More Names Annouced for Shine Wrestling Debut

Shine Wrestling has announced three more names for its debut show next month.

Veteran Mercedes Martinez has been added to the mix, as has Canada’s Cherry Bomb. Rounding out the latest additions is Florida’s Kimberly.


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  • Londonboy

    I thought at first the Shine roster be filled with Modols trying to wrestle but its turns out they have picked up some great wrestlers like
    Sara Mercedez Jazz Veda Christina etc

  • numero47

    Loving this roster of women so far
    Mercedez is a favorite of mines

  • bxradimus

    Awesome! Mercedes and Cherry Bomb! I’m not familiar with Kimberly but I look forward to seeing what she’s got.

    Everyone who doesn’t pay attention to Indie wrestling, but complains about the Diva’s and Knockouts divisions should order this iPPV. Support the companies that ARE giving us a good women’s product.

  • Harmella

    Gross. What a bunch of dogs.

    • Rhawk

      And the mainstream women aren’t I take it? Or do you mean all women in general?

      • Harmella

        I was just going by those three pictures in this article. These three are unattractive.

        • Sherri Martel Fan

          I take it u would prefer this promotion to be full of Kelly Kelly’s & Bella’s? What an idiot!! These women can wrestle!!

        • Harmella

          I never said anything about wrestling ability, did I? They’re ugly.

        • norisclouds

          Bad photos of them really. And anyway, I don’t think a woman should be judged by her appearance. I’d rather watch an amazing wrestler in the ring than someone botching around for 5 minutes like a Reby Sky or a Bella twin.

    • Raekon

      This isn’t a “miss wrestling” competition in which they only run around through the ring in lingerie showcasing their “goods”.

      This is a wrestling promotion and these girls CAN wrestle.

      What is ugly for you, is beautifull for others so saying that they are unattractive to you is ok but calling them “dogs” is definately out of place to say the least.

    • cutymania

      ok well call them unattractive if you want (I personally think they’re all pretty) but dogs? That’s a bit harsh. I would love for you to post a photo and see what everyone thinks of your looks?

      Mind you, the rubbery/shiny effect the designer put over the pictures, doesn’t always look good. It kinda ages them a little and makes their facial features look more prominent than they really are. The same designer always use that effect on the SHIMMER dvds and they don’t always work with the overall design imo.

  • Jhonmarco

    Mercedes and Cherry? FUCKING WIN. <3

    • Marshy

      I felt sorry for Cherry Bomb,well you know the saying when one or both doors closes that there will be open their door to you and at least she knows that she has somewhere and not sit there to just to wait for WWE decision to sign her to a contract.

      • cutymania

        you’re talking about her tryout right? She was like wrestling for 5 years on the independents before that and after her tryout, she’s continued to do that. I don’t think she’s sitting at home twiddling her thumbs and wondering what to do with herself while she waits for WWE to call her back lol

  • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

    i love cherry bomb please wwe sing her :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Very interesting to see Kimberly, i watch her on WXW and she is very good in the ring, so very impressed to see her

    I dont usually watch all women wrestling indy shows, but actually would love to see this as a TV series, instead of just an indy show

    • Raekon

      I would love to have this promotion on tv/youtube or even weekly ippv too! :)

  • Raekon

    I SO love this roster so far!
    One of the best rosters ever.
    Really hope this show makes it on tv or at least internet weekly, so we can watch a really great show! :)

    • cutymania

      I doubt they’d have weekly iPPVs at least not for a few years. That’s asking a bit much from an independent promotion that probably doesn’t have the funds/backing to run weekly.

      • Raekon

        I know what you mean. :)

        What I meant with “Really hope this show makes it on tv or at least internet weekly” was that I hope they will be very successfull and get enough funds together so they can pull weeklys. :)

  • Indymark75

    Obviously wrestling ability is a main consideration for this promoter, expect to see matches routinely go longer than 3 minutes, along with more of a mixed crowd at the shows.

    These are pure professional wrestlers. They may look little different than women you’d normally see at the grocery store and would’nt give a second glance to, but they can work. :)

    • Rhawk

      “along with more of a mixed crowd at the shows.”

      I dont know about that, I mean it IS Florida, and after watching TNA and FCW for so long, we can only expect bad things from those crowds. =-\

      • Indymark75

        Well, hopefully the girls won’t be attractive enough to attract the pervs, or the promotion will be kept enough of a secret to keep the jaded mainstreamers at bay.