Trish Stratus’ Best Magazine Cover of All Time Revealed

She’s a legendary WWE Diva, a fitness icon, yoga guru, and one of the most successful cover-girls in wrestling history.

Last week, Trish Stratus revealed her show-stopping cover for Inside Fitness in Canada, marking her 90th appearance on the cover of a magazine.

To celebrate, we asked you, the Diva Dirt readers, to vote for Trish’s best cover of all time from a narrowed down shortlist of 10 covers and you heard our call! Thousands of votes later, we can reveal the top five covers from Trish’s career so far exclusively on Diva Dirt TV.

Check it out below:

Did the right cover win? Tell us what you think in the comments, or by using the hash tag #BestTrishCover on Twitter.

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  • Poison_Ivory

    A little surprising. Of course it was classic Trish, but IMO she looked so elegant and gorgeous on Today’s Bride.

  • Taylor

    All top five covers were stunning; my choice, however, still is Today’s Bride.

  • xJonFer12494x

    They were all great of course.. I mean come on.. It’s Trish! I voted for the 2006 divas cover however, so I’m glad it made the top spot, its a classic. Keep them coming Trish, at least one recognizable face has gone on to do something post-in ring :)

  • perceval

    Agreed that all five covers are stunning. I went with the Divas 2006 cover because it’s so iconic, capturing what made the Golden Era Divas such a cash cow for the company.

    Of course, now the company derides the type of women that sold all those magazines, posters, videos, and merchandise as belonging “on the cover of National Geographic.” I have yet to figure out how the current approach, the Divas not selling much of anything, is better for business.

  • melon2617

    Trish is just such a beautiful woman. All of those covers rocked.

  • Thaila

    Oooohhh I voted for that one! Anything with Trish on it is amazeballs anyway.

  • Bobby-james

    I [literally] applauded when I saw the number one. The whole time I kept thinking, “It’s got to be Trish’s 2006 Diva’s Cover” … and voila, there it was. Though, her newest cover is amazing and inspiring. Trish Stratus is a gorgeous woman and will certainly continue her entertainment ascent and reach well beyond 100 covers in her life. :o)

  • bromero329

    yes mycover won lol