The Month in Eye Candy: May 2012

For the past month you’ve voted on your favorite photoshoots, and each week we crowned a “Photoshoot of the Week”. Today we’re pitting the winners against each other to determine your favorite shoot of May.

Eve Torres

Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Eve Torres. AJ‘s shoot earned 247 votes to Eve’s 284.

Eve’s photoshoot joins the rest of the month’s favorites in the poll below.

The month’s most popular photoshoots feature Aksana, Brooke Tessmacher and Eve Torres.

Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot, vote for your favorite below and come back Sunday to see which shoot was crowned “Photoshoot of the Month”. Be sure to voice your opinions in the comments as well!


Brooke Tessmacher

Eve Torres #1

Eve Torres #2

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  • Eve4Life

    Eve Torres #2 :)
    She Means Business!

  • DivasHQ


  • lucky1now

    eve 2 im loving that shoot

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Eve #2 D… ^^^ Connect 4 get in! ;)

  •!/brodyrediron BrodyRediron

    Has to be Eve’s 2 shoot, I mean COME ON! Look at her, she’s flippin GORGEOUS!!!

  • JillianHallTNA

    Brooke Tessmacher of course!

  • jcarcano12


  • trishfan11

    It has to be Eve. I went to Eve Torres # 2.

  • DarknessRuler

    Although some of Eve’s pictures in the #2 photoshoot of her face look HORRIBLY…………..HORRIBLY photoshopped, the photoshoot itself is good.


    Don´t know wich one to choose, Eve or Eve? hummmmm

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Brooke hands down

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Eve looks hot in her second shoot (or any shoot), you go girl!

  • TheGunner

    The bimbo from NXT looks like a man

    Gotta say Brooke

    • jcarcano12

      Brooke has a manly face -!-

  • Hassam

    My God i dont Know how you guys liked eve photo her photos are horribly Photoshoped specialy in her second shoot Brooke all the way


      r u blind?! Eve is GORGEOUS. That is what a real woman should look like…

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Brooke Tessmacher!


    Eve Torres all the way!!