WSU Reveals Uncensored Rumble 2012 Line-Up, Promoter Releases Statement on Leaving the Company

WSU has released the full line-up for its upcoming Uncensored Rumble show. Plus, there’s more news, including a statement on promoter Sean McCaffrey’s departure from the company.

Read below:

[notice]- Happy Memorial Day
– WSU Returns June 16th Live on IPPV with The Uncensored Rumble V; Pre-Order the iPPV today at:
– WIN $250 From
– Message from WSU Promoter & Update on Why He Is Selling & Leaving
– Best of Jessicka Havok DVD Pre-Order Info
– WSU To Ship J-Cup & YOLO This Week
We apologize in advance for this long update. We hope you can read all of it. There has been a lot going in WSU lately and this update will give you all the information on all the recent happenings in the company.

Before getting into the WSU news, WSU would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and would like to thank everyone who has served to protect our freedoms in this country. Sometimes we get wrapped up into thinking this holiday is just a three day weekend, but we would like to take time out to thank and appreciate all our service men and women.
WSU Returns Live on June 16th, at the NYWC Sportatorium for the Uncensored Rumble V iPPV Event, courtesy of GoFightLive. You can already pre-order this iPPV and test your stream at:

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WSU presents Uncensored Rumble V Live on IPPV
Saturday June 16, 2012
Meet & Greet: 4:00 PM Belltime: 7:00 PM
Live iPPV: 7:00 PM @ GFL.TV
Order today at
Live from the NYWC Sportatorium
435-13 Brook Avenue
Deer Park, New York 11729


(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez

Uncensored Rules
WSU Tag Champion Sassy Stephanie vs J-Cup 2012 Winner Brittney Savage

Grudge Match
Alicia vs Lexus

A 25 Woman Battle Royal Where the Winner Becomes the Number 1 Contender to WSU World Championship

Terra Callaway vs WSU Tag Champion Allisyn Kay

NCW Title Match
(c) Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie

Tina San Antonio vs Annie Social

Leva Bates vs Lufisto

8-Woman Elimination Tag
The first person eliminated in this match will enter the Uncensored Rumble at the #1 Position
The person who scores the winning fall for their team will enter the Uncensored Rumble last
Jenny Rose & Jessie Brooks & Jana & Latasha vs Jennifer Cruz & Ezavel Suena & Nikki Syx & Cherry Bomb

ALSO APPEARING: Kimber Lee, Marti Belle, Cindy Rogers, Commissioner Pryme Tyme Amy Lee, Destiny, Rain & Many More!!!

As always, we will hold a two hour meet & greet with all the stars of WSU before the event.

WSU put up a ton of free videos on our YouTube Page. You can check out all the videos at:
Below here are the newest FREE videos:

Mercedes Martinez Vows To Bury Jessicka Havok

The Mid-West Militia Still Control All The Championships in WSU

Alicia Wants To Regain the WSU World Title

Brittney Savage Wants to End The Mid-West Militia

Bones & Roses Want The WSU Tag Titles

Marti Belle Talks Loss & Future

The Soul Sisters Talks WSU Tag Titles

Annie Social & Kimber Lee Team Up & Don’t Mince Words

Her Majesty Jennifer Cruz Speaks:

Nikki Syx Is PISSED


As part of the Uncensored Rumble event, is going to give away $250 to one lucky fan. All you have to is simply attend the show or buy the show on iPPV.
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For the last several weeks, WSU Promoter Sean McCaffrey has said he will be leaving WSU after June 16th to deal with personal matters. Sean has recently posted a letter on to all the fans and supporters of WSU. In this letter, it is explained why he is leaving, the sale of the company, the future & much more. Please take time to read the letter, as many inside things are addressed. You can read the letter here:

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A Sample Of What Was To Come
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred vs Jessicka Havok

First Taste of Gold
WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Alicia & Brittney Savage vs Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred 8/22/09

The Return
8 Woman Elimination Match
Jessicka Havok & Lexus & Amber & Rick Cataldo vs Sassy Stephanie & Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle & Latasha

Star On The Rise
Uncensored Rules
Jessicka Havok vs Amy Lee

Jessicka Havok vs ODB

Taking Out Rain’s Army
Jessicka Havok vs Nikki Roxx

Rain Falls
Jessicka Havok vs Rain

Match of the Year
Jessicka Havok vs Alicia II

Spirit Champ
WSU Spirit Championship Match
Jessicka Havok vs (c) Rain

Realizing a Dream
WSU World Title Match
Jessicka Havok vs (c) Mercedes Martinez
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In an open letter to fans, WSU promoter Sean McCaffrey discussed the company’s impending sale, revealing that his reasons for leaving are of a medical nature.

McCaffrey writes:

With WSU, I put a lot of time and energy into it, and watched this place grow. Nothing is done overnight, but I do think the majority of people realize the effort and growth of this company. I can not give a half ass effort. I can not put on a show that is not at the level I want to be. Stories take time and energy, two things I am lacking right now. Once I realized I would no longer have the time or energy, it was time to sell the company to someone who would.

Maybe it is ego, but the bottom line is I could not run these shows at a schedule I’m not used to and at a level I am not used to. I would rather burn out than fade away like that. I also did not want to fuck anyone over, and that’s why I looked for a buyer.

In the past few weeks, we got multiple offers and one real deal on the table. I did not want to sell to some mark who would be clueless. I did not want to sell to a pervert who just wanted to be around girls. I did not want to sell to a company who was just going to buy it for our footage library. I wanted to sell to someone who would keep it alive and work hard on it. The roster deserves that, and even more so, the fans deserve that. People have invested in us for 5+ years and to just sell it to someone who had no clue would be a disservice to all.

The real deal we had fell through when the buyer couldn’t produce the money. However, someone real, as well as an A-list indy company (isn’t that an oxymoron, A-list indy?) have made serious offers, but they feel the wishy-washyness of these last few weeks have hurt the company value. They want to see how 6/16 does. All we have to do is have 750 people total watching this show, which is a realistic number to hit with iPPV sales. If we can show that number, the deal will be made and WSU will continue under new management, and by people who will run it the right way. After all, they want proof to see this company is still viable, so they are legit, and not just a wide-eyed dreamer.

So we got 3 weeks now to promote the hell out of this show. Buy the iPPV. Come down. Do what you can if you want to see WSU continue.

Read more here.

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  • Acid Rain

    I can’t watch it, but I hope someone does. WSU is really starting to build up.

  • xxQOXxx

    I really wonder who the A-List Indie company is that might be buying them?

    To me A-List is(in Order)

    ROH(I don’t think it’s them)
    Chikara(I could see it being them)
    CZW(or them)
    AIW(Jessicka Havok had a falling out with management, so that would be difficult)
    JAPW(Sean bagged them out in the announcement so i’d be suprised if it was them)

    I’m sure i’ve missed one out but these are the biggest big indie companies that run in and around the same area that WSU do.
    CZW or Chikara are the 2 that could work for me but i’ll take a guess at CZW.

    • No Holds Barred

      Good god I hope CZW don’t buy them!!! Watch Botchamania and find out why.

      JAPW have shut down :(

      ROH isn’t considered an indy company anymore. That basically leaves Chikara.

      What about PWG, NWA, IWA-MS, WWC?

      • No Holds Barred

        My apologies, they have not shut down yet but they are closing soon.

        DG:USA and UWF can count too as big indy promotions. I hope Chikara buy them, I love Chikara and would love for them to have a ladies division

        • lbthewrestlingnerd

          Please no. CHIKARA is about gender equality, not separation.

      • xxQOXxx

        Yeah, i’ve seen ALOT of CZW on Botchamania(love watching them) but i’d put that down to talent rather than the management.
        But they’ve been around for 13 years, so they must be doing something right.
        I think that they’d be a good fit.

    • Mikas

      It would make sense that its an indy in the northeast. The 2 most logical choices:
      – NWS who already worked with WSU, maybe they take over the promotion.
      – FWE which is run by a money mark and brings in all these TNA and ex-WWE wrestlers. They already have a womens division with lots of knockouts working for them.

      I wouldnt call either of them top indies though, but they are the 2 most logical choices.

      • xxQOXxx

        Yeah that’s why i left them out. NWS is the company that i thought was buying them a few weeks ago until the buyer pulled out.
        Now that it’s an ‘A Lister’ Chikara & CZW are the logically choices for me.

        • Mikas

          The ‘A-lister’ comment came from Sean McCaffrey, not exactly the most reliable person in wrestling. Its probably a regular indy but he probably turns it into something bigger than it is to help get the required 750 tickets.

          I dont see it being Chikara. It’s true they once had a sister company (lasted 1 show), but why would they want a special womens company that isnt near philly? If they really want a womens promotion they might as well start one from scratch, they have the money and reputation to do it (if they really want to).

          And CZW is a hardcore promotion from Philly, i dont see why they would be interested in womens wrestling. I also doubt they have the money to buy WSU, they have been stuck in philly for over a decade with primarily using local talents.

          So it has to be a promotion that is not too far from NJ, or NY and owned by someone who actually has money (which eliminates about 99% of the indies).

    • TheGunner

      I would assume its the people behind NWS since they already do so much with them

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    Hmmm I’m honestly not a huge fan of WSU, but I want women to have places to wrestle so I hope someone that’s not an idiot buys it and helps improve it