Report: WWE Looking to Sign Kelly Kelly to Longer Deal?

WWE is reportedly looking to sign former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly to a longer deal in light of recent reports that she may be looking at opportunities outside of the company.

Earlier this week, PWInsider reported that Kelly had been granted time off from the company and that she is fielding appearances and endorsements through a non-WWE agent.

The website now reports that WWE is trying to lock Kelly, who still has time left on her current contract, in to a longer deal thus retaining her services for the foreseeable future.

“WWE feels she’s the most marketable Diva currently on the roster and is willing to spend to lock her into a longer term deal,” says PWInsider.

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  • G32106

    Interesting.. I honestly like Kelly, but kinda hope she sticks with moving on to other things.

  • xxBettyBoopxx

    Will they let that girl sit her ass down before she hurts herself give her a paid vacation.

    • lelloo7

      the new contract says she has the right to take a break and recharge her batteries :)

  • LadyGoDiva

    I’ll be honest when I heard this news I couldn’t help but laugh because, no doubt she deserves a break after working with them for six or seven years but maybe she hasn’t decided on what to do yet on her career?

    But hearing that she’s the most marketable Diva on the current, in which I can’t help but read between the lines of what a diva should look like in the WWE and I think WWE should look elsewhere for another Diva like Kaitlyn in my mind feels perfect for the role or Maxine? Feels like a desperation move to not let their favorite Diva go.

    • Raekon

      The problem with your comment in Vinces eyes is that Kaitlyn is one of the strongest divas together with beth and nattie when it comes to the blond ones so she doesn’t look as modelike as kelly did and due to that she doesnt fit the role.

      Maxine too curvy and very female like but also a heel character and black haired so she doesn’t fit to vinces image either.

  • TheFallenAngela

    I honestly don’t care if she leaves it will give other deserving divas tv time Maxine only had one Match on raw and that was her debut if kelly leave millions will be happy some will be sad. She’s basically there for male attention not because she’s good or can wrestle. In my opinon everyone is replaceable if they are smart they should really start looking in fcw Sofia Cortez aka Ivelisse is really good and so is paige so is naiomi and cameron. My real question is why is she the only one they want to spend money for she’s just going to be used the same way she is now a sex object.

    • LaylaElFan

      I agree with everything you said,because shes just there because of how she grabs the male attention,and other talented divas like Kailtlyn as you said or Maxine should have more time.

    • Rhawk

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Didn’t WWE themselves say once in a report that their women are always replaceable? Mickie James? Melina? Maria? All removed, not exactly forgotten, but removed, and no one seems to care much about this. And the same would happen to Kelly Kelly in all honesty, she’d move on and so would WWE, and the live TV crowds wouldn’t have a care in the world.

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    I really hope Kelly goes!

  • stephenpwwe

    I honestly hope Kelly rejects this. Not just because I’m not a Kelly fan, but I just feel Kelly has reached her best when it comes to wrestling, there is not much else for her to accomplish with WWE, especially with her being so popular outside of it.

  • Ryan

    Shes a nice chick. I rather hope she does what SHE wants. She isnt bad at wrestling. Shes actually one of the most popular. Wonder what kelly wants to do.

  • DAFereldan91

    This is why I will never understand WWE. You have tonnes of potential and better talents on the roster, why dwell on inferiority?

    • cutymania

      because in WWE, it’s not always about who’s the best, it’s about who’s making them the most money. Kelly Kelly hands down is the most over diva on the roster and there is a huge gap in popularity between her and the rest of the divas. She is the Torrie Wilson/Stacy Keibler of this current era and both had very long (diva-terms) careers in WWE despite not being over for their wrestling skills specifically, if you catch my drift.

  • Aksana

    Kelly started off with the WWE, at what? 18? She’s been with them continuously for the last 6 years, on the road. If Kelly is ready to step out of the ring, which reports are suggesting then the WWE need to respect her wish. It’s quite selfish in my opinion. Let the girl live!

    • perceval

      She does have the choice of accepting the offer or not. What’s the harm in offering her a deal?

      • Aksana

        There is no harm, however she’s been on the road working her ass off for that company for the last 6 years. If she wants to leave, she should be aloud to leave with no questions asked. I understand she’s the WWE’s golden girl, but if this is what she wants to do then the WWE should respect her wishes.

  • lelloo7

    I hate how people bash kelly kelly here -.-
    You guys say millions will be happy and some will be sad ?
    Please remind me of a diva that gets the cheers kelly gets…

    She should just leave cz others will get more chances…
    Hey kelly has been off tv since like eve turned heel, she competed in like 2-3 matches since then, has anyone stepped his game to replace her ? I don’t think so

    Stop the freaking hate -.-

  • WWFoverWWE

    I hope they sign her so people will be pissed :D

    • Mr. Asstastic


      • KellyKellyAJFan


  • WinterAngel94

    Im a huge Kelly fan she is my fave diva on the roster right now I mean yeah she to me is a good wrestler ppl just dont like her because shes a model turned wrestler honestly back before she was the face of the division she never got hated ppl always talked how she was improving and right after she got the Divas title and got a huge push the haters started and ppl saying she didint deserve the title Im sorry as far as I can remember when I first started watching in 1999 to now the womens title became retired and the DIVAS title was active and thats what Kelly is is a DIVA to me the Divas title is for the frilly girls like Kelly, Eve, Alicia etc. The womens title was for the hardcore women who put their bodies on the line the divas title doesnt compare. So stop hating on Kelly just cause the ENTIRE division isnt what it use to be and frankly I dont think it ever will be even with the new girls coming in.

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    I think you guys should be praying Kelly stays with WWE. Not only because she is the most marketable diva, but because Vince doesn’t care about them if Kelly isn’t involved. Ever since we started to see less of her and her break was announced, there’s been no divas matches. Kelly staying is the best interest for the division right now, crappy wrestler or not.

    • WinterAngel94

      I completely agree

    • gl83

      So let me get this straight, the Diva division was able to survive losing both Trish Stratus and Lita within a matter of months but they can’t survive losing Kelly Kelly. Are you serious!?

      Even before all this, the divas have been doing jack. Even before the news broke out about Kelly, the Divas have been doing jack and have been relegated to internet-only shows. And for a Diva that WWE is supposedly high on, Kelly Kelly sure hasn’t been treated any different than the others. Her matches have been treated as filler and when she does get a storyline outside of the division it gets dropped within a matter of weeks. The only consistency we are getting with the divas is with Eve and AJ.

    • perceval

      And, he cared about them when she WAS involved? Never mind Trish & Lita, let’s just compare the attention the Divas have gotten during the Kelly Kelly Era (since Michelle retired) to the Michelle McCool Era. We thought things were bad in 2010-early 2011, but at least they still got promos, storylines, & some great matches in (like the Beth-Nattie vs LayCool table match).

      I know some feel that the quality of the wrestling doesn’t matter, but look at when the Divas were the big cash cow, selling all those magazines, posters, videos, & merchandise: 2001-07. The pure eye candy like Stacy, Torrie, & Dawn Marie helped, a lot, but the heart of the success of the Divas as a brand was the great matches Trish, Lita, Molly, Jacqueline, Ivory, Jazz, Victoria, Gail, Mickie, Melina, & Beth were putting on. Focusing on great matches equaled lots of money for the company, focusing only on the pure eye candy means the company isn’t making any money from the Divas.

      Kelly isn’t nearly as popular or marketable as Stacy & Torrie, the main pure eye candy Divas from the Golden Era, were. So, having, and promoting, a solid Women’s Division as the base of the Divas brand while the pure eye candy does their thing would only make Kelly MORE marketable. Putting the belt on the likes of Kelly, Maryse, & the Bellas while declaring the muscular women who can actually wrestle only belong on “the cover of National Geographic” has, demonstrably, resulted in the Divas as a whole not being marketable, at all.

      Last month, while they were making such a big deal over Kelly being on the Maxim 100 list (while not having the cover, AND not mentioning their current Divas Champion also made the list with a write-in vote), one of those old “National Geographic” type ex-Divas was celebrating her 90th magazine cover.

      Call me too much of a “wrestling purist” if you like, but this has nothing to do with being a Smark, just looking at what made a lot of money for the company. The whole idea is for the company to make money, right? Kelly’s friends (the ones she says leaving has made her feel lonely), Maryse & the Bellas, always talked about how much better they were than the Divas of old like Trish, Lita, & Victoria, how much more marketable and hotter they were, etc (Maryse saying that Trish was like a bulky cassette player while she was a sleek, smooth, iPod), but who, really, made more money for the company?

      • Jhonmarco

        And we get another 10 paragraph analogy of the Goldern Era and how superior it was to this era.

        • redsandman99

          It was superior because they were given time to wrestle and storylines to sink their teeth into. If they were given at least something to do without the ball being dropped a couple weeks in, they could run away with it just as easy.

        • perceval

          I realize this is just your usual trolling, but…

          If you disagree with my view that the old marketing approach was better than the current one, please explain why the current approach is the right one.

          Can you actually do that?

        • Jhonmarco

          Did I say I could? Sure the old approach was fine, but we don’t need a 10 paragraph analogy of the Golden Era. Trolling? Hun, that’s what you do everytime. In your posts, it is always a damn history lesson. “Golden era this, golden era that” can you please move on from that era. It’s pretty damn annoying.

        • norisclouds

          I have to admit, this made me laugh because really that’s the majority of Perceval’s posts…no offense XD

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Speak the truth, sis.

      • Timalee

        Perceval, thankyou for explaing the age old story. Cause I feel we should petition the WWE. Tell them that we want better Diva storylines…better diva matches….Longer diva time….Backstage interviews…Promos ect…Tell them they have until September to turn things around or we stop. We stop caring. We stop watching…we give up and then we’ll see what happens…That would make them turn things around PEOPLE POWER!!!!

  • Lovedaddio

    I wonder if the “outside endeavors”, was a move to get more $$$$ from WWE. Players do it in sports all the time. They tease the management into thinking they want to test the free agent market in order to get a long term deal and more money. I’m not hating on her if thats what she did.

    I do think she’s probably somewhat burned out. Life in the WWE is a seriously hard grind. They do about 300 shows a year including the house shows. A lot of driving time on the road. you LIVE in hotels and are constantly away from family and friends. It’s the only life she has known as an adult since she left Jacksonville so I can see her wanting something else. Plus she has the look to be an “it” girl outside of WWE though she lacks personality in my opinion

  • Rhawk

    Oh joy. The only thing I dont really understand is why her? I mean she’s not exactly the fittest woman in the planet, I mean if all they want is more marketable women, an easy solution to this is to do more with the other women they have now instead of focusing on one woman, otherwise they would end up in situations like this.

    I mean in terms of mostly appearance, whats wrong with the others? I can only think of WWE’s logic here. Layla? (Not american) Eve? (She’s a baddy!) Kharma?! (Big, fat and black) What, its what they think not me! If I had my way, all these three women along with AJ, Beth and Natalya would be marketed more for the E, cause which more are damn well fit, the others can show how strong the women really are.

    • perceval

      The nationality and ethnicity issue is even stranger when you consider that their most popular Diva ever was not only not from the USA, but whose ethnicity was gyros and baklava rather than hot dogs and apple pie.

      I was especially annoyed at the lack of mention of the current Divas Champion making that very same Maxim 100 list that they were raving about Kelly being on.

  • Sitau

    I never hated the girl, i hope she does take a little time off to give the writers more time to work on character development for the other girls and then when she comes back she can come back as heel attacking a hopefully still face divas champ layla

  • Lilly Monroe

    1) I hope Kelly signs another contract so stupid internet marks will be pissed.

    Kelly is the only shot they have left. Because Maxine outside of nxt is a jobber. natayla is burned out, always losing.

    Beth is a burned out heel. Best hope for her is take her off tv so fans forget about her shitty title reign and then bring her back as heel. Or bring her back as a face to fued with Kharma, when or IF she ever comes back. (Although fans would probably be behind Kharma)

    The other best shot other than K2 is Eve: the Top Heel

    • Rhawk

      I fail to see how you haven’t really mentioned AJ of all people, considering she’s one of the few women for the last few weeks who has been appearing on TV on a regular basis. If anything, I can see the E moving her up as a top diva, in due time of course.

      • redsandman99

        AJ could definitely be the top diva easy. She may not have the total Barbie doll looks but she still has a pretty face, she’s a natural underdog which is something the live crowds and general fans eat up, she can wrestle and so far she’s proven that she can play whatever character they give her well.

      • Lilly Monroe

        I hesitated on AJ for a minute.
        IMO she’s the 3rd best for the division, after Eve.

        AJ has been mishandled in my opionion. If they had made her #2 baby face she would be popular true babyface now.

        They went in a different direction though. They essentially made her a valet for over half a year for Daniel Bryan. The objective being to try to get Daniel Bryan a lot of heel heat for treating his meek girlfriend like crap. As we have seen Daniel Byan instead got over as a face in this angle. And the fans almost enjoyed his crappy treatment of AJ. Or at least were not very sympathetic for her. Bryan came out of the angle a lot better than her.

        Then they portrayed AJ as a woman scorned. Making her slap the shit out of Kaitlyn and natayla. Basically passing her off as a heel when she should be a true babyface.

        • redsandman99

          WWE really fucked things up with the 18 second match at Mania. Before that, Bryan was getting really big heat and AJ would have come out like a million bucks for turning against him. Then Bryan got screwed over and the smarky fanbase went insane and they cheered him despite what he did. It just screwed things up all around, because then AJ couldn’t attack Bryan without getting huge heat.

  • Timalee

    Lets see, you want to keep Kelly. Okay i understand. I can see 5 years from now Kelly will be the last from her era. And 90% of the divas that she worked with will be gone due to release. 2% from injury. 3% of retirement (1% actually winning their last match). 5% just dissapear after a couple more years.

  • redsandman99

    Given that Kelly does get crowd reactions and is used for media appearances, I get where WWE is coming from in the marketability standpoint. However, it’s not like there’s no other diva that could do what she does. If Vince would get his head out of his ass he would be able to see that.

  • shameronstar

    If Kelly does stay please for the love of God FINALLY send her to FCW for basic training because its quite clear that Kelly compensates her lack of basics with the flashy, funny, and sexy(stink face) stuff! It’s weird because in 2008 I thought Kelly was actually better! She could actually hit a drop kick and didnt scream so much(don’t know why she started that). I think the reason is because when she started being used so much as a main roster talent and she began all the PR work her attention was completely taken away from training so she never gets time to polish up which results in her skills never reaching their potential and instead they her skills stay complacent and actually regress because of the lack of formal practice time.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol the divas division has been at its worst!!! Where is the Divas champion Layla?? Where are the matches? I dont even know who is in the raw roster and the smackdown roster? o.o without kelly kelly who would be the faces ?

    • Timalee

      I know, even though i like the small little manager storylines i perfer matches too. That’s what the previous era fought for.

  • gl83

    Does anyone see the parallels between this situation and the situation with John Cena?

    Think about it, both of them are people that WWE has been cramming down our throats for quite some time now, while at the expense of other people and now that both want time off, WWE won’t let them and won’t use this opportunity to build new stars. Kelly wants out so rather than letting her go and focus on building up other Divas to be their new top Diva, they instead bend over backwards just to keep Kelly Kelly around, when they have two potential Divas who fill that spot in Eve and AJ. Likewise with John Cena, who cut a promo after Extreme Rules telling the fans that he will be taking time off, but WWE rather than spend that time to elevate someone to the main event scene(Rhodes & Ziggler) or build up another main eventer to Cena’s level(i.e. CM Punk), instead have kept him around and have been cramming him down our throats and at the expense of other storylines and rising stars(i.e. Ziggler, Rhodes, Bryan).

    It’s just so counter-productive. I mean back in 2006, the Divas were able to survive the loss of both Trish Stratus and Lita because they were able to re-focus the division around Mickie James and Victoria, all while spending the early months of 2007 building up Melina and Candice Michelle, and then later in the year, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. They can easily do the same here, with Kelly gone, re-focus the division on Beth and Layla, continue building up and developing AJ and Eve. It’s a simple concept.

    Like CM Punk said in his infamous shoot, people like himself, Kelly Kelly, Trish, Lita, Austin, Rock, etc. are just another spoke in the wheel. In the past WWE has lost top stars and top divas and have been able to replace them and move on. They can easily do the same here, especially since you have Divas in place who can help fill the void right now if need be.

    • Timalee

      I feel like WWE should give Kelly a one year contract and give her a storyline with Layla and have them go for the title. And have Kelly “retire”. That way they can build Eve(07) and Beth(06) before they both want to leave. Let’s not forget Alicia (08)too these women are great additions that haven’t had their full potential. Beth was strong in the beginning and then it seemed to go down hill. And Eve went from bottom to top in 3 years. Alicia same. Now get Katlyn and AJ going and you can have fun matches going.

  • Timalee

    The way that I see it. Aksanna is this era’s Debra/ Miss Kitty. okay keep her that way. Give Layla and Kelly a fued for the title and have Kely win and retire.
    Then have Aj and Katlyn go at the title. And have them build their characters. Also throw in Kharma and Natalya and Beth. Keep them all moving. have Rosa stay as a manager or backstage interviewer. Keep Eve either in charge or as a heel in the ring. and hav her steal a title from someone to strengthen the heel part.
    Alicia can just be that girl that wrestles everyone and gets a few victories. and maybe a little fued for the title, but no win.

  • Isobel Lynette

    I love Kelly, honestly. I don’t really want her to go, but I don’t really want her to stay either. I’m okay with either decision. I just want the Divas Division to survive, period.


    OH MY GAWD!!! NO! She just needs to leave! She can’t wrestle to save her life, and she is a bad actress. Kelly is a prime example of why the divas are failing. WWE is blind when it comes to the divas.