In Video: Velvet Sky Interview

Former TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky answers questions about her career in this new clip for TNA’s pay per view provider in Australia.

Watch below:

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  • VelvetLoveFan

    Awesome interview from Velvet(:

  • KassCruise

    I really like this interview. She’s obviously not my favourite wrestler but she clearly loves what she’s doing.


    She seems like a really sweet girl. But i think when they asked ‘What kind of wrestling did you watch growing up?’, i think they ment what brand…lol

  • Timalee

    I really hope i see her in the WWE cause I can see her holding the Divas title. And having her rival with Kharma, would be like old times with her.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      I think she said she would never go to WWE.

      • Nostalgia

        because they threw her out lol.

        • VelvetLoveFan

          I think Velvet asked to leave cuz wwe wanted to do something (idk all of it) and velvet didn’t wanna go threw with it soo idk I heard that somewhere

    • norisclouds

      WWE rejected her years ago. She also doesn’t have the “look” they want. Notice they cover the tats of divas that have them with makeup or clothing choices. She, like Angelina is probably not the look they are going for–too overtly sexual and too many tattoos.

      • Brandz785

        Ummm hello, WWE has taken interest in Angelina and Velvet and if they wanted to they’d hire both of them ! (:

  • Nostalgia

    I doubt that. She had like two matches on Sunday night heat and did not impress

    • Superstar77


      1st they never threw her out because she was never under contract. Second she only one tryout match back in 2005.

      • wwe141

        then she tried out for the Diva Search exactly rite before she signed with TNA and still didnt make it

  • Blowbangfan

    Awesome interview! Velvet Sky looks amazing and I was also very impressed with her highlights. I definitely have a new-found respect for Velvet Sky. I was very happy to see how sexy she looked. IS she really hotter than Mickie James? This interview makes me think that’s possible. Anyway, Velvet Sky is amazing and I will never bash her again. She deserves to be in the title picture at all times and here’s hoping she can someday defeat Gail Kim or whoever to be Knockouts Champion. Also, I’m really hoping that Velvet and Mickie or Velvet and Brooke will feud in the very near future…

  • Sitau

    i love her darker hair