SmackDown Redux (June 15th, 2012): Did We Just See AJ’s O-Face? Plus, Beth Goes Fox Hunting

For the second time this week the WWE managed to render me speechless with just how incredibly epic their program was. This week’s SmackDown left me unable to speak. It left me unable to think. In fact, the only thing I was able to do after watching the first 26-minutes of SmackDown was tweet about how amazing it was and then immediately go to to see if they still had those red shorts AJ was rocking. Have I ever said how much I love that girl?

Last night’s SmackDown brought me back to the glory days of the blue brand and when I looked forward to writing about it every single week. When spoilers came out on Tuesday, I knew we would get something brilliant. I knew that I would end up high-jacking this Redux. The greatest thing of all is that I didn’t even have to use brute force to get my way. Stevorah Cormont, hand to Khaleesi, is making his way to Deer Park as we speak to watch WSU live in person, and asked me to take over for him this week. Lord knows we couldn’t give this to Bobrick Bayne. He’s had quite the emotional roller coaster this week.

I think I’ve babbled enough in my post hangover haze. Before I get into the recap, let me give you kids a piece of advice. Don’t go out, act like a badass, and do tequila shot after tequila just because they’re three dollars apiece. That’s unhealthy, unnatural, and you will pay for it the next day.

SmackDown? Yes, please!

To start us off this week, we have AJ coming to the ring, microphone in hand. I can already tell this is going to be amazing because how long has it been since a Diva actually kicked the show off by talking? AJ lets the crowd know that she’s going to explain her reasons for kissing Kane this past Monday but before she can clue us all in, Vickie Guerrero interrupts. She tells AJ that tonight Prince Dawlf is going to be the star. She introduces the newly crowned number contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, and our blond bombshell makes his way to the ring. Prince Dawlf reminds us that he’s the show off and then runs down AJ. He pokes fun at her style by calling her a Hot Topic employee and points out that she is indeed 95-pounds. AJ is like whatever and insinuates that Prince Dawlf is a dumb blond, then she calls Vickie his grandmother. Okay that’s amazing. Vickie hauls off and slaps the crap out of AJ, and AJ smiles. It’s creepy.

Punk comes out to save the day and he goes off on Ziggler and Vickie. Not wanting to be tardy to the party, Daniel Bryan comes out as well. He gets his turn to talk about AJ, No Way Out, and name drops Kane. The Big Red Machine continues to be conspicuous by his absence. Sheamus shows up and after being his jolly, Irish, sexy self, he decides that they should just have the main event match right now. Everyone seems to agree, except for AJ, who asks if she can finish up some old business first. She lunges for Vickie, ready to absolutely claw the Cougar’s eyes out, but Punk and Sheamus are able to restrain her. Prince Dawlf is holding his Queen back. But the greatest part of the entire exchange is Daniel Bryan, leaning against the ropes, and laughing at the whole scene.


The match itself is pretty fantastic. These four men are the cream of the crop in the WWE right now, and it’s easy to see why. Vickie involves herself, which brings AJ in, and both women factor into the ending. AJ inadvertently causes Sheamus to get pinned by Prince Dawlf. Prince Dawlf ends up getting chased to the back. Vickie and AJ are left alone in the ring, and that’s when all hell breaks loose! The two women finally go at it with Vickie escaping through the ropes. AJ goes after her and tries to drag her back to the ring. Vickie kicks her off and AJ takes a brutal hit against the ring. She goes down, Vickie gets away, and Kane’s music starts to play. He comes out, scoops up AJ, and heads to the back with her. Punk decides this is not okay, attacks Kane from behind, and forces him to the ring. Daniel Bryan tries to get involved with the action but Kane chokeslams him. Then Kane chokeslams Punk. Then Kane looks at AJ, who looks to be in some type of, erm, orgasmic state.

No words. Really. There are no words to describe what a wonderfully hot mess this storyline is. Whenever you pair three random guys, a random girl, and a championship belt you have magic anyway. But these three guys, this one girl, and that tacky spinner belt have managed to make this storyline my all-time favorite. It does surpass Kelly Kelly defending the World Heavyweight Championship on my list.

I finally said it. Wow.

AJ and Vickie weren’t the only Divas who got to play on SmackDown. Divas Champion, Layla, joined the commentary team while Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox squared off in the ring.

It’s a shame the match was so short because Alicia and Beth work well together. But at the same time, it was used to put a point over. It was booked the way it was to make Beth look dominant and that’s what happened. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I’m not upset with it either. I know Beth and Layla will get a nice amount of time come Sunday, and at least they did something to follow up Monday.

I really love what WWE did with their television this week. More than anything I hope this trend continues. I’m excited to see what happens with No Way Out Sunday. I’m going to go out on a limb and make my predictions right now. I feel that Layla will retain her championship and that Kharma will return. I believe that Vickie and Jack Swagger will cost Prince Dawlf the championship and he’ll turn on them both. Swagger will get laid out, Vickie will be fired, and our Show Off will turn face. And I also still believe that AJ will cost Punk the championship, reunite with Daniel Bryan, and they will go on to rule the WWE and have an absolutely massive reign of terror.

I love it.

Until next time… Cryssi out.

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  • shaky209

    With the lackluster performance that layla has done since wining the Diva’s title and that she still needs to get her right leg injury to 100% before doing major competition I feel that with Beth having matches Monday and SmackDown friday nights that she’ll get the strap back and once again prove why she is thee most Dominant Diva on WWE roster. I just don’t think with Beth having matches on both brands in the same week,and winning both of them.Isn’t usual. They WWE wouldn’t have done it reason least wise I don’t think so.!

    • perceval

      I’d guess Layla’s retaining on Sunday, but is mainly keeping the belt warm for AJ.

  • LioCastles

    hopefully alicia wins a match soon. <3

  • javiousmckenzie

    This Beth and Layla feud is so boring and pointless like Lita said in her book she gets tired of these women feuds being all about the belt. Layla has not impressed me yet since her return and her on the mic last night was awful and Beth im just wore out seeing she has been in this role over a year now its always Beth vs insert diva for the title

    • kessa

      i need to read this book. :)

      • Paige Knight Revolution

        Wait a sec….she didn’t say that. She said (and I’m paraphrasing) that she felt women in wrestling can be multifaceted and not just all about going after the Championship. In other words, that it’s not just about fighting for the title countless times, it’s also about character development and participating in interesting story-lines.

  • melon2617

    Layla is just too precious. I love her. I love how she can sell something so well with just a tiny flick of her eyes, which is something a lot of wrestlers (male or female) cannot do.

    Vickie is priceless in everything that she does. I wish every single Diva could rise to the occasion like Vickie and just become amazing. Crazy little AJ amuses the crap out of me…too bad I’m sure she and DB cooked it up to cost my Punkers the title.

  • Cheetara86

    I still think Punk will keep the title. I think they will put the title on Bryan at either MITB or SS.

    I honesty have no clue what AJ will do. She could help Punk, she could screw him. Hell, she can mess up all three for all we know. I am very excited to see what they have store.

    What I do know is that this match should be the main event. It’s the one with the most intrigue and meat. It’s the perfect match to end the PPV with.

  • AjLover95

    WOW ! Am I The Only Person That can See Aj Being the Lita/Trish Of This New Generation ? I Mean The thing That Made Trish/Lita so Popular Was Their interaction With The MainEvent Stars & Aj Is The Center Of One of the Biggest & Most Exciting Main Event Storylines In Recent Memory. This Is gettign Her WAYYYY over With Thge Fans & jst Like lita/Trish Were , I personally Think Shes Gonna Be Vinces Go To Girl & New Favorite. I See Aj As Ther Stepping Stone in The Turn Around For The Divas , Not The Division. Divas Have Turtned Into Skinny , Big Breast , Model “wrestlers” & This has caused PPl to Lose Respect For Them. With Aj , Kharmas Return , & The Amazing Talent In The New NXT (Britani Knight & Sophia) I Forsee A Huge Turn Around In The Amaount Of Respect That The divas Get & In The End Making The Whole Division Better . The Fans Dnt Lie ! Aj Has IT & With Her The Divas Can Become Relavent Once Again (:

  • ReynXD

    This storyline has to be one of the good ones they do in a while. Gotta love @WWEAJLee…

  • Bethinho

    If Beth wins this sunday why the hell she lost to Nikki and then that lame injury angle?to avoid an encounter with Kharma as a champion,like was rumoured?then why Beth was made a contender?
    Layla already beat Beth with her finisher and another will not bring any good to any of the two.

    • kessa

      i read somewhere she had a small injury – not sure if there’s any truth to that rumour, i dont think it was that serious to have her drop the belt and chase it again.but thats wwe creative for you. Anyway Beth’s loss will only result in another title reign for her at NWO or in the coming months. :)

  • divafan

    Beth and Layla feud is pointless. I personally think that nobody cares about Layla’s return to WWE,it didn’t make a big impact. Layla without McCool is boring. On the contrary, the story line between AJ and the 3 top wwe superstars is an epic. I think AJ deserves this spotlight because she worked hard to be a diva and wait so long for her moment to shine.

  • divafan

    Layla without McCool is boring.Beth and Layla feud is pointless. I personally think that nobody cares about Layla’s return to WWE,it didn’t make a big impact. On the contrary, the story line between AJ and the 3 top wwe superstars is an epic. I think AJ deserves this spotlight because she worked hard to be a diva and wait so long for her moment to shine.

  • perceval

    Dolph doesn’t care if you’re Britney Frickin’ Spears, nobody is going to steal his spotlight. :)

    AJ… Ah, AJ…

    • Satisfaction

      HAHAHA I understood that reference.

  • jim462

    Cryssi I could not agree more I am loving me ome AJ she is just tremendous she has made me look forward to every Smackdown & RAW just to see what she is doing on thev show. Like you said when can you remember a diva starting off Smackdown in the ring talking cutting a promo gotta thank WWE booking for that. AJ mic skills & acting are so fabulous. Right now if AJ came out there for 30 minutes and cut ring promos I would be thrilled. But I skill think she is working with D Bryan to screw Punk outta the WWE title & turn full heel and go after the divas belt. As for the divas match I agree should have been longer but it dod put beth over more as the baddass heel gpong into the ppv match with Layla.

    ya know most catfights on WWE suvk but AJ & Vickie was a good one really liked it. This AJ Smackdown was off the hook good and cant wait to see more of AJ featured on SD she is the best thing going in the WWE now

  • redsandman99

    At least they did something to follow up the set up of the Beth/Layla rematch…Beth vs Alicia could have gone on longer but it served its purpose and Layla’s expressions at the end sold things very well I thought. And she at least got to speak.

    And that entire opening segment…just fantastic. Best opening of Smackdown ever.

  • art

    that was the same old…at least layla got to talk….LOVE vickie slaps aj & looks scared lol….the cat fight was good too…

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Awesome AJ is just awesome. I don’t really understand the whole Kane thing though is she Now under Kane’s spell?? I really HOPE AJ cost’s D-Bry the match and not Punk. I hate her and D-Bry together. i really would like her to turn full Heel and that go with Punk and turn him heel becuz he is awesome too.

    As for the “Divas” match BORING Love me some Beth but not a fan of the match it didn’t really do anything for Beth because she already beat Alicia like what 4 times already??…..Get a new jobber for Beth. But Layla on the mic was nice but again way to short for her to even say anything.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Also anyone else think this was going to be Eve’s big role with Kane and Cena…and whoever else but that they gave Eve that dumb ass executive role and that they gave it to AJ??

  • K2-Foxy-Holler94

    I think Layla retains this sunday. I want Layla vs Beth’s bring feud is over and new contender match added following raw night. Aj not a contender because her role is not finished. Hopefully Alicia or Kelly turn Layla and new feud starts


    The attention WWE is giving Aj right now is fantastic and i actually find it much more entertaining to watch that storyline then the crappy Divas title one that is going on. Hopefully, whatever AJ’s actions are this weekend she finally fully gets over with the crowd (either heel or face) and then they can use THAT as an advantage to get the crowd involved in a divas storyline. But I’m really happy for her, out of all the current crop of divas, she deserves this the most, well done

  • jayjayholler

    I really miss Maxine, she made me laugh, she was decent in the ring (capable of improving) and she was hot! Maxine for future Diva’s champion!


    LOL AJ’s “o face”, didn’t think about it that way until i read this article.
    Alicia and Beth should have longer matches, they really do work well together. And it’s fun to listen to Layla talk ;)

  • shaky209

    I have just gotten the brand new WWE magazine and it had an article in it and Beth among other things made a comment about her Outfit that has the skirt and that she in fact does like and will from time to time wear it.It had been thought by many that since she isn’t wearing it any longer that it was gone .When she in fact likes it says she does have nice legs and nice tush and so likes to show it off.I had said all along that just because she wasn’t wearing it any longer that it was gone but it Ain’t which I all along didn’t think it was..And wants a Mattle figurine like that introduced .!