Today in History: Trish and Molly Fight About Underwear

On this day in history:

June 10th, 2002 | You know they were running out of ideas when Trish Stratus feuded with Molly Holly over the size of the latter’s butt. Okay, so it was mostly about the “purity” thing, and Molly was chasing the title, but the stipulation of their match on this particular episode of Raw said a lot. Trish challenged Molly to a match that had the following stakes: if Molly won, she got a shot at Trish’s title; if Trish won, Molly would have to wrestle a match in a thong. With that thought in her mind, Molly won the match, and didn’t stop there: she pulled out a pair of underwear Trish had taunted her with the week before and proceeded to choke her with it. Alas, felled by one’s own underwear!

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