Diva Dirt TV: WWE ’13 to Feature Attitude Era – Which Divas Should Be Included?

WWE ’13, the latest in WWE’s video game franchise, will feature stars from the Attitude Era — but which Divas from that era should be included?

Diva Dirt TV
recently asked you, the fans, what you thought via Twitter and now we’ve got some of the best responses!

Plus, all the details you need to know about the upcoming game due for release this fall.

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  • imj1995

    I read on a site that Lita and Trish are on it. It could just be a rumor, but still it is exciting to read about.

    • Poison_Ivory

      The allegedly leaked roster includes Lita, Trish and Stephanie. But it’s not final.

      • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

        Allegedly leaked roster? Don’t suppose you know any other Divas who’re allegedly in the game?

        • Rhawk

          I believe for the current generation it was Kelly Kelly, Brie & Nikki, Kharma and Beth? I may have missed a name or two however so Im not completely certain.
          Either way I wouldn’t believe it until the official list is revealed around Summerslam time.

        • imj1995

          I say the Bella twins on that list. That’s why I thought it was fake.

        • Matthew

          If the leaked roster is in fact correct, the Divas roster is:
          Alicia Fox
          Beth Phoenix
          Brie Bella
          Kelly Kelly
          Nikki Bella

          Trish Stratus (Albert and Test attire, originally with brone hair – but could be fixed to blonde)
          Stephanie McMahon

          This is not confirmed, and THQ released a statement saying don’t believe everything you read. Plans are that if this is true, they will change some of the roster and make some of the DLC in the game, making some Superstars and Divas who were originally planned to be in the game DLC.

    • http://youtube.com/user/michellemccoolhd Vak

      Its fake

      • EVEROCKS

        no its not, actually. It was on Bleacherreport.com, and other sites. :)

  • Johnyfaction3

    To be realistic, most likely Trish and Lita, even Stephanie or Sable. I don’t see anyone outside of them being in the game. But I am sure fans are going to start dreaming and say divas such as, Ivory and Jaqueline etc. But we know how WWE is already.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/999xander999?feature=mhee Sherri Martel Fan

      I would love for Sable 2 be in the game :) It is a posibility, Love 2 see Jacqueline & Ivory. But i doubt it :(

  • Poison_Ivory

    I’m so happy that we’re fiiiinally getting 6 Diva matches.

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      always did my head in how we used to have them six diva matches and then they took them out LOL

      • Raekon

        6 Diva matches were on the disc the whole time but they deactivated the function and talked about “issues” with 6 divas in the ring at the same time which was bullshit cause fans on the xbox version unlocked it and showcased that its indeed possible in the 2011 version of the game (also possible in story mode) while in 2012 you could indeed have a tag team match with 2 diva managers and brawl it out between the 6 divas without issues either.

  • TheRealDiva

    The Diva i wanna see WWE are the following Melina,Lita,Trish,MollyHolly,Sable,Jazz,Ivory,Stephianie,and Victoria.

  • TheRealDiva

    And Sable has a good chance of being DLC Downloadable Content.

  • lucky1now

    in a real world i would say lita chyna ivory and sable
    but whats most likely to happen trish lita stephanie

  • Rhawk

    I’d most likely expect to see Trish, Lita, Stephanie and Sable as the attitude divas. A small part of me however wants either Jaqueline, Ivory and Chyna in there as well. The current divas in there would more than likely be Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Layla, Kharma, Eve, Natalya and possibly AJ.

  • lilken69

    i would love to see sable, chyna, debra, luna, pms and sunny. i hope they all be in the game. that would be hot

  • WWFoverWWE

    TRISH, LITA, and STEPHANIE. They should also put Debra, Chyna, The Kat, and Luna.

  • B1G_FaN

    I wish WWE made an exclusive video game for the Divas that had every Diva past and present on the roster!!!!!

    Two Attitude Era Divas have not been mentioned yet —- Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young!!!!!!!! They were as much a part of the Diva storyline back then as any of the other Divas!

    • lucky1now

      I would love that too

  • Raynejames81

    I hope they put a few more Attitude Era Diva’s in the game, then the already rumored ones. Would love to see Ivory, Molly Holly, Tori(Sable’s Fan/DX), Luna, Chyna(Sadly, never gonna happen)Jaqueline, Jazz, and Debra in the game.

    • hado

      OMFG, yes please, Jazz! <3

  • Johnyfaction3

    Are Torrie and Stacy part of the Attitude Era?

    • Kessuki

      yes, i was just thinking that torrie wilson or stacy may be on the game.

      • No Holds Barred

        No, the Attitude Era ended at Wrestlemania 17. Torrie and Stacy didn’t join WWF until Summer 2001

        • BillyGP

          No Attitude era ended in 2002

        • perceval

          It depends on how you count things. The WWE website list the Attitude Era as beginning with Wrestlemania 14 and ending with WM 17, yes. But the WWE website also considers everything from 2002 onward “The Modern Era,” and 2002 – 07 WWE doesn’t resemble the shows since 2008 in any way. Even the sets are different, let alone content. Newer fans see Ruthless Aggression Era videos and identify that period with the Attitude Era rather than their familiar PG one, and with things like the Live Sex Celebration and “cum guzzling gutter slut,” I can see why. :)

          Another problem with having the Attitude Era begin with Austin’s first title run is I don’t think anywhere BUT the WWE website identifies “Austin 3:16,” the HBK led DX, Mankind, Kane, and Bret’s cussing up a storm on live TV in that one promo with the Era of Doink the Clown.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211052003#!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    Possible attitude era divas : Sable , Ivory , Stephanie, Luna, Mighty Molly, Lita,Trish Stratus and even Sunny (any 3 of these)
    Possible current divas : Kelly Eve Beth Kharma Alicia maybe- Layla AJ Natalya Bellas (any 7 of these)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211052003#!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

      because i think they’ll just allow divas who are featured on wwe’s alumni website, and hence this means these divas are on good terms with wwe.
      Chyna isnt there coz of her fallout with the mcmahons and hhh
      Debra isnt there coz of her fallout with Stonecold who is a wwe legend
      Tori isnt there coz she accused some people in the company of harassment
      Kat isnt there coz she had a fallout with jerry lawler a wwe legend
      Jacqueline coz she ditched wwe for tna and wwe probably doesnt remember that shes quit tna,so they should add her back
      Terri -i dont know what she did, but i heard she was on good terms with the company before she left

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I think

    Trish, Lita, Sable, and STephanie, Chyna

  • litafan2000

    Honestly I only see lita, Trish and Stephanie making the roster for attitude divas. Would love to see Chyna, Ivory, Sable, Molly or Jackie.

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    i would actually really love it if mae and moolah were in the game.. even if only as NPCs !

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Trish, Lita and Steph for sure
    I would add Sable but that might depend on Brock’s relationship with WWE

  • charleshp

    Given who’s on the outs with them right now….

    I would guess Attitude era Divas…

    Tori (DX)

    Current Divas:
    Alicia Fox
    Kelly Kelly

    Mae Young
    Naomi (if Brodus is in the game)

    Probably not in the game unless CAW is used
    The Kat

  • Kessuki

    it would be great if they had michelle mccool on the game to unlock. i would love to have her vs lita in a match. anyway i hope the attitude era divas are luna, lita, trish, torrie, stacy and molly holly, i dont mind if Ivory is included but i doubt sable, terri, sunny, chyna, jacqueline will be selected. i would hope they included Sensational Sherri and Madusa.

  • rhysus

    attitude era divas:

    – stephanie mcmahon-helmsley
    – trish stratus
    – lita
    – sable

    current divas:

    – layla
    – kelly kelly
    – eve torres
    – kharma
    – aj lee
    – natalya
    – beth pheonix

    dlc diva/attitude pack:

    – alicia fox
    – maxine
    – tamina snuka
    – tori (dx)
    – luna

  • No Holds Barred

    Trish, Lita, Stephanie, Ivory and Sable – biggest stars of the Attitude Era.

    And then Kelly Kelly, Beth, Layla, A. Fox, Natalya, Kharma, Tamina, Eve, AJ.

  • http://www.facebook.com/osuchuckie knockoutdivafan930

    mmmm jake is so sexy!!!!!! just looked him up on fb and he is gay which means there is hope for me!!!!

  • perceval

    Trish & Lita, obviously. I’d also love to see Molly Holly there. Sable, who I’d want included because she’s the true original Diva (Yeah, I know Sunny calls herself that, but Sable gave us the TERM Diva). Ivory & Jacqueline would be great.

  • Victoria_Tara

    Victoria ^^ my Attitude Era Diva

  • WhalenX12

    Trish & Lita definitely ! I would want to see Molly Holly, and possibly Jazz or Torrie Wilson. Sable too.