Today in History: Kelly Kelly Debuts

On this day in history:

June 13th, 2006 | It’s kind of hard to imagine that, in today’s “PG WWE” world, a Diva could debut with the “exhibitionist” gimmick that Kelly Kelly did. The short-lived ECW program was admittedly more edgy than the usual WWE fare, but it is still strange to think that they devoted TV time to a full-on striptease. Still, we here at Diva Dirt prefer to think of this purely in comparison to the Kelly of today, and marvel at how far she’s come: from having difficulty unhooking her bra to reigning as Divas Champion. Any way you shake it, that’s a hell of an improvement.

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  • Satisfaction

    I loved ECW Kelly and I love current Kelly just the same.

  • lucky1now

    wow and now she wants her break

  • DAFereldan91

    What a tart.

  • Josue

    I can’t believe she was only 18 at the time

    • Jcott3

      Actually, I think she was 19. I know she had a year of college before JL hired her.

  • Roman

    this is what she was good at

    • art

      not really…

      • norisclouds

        lol remember her “dancing”? Cartwheels and sloppy backflips are not dancing!

        • Jake

          Yet you see back flips and cartwheels on America’s Next Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars.

          Believe it or not, gymnastics is a form of dancing.

        • norisclouds

          @JAKE listen buddy, she looked like an idiot. You can go look up the old segments yourself. It was completely off-beat and out of place. It was clear she had no idea what she was doing next to Layla and Brooke, which was too bad because Layla should have taught her some dancing moves or something. It was terrible.

        • melon2617

          Kelly the dancer was not that great. However, Kelly was not a trained gymnast/dancer so standing next to a professional dancer would make anyone look bad.

          Kelly struggled her first couple of years in the company because I think she had trouble finding her niche. Whether or not she’s the best wrestler or dancer is irrelevent; she has worked very hard to develop a personality and she’s become more confident as a character and the fans have connected with her. They identify with her more than any other Diva for a reason. She doesn’t get any mic time or any preferential treatment and yet, fans embrace her. Clearly she has managed to learn to connect with the audience.

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      Actually @MELON261 Kelly is a trained gymnast she did it since the time she was a young girl she wasn’t a trained dance like layla was and she new she sucked that’s why she stopped when Brooke was released!!!!

  • art

    ROFLMAO…i just have to laugh…

  • Hassam

    Im so Sad Divas like Tamina Natalya who job every week to Nxt Divas and look at this sult she the top wwe diva.WWE FUCK YOU

    • Dylan

      Tamina is a jobber? news to me. If anything, I think she’s overrated. She’s improved, but she’s still not as good as people make her out to be. It’s just this sites marks I suppose. You do realize this is a gimmick, calling Kelly a “sult” (I’m assuming you meant to say ‘slut’) is completely disrespectful. Grow up.

      • MomoMufFinSsFTW

        Tamina isn’t overated, Shes a perfect example of Good And Bad Many people Give credit to her when She Does Something impressive,that isn’t being overated. People Also Are Quick To Say She Needs To Get Better Ring-wise Too.

        • Dylan

          From what I, myself have seen on this site Tamina is completely overrated. Whenever she is involved in a botch, the blame is never shared equally. It’s always the other Divas fault. Whenever she’s in a sloppy match, it’s always blamed on the other Diva. She’s overrated for what she shows the WWE Universe, I’ll give her credit where it’s due and she’s improved her wrestling ability to a good extend – but she is no where near as good as she’s often portrayed by certain individuals on this site.

        • art

          Tamina overrated LMAO…shes shown improvement but she still hasn’t done much so to call her overrated in the first place…..i cant remember when tamina botched unless that match with maxine well maxine was all over the place in that match & the ones following….

        • Dylan

          Like I stated, from what I, MYSELF, have seen on this site from individuals her wrestling ability has been exaggerated and praised. Like I stated, I, MYSELF, will give her credit where it’s do but she’s not as good as she’s made out to be. You’ve just basically proven my point, she hasn’t done much at all yet she still gets so much praise which I think is silly. She’s average. She’s improving. She’s overrated, just like several other Divas.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    One of the worst segments for the divas was Kelly Kelly stripping on ECW. Clearly she was not comfortable with this gimmick and it showed in the bad dancing.

  • KaitlynLover<3

    WWE News: Kelly Kelly Lands Long-Term Deal with WWE!

  • corndogagenda

    HEY! Kelly said she was going to take off all of her clothes. BOOOOOO! I want my money back.

  • perceval

    Her bra no-sold her offence.

  • Jhonmarco

    Immature comments already pouring in.
    No shock there.

    • KellyKellyAJFan


      • BACKROLLS?

        cry moar

  • K2-Foxy-Holler94

    I know Kelly kelly isnt best WWE diva but she’s improved and still working.She’s best babyface and marketable diva. Tamina, Natalya, Beth powerful divas of the WWE bu they are not attractive. Regardless Kelly, Eve and Alicia improved and good in everyway…

    • i want divas

      thnk yu som1 who understands!!!!!!! wwe doesnt want disel as divas they want DIIVAS! pretty girls and beth is pretty but not a diva

  • melon2617

    Poor Kelly and her no rhythm and inability to undo her bra.

    She’s grown so much since then as a performer. She’s so much more confident and knows how to play to the crowd.

  • foreveryoungx

    Lol @ How people are judging her so harshly. She was 19 and came from being a model and college student, it’s not like she had any past experience stripping.

  • AdrianRay

    Oh dear. Sexy yet yawn full…basically.


    The main reason i dont like her -_-

    • Jhonmarco

      This was her character at first.
      So I guess you didn’t like Eve’s original heel character then as a slut?

      • BACKROLLS?

        Because kissing a guy makes somebody a slut, right?

        • Jhonmarco

          Nope, but that was her character. May I remind you of the hoeski nickname? Enough said, it’s silly to call someone trashy for playing a character and doing what they are told.

        • EVEROCKS

          But Eve didn’t publicly strip in front of so many people. That makes you a slut, not kissing somebody. It is degrading and trashy to do a striptease if its not in the privacy of your own home…painting your boobs blue, and wearing close to nothing in public is gross. Especially at such a young age. Like i said before #Trashy.

        • Jhonmarco

          You call it trashy, I call it being a loyal and understanding employee.

        • EVEROCKS

          Thats fine. Can we stop now?

        • EVEROCKS

          Wait one more thing,
          Thats funny because you consider knockouts photoshoots to be trashy? I call it being a loyal and understanding employee. Now im done.

        • Jhonmarco

          Huge difference there.
          I call TNA & their Knockouts trashy.

          Do you use that logic just to attempt to outsmart me?
          You’ve failed.

          Besides Kelly’s stripping, what else can be provided that she’s trashy?
          I can think of a bunch of things for the knockouts. Yeah we’re done here.

        • EVEROCKS

          well lets see she has played extreme strip poker on tv while holding her boobs to keep her nasty nipples from showing, and there are pictures of her on the internet peeing in a sink, and there are pics of her rubbing her butt on some guys crotch. Yeah thats not trashy AT ALL…

        • EVEROCKS

          Not to mention her flashing the whole crowd on ECW.

        • Jhonmarco

          Yeah because those pictures sound and are legit, right?
          The fact that you get upset towards Kelly for being trashy is really baffling.
          If Eve had turned heel in 2006, she would have done the same thing. Get off your high horse dear. It’s clear you have a disdain for Kelly just try to keep it under control please.
          K? Thanks.

        • EVEROCKS

          If you don’t believe me that the pictures exist look them up on google. And im not on a high horse,if anyone is it’s you. Your the one that came in here and started all this crap. Keep it under control? I never let it out of control. YOU replied to MY comment, all i did was defend myself and back myself up. So you “dear” can go ahead and keep this going. But i will defend myself. Feel free to call that being on a high horse.

        • EVEROCKS

          Also what proof do you have that Eve would’ve done the same thing? Do you know her? Do you know the creative team? No i didn’t think so.

        • Jhonmarco

          You do realize you can find tons of photoshopped pictures on Google right? I hope you’re not that naive. That whole “do you know them to say they’ll do this” excuse is really lame. Please try again to give an intelligent response please. I’m guessing you thought Trish was trashy too then with everything she did with Vince in her career and her slut character in mid 2004.

          Eve totally would’ve had a similar character as a trashy slut if she turned in 2006 before PG. I’m sure you’ll try to discredit that though in your own little world though!

        • EVEROCKS

          OK even if the pictures are photoshopped, theres still stripping, extreme strip poker, and flashing the whole ecw crowd. Why do you keep bringing up other divas? It’s really annoying. And i’m not the biggest fan of Trish in my own right, but the fact that you would compare Kelly with Trish at all is stupid. I didn’t like that storyline, i found it boring and pointless. Now that i think about it this whole thing is stupid. This article is old, and so are half of both our comments. So lets just be mature and stop k?

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I love all the hate comments made towards Kelly on her but I bet not a damn one of you will ever say it to her face so what she’s not amazing in the ring we all know SHE knows!!! She has never claimed to be the best wrestler in the world she never will and calling her a slut for being told what she has to do on TV as told to her by creative and Vince McMahon just like Eve was doing and we all know her dancing sucked and guess what SO DOES SHE she knew she couldn’t dance but she was doing what she was told to do!!! People she was 19 six years ago and now she needs a break perfectly understandable she has had been traveling for six straight years she’s probably burned out hopefully if she decides to come back full time she gets someone to give her proper training and comes back better than ever people remember Kelly’s Exspose and Eve as the #HOESKI is something called a storyline it doesn’t make either of them sluts although lately Eve’s promo acting isn’t much better than a porn stars but that’s my personal opinion!!!

  • JamieKym

    I remember watching this kelly debut and was thinking the whole time: Where the fuck is Francine?