Today in History: Matt Proposes to Lita, but Kane Has Other Ideas

On this day in history:

June 21st, 2004 | In kind of an inverse of yesterday, Lita found herself being proposed to by Matt Hardy, who had recently learned that she was pregnant. She was just about to accept when she was interrupted by Kane, who broke the news that the baby might be his. Despite Lita’s tears and protests, Matt left her behind, not accepting the excuse that she had slept with Kane to protect him.

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  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I think that those involved did the best they could with this storyline. Personally for me I hate watching any romantic angle with Lita and Hardy now.

    • lucky1now

      I totally agree real life actions killed any love storyline for me

  • WweLitafan4ever

    so much drama

  • Prescott

    It was all about the ‘shooty’ quality of it. Now everyone’s smart to what happened and they’ll downplay it. Back then, it was more ‘real’ than most were used to and it introduced a whole generation of female fans (especially) to the business. Just look at how many STILL worship Hardy and still put over Lita as the best ever, or even top 3 or 5, when often her ringwork was crazy clunky and sloppy (sorry). It was about the investment and going w/ an amplified version of reality, Vince-style.

    I hated Kane’s involvement just like I do with the AJ angle, but hey, his dues-to-overness ratio is so out of whack that most times when something gets hot (Ryder, Bryan) and Vince wants to dilute the crap out of it, Kane is his go-to weirdo. By the time Kane’s involvement is over, any ‘real’ quality is painfully absent and by extension, most of the heat is absent as well. What you end up with is the few weeks that Snitsky’s gimmick was marginally funny. It’s the WWE’s version of a soft landing for angles he didn’t meticulously plan out that get too over too soon. Coming soon: AJ & Kane’s Masked Republican Campaigning in Connecticut! Stay tuned~!

  • melon2617

    I find the irony of Matt proposing to Lita on TV when their real-life relationship was falling apart interesting.

    WWE seems to do this, when Chyna and Triple H were breaking up, they were put back in each other’s field of vision. It’s like WWE wants to make sure that they can continue to be professional after the split.

  • shannymac

    That whole storyline was a damn mess.