Report: Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off, Future in WWE Questioned?

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly has been granted time off from WWE, according to PWInsider.

The website reports that K2 has been given the time off to recharge her batteries after spending six years on the road with WWE full-time.

Kelly, who began her career with the company at just 18, has spent most of her adult life on the road with the company. A source tells PWInsider: “She’s been here since [she] was a kid. She had been pushing for time away to spend with her family and her boyfriend. Six years for someone of her age is a lifetime. She needed a break.”

However, the report adds that there is some speculation over Kelly’s future with WWE, with “word among a number of talents within the company is that they don’t believe she’s returning anytime soon”.

The report adds that Kelly has been promoting herself under her real name, Barbie Blank, and points out that she is accepting endorsements and appearances through an agent outside of WWE.

Her Twitter bio currently reads: “For full appearances/endorsements please contact Heidi at”

Kelly competed on Raw just two weeks ago and currently represents WWE as one of two Divas on Maxim’s Hot 100 for 2012.

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  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    So the rumours of K2’s leaving may actually be true :/

    • kristalmelinafan

      I’m glad these no talented divas are leaving. First maryse, than the bella’s, so glad maria got release, and ashley. Now kelly might go, good the division is shaping up now. Now they just need more time.

      • Blowbangfan

        I love Maryse and in all honesty I think the Divas division started slipping significantly ever since she left. Maryse was the best character and always put on an entertaining match. At least in my mind, but I agree with the other girls you said. I did like Maria a little bit too, but she wasn’t really a wrestler so much as a babe…

        • kristalmelinafan

          To be honest I absolutely love Maryse but she stop wrestling good when she had her injury. Since then Maryse in my opinion should of been a manager along with Maria.

      • Katie

        Yeah it was really gonna shape up, the last two weeks on BOTH Raw & SmackDown no Divas match.

        • kristalmelinafan

          I’m just saying wwe is getting rid of the dead weight. The divas who are not improving and just floating around, i will not be surprise if Tamina is release.

    • Charlie-K2

      Hmm… :/ If Kelly really leaves I’m done with WWE not only great characters/divas have left so far, but the they simply dont care about the Divas Division so that’s why succesful women that have found better opportunities (Maryse/Bellas/Mickie/Victoria..) have left or released. If Think I’ll Start Tunning on TNA, never being a fan of it, but at least they care about their women roster enough to entertain the fans….

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    I’ve seen this coming for awhile now. However, it still breaks my heart knowing we might not being seeing her gorgeous smile every week anymore.

  • jen07201

    She deserves time off. It’s just so much being on the road and media and hardly seeing your family. No matter what anyone says Kelly is a hard worker.

  • moogle

    I will be sad to see her leave.

    She’s now getting into her comfort zone and finally looking more confident in the ring.
    She won me over when she defended Edge’s world heavyweight championship; she was phenomenal and it shows she can do a lot when working with the right people and given the time.

    Her smile will be missed and ugh I will genuinely miss her a lot if she leaves.
    I feel like I’ve taken her for granted now she might be leaving, she just seemed like a fixture in the division you know? D:

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    IN a weird way I actually saw this coming also, Kelly is at the age, were she really needs to figure out long term plans for her life, and what she is going to do in the future, and all that, so it really wouldnt surprise me if she didnt return or left soon

    But’ i hope she enjoys her time off, and she certainly over time became a very nice wrestler

    • Timalee

      I hope if Kelly Kelly leave, WWE gives her a storyline with Layla and her for the divas title. Retirment/going away storyline. With her winning her second title (A trish stratus ending)


      i agree with everything u said except the nice wrestler part ;)

  • Jake

    When Divas hit their fifth or sixth year, they pretty much head out. I can see the other ’06 Divas moving on in the near future.

    • kristalmelinafan

      Especially Layla since she constantly get disrespected by the wwe.

      • Timalee

        Let’s see the divas
        Beth- 6 1/2 years
        Alicia- 4 years
        Kelly- 6 years
        Eve- 4 1/2 years
        Layla- 5 1/2 years
        Rosa- 3 1/2 years
        Lillian – 11 years
        Vikkie – 5 1/2 years
        The rest have maybe a year or less, but still these divas are getting up there. In my book what makes a diva rememberable is history, storylines, time they where in the buisness. Also their matches. These set of divas i only have a few Divas that i see as rememberable. So we’ll see (I think Beth will be that diva to be here for a while.

        • Raekon

          – Beth 8 years
          – Vickie 7 years
          – Alicia Fox 6 years
          – Rosa Mendes 6 years
          – Layla El 6 years
          – Eve 5 years
          – Natalya 5 years
          – Maxine 3 years
          – AJ 3 years
          – Naomi 3 years
          – Aksana almost 3 years
          – Kaitlyn almost 2 years

          That’s the times these Divas spent with the WWE so far.

          I included their training in the WWE development territory aswell though.

          Didn’t included Lillian because she is actually not a Diva.

        • Raekon

          Forgot Tamina! x_X

          – Tamina 3 years

        • perceval

          Layla’s at about 6 years, too, debuting about 2 months after Beth & a month after Kelly.

          With Kelly leaving, that leaves Beth & Layla as all that is left of the Trish & Lita Era.

        • kristalmelinafan

          Correction it was not the Trish/Lita Era anymore, it became the Melina/Mickie/ era in my opinion. Than in 2010 it became the Laycool era.

        • perceval


          It was still the Trish & Lita Era while they were both there. While Mickie, Beth, & Melina were being built to take over during Trish’s last year, she was still the face of the Division through Unforgiven 2006.

          I’d also call the era that followed the Mickie-Melina-Beth era. Beth was as much a center of it as Melina was.

          Were those 15 months LayCool were the center really long enough to be considered an era? Michelle retired before she could really build a true era.

  • Dave Muscarella

    Since this is her choice and she didn’t lose her job or anything, I don’t feel bad about be SUPER HAPPY about her being gone. Its addition by subtraction IMO.

    I would say “Maybe WWE will replace her with someone more competent in the ring” but I think we all know WWE doesn’t care about that aspect of women’s wrestling at all. With Eve being an authority figure and AJ being a crazy boy-obsessed crazy person, it sure seems like WWE is phasing out women’s wrestling matches almost completely. The only time you’ll see women compete in the ring is on shows like NXT and maybe Superstars. Even in the new NXT/FCW tapings, there was only 1 women’s matrch in a months worth of episodes.

    Things are looking bleak for actual women’s wrestling in WWE. Might as well be the early 90’s again.

  • Matthew

    Wow – six years on the road!
    There’s no questioning she loves the business and I really respect her for that!
    She deserves some time off – but I hope this isn’t the last we see of Kelly in the WWE, while I see it as a chance for the WWE to have a popular, new babyface Diva – I like Kelly, and would like her return in the future.

    • Marshy

      Well she is might as well take some time off since there is nothing for her to do at this time anyway.

  • javiousmckenzie

    The divas division is dying so bad right now i mean they lost Michelle Bellas Maryse Melina Gail before then Mickie now Kelly is leaving and im sure Beth is next to go

    • numero47

      My thoughts exactly.
      While I am no fan of Kelly’s, this does worry me that the WWE is deciding get rid of their Diva’s Division all together.
      The way they’re doing it is by letting go of them one at a time over a few months period.

      • charleshp

        Beth’s considered one of the top two girls in the company (Nat’s the other) so I’m not sure she’s leaving any time soon unless she wants to.

        They do have some girls in FCW (Paige, Sofia) they could bring up if need be. Maxine maybe ready to get promoted as well.

        • numero47

          I think WWE know this too, which is why we were able to see Beth and Natalya form D.O.D but we all remember how that turned out.
          Who knows when those girls will be called up? And what about the girls that are currently on the roster who haven’t been in a televised match in two weeks? The reports of Ashley Flair, Kayla Armstrong and more WWE tryouts keep me hopeful for the Divas but until we actually see something change I just don’t see the division surviving.

      • GailKimFan09e

        NOOOOOOOOOOO!!, not before we have some type of interaction with Beth and Kharma…PLEEEAAASSEE!!

  • sugarrush28

    I don’t know what to say about this but it is what it is. K2 totally fooled me cause I never thought she would be a capable worker and she proved me wrong. I grew to like her ring work and her work ethic. Sure she still had somethings to work on that should’ve been taught to her from the start but she was still a decent worker. I’m not going to sit here and say i’m sad about her leaving or anything cause i’m not but I am shocked. I just wish they would’ve did a heel turn for her at some point to see how that would play out.

  • Rhawk

    Since its not certain thats she’s actually leaving I’ll just comment on the part where she’s taking ‘Time off’.

    Had a pretty bad day today, but hearing this ended it on a quite decent note.

  • sugarrush28

    Now with Kelly almost out their door Alicia Fox, Layla, and Kaitlyn are pretty much the only faces left. I don’t know what to call Tamina, AJ and Natalya.

  • AdrianRay

    Oh dear. I’m actually kinda struck by this news! I’m ACTUALLY going to miss her overdone acting and screaming!

    • Rhawk

      I’m also gonna miss how she’s too frightened to run the ropes. Who else will look like an utter fool when doing this? =-(

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      @ADRIANRAY, strong words from a Maryse fan….lmao, just saying. =P

      • AdrianRay

        I did say I was going to miss it. No sarcasm intended… lol

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Somehow, I’ll live. =)

    Good for her. She has been with WWE for 6 years and it’s great that they’re allowing her to other stuff that she’s actually passionate about. I wish her well in the world of acting/modeling or whatever else she wants to do. She gave us some…er….well…OK moments and that’s fine.

    I wasn’t sad about the Bellas leaving, although I enjoyed watching them their last couple of years and I won’t be sad at all about K2 leaving if she does.

    Not that it makes a difference in the way that we’ll get more pure women’s wrestling, because I think they’ll just find another model and turn her into a “wrestler” and it will be the same ol divas division it’s been.

    Tell me they’ve hired and will use a talented female wrestler like Mickie James, Hamada, or SDR and I’m on board to care about the division again. Otherwise, farewell model divas, enjoy your post WWE careers.

    • perceval

      It’s not trying to turn models into wrestlers that’s the problem. When it’s a FITNESS model, you get Trish, Victoria, and Candice. When it’s a swimsuit/lingerie/figure model, you get Kelly, Maryse, and the Bellas.

      And, even having pure eye candy Divas in the company isn’t a problem unless you misuse them. We never saw Stacy vs Torrie for the Women’s Championship, and they were two of the most popular Divas in WWE history. Neither held the Women’s Championship. They had Trish, Lita, Jazz, Molly, Victoria, Gail, & Mickie around to carry the Gold while Stacy was there.

      Kelly was good in the Stacy & Torrie role, or as Beth’s spunky sidekick. No one had any complaints until she held the butterfly belt.

  • Lanoom

    Please go. I mean no offense, but this is not your field. You seem like a fine lady. I hope you find much success elsewhere, whether that’s modeling or movies or fashion or whatever you want to do. I don’t care who is accused of doing what with whom or to whom. All I know is you’ve never provided me entertainment on TV outside of your exhibitionist gimmick and you vs Beth at Night of Champions 2011.

    Please go.

  • Dave Muscarella

    If the IWC were all Ewoks, I imagine the internet would look like the end scene to Return of the Jedi after hearing this news.

    Then, you’d see a holographic Trish, Lita, and Molly looking on and smiling.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      I’d like that ending. XD

  • MrJCena

    I am upset by this news i have all ways liked K2 and wat she had to bring ok i know it is not alot that she brought to the ring but i mean doing this frok 18 and not having time off would be hard i hope she comes back soon because she was wipling to take some sick bumps though out the 6 deffo in the world title match when michelle slamed her agaisnst the barricades epic moment because i really thought she was hurt bad she sold that perfect and the superplex and the match with natayla and when she took kendo stick within the first year of being in the company as u lot can tell i have nothing but good things to say about K2 hope to see her soon

  • Jordan

    While I’m not a huge fan of Kelly, she has certainly improved over time to become a decent wrestler. She’s not the total package, but I admire her improvements and her passion!

    My only problem with this is with Kelly gone, there are no face divas that are over. All the face divas barely get a reaction from the crowd including: Alicia, Tamina, Layla, Kaitlyn. They better figure something out or they’ll have no over diva because the heel divas aren’t over as well.

    WWE Divas Division is definitely in a slump right now with the only diva action coming from NXT and not even featuring Layla or Beth. I’m worried that the division might start crumbling, but this is apparently what WWE has always wanted. It might be true that they’re only there for the demographics and that’s all.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      They only Diva the Fans like is Beth so maybe she will be the new “Face” which kinda sucks!

    • gel619

      I think that the Diva division does need some work with Barbie gone other divas should get more screen time. I never saw the draw but then I am hypercritical and would of rather seen Nat or Tamina get the push they have skills and if given proper screen time personality not to mention a true passion for the biz. I like Eve and can’t wait to see her back in the ring and always enjoy watching AJ. K2 leaving does leave the need the role for the dumb blonde open and the two blondes have shown that they have brains. I hope that whoever they cast in the role has some ring skills this time.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am sorry tot he K2 fans but i am SICK of her so Bye Bye Kelly……I really don’t think she will be champ again so i think it is best for her to Go. But Good luck to Kelly for anything she does wish you the best!

  • BC757

    The division has a few of girls in FCW ready to come up with Paige, Sofia and possibly Audrey. Raquel needs some seasoning in my opinion, she’s more of a character at this point. Theres a lot of girls with characters now and that’s all fine but the character and the wrestler has to become a combo now. I’m glad WWE has girls with characters but the wrestlers just seem like pot roast now. It seems that some of the girls who are characters, need to be wrestlers lmao. Look at Naomi, AJ and Eve three of the best workers, not continously wrestling. WWE needs to sort that out.

    • sugarrush28

      Audrey needs to stay in FCW as long as possible.

      • BC757

        Audrey and Raquel both need to stay in the division as long as possible but Audrey is a better worker than Raquel. If you put her in the ring with more season workers she could be good one day, she has the athleticism she just needs to let her personality show more and stop forcing the smile. Let it just flow.

        • BC757

          I meant in FCW

    • LadyGoDiva

      It looks like FCW is light in the divas divsion as well. You have Raquel,Audrey,Paige,Sofia,Summer Rae,Caylee Turner.Unless WWE starts signing new divas?

      • BC757

        On the outside it looks light but in reality they have the right amount of girls to add some freshness. You don’t need a roster of 10 to be strong. Raquel, Audrey, Paige and Sofia are the freshest FCW has been in a while. They basically through these girls into the wolves and they stayed afloat. The Serena era was strong with AJ and Naomi. But they dynamic of the FCW roster now is so diverse compared to yesteryears.

  • wl75

    I’d thought she’d try going the Stacy Keibler route- but it’s not available until Spring 2013 because they’re doing an DWTS All-Stars season in the fall…

    If it turns out she is leaving, she’s leaving on good terms it looks like, so there’s always a chance for her to come back.

  • TheGunner

    That Worthless Bimbo and The Ugly Twins gone in one year Yeah Baby. Wait this is WWE no doubt 10 more models with no wrestling talent that can only do slap slap slap matches will get hired

    • Blowbangfan

      Kind of a disparaging and rude post but quite eloquently put *Sarcasm* I don’t find the Bellas attractive at all either but to call them The Ugly Twins is kind of harsh. As for Kelly, I don’t agree with The Worthless Bimbo title you give her because she actually is a very talented acrobatic athlete so just because you don’t like her performances doesn’t mean you should say terrible things like that. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that but I just think you should be a little nicer with your knocks on the people you don’t like.

      PS: Out of curiousity, what do you think of Kaitlyn? I would love to see what you have to say about her but only if it’s a lot nicer than what you had to say about K2 and the B2s…

      • TheGunner

        When you can’t wrestle can’t act can’t cut promo come off as a total idiot all the time in main stream interview and all you can do is look pretty you are a worthless bimbo

        • Valese

          LOL I love how mad The wrestling “analysts/purists” get all because of Kelly. It makes them look soo stupid cause they take a scripted sport so seriously. Calling her a bimbo and thinking that the division will magically accrue relevance if she left haha keep sounding deluded, you don’t look pathetic at all.

  • jcarcano12

    Now I know why the divas hasn’t had matches. I’m pretty sure they going to move some girls to different shows like Naomi n Carmen r in smackdown n the New stars soon Maxine will probably move to smackdown
    But this was a bad month for diva Kelly is leaving Rosa car accident Layla did bad in her match Lilian has family problems Bella r gone tamina Kaitlin n Maxine r stuck on nxt -!-

    • jcarcano12

      *N the new nxt

  • litafan2000

    Good for her! She needs time away after being there for 6 years!

  • LadyGoDiva

    I don’t blame her for asking for time off when you’ve been working for six years and when you were eighteen or nineteen.

    But it makes sense on why WWE is pushing AJ because if K2 really does leave WWE then AJ could be the next “it” girl?
    idk what this means for the divas division since its so small now and there’s nothing going on I can see why we haven’t seen a match in weeks because WWE doesn’t have any direction on where to go now with such a small amount of divas.But if I was in the WWE I would try to put several divas in mixed tag team matches?