Raw Redux (June 11th, 2012): AJ Plays the ‘Game of Thrones’ With Kane’s Heart, Beth Pins Layla

“I’m here for the Divas.”

That’s the first thing I see in the crowd as I begin this episode of Monday Night Raw. It’s things like that particular sign that give me hope and make me feel like there are people out there other than Diva Dirt that appreciate the Divas. I have a feeling this episode of the flagship show is going to leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling when I’m finished watching. I saw a little of it last night while I was working out, and needless to say when Prince Dawlf and Khal Christian were wrestling, my heart rate spiked and I caused quite a spectacle of myself while alternating between the elliptical and treadmill.

From what I’ve gathered thus far, and from what little I’ve seen, our favorite geek goddess, AJ, is heavily featured in this episode of Raw. I have no problem with that because in my humble opinion, AJ is the best thing the Divas have going on right now. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself. We’re going through this thing from top to bottom and like Melanie predicted on Twitter earlier, this Redux is going to be nothing short of an absolute masterpiece.

Then again, do you expect anything less from your own resident Khaleesi?

Just a random thought and you can expect a lot of these during the course of this impressive publication. But am I the only one who can’t take Albert seriously as Lord Tensai knowing he used to wear a hair shirt and was called “Prince Albert” for a very specific reason? He definitely gives me creeper S&M vibes. Gag.

Like I said, we are starting at the beginning and last night’s first Diva sighting was the lovely and vivacious Vickie Guerrero.

She politely interrupts Big Johnny, Teddy, and Vince and reminds all of them that there are two former World Champions on the roster in Jack Swagger and our very own Prince Dawlf. Vickie tells the boys that a great idea would be to have the two of them face off against Sheamus at No Way Out in a triple threat match for the championship.


Vince tells Vickie that is a great idea and says that he’s sure Big Johnny will take it into consideration. Vickie leaves all smiles. Vince challenges Big Johnny to come up with a better match and like a true team player, BJ turns to Teddy for his ideas. Teddy comes up with the bright idea to have all four former World Champions on the roster face off in a fatal four-way elimination match to determine the number one contender. Prince Dawlf and Jack Swagger will be involved, and he also says the Great Khali and Khal Christian should get in on it as well. Prince Dawlf and Khal Christian? My heart skips a beat.

Tonight’s gonna be a good good night…

Oh, my God… as Raw returns from commercial break, Tensai is still in the ring with Sakamoto. First of all, how awkward is it for them to still be in the ring after that lengthy backstage segment and the entire commercial break. And secondly, how awkward is it that I’m right about the creepy S&M vibes? Grabbing Sakamoto by the hair, yelling at him, and slapping him in the face? I guess I can be thankful he got his butt kicked instead of having Tensai punish him with the cane.

Warning… the Redux is for mature audiences only. All you little 12 year olds who like to read this thing need to go else where. Just sayin’!

Did Jerry Lawler just mention the show “Lassie”? I remember when Lassie was picked up by a dairy truck and taken from her home. I cried for hours and hours, because I didn’t think Lassie would make it home to Timmy. Anyway…

IT’S MATCH TIME! We have a mixed tag team match tonight. Santino Marella is teaming with our Divas Champion, Layla. They will be taking on the team of Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez.

The match is what I expected it to be and then some. I knew with Ricardo and Santino involved it would be comedy, but what I didn’t expect is that the Divas would get the spotlight. Everything pointed to this being amazing when Beth literally had to drag Ricardo out to the ring. He was dressed in his tuxedo, and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with this match. Beth and Layla started things off and they were so spot on. Beth brings out the best in everyone she works with and this match had solid offense and so many bright spots. Ricardo tagging in so he could pin Layla made me giggle because he clearly didn’t understand the rules of the match. When Santino got in the ring, Albie’s butler squealed, wrapped his arms around Beth’s waist and begged her not to make him wrestle Santino. Beth ordered Ricardo out of the ring and told him to stay out, and she went back to work against Layla.

These two ladies so need another pay-per-view match. The ending saw Beth cheap-shot Layla in her surgically repaired knee and nail her with a Glam Slam. She got the win for her team, and more importantly, she got a win over the Divas Champion. The LULZ continued when Ricardo celebrated like he had just won Euro 2012, and he was mocking Layla getting beat. Santino took exception and ripped open Ricardo’s dress shirt to reveal a skin-tight purple Justin Bieber shirt underneath. My only question about that is this; which Diva did that shirt truly belong to or did it come from Zack Ryder’s closet?

We see Daniel Bryan walking backstage. This surely means we will be seeing our beloved AJ. After last week’s curious stare down with Kane and SmackDown’s shenanigans, there’s surely a lot that’s going to be said.

“Kane thinks getting to second base is when a woman looks him in the eyes and doesn’t vomit,” Daniel Bryan says in what I’m sure will be the best one-liner of this entire show.

God, Daniel Bryan is brilliant. “Once you go Bryan, there is no point in trying.” I can’t.

What’s so great about this particular segment is everything is basically centered around the most unlikely Diva you can imagine. When Punk comes out, he defends AJ’s honor in his own little way if you want to think of it like that. He’s okay with her being a little crazy, and guess what, CM Punk digs crazy chicks. He lets DB know that outside of the ring, AJ is way out of his (DB’s) league. Bryan and CM Punk go back and forth with one another and it gets pretty personal. The third participant in this Sunday’s triple threat match, Kane, decides to make his presence felt as well. He comes out and reminds both DB and Punk that he is a true monster, that his pipebombs, so to speak, are the legit thing. He reminds not only his opponents but all of us lucky viewers that he once set Jim Ross on fire and once electrocuted Shane McMahon’s testicles. And he also reminds us that he tombstoned a priest. What Kane fails to mention is that he also slept with the corpse of Katie Vick, but I suppose even monsters must suppress some memories. All the testosterone in the ring seems a little much so the woman of the hour, AJ, decides to come down and inject some estrogen into the conversation.

She tells the boys that they need to stop fighting and addresses them all individually. She tells Kane that when she looked into his eyes last week she saw that he had a heart. She reminds all of us that she’s not over Daniel Bryan, her first true love. Then she declares that CM Punk is the coolest guy she has ever met. After a dramatic pause of a moment, AJ makes one final declaration. She says that come Sunday, the best man will win. But who will that be?!

That’s not all. Big Johnny appears on the ‘Tron and says that in the spirit of people power he is going to make a match never before seen. He tells DB and Kane that they will put their differences aside tonight in order to team up. They will face off against CM Punk and his partner, the 95-pound distraction (DB’s words, not Big J’s!), AJ. The crowd is pretty shocked. I’m pretty shocked. DB is grinning like a Cheshire cat. Kane just looks like Kane. And AJ is giving Punk the most sheepish look I’ve ever seen.

Did someone accidentally forward Bobby’s harassing emails to WWE Headquarters to the creative staff?

This is incredible.

Do you want to know what else is incredible? Prince Dawlf and Khal Christian in the ring together. I missed Friday’s match so getting a chance to watch another one is making my heart pound. You would expect for my loyalties to be divided but with what is at stake, I’m cheering for Prince Dawlf. I’m happy with Khal Christian being the Intercontinental Champion. Now if Prince Dawlf can win the World Heavyweight Championship, my little wrestling life would be made. Picture a WWE where both Dolph and Christian wore gold around their sexy waists… isn’t it amazing? I don’t think Vincent Van Gogh could paint a better picture than what I’ve got going on in my mind right now. A world of blond hair, gold belts, and skimpy wrestling tights….

Editor’s Note: Apologies for Cryssi going horribly off track. We try and give our writers a fair platform to express their opinions even if they aren’t necessarily the right things to talk about.

As we fade from Prince Dawlf’s victorious expression, we find ourselves backstage. Natalya (wearing a recycled dress) is with Vince. She’s gripping his hand and telling him how much his match with Bret at ‘Mania meant to her family. She wants to do it again and rattles off a list of her family members who should be involved — including her Aunt Allison. Vince is overwhelmed and tells Nattie that they can talk about it later. She wants his reassurance that he will meet her back here in a few minutes. Vince agrees and gets the heck away from her, but he doesn’t get far in his journey until he’s bombarded by two divalicious Funkdactyls.

Naomi and Cameron appear out of nowhere and they want to know if Vince will overturn Big Johnny’s decision to ban the Funkasaurus from Raw. Vince isn’t so sure he should do that and the girls start pouting. Cameron points out that she thought Vince was one of the coolest cats around and with little else he could possibly say at this point, Vince declares that somebody better call his mama. Yes, they dance. And yes, it’s priceless. They do the entire little routine and it even ends with Vince striking the Brodus Clay pose. Naomi and Cameron sashay off to Planet Funk and Vince regains his composure, straightens his tie, and decides to be on his merry way.

But wait — there’s Zack Ryder with the most shockingly stunned expression on his face that one can imagine. Vince again seizes the opportunity, mother ‘effin’ fist pumps, and blurts out, “Woo woo woo, you know it.” Holy crap.

This is about as wonderful as when Kelly Kelly defended the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown last year. Yes, I went there.

After the return of Vader (really?), an amazing segment with DB and Vince, and some other crap (Sin Cara), we finally get a chance to turn our attention to what’s really important tonight. AJ teaming with CM Punk to face DB and Kane. Backstage, AJ is getting ready, and understandably she’s kind of freaking out. Punk does his best to calm her nerves, and AJ seems to take what he says to heart. She plants a big kiss on his cheek and scampers off, leaving the WWE Champion bewildered and thoughtful, wondering how he’s going to get them out of this mess unharmed. Maybe the writer in me made that last part up but this is going to be amazing. Seriously.

When something can legit stun me speechless like that entire match just did you know that whatever happened is truly a masterpiece. What can I say about AJ? She’s the best thing the WWE has going right now, period. Her quirkiness, sense of style, and attitude already set her apart from the other Divas. She is herself right down to her Chucks. This is everything she’s ever wanted to do her entire life and she is working the main event scene with a WWE legend and two of the absolute best to ever step foot inside the ring. She’s been put into the most intriguing storyline to come around in a long time and she’s been a given a character to play that has three completely different men thoroughly captivated.

I didn’t know what to expect from this tag team match. Would if be reminiscent of when Candice Michelle had to team with John Cena to take on whoever it was that they faced? I apologize because my memory really doesn’t go that far back. I never, ever expected my lasting image to be a confused Kane, a bewildered CM Punk, and a shocked Daniel Bryan. AJ sitting in the middle of the ring a la CM Punk with a smirk on her face is one of the best Divas moments in the history of the Divas. This storyline wouldn’t work with anyone else. It had to happen with AJ and I don’t know who came up with it, but thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The match wasn’t a wrestling clinic. DB and Punk are always good together. Kane eventually got tagged in and accidentally, AJ was tagged too. She seemed hesitant to get in the ring but with Punk disposed of, she had little choice. The referee didn’t try and stop it, he let it be. He was just doing his job. AJ stood there, looking at Kane, and savoring the moment. No one knew what she was going to do, least of all the Big Red Machine. AJ decided to toy with this unusual object of affection. She smiled and batted those chocolate brown eyes of hers, and then skipped around much to the amusement of the crowd. She ended up behind Kane and finally he whipped around. AJ beamed and then leaps into his arms. Before anyone count to ten, she started kissing Kane. And kissing him. It was a relentless assault of kisses from the lifelong WWE fan to Kane, the man who was made famous thanks to the Katie Vick storyline. God, why do I keep going there?

AJ finally released Kane from her lips and slipped from his body. Kane was baffled. He was confused. Kane fell victim to a woman. To quote the amazing Cersei Lannister, “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon. The best one’s between your legs.” Okay, so we didn’t quite go there, but the you get the idea — feminine wiles and all.

Kane tagged in DB and left the match. He slowly made his way up the ramp. AJ was left to face her ex, but CM Punk came to her rescue. The champ and AJ got the win, but it was AJ who ended up the real winner in this. She was in the middle of the ring with Punk on the outside on one end, and Daniel on the outside on the other end. Kane was on the ramp, still confused. No one really knew how to react. AJ did. She reacted beautifully. In character, she was smirking. No doubt that out of character, her heart was racing.

When someone like AJ, with her back-story and her passion, gets a moment like this to shine, tears come to my eyes. No one on that roster deserves this opportunity more than she does right now. She’s said herself she scraped together every single penny she had to fly to Florida and try out for the WWE, and it ended up working out in her favor. Thank God it did. Good things do happen for good people and AJ is one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I don’t know what direction they’re going to go in Sunday, but I feel like it’s going to result in AJ using her charm to distract Kane and cost CM Punk his championship. I think Daniel Bryan will walk away with the WWE Championship and next week on Raw, it will be revealed that everything has been a master plan from the start. AJ and Daniel Bryan make magic together and they could be one of the greatest heel duos we’ve seen in a long time. Time will tell if that’s the route the ‘E goes, but I pray that it does.

It’s kind of like all four of these great people are playing the Game of Thrones. I can’t wait to see who wins and stands on top come Sunday.

It brings me back to the sign I saw in the crowd as Raw went on the air: “I’m here for the Divas.” I’m so glad that the fan holding that sign got his money’s worth and then some.

Until next time… Cryssi out!

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  • Mr. Asstastic

    I kept expecting the segment with AJ and Kane to be like that scene where Frankenstein kills the little girl.

    • light_it_upAJ

      There was no lake to throw her into, though. ;)

  • Eve4Life

    AJ & Eve Have Kissed Too Many Superstars O_o

    AJ kissed Daniel Bryan + Kane + CM Punk (Cheek Kiss)
    Eve kissed Chris Masters + Great Khali + John Cena + Zack Ryder (Long List)

    WWE is turning into a soap opera.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      WWE has ALWAYS been a soap opera really!

      • Eve4Life


        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          Ha Lolz

    • Johnyfaction3

      Don’t forget about primo an maybe Hornswoggle.

  • Nostalgia

    The divas technically got two matches and a cojple segments! Awesome. I hope next Monday Johnny gets mad at Cameron and Naomi for going behind his back to Vince and puts them in a match vs Beth $ Eve

    • Nostalgia


    • shamrock123

      well that would be a good idea but sadly you know the wwe dont hardly think that hard to use their divas like that so…

  • WWFoverWWE

    I agree about about AJ being part of Daniel Bryan’s plan. She was desperate to get him back and Daniel being the manipulative person he is, probably said he would take her back if she followed his orders. I expect the swerve to happen.

    The mixed tag was good, but the lack of crowd reaction killed it. The divas are never going to shine on Raw with little reaction like that.

    The only thing I liked about the dancing segment was Naomi interacting with Vince. I hope Vince sees something in Naomi and Cameron and actually let’s them start wrestling.

  • Eve4Life

    People say AJ “Main Evented” Raw. It really wasn’t the “Main Event”, it was just the last match. Same thing that happened for Eve vs. Beth for the Divas Championship that lasted only 30 seconds.

    • redsandman99

      The difference between AJ and that Eve and Beth match is that AJ was in the ring with three legit main eventers–and SHE was the star of the match. This storyline has turned into about her and her anitcs just as much of it is about the WWE title…hell maybe even more so.

      • hado

        Yeah but it wasn’t in the main event segment. I guess you can call it the “main or last match” but it wasn’t technically the main event.

        • redsandman99

          True. Gotta save that for the never ending Cena/Big Show saga -___- Though they’ll call some matches a “main event” yet it’ll be right at the beginning of the show or at the beginning of the second hour.

  • Jhonmarco

    Couldn’t bare to read this redux after the first few lines.
    What I will say is AJ shined like no other has in a long, long time. So well deserved. I wish this outstanding woman nothing but the best. <3 I died @ her skipping around :*(

    • Cryssi

      I normally don’t read comments because I don’t care about the opinions of others, but what was it about this Redux that was so ungodly unbearable to you that you could not read it?

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Wow Aj is awesome……She got a good reaction. I hope she and C.M. Punk go and be a couple they are too cute.

    Yeah my baby Beth won!…..but her winning = Layla keeping the tittle

  • jim462

    Last nights 3 hour RAW 6’/11/12 was fantastic they made up for not having a divas match for several weeks. The Divas were a big part of the show. AJ was featured in the big CM Punk Kane D Bryan storyline being in the big in ring promo & in the mixed tag where she stole the show as her crazy chick character was outstanding the whole French kissing Kane was a classic RAW moment very funny way to go AJ is definitely the best thing the divas have to offer AJ is amazing

    The other mixed tag with Layla & Santino Beth Phoenix & Ricardo which turned out to be a good divas match between champion Layla & former champ the Glamazon Phoenix with Beth getting the win going over Layla to help build interest in there feud and divas title match this Sunday at the No Way Out ppv. Both Divas looked amazing especially Layla

    I was also glad that they did a backstage segment with Natalya & Vince which would have been the one that deserved to be farted on most LOL. Vince & Broadus Clays dancers was funny old Vince can still get down LOL

    Vicki Guerrero was her usual awesome self as manager of Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yeah that was a good Natalya segment……Although it does show that Vince does not like the Hearts. (sadly)

  • redsandman99

    This was the first Raw in quite awhile I legit enjoyed all around (with the exception of the the Big Show/Cena crap but I never like it when those two feud). The mixed tag match was a lot better than I thought it would be, mostly because Layla and Beth did the in ring work. Layla’s crossbody was nice and her taking down Ricardo was sweet too. And now we have a legit reason for Beth to be the contender again with her pinning Layla and I have to say, Beth just works so well playing off against goofy counterparts. I wouldn’t really want to see a Beth/Ricardo romance of course, but it was a funny one night thing none the less.

    Happy for at least a brief Natalya sighting and the Naomi/Cameron/Vince segment actually had me cracking up.

    And AJ…oh AJ. She’s turned into such a star in this entire feud and quite frankly has made the standard three way feud for a belt much more entertaining. I think at this point, it’s clear that she’ll definitely play a role in the match on Sunday, though for the first time in awhile I can’t totally predict where WWE will go with it. Keep her with Punk, continue the infatuation with Kane or reveal all along she’s back with Daniel and it was all a ruse…who knows. I’ll be happy whatever way though.

  • SigmaX

    Love how people exagerate how long the divas have not been on TV…2 WEEKS PEOPLE!..we really this impatient? lol.

    Anyways NWO is lookin to be the lead into the next divas champion feud.

    Layla Vs AJ.

    I have called this since Layla returned as it is the only acceptable person Layla should drop the title to…but not before allowing to them to showcase what they can do for a good 5-6 month long feud , it is gonna start off as an intergender feud…Layla and Punk Vs Dbry and AJ..but then they will branch off into their own seperate things.

    Anyways the future is lookin oh so promising with AJ as the top female in the wwe and I for one could not be anymore happy.

  • jim462

    Well AJ is way more over than Beth is but who would work heel & who would work babyface. I would like to see it but how can you have a divas title match between 2 fan favorites. I would love to see AJ as divas champion she could pull it off she was a great FCW Divas heel champion she cuts awesome heel champ promos too

    • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

      it makes so much sense AJ turns heel and helps Daniel Bryan win the belt then she feuds with Layla over the Divas title which she eventually wins leadign to a Heel AJ facing off with a returning Face Kharma it could be amazing and can u imagine the matches Kharma and AJ could have they would be epic

  • shannymac

    AJ is seriously the best thing on WWE TV right now. I get a huge smile on my face each and every time she pops up on my screen, because I know she won’t fail to entertain me.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Cryssi I did notice the I’m here for the Divas sign I think it was a sign of things to come.

    The mixed tag team match put a smile on my face for some reason because it gave Beth and Layla a nice amount of time and nice buildup for the upcoming match at NWO.

    I’ll admit that intergender tag match came unexceptedly because I was thinking that AJ would pull a Lita move but instead it was kissing Kane who didn’t show any facial expression during that kiss afterwards.But anyways in the end where she sat in the middle of the ring really put the cherry on top of my sundae because it only brings more suspicions ot what happens at NWO?

    I’ve noticed that people are taking this storyline a little too seriously calling AJ such hurtful words but they don’t understand what they have infront of them is something they shoulld be happy that a Diva such as AJ is being a main event storyline TWICE this year.But I am still mad that we had to wait a certain amount of weeks to finally get a divas match thats not fair but hopefully after this sunday at nwo that’ll change.

  • Cheetara86

    I could see AJ actually helping Punk out again, and Kane getting pinned. The next night, Bryan demands a rematch since, he was never actually pinned. Leading to MITB/SS climax, where Bryan finally captures the title.

    An AJ/Punk or AJ/Bryan power couple would be fine by me.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol i believe that candice and john teaming up was the All champions-only match agaisnt lance cade and trever with umaga?

    • Cryssi

      It was an all champions match. I just couldn’t remember the other guys. I think it was Murdoch and Cade. They were tag champions for awhile back then

      • redsandman99

        It was Cena and Candice vs Cade, Murdoch and Umaga.

  • http://xlittlemissobsessive.tumblr.com/ KellyKellyAJFan

    Wow. AJ was absolutely amazing last night. I fangirled for her so much because she really is owning her inner psycho and making the absolute best out of this storyline. Everyone is taking notice of it, everyone is talking about it and that’s what you want. I believe her, Kelly and Layla are the only girls to star in a mainevent – out of the current Divas, obviously – and garnish this much attention(which is why I’m excluding the Beth & Eve “match”) I truly believe AJ has a bright future. Along, with Kelly – I feel so proud, being such a fan of both of them – they’re, IMO, the two top Divas. Although, I see lots of potential in Maxine, I’m just fearful that they will drop the ball with her if she ever leaves Raw, seeing as her strongest attribute is her ring work more than her mic work and Divas rarely ever talk on Raw.

    As for Layla/Beth, I was actually hoping for a Eve/Layla match the whole time. I completely forgot Beth was the number one contender. IMO, their feud is boring.Layla’s title reign has also been so far a let-down by management. I’d love to see Eve step up to the plate, or have a AJ/Layla feud. Either way, Layla needs to fight someone who actually has some character seeing as Beth hasn’t displayed much of the “Pin up Strong Movement” gimmick which was one thing that made her and Kelly’s feud so enjoyable. Hopefully, Layla retains this sunday and moves onto someone new.

    • shamrock123

      I know right their were so much amazing moments last night, although that kiss from aj to kane was disturbing to me. hopfully we will get a great out come on sunday and have a new error in the divas division…

  • BillyGP

    AJ was the star of RAW last night she is incredible. I think she will help Kane this Sunday.

  • shamrock123

    wow I guess the wwe is trying harder to involve their divas more, i was impressed with the events of last night. Hopfully layla and beth phoenix will deliver a good clinic this sunday at nwo and this feud can be over. I also cant wait to see what factor aj will play in the 3 way wwe title match, because of all the recent drama.. as for naomi and cameron they need a push, well naomi does. maybe this sunday in the pre show david otunga can get eve to back him up against brodus clay who will have naomi and cameron in his corner. then eve can try and cause a distraction which leads to naomi and cameron attacking eve. which could lead to a feud between the three.. idk their are so many options but if i was incharge things would be better than they are trust me!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1
  • light_it_upAJ

    I’ll be happy about NWO, no matter what AJ does or who she sides with. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I kinda hope she stays face a little longer and reunites with BFF Kaitlyn. I would love to see the “Chickbusters” get the opportunity to live up to their name, since the 1st time around they pretty much jobbed more than they won.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    It seems pretty obvious that AJ is totally going to align with DB to help him win the title, even though I’d rather see WWE send the message that abusive relationships with Goatfaces aren’t cool and see her kick him in the nuts.

  • perceval

    AJ! AJ! AJ! I haven’t loved a Diva this much since her big sister, Mickie.

    What do you mean they’re not related?

    And yay! Someone finally reminds Lawler that he’s seen something before.

  • Shan

    Forget everybody else KANE x AJ FOR THE WIN!!!!! I now want them to be endgame so much!!!!!!!She’s so tiny and he’s so big! The adorableness just wouldn’t stop!!!!

  • TheFallenAngela

    I actually enjoyed Raw Six divas were shown SIX!!!!!! The mixed tag match was very different non the less I enjoyed it so much Beth and her ex beau (Santino) Made a brief contact (He said calm down Beth. She said Okay). I’m happy that she won I how ever wouldn’t have mind if she came out to the ring with Alberto in his car that would’ve sparked some controversy. Cameron and Naomi=GOLD i died laughing. Brief Natalya sighting was Amazing i love her dress always have.AJ and Kane was weird i saw it coming from the very first eye contact i feel there may be hope for the new 3hour raw. (I LOVE HOW THE DIVAS ARE GETTING MORE ATTENTION JUST A FEW DAYS ATER KELLY LEFT FOR VA-K.

  • corndogagenda

    I thought there was room for only one Hoeski in PG WWE. Just kidding. I love everything involving/around/standing next to AJ! She’s dementedly dainty.

    Vince ogled Naomi’s ass…ets.

    Daniel Bryan will now be known as Goatface Creeper, the newest member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    Layla vs Beth? Eh.

    • Shan

      I nearly cried laughing at ‘Goatface’ trending. His face when they started chanting ‘Goatface’ was priceless.