. If getting her head shaved on the biggest card of the year didn’t kill her, having to put over Stacy Keibler three weeks in a row did.

      I think a lot of it was because WWE came to believe it was more important for a woman to have sex appeal than to have ring skills. Molly is a devout Christian who refused to wear skimpy outfits or do anything remotely risque on TV (in all the time she was in WWE, I don’t remember her ever showing her midriff on TV) and I think that was the reason John Laurinaitis denied her request for a face turn in 2005, a move that led her to quit WWE and retire.

  • B1G_FaN

    Back when WWE was always a good time! I wish Molly *and the attitude era* returned today!