Kharma Training ‘Hard’ for WWE Return

While things have been quiet on the Kharma front in recent weeks (it was rumored that she was supposed to return at Extreme Rules), the former TNA Knockouts Champion has been training rather intensively for her eventual return.

Kharma tweeted a picture of herself working with a personal trainer.

Responding to a fan on whether she was training for her return, she said: “Yes, very hard”.

Judging from the picture it looks as though Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, has lost some weight. She looks amazing!

Are you excited to see Kharma return? Tell us what you think!

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  • sieghrt

    This photo gave me a positive “hell raising” goosebump for the divas’ division! :D

  • Jhonmarco

    She looks great.
    I imagine she’ll return on RAW’s 1000th Episode.

    • Acid Rain

      I was gonna post this too. It seems like the next big event to bring her back.

  • lucky1now

    cant wait for her to return and see what plans they have for her
    or will they try to have her continue the past plans

    •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

      Kharma was supposed to have a storyline with Bella Twins, now that they’re gone, she will probably return as hell and have a storyline with Layla (if she still the Divas Champion at No Way Out^^)

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    She is amazing and I hope her return will bring something new to the Divas division. WWE really needs to put the Divas and the Superstars on the same level which is not the case for the moment, so I expect a lot from Kharma’s return…

  • xxQOXxx

    I want her to return at the PPV after Beth beat’s Layla for the title to set up a feud.

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    I am so excited for her to return :) She is 1 of my all time favourites (She’s in my top 10) :) With Bella’s gone & Kelly on her way out things are allready looking up lol.. With Paige & Sofia getting on TV with NXT & Kharma returning things are looking up!!


      Don´t be so happy, Kelly Kelly offcially signed a long-term deal with WWE :)

      • art

        when did she do that???..

        • BAD KHARMA

          You can read read it on Bleacher Report and other sites!

          Since I can´t post links here, search for “WWE News: Kelly Kelly Lands Long-Term Deal with WWE!” on Google!

        • art

          it said wwe offered her that it didnt say she signed it or what….i reckon by the end of this year she’ll have asked to be released….

      • Sherri Martel Fan

        She hasn’t signed anything yet. They have offered & officials are said to be upset that she is not hiding the fact that she’s looking else where :) I hope she goes! Sorry Kelly fans..

        • candice7000

          She has signed the contract, I just as well read the news on numerous sights. So Kelly is staying and like I said before on this web site, Kelly is going nowhere.

        • art

          uumm you don’t know that…she wouldn’t be looking else where if she didn’t want to leave….

        • redsandman99

          I just read in a few different places that while she hasn’t been granted a full release, she’s getting all kinds of offers for scripted and reality shows. Nowhere have I read that she’s set in stone for staying.

        • redsandman99

          And nowhere in the bleacher report article does it say she SIGNED the deal. She’s got it waiting for her because they don’t want her to leave.

      • shameronstar

        I don’t want Kelly to leave because 1) I won’t have any comedy material and 2) Someone needs to be Kharma’s personal punching bag!

      • crazychyna44

        kelly kelly has not sign a nother wwe deal at all yet.
        who ever saying thats lie shes not comeing back to wwe
        she wants to focuse on otherthings besides wrestleling
        im pretty sure she will be leaveing wwe soon there are reports saying shes not returning at all so dont get your hopes on high if she does not come back to wwe kelly kelly fans

    • candice7000

      Ashley did survivor, Candice did lots of work outside of wwe with her agent. As we saw before their release Maria and Mickie James had other projects. Lita did too when she was in wwe. So you can’t base her getting work outside of wwe on her leaving. I just read she signed it, Idk what else everybody else is reading. But we don’t know what she is going to do. We don’t live with her nor do we actually know if all these reports are real. So don’t judge her future on what you read and may want to become true. But her being signed sounds more accurate then anything else.

      • CW

        Yes but where are all of those now? … Exactly. Its no secret that WWE dont like their talent to work elsewhere, Gail Kim said so when she was inteviewed on this very site! Personally Im fine with Kelly staying and Im fine with her leaving, but she is definately more suited to hollywood fame. What we have to remember is that while she has improved, she was approached by WWE via a modelling agency. Wrestling is not her true passion, but reality television or other similar projects might well be.

  • imj1995

    This probably why they aren’t starting any real fueds. So excited because at least now we all know it’s a definite that she will be returning.

  • ahlanthony

    I hope they are not trying to make her look skinny.

  • Shan

    I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!

  • art

    Its good she wants to get in shape & be healthy….i hope they come up with something for her to do soon….

  • Raynejames81

    Kharma is looking absolutely FIERCE in the photo. After everything the woman has endured in the last year, I hope WWE gives her the huge spotlight and respect she deserves when she returns. I was starting to get a lil nervous it wasnt going to happen ever again, but this new photo gives me some much needed hope. Cannot wait til we hear her laugh hit through the stadium once again :)

  • Raekon

    So the rumours that were going around in the beginning of her signing that wwe asked her to lose weight so she can “match” the diva look were true after all. -.-

    Even it wouldn’t quite surprise me by the wwe methods, I REALLY hope that the whole pregnancy wasn’t a “work” so she has enough time to lose the weight they asked her to lose.

    If it was indeed true then I really feel sorry for her loss as I said in previous comments of mine in the topics back then.

    Though on the other hand, one should wish that it was a work instead of real cause the pain one has to go through such a experience is huge and I wish that to no one. :(

    • CW

      Why the hell would you comment that?! I very much doubt she’s sick enough to fake the death of her baby, and I think its quite disgusting that you would say such a thing as that. Have some respect!

      • melon2617

        The fact that you’re even speculating such a horrible thing makes me really sad.

        If it was a work, it’s a slap in the face to all of the women everywhere who have lost a child. No mother should have to face that, the pain and the guilt and the pure agony that comes with losing that baby. Vince McMahon may like money, but he’s not a freaking sicko.

        I find this very insulting to Kia Stevens, her fiance, her family and the WWE in general. Kharma was hired to be a monster and that’s exactly what she was. They wouldn’t have even put her on camera if they thought she was fat and frankly, in her debut she looked better than she’s ever looked until now.

        I’m going to get off of my soapbox now, I just found this so incredibly insensitive. /rant

        • javiousmckenzie

          Chill out i thought the same thing when she first announced her pregnancy it was twice when she came out Lawler and Booker mentioned her weight one week they was like she has gotten bigger since last week i was like plz dont go the same route they did with Vickie and reports did say WWE wanted her to lose weight i thought it was a work at first not her losing her child Raekwon probably meant the same thing when the whole pregnancy thing 1st came out i too thought that but it was for a few seconds …. yall are overreacting he meant no harm

      • Raekon

        @CW and @Melon2617
        Thanks for just making enough effort to read what you wanted out of my comment so you can put disgust upon my comment because you “felt like it”, ignoring the fact that my whole comment portraits what WWE is capable off and COULD had put someone they hired through only because they want all the divas to look like models or at least as much as possible.

        Next please bother to see how I commented through the years on this site or if you dont know me then save it.

        I’m one of the unfortunately very few on this site that shows more respect upon all women than many others that are using certain words towards many women.

        Thanks for understanding my comment and for reading through it. :)

        • Crazy_J

          I agree with what you said, it could be true. I don’t understand why people jumped all over it to call you out considering you didn’t say 100% for sure lol.. you were just suggesting it as a possibility. I don’t think you are wrong or horrible for saying what you said. :-)

  • corndogagenda

    Am I excited to see Kharma return?


  • rodneyclint

    If they wanted her to lose weight, why would she have appeared on tv already? This is the WWE, no one goes on tv unless they are absolutely ready for them to go. If one hair or eyelash is outta place, you’re not getting in front of those cameras. I imagine that with being pregnant and then losing the child, she didn’t have much time for fitness and training and now she’s hitting it pretty hard in preparation for her return.

  • shameronstar

    I doubt that wwe want her to lose that much weight if any because her overwhelming size is part of what makes the mystique of the character of Kharma work. Plus, her wwe profile bills her being 270lbs so her weight is purposely part of her gimmick to portray her as a female juggernaut of sorts! If they do want her to lose weight it’ll probably only be 20 to 30 pounds for health reasons not to mention the decrease in fat would make her look a bit more muscular to give a even more intimidating look! But seeing Kharma get into shape renews my faith in her return because I miss her causing fear, pain, and mayhem, and I miss the implant busters:)

    • Raekon

      They already had asked her to lose weight upon hiring her.
      Since she is a heavy girl, it takes quite some time to lose weight in a healthy way.

      I miss her a lot too and hope to see her back soon. :)

  • melon2617

    That’s TRX, what the Navy Seals use to build muscle. I worked out with TRX for like a week before I quit because it hurt like Hell and went back to normal training. That thing is brutal!

    As for weight loss, speaking as someone who once weighed almost 300 lbs, a lot of plus sized women lose weight during pregnancy. I lost 17lbs during prengnancy and then dropped another 50 lbs breastfeeding and excercising. I lost over 75lbs after my pregnancy. Chances are Kharma lost weight during the pregnancy and adopted lifestyle changes (high risk pregnancies generally have a special diet, I know mine did) which has contributed to her trimmer look. She looks fabulous & I can’t wait to see her back in the ring!

    • shameronstar

      Wow, if that training regiment is that intense then Kharma is going to be even more of a beast when she returns which means she needs to compete for the wwe championship one of these days!

      • melon2617

        A lot of gyms have the TRX system if you ever want to try it. My friend is a personal trainer, she owns one & even she struggles through workouts with it. You need a special certification to train people on the equipment and a lot of people quit really early. I was doing a pretty rigorous strength training phase when we switched to the TRX and like I said, one week and I was begging to quit. Your body will ache in places you didn’t know had muscles. It looks easy because it’s just some ropes and whatnot, but it’s like torture.

        Kharma working out with TRX makes a lot of sense because you can buy it and hook it up to anything and use it. Instead of hitting the gym, she could reasonably hook it to a tree or someplace in the hotel and work out with it. She looks ring ready to me physically, it’s just whether or not she’s emotionally ready.

  • bxradimus

    Kharma desperately needs to return.

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see her go against Beth and Nattie.

  • melina prez


    that is all i have to say…

  • B1G_FaN

    I have always wondered if Beth Phoenix is strong enough to GlamSlam Kharma? Beth has GlamSlammed some of the lighter male wrestlers in the past. That would be an awesome “Hogan bodyslams Andre” moment for the Divas Division!

    Can’t wait for Kharma’s return!!!!!!

    • Zane

      I can’t wait for her return- but it’d be awesome to see if Beth can glam slam Kharma, if she does I’d probably cry lol :)

      • art

        Beth Military pressed santino..he weighs more then kharma plus hes muscle so he would be heavier…

        • melon2617

          Kharma looks pretty solid IMO.

          I’m wondering if Kharma’s height may make it harder for her to Glam Slam her. She’s what 6’2? She’s much taller than Beth which will make it harder for her to make it look convincing when picking her up.

  • GlamSlamFan


  • SigmaX

    I am so over the whole Kharma thing yea I enjoyed and marked over the rumble appearance , but ever since then just about every single diva fan has thrown their eggs into the Kharma basket and it has been an endless effort to beat the dead horse.

    When is she returning.
    Bet she returns tonight
    Kharma will save the division
    Kharma vs beth.

    I already fully expect Beth Vs Kharma to not live up to anyones expectations and gawd willing shorter that confrontation the better , but considering how everyone has been hounding for her return it is just gonna get worse because if anything she does ranks even slightly below expectations there will never be an end to.the complaints/excuses.

    I look forward to her feuding with ANY other diva except beth.

  • Cheetara86

    Give me a Kharma/Beth feud!

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Kharma will help the division.

    While on that subject though, there is no other divas other than Beth or Natalya that could have a great feud with her. Eve might be able to do it along with AJ, but man, the Divas a lacking. If they still had Gail, that’s a proven good feud. Melina? That would have been something great as well as she is really flexible. Mickie? Victoria/Tara? So many potential feuds, but alas, WWE only has about 3 great wrestlers currently not including Kharma. On that, I look forward to see what they will do with her return.

    • melon2617

      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you, not that Kharma will help the division, because she will, but that only Beth & Nattie can work with her.

      While the Women’s Division is not as talent deep as it used to be, this is a great opportunity for some of the rookie Divas to showcase what they’ve got, and some of the veteran Divas to really surprise people.

      Like Regal said on NXT, the only way someone can improve is by facing someone better, so Kharma can help some of the Rookies improve. I can see someone like Layla who can sell a wide range of emotions showcase the desperation and fear and determination needed in a feud with Kharma.

      • redsandman99

        ^This. While Beth and Natalya are the obvious choices for Kharma to feud with, that’s not to say the other divas couldn’t do it. Layla is capable enough to play the determined underdog to Kharma’s monster. Same for AJ though if she is really only 95 pounds then I can see loads of people complaining if she got any offense in. Eve and Tamina would do alright I think and there’s still Paige and Sofia to call in the future.

      • shameronstar

        I agree with you. I was recently think about a Kharma vs Kaitlyn feud because it could pleasantly surprise people. Also, feuds and matches with Alicia, Tamina, and Maxine could work as well!

  • AdrianRay

    I LIVE for her return! Although the waiting has killed the momentum, truthfully. I hope they reinvest my interest in her run with the company. I have a feeling it will be…lackluster?

  • jim462

    Dave Meltzer says they have not got her storyline ready to return yet but be glad when she does IMO I feel like she will return at summerslam just need to hire Sara Del Rey to cpme in and feud with her that would be awesome