Female Wrestler on TNA Gut Check Tonight (Spoilers)

A female competitor will be part of TNA’s Gut Check challenge tonight on Impact Wrestling, reports PWInsider.

The Gut Check challenge is part of TNA’s monthly Open Fight Night episodes.

Possible spoiler on who it will be below:

The Gut Check participant is expected to be Taeler Hendrix of OVW fame.

OVW is the developmental territory for TNA, so it would make sense.

Hendrix tweeted earlier today that she had just landed in Florida.

Picture below:


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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    well it was just a matter of time before she gets a try out, or signed, since TNA has been in partnership with OVW,

    personally i hope she doesnt get signed, i dont find her that good of a wrestler!!!!!. there are better women out there, and also with TNA roster now with women, is they dont NEED anymore

    • mikie91

      I actually think she’s an above average wrestler. Her match with Kharma was pretty awesome. Youtube it and you might change your mind. She’s also better than a lot of the current girls TNA has right now.

      I say sign her!

    • crazychyna44

      I dont think she can wrestle enther shes bit green in the ring still

  • Looking Glass

    Agreed, she stands out because she’s in a small pond and was focused upon by having Josie put her over. She’s just an easy option at the end of day, I doubt she’ll make the main roster, she’s really sloppy and not that great on the mic – like a lot of OVW wrestlers I find her promo work really cringey.

  • xxQOXxx

    Courtnry Rush is also doing it soon if i’m not mistaken.

    As for Taeler Hendrix, she was bound to be on it at some point but can should TNA add anymore women to their roster? They don’t use the girls that they have now.

    But with that said, i liked it when they used to bring in random indie talent to face the Knockouts when they were first starting the division. So i’m not completely against the idea of them using some indie talent.

  • darkangels

    i think taeler will make the roster tna is very high on her another brooke in the making

  • Indymark75

    I’d rather it be Nicole Matthews among others than Taeler, but like Buggy Nova/WWE, TNA are at least looking at the indies for their women.

    • Looking Glass

      TNA have always looked to indies for the roster? Also, they haven’t looked to the indies at all…OVW is the development site?

      • Indymark75

        Thanks for enlightening me. I’m one to of never knew former Knockout Daffney once competed for Shimmer, ROH, among other places. OVW’s still it’s own company (which makes it an indy), but with a development contract with TNA btw.

  • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

    She is one of my best friends and she is one of the most talented women in the indy’s can’t wait for her debut.

    • Morris Muffin


      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        AGREED With Muffin…..She is not that good

    • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

      I’m best friends with the Queen of Scotland.

  • Prescott

    Very cool on that one. I agree w/ Darkangels. It’s about upside and personality. The rise of Brooke caught a lot of ppl by surprise so now they will be looking for the “next” high-ceiling hottie. It’s all about the athleticism, timing and fluidity in the ring. It’s almost like WWE and TNA are going after each other, move for move, gamble for gamble, in the indy scene. This round goes to TNA in my view. I think Brooke is a real star in the making and she was basically left for dead not long ago.

    Also, big-picture wise . . . I love that TNA feels their back is against the wall. You can tell. Now they’re actually using their brains, scouting, above-average judgment and shrewd pushes to get off the proverbial mat. With as poor as WWE has been looking lately — the political move to quick-bury Lesnar will likely be seen one-day as a watershed event — I am rooting stronger than ever for them. The business NEEDS competition. That’s the only reason I am here. If WWE even gets a sniff of TNA, we’ll see a lot more of the real Vince and things will get a LOT more interesting.

    • darkangels

      tealer height is about 5’8 and just 23 years old so she would be one of the tallest and youngest ko’s. i bet she wrestles brooke tonight because she is not in the fatal 4 way match but she is schedule to wrestle tonight

      • S1

        There is no fatal 4 way match night. Just like every other OFN, Hogan will choice between four people or teams to get a title shot. That’s what’s happening with the Knockouts title tonight.

        • darkangels


  • Jhonmarco

    Yes! Love Hendrix & her heel character in OVW has been amazing. She may not be a top indy girl, but an indy girl getting exposure like this is great regardless.

  • http://www.tpwprowrestling.freeforums.org Juan

    I approve!!! TNA needed a firery red head haha :)

  • theregoeskitty

    oh my god I’m so looking forward to this, she’s the 1 woman in OVW at the moment i can actually see as a Knockout, she’s quite talented
    i just hope she stops doing all the Trish Stratus moves of doom she’s been using lately

    • JamieKym

      Like I said before, people used those moves way before Trish did. wrestling moves are used to be duplicated.

  • AfroJack

    is the KO tag titles on the line?

    • S1


      • AfroJack

        ugh the titles have lost all credibility now.

  • Jordan

    Hmm… I don’t know about Taelor Kendrix, the possibility of her joining the roster doesn’t do much for me. I’d much rather see Leva Bates have an actual TV tryout match and get signed, her or Santana Garrett – who I gotta say has improved a lot recently. Maybe I’m biased for Florida gals ;)

    Good luck to Taelor regardless though.

    • Jordan

      *Taeler Hendrix, oopsies!

  • Jordan

    Al Snow just confirmed via Twitter it will be Taelor competing in Gut Check tonight.

    • Jordan

      *Taeler, oops… I did it again!