No Way Out Rewind: Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus (2001)

Ahead of this weekend’s No Way Out pay per view, we take a look back at past events:

2001 | In 2001, the feud between the Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon, and daddy’s current play thing, Trish Stratus, reached fever pitch. Not too happy with Vince’s mistress at the time, Stephanie did battle with the future seven time Women’s Champion at No Way Out in 2001. Neither were the most accomplished in the ring (at the time) but boy, did they put on a match to remember!

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  • shameronstar

    Oh yes, this was one of my favorite storylines and divas matches ever because these two had so much chemistry as characters and as competitors. Plus, I loved how they compensated their lack of technical ability and formal training by using great story-telling in the ring which is something I think a less athletic wrestler should do because it really gets the fans more emotionally invested in the match:)

    • Roman

      Yea you right they way their chemistry was in the storylines and in the ring it made it seem like they were the best female wrestlers in the world and i think to this day this is still my favorite match from the both of them not because of the technical ability but because of the time the invested into the storylines and the emotion overall. #TRISH&STEPHANIEFORWWE13

    • perceval

      Even when they ARE trained and technically skilled, they should be focused on telling a great story in the ring.

  • lucky1now

    this match was really good even though they werent the best wrestlers had people invested into the the war they had going on
    also gave both women a character which lacks with our current group of women

  • RangerDeon

    Yes YES YES YES YES!!! So…I’m a bit overly excited about this because this is when I began preferring diva matches and storylines over the guys. I loved these two. Stephanie McMahon was a favorite of mine since she married HHH (on the show) because she was great at her character. All of HHH’s matches were HHH (AND STEPHANIE) vs Whoever because she made her presence known. I loved her. When she and Trish started feuding I was happy because the two of them weren’t the best in the ring at the time but they put on a fantastic show every time they stepped in the ring. They played their parts and it was beautiful.

    What’s more amazing is that two essentially non-wrestlers put on a fantastic Pay Per View. That’s something there.

    I think Trish said that this match was when she realized that she wanted to be a full-time wrestler. I see why.

  • LadyGoDiva

    That is amazing to see two non wrestlers put on a great match but luckily Trish got better during the years and Stephanie does great at what she does which is playing character whether as a face or heel.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol all i can say is.. Did stephanie EVER win CLEANLY?

  • SigmaX

    MY ABSOLOUTE FAVOURITE MATCH!..when it comes to women with below par in ring skills.

    This match is the golden standard for women I expect little in the ring from..and NOTHING has come close to even touching it when it comes to anything that has followed afterwards , this should be mandatory to be watched by the divas , there was no halfassing it on either womans part and they let their emotions tell the match.

    Yes the match was bolstered by the genius storytelling and just un-real chemistry Trish and Steph had , but regardless of what helped it this match pretty much solidified both women as big time players.

  • Alexis18

    This match proves that you can take two women who do not possess great wrestling skills and still make the match entertaining and decent.

  • melon2617

    Considering neither of these women had strong skills at the time, Steph and Trish put on quite a show! You knew they were giving everything they had in every move they did and you could feel the emotion, you could feel their passion for what they were doing.

    I think the reason that you don’t see a lot of inexperienced women put on matches like this is that they don’t have the passion for wrestling that Trish and Stephanie had. I’m not saying that they don’t love what they do, but Stephanie literally grew up in the business and Trish was a lifelong fan and wrestling radio show host before she joined WWE.

    • redsandman99

      I think that plays a role in it but also Trish and Stephanie didn’t try to do stuff they couldn’t do very well. Neither were the best wresters but they didn’t HAVE to be. When they got in the ring together, they were in the ring to rip each other apart. How much actual wrestling skill they had or didn’t have didn’t matter.

      • SigmaX

        The reason it did not matter is because wwe was smart enough at the time to go.

        These two are not the best wrestlers so we are gonna mask their weakness with their strength and that was telling a damn epic story , and thats what the match did…they played on the story and it worked out perfectly.

    • Jakey

      They also had a *lot* of help behind them; Molly Holly worked on training them behind the scenes to get them ready (she specifically taught them how to work without getting blown up).

      I think another reason why this worked is that it wasn’t just a “catfight” or a “chick match”. Both characters were clearly defined and it was one of the few times that heel Stephanie’ character was sympathetic; her mother incarcerated while her father cavorts with a tramp.

      I realize that it was filmed in 2003 and the answer may change, but I love that in Trish’s “100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed” DVD, she not only credits this match for helping her realize that she enjoyed wrestling and wanted to improve at it, but that it’s the achievement that fans most compliment her on.

    • Jakey

      Trish and Steph also had a lot of help … Molly Holly was one of many people that were helping them behind the scenes.

      But this match works on many levels. Steph and Trish may not have been experienced, but they had strongly defined characters, and it was one of the few times in which Heel Steph was arguably sympathetic (her mother catatonic while her father parades around his trampy mistress). I love that on Trish’s DVD in 2003, she claims that her No Way Out match with Stephanie was (at the time) what she was most approached about by fans.

  • Jcott3

    I never saw this one before, but I remember the “Spanking Match” they had on TV and the incident where Stephanie took a mop and a bucket of “raw sewage” to Trish. Who would guess from watching this that neither of them was really a trained wrestler at this point?

  • BillyGP

    Yup one of my favorite matches of all time.

  • art

    this match stands out you just felt involved & wanted stephanie to win & beat his mistress…
    stephanie has been training since her storyline with lita so she had some skills & trish had the basic training at this point but they worked to their strengths & this match worked…

  • natalyagailfan2011

    The rivalry between Trish and Stephanie was so freakin epic back then. Still to this day this match is one of my favorite diva matches of all time.