WSU Uncensored Rumble on iPPV Tonight: Casket Match, Royal Rumble Match

WSU presents its fifth annual Uncensored Rumble show tonight featuring a main event Casket Match between Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez for the WSU World Title.

Plus, the company crowns the next title contender in the annual 25-woman Royal Rumble match.

The event airs live from Deer Park, New York and kicks off at 7pm ET.

We’ll have live coverage of the show here and on Twitter.

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Card below:

[notice]MAIN EVENT
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez

Uncensored Rules
WSU Tag Champion Sassy Stephanie vs J-Cup 2012 Winner Brittney Savage

Grudge Match
Alicia vs Lexus

A 25 Woman Battle Royal Where the Winner Becomes the Number 1 Contender to WSU World Championship

Terra Callaway vs WSU Tag Champion Allisyn Kay

NCW Title Match
(c) Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie

Tina San Antonio vs Annie Social

Leva Bates vs Lufisto

8-Woman Elimination Tag
The first person eliminated in this match will enter the Uncensored Rumble at the #1 Position
The person who scores the winning fall for their team will enter the Uncensored Rumble last
Kimber Lee & Jessie Brooks & Jana & Latasha vs Jennifer Cruz & Ezavel Suena & Nikki Syx & Cherry Bomb

ALSO APPEARING: Marti Belle, Cindy Rogers, Commissioner Pryme Tyme Amy Lee, Destiny, Rain & Many More!!![/notice]

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  • wl75

    Rain is out of the show- she’s got the flu. (Which might screw up a storyline- she had earlier stated she’d retire if she didn’t win the Rumble)

    This is big for WSU- the promoter is selling, but to get the sale finalized, they need a combined total of 750 between live attendance and IPPV sales. (Well 749, since I’m ordering the IPPV).

    Hoping Havok buries Mercedes!

  • Mikas

    Kalamity vs Sweet Cherrie
    Leva Bates vs Lufisto

    I dont understand those 2 matches. This is a golden opportunity to have the best of NCW face off against the best of WSU. Why not go for Lufisto/Mercedes (i think their last match was 6 years ago) and Kalamity/Havoc (2 powerhouses facing eachother) ? That would attract a lot more ppv buys.

    • wl75

      Well the main feud in WSU for about a year has been Havok/Mercedes- and this is the culmination of it.

      Leva and Lufisto should be cute- they both have a similar gimmick (I can’t wait to see what costume Leva’s got in store for everyone).

      This is also the beginning of the partnership- you don’t want to go all-out this early on (which is probably why they’re doing a tag match with Midwest Militia when NCW has their thing next month).

      And frankly, I think the money match at some point would be Cheerleader Melissa/Havok..they could blow the roof off if done right…

    • Jhonmarco

      I actually don’t question booking there.

      Mercedes/Jessicka is being finished up, so LuFi/Mercedes is a no. We’re having that match in Femme Fatales anyway and what has Kalamity done to get a title shot? Kalamity vs. Cherrie gives fans some Femme Fatales in WSU & LuFi vs. Leva will be charisma overload. It’ll be awesome.