FCW Watch (May 20th & 27th, 2012): Raquel Diaz vs. Paige (Divas Championship)

Helllooooo there, and welcome to an ever so rare FCW Watch! For once, I’m not to blame for the lateness of this article, as the episodes from both this week and the week before just hit YouTube recently. Both weeks feature the claim to fame of fan favorite (yet anti-Diva) Paige! First, she and a non-speaking Sofia Cortez interrupt one of Raquel Diaz‘s many promos, which ultimately leads to the following episode which showcases Raquel defending her Divas Title against Paige. Sofia does have a ringside seat for the action, but will she play a factor in how the match ends? There’s only one way to find out so let’s get started with some FCW action!

Out to the arena we go to the sight of our Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz. For some reason, I think of Egypt when I see her, as she dubs herself “ravishing, rocking, and racy!” Diaz claims that she’s in a grand mood tonight because she doesn’t have to get her freshly manicured hands dirty defending her Divas Title, which is amazing for all of us because it means she will be our champion forever… and ever… and ever… and ever, because there is absolutely no one who can…

“Raquel, Raquel, Raquel”, chimes the voice of our British beacon of hope, Paige. Paige explains that she thought Diaz was part of the anti-Diva movement, but Raquel claims she thought it was too gross for her to be associated with. Paige tells this “sweet’aht” that she’s nothing special, citing both herself and Sofia Cortez as the best things to ever walk through the doors of FCW. She also adds that both of them deserve a crack at the title before the clowns backstage! Raquel (hilariously) tells the black adorned Sofia and Paige that pink doesn’t seem to be their color, and not only that, but she has installed a height requirement to getting a title shot, and that prevents Cortez from competing!

Sofia tries to attack Raquel for the insult, forcing Paige to restrain the feisty Latina as Raquel screams in fear (of ruining her fancy new dress, I assume). Diaz grants Paige a title shot, claiming that Cortez is just too out of control to get one. Raquel adds that if Paige wants to come at her, then let’s do it next week. Paige and Sofia leave as Raquel tries to make the decision seem like her own, much to my amusement.

It’s a new week, and our peppy ring announcer, Caylee Turner proceeds to introduce the challenger and her running mate, Paige and Sofia Cortez. The Anti Diva Army executes their wonderful screeching pose, before removing her jacket as the perky theme of our champion hits. Raquel makes her way out and taunts the fans on the ring apron, as she proceeds to check her makeup using the Divas Title as her mirror. The referee holds the title up, the bell sounds and the fans get behind Paige. A shoving war starts, before Raquel leaps off the ropes Rey Mysterio style with a Thesz Press!

Raquel follows with a neck snap, then a near fall, she then she goes to Irish whip Paige. The Brit counters into a nice clothesline, before sending Raquel cowering in fear towards the ropes. The referee restrains Paige, but not for long as she slides outside and chops Raquel’s legs into a split formation! She uses Diaz’s hands to choke her along the bottom rope, before sliding back in and then jumping on her back over and over while Diaz is still in position! Raquel crawls over to the nearest corner as Paige hits a running front dropkick to… a certain area of Raquel.

Some kicks follow up, and then a body slam for a close call! Sofia watches on as Paige now takes control with a fallaway slam, before contorting Raquel into a sick leg twist bow and arrow! Dear God. Paige lets go of the hold, as she Irish whips Raquel to the corner. Some shoulder tackles to the stomach, before lifting Diaz up to the top rope and punching her in the chest. Raquel finally tries to fight out, and just enough to somewhat hit a flip powerbomb. She then proceeds to taunt Paige and then run off the ropes with some nice dance moves into a modified leg drop for a two count.

Raquel kicks Paige in the abdomen and proceeds to hit the Three Amigos, as Sofia now has a chair in hand… and it’s not going to be used as a seat, according to Jim Ross. Raquel only gets a two count on the maneuver, as Sofia now hops onto the apron and distracts the referee. Diaz goes for the Gory Bomb, but Paige pushes her out of the way. The referee now wants to remove Sofia from ringside, as Raquel grabs the chair! She debates using it, but instead takes a page out of her father’s playbook and throws it to Paige! She lays down and pretends to be hurt, as the referee turns around to see both the chair and Paige standing tall over a downed Diaz. He calls for a disqualification which means fans of the experienced Brit will have to wait another day for her to become champion.

Thoughts: Starting off with the promo, I thought it was really funny and good overall. It was pretty much the standard Raquel promo before Paige came out, but once the Anti Diva Army got involved, I thought Raquel was actually really hilarious interacting with them. She seems to get promos almost every other week, which is a good thing because I find her mic work to be her strong suit, and speaking of strong suits, I think Paige’s is everything she does. This was her first time on a microphone during her FCW run and I thought she was top notch! I love that they didn’t forget about the week or two Raquel was aligned with them, and they’re starting to realize the fans want to see Paige as the champion, and aren’t going to boo her. Overall, I enjoyed the segment and here’s hoping working with Paige can help Raquel to improve inside the ring. To be continued…

Okay, now I’ve watched the match, I will say I have mixed feelings. This is the perfect type of match, due to the ending, for a feud to continue on but as we’ve seen from the spoilers… nothing really happens from here out between Raquel and Paige. The final TV taping is June 7th, and I really hope FCW goes for a “feel good ending” type thing and has Paige win the Divas Championship (well, if it’s even continuing since they’re becoming NXT). Quality wise, I loved the match when Paige was in control, and I loved the ending as well. The spot where Paige stretched Raquel out into a split and choked her Christian style was so creative and great to see. Raquel still seemed a bit off in some of her moves, but some people are just meant to be characters when they start off instead of wrestlers and I hope WWE sees this if and when Raquel is called up. I think she should continue training in FCW even if on TV because I feel it’s clear she shines more in her promo work. I really wish The Ascension was never scrapped because she was perfect in that role and it would’ve been so brilliant on TV. Even if Epico is already there; her, Kenneth Cameron and Conor O’Brian still could be incredible on the main roster.

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  • Poison_Ivory

    I just LOOOOVE Raquel’s face before she falls down. It’s like “what are you gonna do, I’m a Guerrero”. She’s just too awesome. <3

  • shameronstar

    Wow! Nice showing for the divas! Paige is a really good wrestler and Raquel while her wrestling may not be up to par yet her personality is top notch and can take her far in wwe where character is so important!

  • shameronstar

    Also, divas using actually steel chairs! I think the world really is going to end!

  • shameronstar

    One other thing, I like how Paige uses moves that aren’t typical of a diva like that stretch hold or the fall away slam. Being that she’s only 19 has potential to be a big time star in main-stream women’s wrestling. She kind of reminds me of a British female CM Punk because the fans respect the fact that she was a accomplish wrestler prior to wwe and that she has that whole punk rocker anti establishment thing going for her!

  • koshiro

    I just love Paige, she’s the total package. I can’t wait to see her on the main shows, she is amazing!!

    I also liked Sofia’s new gear.. nice they gave her some darker/rocker :)

    And for Raquel, really liked her performance this time.. the way she did the same like her father was great, the crowd loved it (and I would LOVE to see it in a future WWE PPV as well.. she would get a great reaction, for sure)

  • Flawless

    Paige is amazing! she has the charisma, looks and wrestling ability! Sofia is extremely pretty and Raquel is very charismatic which is expected as she’s a Guerrero after all. I found it hilarious when she did the same as her father & I agree that she needs to do it in a future ppv.

  • GailKim95

    Absolutely loved the ending! I remember when Eddie used to do that and Paige was amazing as always and made Raquel look good.

  • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

    Paige is amazing. No idea she was so strong either.

  • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    Paige has potential to define the future. Enough said.

  • Acid Rain


    Why anybody likes Raquel is beyond me. -_-

    I can’t wait Paige is on television, if only she could be called up as soon as possible.

    • Jhonmarco

      Probably because she has natural charisma. There’s also the fact that she has thet Guerrero last name which means she’s guarenteed a spot on TV.

  • Bethinho

    Paige is sexy and talented!she doesn´t loose herself in promos!
    and i love her brittish accent!
    WWE,call her and Raquel on the roster,asap!

  • DJ8946

    I Love Raquel. I Find Her Very Interesting. She Is The Best Diva In FCW On Promos. She’s Not The Best In The Ring But I’d Rather See Her On RAW With Her Mom Than NXT. & She Will Get More Moves From Eddie & Chavo On The Main Roster.

  • LadyGoDiva

    For some reason I’m ready for Raquel to drop the fcw divas title to Sofia because I would like to see what she becomes as a champion.

  • http://www.twitter.com/KassCruise KassCruise

    I loove paige she’s amazing i got to meet her and she’s such a sweetheart, she’ll be big in wwe, they would be very stupid if they wouldn’t call her up..

    also is it just me or did raquel sound like trish when she accepted paiges challenge?

  • Nostalgia

    I’d love to see Paige and Sofia debut as Maxine’s hitmen well women since she’s kind of an anti diva herself.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    Omg Raquel has won me over finally. I had a small like for her but now she totally earned my love. I can see her as a mix between Melina and her father Eddie.

  • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

    I like the three of them so much and Raquel made me lol :P

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Pretty decent title match.To be honest,this is my first time ever seeing a match involving Paige,and I gotta tell you,I am IMPRESSED!This girl can wrestle,and I mean WRESTLE.lol.I love her moveset because it’s very different from what I’ve seen in other divas,past and present.No wonder why she calls herself the anti-diva.

    Raquel is phenomenal character-wise.This girl can cut a promo,just like her mother can and just like Eddie could too.Wrestling-wise,she’s still not great,but I do see potential in her,which is why I feel alot of people like her,including myself.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Oh,one more thing:I think Raquel’s been watching alot of Melina matches because that girl sounded just like her when she was screaming.lol

  • ShimmerSupport211

    i must admit though the ending was retarded

    • DJ8946

      Really? Could Youy Tell Me How?

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very nice, loved all the matches, it was awesome!!!, and awesome promo by Raquel

  • redsandman99

    Nice match. Paige is just awesome and this seemed like Raquel’s best outing quite frankly. The old Eddie trick was a really nice touch and brought a smile to my face.

  • Goodvibes

    SO IMPRESSED with these rookie divas. Id take this match over any 2 minute Raw clusterfuck anyday.

    Raquel Diaz is a SUPERSTAR in the making, she might not have the in ring prowess of her father, but she has the Guerrero personality, a mix of Vickie and Eddie,

    Paige reminds me of the second coming of Katie Lea, but an upgraded version. She’s awesome in the ring, she has ring presence and knowledge some of the moves she was doing were not diva like at all, here’s hoping the WWE doesn’t water her down before the main roster.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Towards the end of her promo Raquel was giving me some Trish Stratus vibes, anyone else? :O. I loved her Nicki Minaj-esque faces too! hah!

  • Raekon

    Except of Raquels botched Sunset Flip, everything went good and was very entertaining.

    Raquel definately improved her timing and her selling (except of the constant screaming that not even kelly or melina did 24/7).

    Loved the showcasing of all 3 girls characters!

    Sofias new look is awesome and the entrance of Paige with Sofia was awesome too (real Anti-Diva stable)!

    Paige was great in the ring and it’s a huge shame that she won’t be able to showcase her moveset this way on the main roster cause everyone that was great in FCW, had to water their moveset down and go by all the restrictions that Divas are getting on the main roster. :(

    Can’t wait for the Sofia vs Paige match on NXT and I really hope they won’t get restricted in a way in which they will have to be totally girly and stuff cause these two could put up a great match for sure! :)