Diva Dirt TV: No Way Out Preview – Can Layla Beat Beth Again?

Ahead of this Sunday’s No Way Out pay per view, Diva Dirt TV presents a full preview of the Beth Phoenix vs Layla featuring the history between the pair since Layla’s return at Extreme Rules.

Can Beth Phoenix finally topple Layla with the title on the line? Or will Layla once again win at the pay per view?

Check out the latest Diva Dirt TV below:

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/brodyrediron BrodyRediron

    At the Over The Limit PPV I knew Layla would retain, but now at NWO I’m not to sure who will win. It’s a toss up between both ladies. If Lay wins then that’s awesome, she could have a nice long rain for a little bit longer and possibly start a fued with another diva. If Beth wins, that will be the start of the Beth and Kharma fued and if Beth does win, we can be sure Kharma is not that far behind to re-debuting.

  • defineinsanity

    I hope Layla retains because her reign only just started! I hope to see her feud with at least two more people (Natalya & Tamina).

  • http://www.divafocusshoots.weebly.com WweRules32

    I Want Layla To Retain So That She Can Have A LOOOOOOOOOOONG Title Reign and defend the title against People Like AJ,Maxine,Natalya etc

  • Mr_Adone

    Remember when ppl said that the WWE divas division would get better when layla would come back? Where is the better-ness that was being spoken of?
    Anywho, I dont like this match at all. Im sick of the E pretending to make beth so dominant. I just cant take this woman serious anymore after she lost to an injured maria. Like the lack of logic in the offices of the creative and vince is horrible. I really just wanna take a baseball bat and go upside every single last one of those idiots head.
    But yeah, this match doesnt have my intrest. Actually no match on this card does. Santino vs Ricardo in a suit match? Are u fucking serious? I mean yeah AJ is gonna play a part in the title match but im sure she will just help bryan get the title and turn heel officially.
    Wait I lied. I am wanting to see sheamus vs dolph. That should be a really good match

  • redsandman99

    I could see it going either way. If Layla wins I could see possibly feuding with the maybe turning heel AJ (since I think this crazy act has been a ruse this entire time set up by Bryan) until Kharma returns. And if Beth wins then most likely they’ll draw out the Layla’s rematch until Kharma returns, setting up Beth vs Kharma at Summerslam.

  • K2-Foxy-Holler94

    Raw : Beth def Layla
    Smackdown : Beth def Alicia

    No Way out : I think Layla retain…

  • Poison Ivory

    I’m so sick of not having storylines :/ I thought we’d get out of this slump when Layla returned, but nooo. I just hope Kharma returns after Layla beats Beth. It’s too soon for Beth vs Kharma, so Layla vs Kharma is a great way to re-introduce Kharma to the Universe. Also, Kharma should “injure” Beth at NWO so she can return 5-6 months later and feud with her. It would at the same time give Beth some time off.

    • Acid Rain

      Either this or have Kharma return at the 1000th Raw. With the girls from developmental being on TV now, more women could mean more storylines.

      • Poison Ivory

        It’d actually be really great – for WWE – if they’d promote Kharma’s return to be at the 1000th RAW. Since they’re so ratings obsessed nowadays.

        But still, this one goes just the way Kharma says and can. She shouldn’t be rushed in any way back, we can only imagine what she went through.

    • shaky209

      This notion Have Kharma “injure” Beth so she can be out 5 or 6 months.Last time Beth was out with and injury it took 10 months for she could get a title shot and then took 2 more PPV’s for she got the Diva’s title.RAw and SmackDown are already short of Diva’s. Yeh I know who they got working NXt.I am well aware of that.One Diva that should realize she ain’t her father and Make her own mark on WWE’s to main Brands .Like Natalya she comes’ from has wrestling in her blood line look where she’s landed on NXT along with Tamina .Now maybe since Nxt is now starting over Those Diva’s along with Maxine ,Kaitlyn and can now step it up and they’ll maybe wind up on live tV.!

  • shaky209

    I don’t see Beth getting injured and being out 5 or 6 months.They already don’t have enought Diva’s for both Raw and SmackDown.I do expect to see Beth take back the Diva’s title .Let Layla heal more on her injured right leg.As far as Kharma any time she could return and have to work her way up the roster like the rest of the Diva’s .Let everyone see just what kind of inring work Kharma does on WWE Raw or SmackDown .NOt the stuff that she workd on TNA but WWE’s style.This idea of having Beth off 5 or 6 months That serves no purpose at all.

  • Solo

    I do not like this Beth and Layla feud. If WWE was smart, they would definitely let Kharma face Beth w/out that title being involved. Layla’s reign as a Divas Champion would look a better with her losing to this crazy A.J, or hell even Eve.

  • Zane

    Kills me to say this, but Layla will win on Sunday. Beth’s won all her matches since Over the limit, plus she’s pinned Layla at Raw- hence, Layla’s going to get the pin-fall on Sunday. But I hope Beth wins!
    But if Layla retains, who will there be to challenge her?:
    -You’ve got AJ- but she’s part of the storyline between CM Punk, Kane & D-Bryan.
    -Kelly Kelly who is inactive, taking a break (Y)
    -Aksana who is a valet at the moment.
    -Alicia Fox, who has been on a major losing streak. I’d love to see her turn heel again though.
    -Kaitlyn who is still seen as a ‘rookie’.
    -Natalya who is a perfect oppenent for Layla for the time being; but I can’t see this happening as she’s lost to both Tamina and Kaitlyn (yes Kaitlyn) on NXT.
    -Tamina who has been washed away after her title match at the Elimination Chamber.
    -Eve Torres who hasn’t been seen for a while (I think); it’d be awesome to see her back in action.
    -Maxine who is probably going to stay on NXT for a while- although she’s great on the mic, I’m not really fond of her in-ring abilities.
    -And finally Kharma, who hasn’t been seen for over a year. Despite it might sound barbaric, I don’t want her to return yet; summerslam would be perfect to see the return of Kharma.
    My only hope is these matches need to booked a lot better and longer! And to build up Beth as a dominating wrestler, I want face Beth back.
    As for NWO: I predict Layla winning- unfortunately.

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Yeah times like this would be good to have a female like paige aka britani knight who if you watched her on the indys amd shimmer you know shes great ( way better then layla ). britani does not need no damn developmental.As for dream divas matches right now i would say

      1: Beth vs Nattie at wrestlemania
      2: Nattie vs Paige
      3: Beth vs Paige
      4: Beth vs Amazing Kong

      And finally for my own personal taste if this ever happened at a wrestlemania…. Nattie Neidhart vs Sara Del Rey Rematch lol.

      • Zane

        Yeah Paige is great, but I think everyone knows once she comes into the main roster- she won’t be in the title picture anytime soon. The producers will perhaps throw her into NXT for a while. I agree: Paige>Layla.
        I just watched most of the Natalya vs SDR match- it was amazing!
        But for Kharma- realistically, it’s on Beth & Natalya that can really match up with her. AJ’s awesome, but you really can’t expect her to beat someone who is twice the size.
        To me, it seems as though the division is coming to an end- unless the WWE do something drastic and take it back to the prestige the division once had.
        As for Sara Del Rey- she’s turning 32 this year, I doubt the WWE will ever sign her :(

  • ricky_says_hi

    can Layla beat Beth again? boy i sure hope so. as much as i like Beth she does not need to win the title back. Layla should at least be given an opportunity to grow as champion. i hope they take AJ out of the WWE title storyline and have her feud with Layla because then both of them would be featured regularly and be promoted. as for whoever suggested Maxine, she wasn’t included in either set of NXT tapings so maybe she could get a quick one-off feud for it

  • Ouellet

    Layla…Was Better In 2009-2011 (Lay-Cool Era), Kharma Will Return So Layla Will Retain.


    I don´t understand why everyone wants Maxine tho fight for the championship, I mean, I like her on backstage segments and on the mic, but on the ring… it´s a big NO!

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      Maxine can be decent…

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    i think layla should beat beth…have tamina go against layla till kharmas return….

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Beth will win and Layla will go to Nxt, but if I were to book it, Layla wins cause of Natalya’s interference. Natalya is mad she’s not in the title picture but by accident, she gets in Beths way.

  • Raekon

    I would give Beth the title and let her feud with Nattie, Sofia, Kaitlyn and Paige so we can have something fresh.

    All 4 girls very talented, great in the ring and could give Beth a run for her money.

    However, I would like to see all of them wrestling without moveset restrictions and tons of roll ups. -.-

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Beth vs Nattie… this should have happened long ago and its perfect because outside the ring they really are best friends alot. but my thing is beth and nattie should hapen at wrestlemania

    • SweeneyTodd

      Nattie. Agree, Sofia agree, Paige okay, Kaitlyn? No, she is sloppy.

      • ShimmerSupport211

        Paige vs Beth could be amazing but wwe we not let either of them to go balls to the wall like they really could

  • TibarnEl

    How I would book this:
    Layla beats Beth, who re-injures her ankle and goes out of action. Layla looks fantastic. A bit of build-up for both Layla and Nattie, who begin a feud together. Layla beats Nattie in the first title match, but Nattie wins the second one, and a rematch, probably a second one in a multi-diva match. Nattie beats the high profile divas in a storyline that kind of mirrors Beth’s poorly done Divas Champion Forever thing. After that, Kharma returns and destroys divas like she SHOULD have done after Elimination Chamber, and feuds with Nattie, beating her and not losing. No Hiroshima rollups -.-” Beth then makes a brilliant return and starts a program with Nattie to get her back to being ‘dominant,’ then moves on to Kharma. Matches longer than thirty seconds, and segments to you know, create personalities.
    But meh.

  • SigmaX

    Beth does not need the title at all that nightmare went on for way too long , and beth vs kharma does not need the damn title…Kharma aint even had 1 match in the wwe and people immediately want her in the title picture come on now.

    But anyways how it should be be booked.

    Layla beats beth at NWO
    AJ turns full blown heel at NWO
    Punk then recruits Layla as the foil to AJ in an effort to get his wwe title back
    AJ Vs Layla than branches off into their own feud.
    After a 3-5 month feud have Layla drop the title to AJ.

    Layla simply needs to feud with someone other than beth…because IMO Beth is gawd damn boring as hell…yea she is a good wrestler but holy crap is she boring , I would guarantee if wwe continues spotlighting AJ the way they have and you have AJ feud with Layla…you will immediately see the quality of Laylas title reign go through the roof…because now you will have 2 divas that have personality , that have charisma ontop of being very good in ring talents.

  • Zane

    Despite Layla is amazing- I preferred her as a heel. I want Beth to win- obvs not going to happen. :/