Your Two Cents: An Executive for the Divas?

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Brooke Hogan has been named the new Executive of the Knockouts division, so we want to know: would the Divas benefit from having something similar? Who would you name as their Executive? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Erin giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Erin: With how they’ve been neglected recently, I think any step to give the Divas some undivided attention would help. Having an individual whose main purpose on screen is to manage the division and promote their interests would prevent them getting lost in the shuffle like they constantly do. Of course, for this to be effective they would have to have an Executive that’s not only engaging, but has enough pull within the company to believably shake things up and make the Divas division a priority. That person, I believe, could only be Stephanie McMahon. She’s been a capable GM in the past and is dynamic enough to capture the attention of the audience. Plus, she’s the boss’s daughter: if she speaks up for the Divas, she will be heard. Only someone with as much power as she has will be able to make big, lasting and positive changes for the division, which is the goal of having an Executive, is it not?

Your Two Cents

Charles Parker | No, and neither will the Knockouts. The problem with naming a non-wrestler in the role (i.e. Karen Jarrett or Brooke) is sooner or later storylines will force them into the ring where they will either be exposed or go over someone they shouldn’t. This is compounded by the WWE burning out the idea of heel/face authority figures since the original Vince/Austin feud.
@FearlessRiOT | WWE definitely needs an executive in charge of the Divas division. It would spark more interest and maybe even start a few potential storylines. The way I see it, they already got Eve Torres playing the role of an Executive Administrator on TV. They might as well have her oversee the Divas Division. She’s already made a few decisions regarding the Divas (Lumberjill Match on RAW a few weeks back, Layla‘s ER return, “firing” the Brie & Nikki Bella). They might as well let her continue to oversee the Division.
Jack White | I don’t really think the Divas would benefit from a female leader at all as quite simply, hardly any of the men are benefiting from John Laryngitis and his cabinet. The tag, I.C and US title divisions are more or less dead and matches only happen in them as people ‘hate each other’ similar to the Divas. If the men’s division is borderline boring except the main event, I can’t see the Divas getting better anytime soon.
Josue Guzman | As of right now, I think ANYTHING will benefit the Divas because there really is NOTHING for them right now! If bringing in an Executive for the Divas is going to spark some kind of interest in the Diva’s Division again, then I am all for it.

While Eve Torres is in the perfect position to abuse her power, I think something that would be really amazing is to have two Executives: One for Raw and one for Smackdown, sort as of a rivalry as to who can up the division better. The two Executive I would choose would be Sunny and Sable; I mean they’re practically rivals anyway and it would be a great way to determine who is the better “Original Diva”.

Both women were huge during their time and could really give some of the current girls a few pointers on how to get the crowd going. Maybe have Sunny as the “Athletic” Executive and Sable as the “Sexy” Executive as a way to involve all of the girls on the roster and then somewhere along the line find a way to clash the two to remind us all that the WWE Divas are supposed to be both sexy and powerful!

Megan Travis | Yes I think they would. Clearly the creative team doesn’t know how to book the girls even when they book them on the show. Having someone around that actually cared for the division could only help. And I would name someone like Trish Stratus as the Executive. She would care for the division and WWE would actually give her a position like that since they’ve always been high on her.
@Miss_Diesel | I would say have someone who has had a lot of experience with being a wrestler, knows what they are doing and be able to pull it off in a professional manner. So in my opinion I would talk about bring in an past Diva like Ivory or Molly Holly.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Would the Divas benefit from having an Executive for their division? Tell us in the comments…

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  • No Holds Barred

    I would name Ivory – great mic skills and would know how to run things!

    • Acid Rain

      If Ivory ever came back, I’d piss my pants.

    • Poison_Ivory

      It’s a shame Ivory said she doesn’t want to be involved in wrestling anymore. She would make a great, Great heel.

  • crigginz

    I was literally thinking about what Vickie would do after Dolph and Jack break up… she should so become the divas division coordinator or something

  • kristalmelinafan

    They already have one Eve. They just didn’t make it clear, she the only one involve in the divas situations as a executive.

  • Jhonmarco

    Vickie Guerrero absolutely. She needs something to refresh her role on TV anyway, this would be perfect.

  • LadyGoDiva

    For some reason Leilani Kai whose old school and knows the business and could help mentor the divas.

    And Stephanie McMahon because I would like to see her feud with other divas.

    • Jcott3

      I don’t think the average fan today would have a clue who Leilani Kai was.

  • shannymac

    I think the Divas could benefit, provided they pick the right person. Stephanie McMahon would be ideal. She can play heel and face to perfection, knows how to work the crowd, and could have some great moments with many of the Divas. Vickie would work too, especially as the dastardly heel authority figure for the main face to fight against. It would also create a perfect opportunity to introduce Raquel Diaz.

    Another person I would love to see in that role is Lita. She would be perfect because I’m sure the fans would be overjoyed to see her come back. Plus, she’s still in great shape, so she could totally step in the ring if the storylines demand it.

  • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

    1 sable
    2 stephanie mcmahon
    3vicky gerrero
    4tracy brooks

  • perceval

    Trish or Lita would be the obvious choices, especially if they were really involved in booking the Divas, but neither have the time. Steph hardly ever goes on the road, any more, preferring to stay at the office and not have to take her daughters all over the place.

    How about Victoria? It’s not like she has a lot to do at TNA, these days. Besides, her partner Brooke is likely on her way out because she’s named “Brooke.” So, bring ‘em both back, put Vic in charge of the Divas, and reunite Extreme Expose, but as a wrestling faction.

    Or, how about Maria? Take how she was on the Raw Afterbuzz shows, and make that her character. Given all the Johnny Ace bashing she was doing, picture giving her a live mic on Raw and time to talk. It would be the “pipe bomb” promo of Divas.

  • Air-Bourne

    This is stupid. Eve is in an executive role. Sure she might not be in control of just the diva’s but so far any decisions/stipulations or firings regarding the divas have been through Eve and i’d rather have her as an all rounder executive than just focusing on the diva’s.

  • rhysus

    ‘the lovely’ lacey would be PERFECT

  • javiousmckenzie

    No One because there is no division on the WWE the way it seems and second WWE does not need to copy TNA since we know that is what TNA does so much plus how many VP over knockouts are they going to have and none of them really bring anything new to the table Brooke is the fourth

  • Ryan

    Ivory Stephanie Karen Vickie Trish Stratus
    The things about all these ladies is that you got your “Just Dessert” from them
    Trish was destroyed by Kane Lita Dudley Boyz and many others MANY Times.
    Stephanie by Chris Jericho The Rock Stone Cold Lita…made their destruction so delicious!
    Vickie Guerrero while I do not like seeing her get hurt she has made great stars out of LayCool Kaytlin Natalya and Beth Phoenix.
    Someone like Eve Torres, well she is the only one benefeting from this position. The Divas are still in the same sitch they have been since 2007…2 minute matches

    While I am all for TEAM EFFORT and for THE BENEFIT OF THE DIVAS it sucks that wwe Raw doesnt care..hell at least Eve Torres can benefit from this..I would like her to USE this push much like Michelle McCool did to you know, make the others wrestle. Maryse, when she was “the favorite” she didnt do anything with that push. Nor did Melina or Mickie James. Maybe its due to limitations placed on Raw or whatever but Im hoping Eve Torres can make something good out of it.

    Speaking of which, I remember Sable in 2003 was Vince’s bitch..Literally, she was untouchable. No one could stand up to her other than Stephanie McMahon, not even Shaniqua Torrie Nidia or Dawnmarie.
    When Vince “fired” Stephanie and buried Undertaker, Vince was left standing on top with Brock Lesnar Sable Kane and Albert. With zero hopes of anyone to stop him. I believe Kurt Angle was hurt during that time for a bit. Then after all that build up Sable was left as just a regular Smackdown diva lol…i was like What tha hell!? =D
    Hope Eve doesnt become that “Untouchable” type
    She needs to get her ass kicked here and there. In a good way of course ;)

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    No, it just would add more to the misogyny in WWE, having the women be even more separate

  • Timalee

    Okay, I like the idea of someone taking over the division. The few divas’ I can see coming in and taking the Division and twisting it back around is;
    Eve: She started as a Diva search winner (lowest for most divas) and went on to being a back stage interviewer. Which soon went to rivalries with other divas such as McCool and Layla (seperatly). Then won her two Divas titles, and got into her Hoeskie story, and became the GM’s assistant. Eve literally is an iconic story from moving from low to high in her 5 year diva career.

    Stephanie McMahon: She is the boss’s little girl, and HHH’s wife. Billion dollar princess. She is a former manager, and WWE women’s champion. (Even though her reign was really vixenish to me). Then becoming The Aliance Leader (leader of a company) and twice a GM of Raw and smackdown. Steph, is a Diva. And she has great ideas, but she is also a mom (which could interfer on how the divas go). Hopefully if she becomes one she’ll be a good one.

    Trish Stratus: Well, classic story of Trish. Started out as mainly a manager for T&A and also to Val Venus. romantic to Bubba ray, Jeff Hardy (I loved that couple) Carlito, Chris Jerico and Christian. Oh lets not forget the whole Mickie James issue. Trish winning the WWE womens title 7 times and also a hardcore title. 3 time babe of the year. and Diva of the decade winner. Trish is a great thing to the WWE (wouldn’t be surprized if she had a Divas title run just to make her part of the current crop of divas.) Trish can bring a lot of new things to the table and bring back a lot of matches she took place in.

    These are just a few running through my head. I also thought of Lita, Molly Holly, Vikkie, Michelle McCool.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    If given storyline time like the knockouts i would pick vickie or eve, but its never likely to happen because wwe doesn’t care about the divas or any other division of that matter they only care about running both shows with johnny Ace (who barely appears on smackdown & gets either Eve or otunga to run it), i wouldn’t hold my breath it just seems like they don’t care at all.

  • Raekon

    I have a mixed opinion on that and are mostly between what Jack and what Josue wrote.

    On the other hand IF something like that would happen, I wouldn’t like it to be someone that isn’t in the division currently, nor would I want another “team teddy vs team laurenitis” thingy going on.

    Let both divas executives being heels!
    Eve has already enough going on so let her take over on raw for the divas.

    On SD I already have a great idea and I ‘m quite sure that I will get disliked for it again but honestly it would work greatly for the divas and the person I’m about to write about could pull it greatly.

    Rosa had two “Bodyguards” in OVW and feuded with Katie Lea and others.
    Her segments and mic work were gold and she were a heat magnet through them for sure.

    She is capable to do something similar with Epico and Primo in Smackdown now that they are out of the title picture by remain their manager and mix it up together with being in charge over the divas in smackdown through Abraham that made sure she gets the job.

    So she would mess up the males tag division so her boys can get more chances again while at the same time could get the divas division going.

    Then out of nowhere she could grab Maxine as her assistant, bringing maxine on the main roster and there you have ti!

    Two heels that are awesome on their mic and segment work while they are having decent in ring ability that can be put into use if need be.

    The reason why I left out Vickie is because she was already Teddys assistant before and she has done all that so repeating everything with her would be boring, while Rosa and Maxine with epico and primo as backups, could bring some fresh wind into it.

    • Timalee

      I like the Rosa bringing in Maxine part, but I feel like we need a past diva. Someone from a prevoous era. Someone who would bring the division to what it used to be. I could see Chyna or Jacquline moore doing that. They would be great cause the last time I saw Jackie in the WWE she was going in the Cruiserweight title storyline and winning that. And Chyna. Hell I think WWE would put her as a tough executive and maybe ever have her wrestle and get her into the title picture. It woud be awesome to let her continue her career in the buissness after 10 years.

      • Morris Muffin

        Mentioning Chyna in any hopeful way is delusion..