SmackDown Spoilers: June 8th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* Baskstage, Naomi and Cameron dance for Teddy Long, and then Brodus Clay shows up. Long tells him that he is now permanently on Smackdown.

* Backstage, Striker interviews Kane. Basic “I’m going to get the title” promo from Kane. Striker asks about the look between Kane and A.J. on Raw, and Kane ignores it and stomps off. A.J. then appears from behind some crates.

* Teddy Long on the ramp introduces Antonio Cesaro and “his lover, Aksana.” Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana) beat Jimmy Uso. Quick squash for Cesaro, who looked like a million bucks in victory. They forced Teddy Long to raise his hand at the end.

* World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Kane via DQ. About what you’d expect, right down to the DQ finish as Del Rio cleared Kane from the ring and beat up Sheamus. Kane re-entered, cleared Del Rio, but then A.J. made eyes at him from the ramp, letting Sheamus beat up Kane and send him packing. (Source)


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  • Rickalicious92

    No Diva’s match yet again….. :(

  • kessa

    so i take it naomi and cameron are now on the smackdown roster? maybe now they will get to wrestle.


      Yeah if they actually have a divas match anytime soon… :/

  • Felipe

    It’s official, Layla has the second worst Divas title reign after Jilian. Even when Beth was left off TV, it wasn’t for this long. I’m starting to think they are holding the divas off the main shows until Kharma returns……….but I doubt it.

    • perceval

      Who is this Layla person you’re speaking of?

    • Jhonmarco

      Layla’a been off TV for just over a week, Beth was off TV for close to 5 weeks.

  • Goodvibes

    If Layla was attached to Michelle, you better believe Laycool would be getting segments and the like on each show, I don’t care for politics but unless Trish, Michelle or Kharma are around it seems as though the Diva’s are done for.

    Im about ready for them to hand in the title and call it a day at this rate,

    AJ is becoming a TRUE STAR though, she’s part of the main event literally, maybe theyre holding the diva’s off the show to give her more shine? silly but perhaps they have a quota that is allowed to be filled by females now lol.

  • DAFereldan91

    I bet this is a massive slap for those who expected Layla to be better champion than Beth was. From the looks of things, I can safely say that Beth did have better championship reign than Layla is having momentarily.

  • Art of Wrestling

    2nd week in a row no divas match, except on NXT.


    WWE is just giving the middle finger to all the fans that claimed that the divas division could not possibly get any lower

    • ballplayer10123

      They love to do that, right down to the “People Power” storyline/figurehead.

      The WWE product is such a joke it is a shame. Raw and Smackdown are terrible, would not pay a dime to go to those shows. I would much rather go to see house shows than TV Tapings. I enjoy the art of a wrestling match much more than what WWE Creative/Executives consider entertainment.

      Back about 6-7 years ago I remember dirtsheet reports saying WWE was looking to move away from “wrestling” and more toward “entertainment.” I cant believe how far toward perceived “entertainment” the product has become. The only compelling storyline they have going is Punk/Bryan/AJ. Pretty much all of their titles are meaningless. They have failed to build any stars because they lose faith in people so quickly. They are a circus/joke of a promotion that needs new ideas, and a return to the art of wrestling.


    WOW really no divas match again now if im not wrong isnt this bout 2 weeks with no diva matches?? 2 raws n now 2 smackdowns, yeah we get aj n naomi n cameron wit there lil segments but we have a DIVAS CHAMPION with no tv time..WOW WWE FAILS YET AGAIN!! hopefully wit the 3 hour shows they remember they have divas!

  • art

    Where the F is layla???…her knee is 100% they have no reason to not let her wrestle/cut a promo…

    • T@KESH1

      face promo from Layla – lol
      what would she say?

    • lelloo7

      umm.. don’t u remember people saying that wwe wasn’t happy with layla’s wrestling ? well they’re punishing everyone for it :’)
      Even us , diva fans. i mean take the title from her and let divas get on the show !

  • Queen Bee

    Who cares about the two Men in drag, Naomi and Cameron? Layla is hotter than both of them.

    • light_it_upAJ

      Sadly, this is part of the problem. The majority of fans are men, so the Divas, no matter how good or bad they are in the ring, are used primarily for eye candy. It seems as though the only two divas that are interesting to men w/o being overly sexual, or sexy are AJ and Kharma.

  • Lanoom

    I predicted this would happen as match times shrunk, months ago.

    There’s only one more place the vicious cycle of “Fans don’t care ->WWE doesn’t care -> Fans don’t care more” can go, and it’s with the division being dissolved completely.

    • perceval

      I was watching the segment where Trish found out Lita had spilled the beans that she was about to retire, and looked to see what else the Divas were doing, that episode of Raw…

      In addition to the Trish backstage segment, the opening of the show was a 15 minute segment with Lita, Edge, Shane, & Cena. Melina & Nitro had a several minute promo, with Melina doing most of the talking. There was a several minute Lita vs Mickie Women’s Championship match, and they STILL found time for a several minute Torrie vs Candice fluff match. During that, they plugged the magazine appearances for the Divas, that month. Torrie & Candice each had a magazine cover, while Layla was in the new Sports Illustrated. Hmm, whatever happened to that Layla girl? She seemed to have a lot of potential…

      The face Divas got some of the biggest pops of the night along with Cena & DX. Lita & Melina had HUGE heel heat, with Melina getting “@$$hole” & “You suck!” chants throughout her promo. No question who was going to be the main heel in the Women’s Division when Lita retired.

      And they wonder why the Divas aren’t the cash cow for the company they used to be…

  • French.One

    It’s sad, that does mean they have no faith in any diva and Kharma won’t change anything about that since nobody cares of someone squashing useless superstars …
    The worst thing is, they don’t even use the diva-time to make something worthy of their show, it’s just full of squash-match and overused-superstar-match.
    And when you think about it, they would just need two indie-experienced women (Sarah Del Rey/Mercedes Martinez for example) to level up the division interest.

  • lelloo7

    see why i HATE pairing a diva and a superstar ?
    Cz they take all the fuckin spotlight !!
    AJ is getting every single spotlight there is for the divas… i’m ok with her storyline even though it dragged for way too long and it’s getting kinda annoying but wtvs… the wwe thinks theey’re serving us with eve and aj segments… for all the people who wanted such storylines… here they are ! enjoy the no matches shows :’)

    • light_it_upAJ

      But at the same time, AJ is far better than most of the Divas in terms of playing a character in backstage segments and such. Natalya and Beth are the two best in-ring performers, but they aren’t much better than the other generic faces/heels in the Divas division when it comes to playing their characters outside the ring.

      Kharma had a great psycho type character going before she took time off, but when they decided to give AJ the role of unhinged female, they probably decided they didn’t want two of them. Besides it would’ve most likely led to a feud, but since the WWE doesn’t allow Divas to really show their stuff in the ring, nobody would ever believe that petite, 5′ 2″ 107lbs. AJ could have a good match against the near 6′ 200+ lbs. Kharma.

      It can rightfully be argued that the WWE brass should allow the Divas to develop their characters better by giving them airtime, so that they can improve, but with AJ they ended up getting near-instant gratification, which can be traced back to the fact that AJ has about 6 years of experience between the indies and the WWE, whereas most of the Divas are largely homegrown, so they only have the WWE way to go by.

  • Bethinho

    the title changed hands and all continues the same…the champion is absent for two weeks now,not a backstage promo,a match on superstars….unless she´s gonna appear as princess Leia on Ryder´s ZTLIS….

  • shameronstar

    The division has got so bad I actually miss the frequent bra and panties matches because at least those got a good chunk of time and there’s all kinds of interesting and creative ways of taking off someone’s clothes!

  • Johnyfaction3

    So raw has: Eve, Kelly, Beth, Kharma and Maxine ( said that she was part of raw but not sure).
    Non wrestler: Vickie

    Smackdown: Aj, Alicia, Aksana, Kailtyn, Layla, Natalya, Rosa, Cameron, Naomi, Tamina.
    NW: Lilian

    The Raw side is very shallow even though they have the super show context…I actually see Aj on raw soon,

    • light_it_upAJ

      If she sides with CM Punk at NWO, then AJ will be on Raw.

    • Liam Holden

      I’d actually count AJ, Rosa, Naomi/Cameron and Aksana as non-wrestlers for now. Aksana and AJ are taking managerial roles right now and the other 3 are always valets.

      • light_it_upAJ

        I would add Eve to the list of current non-wrestlers as well, since she hasn’t had a match since becoming Johnny’s Exec. AJ has been wrestling in houseshows with Kaitlyn recently, but not on TV since SD a couple weeks back.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Is very sad that the divas haven’t had a match for the 4th televised show in a row there must be something wrong. It could be wwe not being happy with Layla, or even what happened to Kelly in her match agaisnt Beth. You never know with them. But in general WWE’s product has been below mediocre this past weeks. After extreme rules they drop the ball not only with the divas but with alot of other things too.

  • KK.

    AJ is the only Diva they can think of? SMH.

  • 04bia

    ok this is ridiculous, where the hell is layla and what ever happened with her feud with beth? i heard @ NWO, the were planning beth vs layla? its stupid!!! i knew it, layla or any other diva cant change the divas division, unless your trish, michelle mccool, or maybe kharma! and i hate to admit it but the only reason layla got so much on screen time in the past was because of michelle mccool. unfortunately michelle is no longer here and layla is just another diva. many of you will disagree and thats fine but its just how i feel.

    also why is AJ the only diva being pushed? its not fair, i dont hate AJ, but really she doesnt even wrestle and she takes up the divas spots. i mean im happy about the fact that aj is getting the main event spotlight with the top stars cos your dont see that much often,
    BUT its girls like layla and beth that should be pushed aswell they should be in the main divas title scene right now. heck layla is the divas champion!
    eve push also seems to have come to a halt cos shes not on screen as much as she used to be.
    i just feel wwe needs to do something with these divas and push them, it just seems like wwe doesnt give a damn about these girls and its a shame.

  • GailKim95

    Now that Cameron and Naomi are on Smackdown. aren’t there only like Eve, Beth, Kelly, and Vickie left on RAW?

    • KaitlynLover<3

      Does it matter anyway?

  • perceval

    A little bit of trivia that Vince McMahon should be reminded of…

    What got WWE a 9.0 Neilsen rating? Was it the Rock, This Is Your Life segment? Was it Austin vs Vince?

    No, it was July 23, 1984, The Fabulous Moolah vs Wendi Richter.


    • Acid Rain

      That’s amazing. I will start going to church and pray if it means getting good women’s matches again.

    • Timalee

      It’s crazy the WWE is not using the divas. I think they need to go back to their old ways.
      But I think that WWe is just building some characters and starting over. Trying to build a whole new generation of new female wrestlers. Just like in the 90s, (mid) 94-97 where there wasn’t as many female matches that there was in the 80s. And then have a boom of new Divas with a few old divas. (Beth Eve Kelly).

  • imj1995

    What ever happened to the AJ and Kaitlin fued? -__-