Daffney, Allysin Kay Join SHINE Wrestling Debut

Former WCW and TNA star, Daffney, is among the latest names announced for SHINE Wrestling’s debut show on July 20th.

Daffney, who is also involved in official management capacity with SHINE, isn’t expected to wrestle on the show stemming from concussion injuries sustained during her time in TNA. Daffney is currently involved in legal proceedings against TNA.

Also joining the debut show, breakout WSU star and one third of the Midwest Militia, Allysin Kay.

Rounding out the latest trio of names, Taylor Made, who has wrestled for SHIMMER and Billy Corgan-associated promotion, RESISTANCE Pro.

SHINE 1 is available to pre-order now. Click here to order.

Check out the poster below:

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  • ShimmerSupport211

    Daffney is so fucking awesome!

  • WhalenX12

    Man, did Daffney put her body on the line in TNA ! Im so fucking happy she’s in SHINE !

  • Jhonmarco

    Don’t care one bit for Taylor Made, but fuck yes @ Allysin Kay & Daffney being roster members. <333

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Kneel before daffney! lol

  • Indymark75

    Taylor Made is still very green and a slow bloomer, but ‘AK-47′ Allysin Kay is sufficiently proven at this point. And what more can be said of Daffney, she’s the face of SHINE…

  • shannymac

    I’m always excited to see Daffney do anything, LOL

  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

    Never heard of Taylor Made, but.. I have to say, that is the coolest name!

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    looks great I heard about this just a week ago by luck I wish it the best we has fans should be lucky to have all this and Thank the owners that put in countless hours into there company and some don’t make back there money there just out there to make the fans happy I say Thank You for risking everything on Womens Wrestling.

  • Rhawk

    Seen a bit of Taylor, she’s a bit bland in the matches I saw her clips in, but that was awhile ago and she must have improved to be apart of Shine. Brill for AK being there, she’s the future. And Daffney, what more can be said than she is Our Scream Queen. Maybe if she’s not a wrestler here but as a personality/commentator, I’d approve of this. Whatever happens her character just NEEDS to be apart of Shine on a regular basis.