Today in History: Candice Michelle Wins the Women’s Title

On this day in history:

June 24th, 2007 | Candice Michelle had been chasing Melina‘s Women’s Title for some time, so their match at 2007’s Vengeance must have felt like the culmination of a lot of effort for the challenger. Melina dominated much of the match but in true underdog form, Candice came out of nowhere to get the victory, winning the Women’s Championship for the first time.

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  • sexychic2811

    I remember this match and this was the very first time i went to a live event

  • art

    decent match i still hate that candice got the title because other women who should have got it around that time never did but oh well…her title still has more meaning then todays divas who just get it & are never seen again….

  • Karlee Yada

    Best moment ever IMO.

  • Porsche

    I now remember this. It was the weekend so much crap in wrestling happened. :\

  • LadyGoDiva

    Luv Candice but I never really liked this match I liked the one they had at the Great American Bash seemed to be better.

    I really would’ve liked to have seen her as Divas champion?

  • lucky1now

    she had so much hype coming in fans were into it and her holding the title up after she won it seemed so real i felt her joy
    this stemmed to a great fued with beth would have loved to have seen where she could have been at this point

  • JJ

    Seeing Candice get so emotional made me a fan of hers; knowing the title meant so much to her.

    Her skills really improved after this match; they had a superior re-match at GAB and an even better match on Heat a few months later.

  • Jcott3

    Candice put in a lot of work to improve in the ring and not just be another piece of eye candy. She could have been a lot more than “The Go-Daddy Girl” if she hadn’t broken her clavicle.

  • shameronstar

    This might not have been the best womens’ championship match ever, but after this particular match there was starting to become a very notice difference in Candice’s wrestling ability because she really started getting much better especially during her great feud with Beth Phoenix. Actually, if Candice didn’t get injured she probably would have been in the same place if not higher than Michelle McCool was since Candice became top diva 2 years before McCool even tasted gold. Plus, I think the division would be a lot different today and probably for the better! Although, if Candice didn’t get hurt Mickie James might not have ascended to be the star she is today since Mickie took the top diva role after Candice’s injury.

    • Jhonmarco

      Actually Mickie was easily WWE’s top face diva after Trish left. Candice got a push & I’m sure you she might have gotten more pushes, but Mickie was always the top babyface.

      • perceval

        Yep, from the moment Mickie debuted in October 2005, she was getting the push to be Trish’s successor. That’s why we had that nine month period where she went over all the Women’s Champions still there (Trish, Jazz, Lita, Victoria) in high profile matches.

        But, they needed a heel to be Champion at Wrestlemania because they (stupidly) had developed a thing about giving the Playboy model a title match for that, so Melina got the belt. Then, Beth was about to return from injury, so they needed a babyface to briefly be Champion for her to win the title from, but didn’t want her to beat Mickie for it (as Mickie was obviously going to be the one who would beat Beth after she was built as unbeatable). So, Candice got the nod.

      • norisclouds

        As far as the company was concerned Mickie was a placeholder champion until their chosen face was off injury or ready- Candice, Melina, or at one point they even tried pushing Ashley. I don’t think they ever actually wanted Mickie to be the face of their division, and part of the reason was probably way she handled PR. I still remember that radio interview she did when she was champion, and the first thing they asked her about were her adult photos, and she clammed up and couldn’t figure out what to say. With Candice, people knew about Go Daddy and the Softcore, but it was accepted as such a big part of her character and the pictures were not as racey as Mickie’s so they could get away with her having the title without reproach.

        • BillyGP

          The radio interview about the adult photos WWE people was there and did not want Mickie to answer that if you notice Mickie very good at PR work. Vince did not want Mickie even on the main roster but Trish suggested her to be brought up. While Mickie is a five time women champion i do agree she was just a placeholder champion except her first reign. One of her title wins was by mistake on a tour house show when Victoria forgot to kick out.

        • norisclouds

          @BILLYGP Yea. I don’t know about them not wanting her to comment on the photos, but it was obvious she didn’t know how to segue out of the topic, but even if she did it was very awkward and I could see why WWE would be reluctant to have her as face of the division if they thought people would even ASK her about it. With Candice it never seemed to be an issue with the press, but with Mickie it was like the elephant in the room.

          It’s too bad because she was over, but the company never wanted to get 100% behind her. You always got the sense they had one foot out the door waiting to push Melina, Beth, Ashley, Candice, etc… they never would’ve sidelined Trish the way they would frequently push Mickie out of stories.

        • BillyGP

          But Mickie is great at PR work the nude photos was brought up and WWWE did not want her to answer plus she trying to put that in the past she has mentioned before she regret doing those pictures.

        • norisclouds

          @BILLYGP she obviously wasn’t great enough as far as WWE was concerned. Throughout her tenure they preferred to use Candice or Maria over her for PR purposes. I think that says something about whether or not WWE regarded her as reliable in the PR department. I don’t hold the photos against her because obviously they were a youthful mistake and she was a great performer. I don’t dislike Mickie, I just think it’s an unfortunate case of WWE having to make decisions for what they feel is best for business and that being at the expense of the performer.

        • BillyGP

          A si said Vince never liked Mickie never thought she was pretty enough if it wasnt for Trish and i even believe Lita Mickie would of never got to the main roster. Well Mickie PR work is fine but if you don’t like someone (VINCE not liking Mickie) of course your pick someone else.

    • JJ

      I think people always forget that Mickie’s popularity (as a face) really took off while Candice was away injured. While Candice was champ their reactions were pretty much level-pegging.

      The Candice “what if?” is one of the most interesting in terms of the divas. Had she not got injured the division would have been so much different.

      • norisclouds

        Yep. While Candice’s popularity was iffy for sometime, somewhere in the middle of the Beth Phoenix feud the crowd really got behind her. Her injury was very sad.

      • BillyGP

        Mickie popularity as a face took off after Trish left and Mickie feuded with Lita.

  • candice7000

    This is easily my favorite moment in wwe. Because my favorite diva ever in wwe won her first and sadly only title. She was really becoming to be the queen of the division at the time. Sadly she got injured and was not able to show us all and more she could offer. Like many of us I ask “How would the division be if Candice never got injured?”. Well I say for one she most likely would still be there. Mickie, Melina, and possibly Eve wouldn’t have won the title as much or at all. Hell Kelly may have never gotten the title. Because Candice was the answer for the new Trish Stratus. I even remember when wwe had a whole article on Candice comparing her to Trish and saying she may be the next Trish. But I can’t be sad. She is happy in her life being a mom and having another baby on the way. I’m happy for her. Truly!!! Plus she wished me happy birthday on twitter.

  • melon2617

    Candice really grew on me as a performer and she was just so happy when she won that title. I marked out when she won.

    I actually felt badly for Melina during this match, as she was forced to carry a title with the nameplate already changed to read Candice Michelle, which was odd.

    Candice is one of the model Divas who really worked hard to get where she was and it’s a shame that injuries plagued her for so long. She didn’t go to FCW, she spent her own money and trained on her own time and worked hard to get where she was. Had she not gotten injured, I assume she would have continued to go up until her departure as a result of her pregnancy. (If you count back the months from AkiAnne’s birth to her release, you see she was preggers when she left, so chances are WWE allowed her to leave her contract two months early). She seems so happy in her role as wife and Mommy and Mommy to be, so I think everything worked out for her in the end.

  • swax1

    Today,the once most prestigious championship title in women’s wrestling history the WWE Women’s Championship lost it’s WHOLE credibility of ever being called a WRESTLING championship when the WWE put it around the waist of some BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS WWE Diva Search reject.thank you TNA for keeping their TNA Knockouts Championship a WRESTLING championship B-)

    • redsandman99

      So you’re obviously forgetting that Miss Tessmacher was a “diva search reject” as well…and if you think Candice made the women’s title lose credibility, then you really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Hervina, Debra, the Kat….these were the reigns that truly did hurt the credibility of the belt, though the Golden Era managed to build it back up. At least Candice worked her ass off to improve and probably would have kept improving if not for injuries that derailed her.

      • perceval

        Velvet Sky was also a “Diva Search reject.” Yeah, TNA sure does keep the belt off of those girls…

      • melon2617

        ^^^ This.

        Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher are both Diva Search rejects and have held the TNA Knockout’s title. Christy Hemme likely would have too had injuries not derailed her.

        There were far worse reigns for this title, including the aforementioned and even Sable’s wasn’t that fab. Candice never claimed to be the best wrestler in the world but she worked her ass off, on her own time, on her own dime to become the champion she deserved to be.

      • swax1

        Redsandman99,even though Miss Tessmacher was in the Diva Search contest..she didn’t make the Finals because she wasn’t BORING enough to be with those crappy worthless bimbos.

        • art

          Brooke was crappy enough to do nothing in her time with wwe besides be that third dancer no one knew the name off…
          also do you copy & paste the same messages???..

        • redsandman99

          @Swax1 What in the world does not being boring having to do with her making it to the final? Like almost every girl in the diva search got signed, regardless of whether they made it to the finals or not, which really just eliminates your “boring” argument.

        • swax1

          Art,even though Brooke made the WWE roster and was a part of Extreme Expose..nobody knew what she was capable of.the WWE never gave her the time of day and never let her develope like they did with Kelly Kelly.they just released her and by doing that,it became a blessing in disguise.shortly after,she signed with TNA and a WRESTLING superstar was born.

        • norisclouds

          @SWAX1, with all due respect I think you are forgetting that Brooke was TERRIBLE absolutely TERRIBLE in TNA for a while. It took her a few years to get where she is today. That’s fine and everything, and it sucks that Kelly stayed despite being worse, but Kelly was more marketable than Brooke and you can’t expect WWE to give every diva the same chances. She was really very bad, but at least she worked hard and got better and TNA gave her the opportunities to showcase what she was capable of in the ring.

  • perceval

    One thing that did annoy me… It bugged me here and it bugged me when they did it to Trish, declaring that they were just jealous of the women who posed for Playboy, because the greatest dream of every woman is to pose naked in Playboy, don’t you know… Never mind that the jealous Trish & Melina TURNED PLAYBOY DOWN…

    • melon2617

      Bugged the crap out of me too. Because you know, every woman on Earth wants to get nakie for Playboy, right? Ugh.

  • Kessuki

    i stopped watching wrestling during this period and i knew candice wasnt a great wrestler but i loved her entrance song (still do), but watching this match for the first time i’m pleased she got to be a champion once. if kat, debra and stephanie won it for doin nowt then i approve of this title change. pity torrie or dawn marie never won the womens title – it would have looked great on them

    • Jcott3

      From what some people have said, WWE planned to make Torrie the first Divas Champion, but her back injuries kept her out too long.

      Torrie was hot as hell, but her unwillingness to learn early on in her career (Ivory and Madusa have both had less-than-nice things to say about her attitude towards learning to work) hurt her later on.

  • Ryan

    Well i actually didnt like how WWE shoved aside Mickie James n Victoria for Melina, and then when Candice took it from here I was a bit…mixed emotions about it. Melina was a total bitch haha, so I was happy to see her ass get put in her place by having Candice win it from her. But I didnt feel Candice was womans champion material..I did LOVE Candice though! Funny deal though Candice won the Number 1 spot via a pudding match despite Michelle McCool beating Melina at the Memorial Day battle royal in bikinis!! =D
    And despite it looking like it was going somewhere with it. But then again Neither McCool or Candice were ready at the time but both did improve tremendously!! And I fell in love with Candice so much more! She was the new Trish Stratus!!!
    Maybe she didnt win it in a very deserving way but she earned her keep of that title! And she will always be the sexiest Womens Champion since Trish Stratus n Sable! ANd Candice actually brought back a lot of cred to that title! her later matches after this and with Beth were the best ever! Even Melina n Candice were puling off great match during the fall of 2007
    ALSO if i remember correctly Diva Dirt Staff were kissing melinas ass the whole time calling Candice Michelle a worthless whore…Ya very proffesional guys..but glad you guys cleaned ur image…
    Another note, this is the night Chris Benoit did the thing =(

    RIP Man its still very hard to accept that. I will always remember you as the great wrestler you were

    And Candice Michelle you rock!! She was one of the most beautiful women ever, and was a lot of fun and simply one of the best! She was the whole package, tough with bravery and sex appeal and a heart like no other. A True Champion in my eyes.
    And happy she she was champion…I remember the haters were going crazy haha
    And probably still are

    And Beth I like you somewhat and all, shes a freat wrestler but thanks a lot for permanently hurting Candice you douche…CM Punk was right about her HA!

  • Bhentoooot

    i love candice but this match is not hers. I mean i wanted her to have her first reign in her Match.

  • MrHVaron

    No idea how Brooke Tessmacher became the focus of the page, but in response to her being crappy because she was nothing but a dancer in the WWE, I think a certain NXT runner-up would disagree with being called crappy for being a dancer.

    • swax1

      Mrhvaron,it’s because someone like the current TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher is TALENTED while that Diva Search reject like Candice Michelle was BORING.

  • Jhonmarco

    Don’t feed the troll guys aka “swax1″.

  • Jake

    If Candice was so boring, why did Brooke basically ripoff her ring entrance? lol

    It’s funny seeing the comments about this now. When Candice won the belt, so many people treated it like it was the end of the world. I think a few people actually attempted suicide. Now the majority misses her, strange. I didn’t mind Candice’s reign as champion. I thought she was putting on some really good matches around that time.

    • norisclouds

      I don’t think the majority miss her. I’ve never seen more fans of Candice than on Diva Dirt. Most IWC fans care less about her and think she was terrible.

      • JJ

        Yeah but most IWC couldn’t care less about divas in general and think most are terrible.

        I think the reason a lot of people miss Candice is because of her energy and passion. She always gave 100% and threw herself into whatever she did.

        • norisclouds

          I agree…though I have to admit I hated her guts when she had the title and wanted her gone. These days I look back and think about her a little fondly, because I can see how hard she worked to really get taken seriously as a wrestler. It’s rare when you have a sex symbol diva that puts as much effort as she did into matches.

      • melon2617

        I was the same. I wasn’t fond of Candice with her little wand, etc but as time went on you could see how hard she was trying. Then did that piece where it came out that she didn’t go to developmental like so many others, she spent her own money to train @ a wrestling school on her own time and spent many hours working with other veteran Divas to become a wrestler. She spent a lot of time and effort and was dedicated to becoming the best possible wrestler that she could be. I wish more of the eye candy Divas had her tenacity.

  • sugarrush28

    I loved Candice Michelle and the fact that she decided she wanted to wrestle and did just that. Her winning the Womens Championship was a nice moment and well deserved. I miss her performing in the ring so much and wished her injury didnt happen so the awesome feud with Beth wouldve continued

  • natalyagailfan2011

    What a feel good moment here for Candice Michelle. I was so proud of her hard work and determination to prove people wrong about her just being another model. Loved her feuds with Melina and Beth Phoenix. I always wondered how her rumored heel turn would’ve gone when she was drafted to SmackDown.