Here’s a name you probably wouldn’t expect to see on Missy Hyatt.

The self-professed First Lady of Wrestling is, along with ECW legend Paul Heyman, the subject of Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ latest blog on, looking back at his past announcing partners.

Ross, who worked with both in WCW, has high praise for Hyatt who he says “had much more of a working knowledge of the business than she’s ever likely been given credit for having”.

Ross writes:

She was light-years ahead of today’s TMZ-oriented society as she brought unique, topical subjects to many of our broadcasts, all done spontaneously and without someone feeding her lines.

Missy Hyatt understood her role better than many of those who followed her in sports-entertainment broadcasting, no matter the gender, simply because she understood the business, felt the product and was being, essentially, her natural self on TV.

The Tallahassee, Fla., native was truly a pioneer when it comes to beautiful women in pro wrestling. In all due respect, who would most men want to look at more, Missy Hyatt or the Fabulous Moolah? I rest my case.

He continues:

To a significant degree, the Divas of the sports-entertainment world can thank Missy Hyatt for paving the way for them to have the opportunity to earn a great living and to be afforded other opportunities as a result of appearing on WWE programming.

When Missy and I did our on-camera bits to throw to matches, fans need to remember that we had no script, no teleprompter and no writers assisting us. What we did, good or bad, was a result of our own, natural chemistry and Missy being Missy.

Missy Hyatt had no true female role models in pro wrestling to follow, but still endured in a man’s world and made contributions to the business that are still vivid memories for many fans, especially men who were teens, during her heyday in WCW.

Read the full article on Heyman and Hyatt here.

  • Stephen Hanft

    Missy was absolutely awful. She had no talent, an obnoxious personality and was shoved down WCW’s throats for years until Eric Bischoff had the intelligent to not be blinded by her looks and see her for what she really is and fired her. Missy Hyatt is the First Whore Of Professional Wrestling. She slept with guys to get into the business and continued to do so in order to stay in the business. When I first saw her, she had slut and porn start written all over her. It was so obvious. She was selling sex, not wrestling. She was like a Madonna. If I wanted to look at women like her, I would’ve ordered the Playboy Channel. A no-talent whore like Missy Hyatt is not what I wanted for the wrestling that I loved the day I first discovered it at age 11 in 1976. Thankfully, there wasn’t any slutty whores like Missy in the professional wrestling business during the 1970s timeframe. Otherwise, I would not have watched. I wanted fun story lines, good characters, and excellent matches. I didn’t want a woman selling sex and added nothing to the wrestling. There is an article on Missy Hyatt I read on the internet called “Missy Hyatt: Wrestling’s Original Slut. Also, there are two Sportster articles, The Top 15 women who gave wrestling a bad name and The Top 15 women who ruined wrestling’s reputation. Missy Hyatt was ranked number 2 in both. I would’ve ranked her number one in both. All of the women whores and sluts showing their breasts and every other body part they could possibly show during the 1990s attitude era were influenced by the first whore of professional wrestling Missy Hyatt. It’s sad that someone like Jim Ross can sing this woman’s praises instead of deservedly burying her for the obnoxious, nasty whore she’s always been. Miss Elizabeth is the First Lady of Wrestling. She brought class, decency, and dignity to wrestling. Women like Shari Martel and Medusa brought talent to Wrestling. Missy Hyatt brought nothing except looks. That it. Everything else she brought was totally negative and a detriment and insult to professional wrestling