TNA Reader Poll: Would You Hire Taeler Hendrix?

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling featured the first female competitor to compete in a Gut Check challenge match as OVW’s Taeler Hendrix faced off against veteran Tara.

Though Taeler showed glimpses of spark, ultimately the four-time Knockouts Champion managed to put her away with a mighty Widow’s Peak.

Taeler will find out whether she impressed enough to win a TNA contract next week on Impact, but we want to know what you thought.

If you were the TNA officials, would you hire Taeler?

Vote below:


Tell us what you thought of Taeler’s performance in the comments!

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  • wl75

    I voted no- but I qualify it in a “not yet” way. Another few months in OVW and she should be ready to go. If she cuts a great promo next week, I think she gets in, but I wouldn’t pick her up yet.

  • Jordan

    I think Taeler needs a little more work. Right now, I don’t feel she’ll be getting a contract. Now granted I’ve seen way worse live tryouts at TNA (ehem… Amber O’Neal vs Lizzy Valentine…) Taeler’s tryout was still stronger than Alex Silva’s and he landed a contract. I guess it will all depend on how confident she is on the mic next week when she has to sell herself to the audience, Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz.

    No shade, but Taeler could find some better gear too.

  • velvelove

    1. she still has some learning to do in her early career
    2. the ko division at this point doesnt need new girls. They need to find places for Angelina, Sarita, Rosita. Also I fell Winter wil probably be let go because she hasnt done much in a long while.

  • Spanner82

    I voted no – she looked slightly sloppy in the ring.

    However I think she will be hired and forgive me for being harsh here but I think TNA are gonna push the Cancer thing

    • Acid Rain

      She never had cancer. On her facebook page she said it was mis-diagnosed.

    • Cyndi

      I was listening to “Fight like Girl” on another Women’s wrestling site said that her “Cancer” was misdiagnosed

  • sugarrush28

    I voted yes. From what i’ve seen of her she is decent can only grow I feel.

  • SweeneyTodd

    No. Nothing special. TNA have better one, not used.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    I voted no. Not impressed with her look or more importantly her in ring showing

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I voed yes but i would have TNA keep her off of TV for a while maybe like 4 or 5 months and let her get better in OVW and other independents or have a current knockout not being used on TV like Angelina or Sarita work with her and make sure she not green when she does debut as a offical Knouckout

    • Looking Glass

      This is what I don’t get about Gut Check, Alex Silva got in but he was sent to OVW to brush up on his skills? He’s in OVW anyway! How did Gut Check do anything for him and how would it do anything for Taeler? She might have an OVW contract and not a TNA Development one but as long as she’s in OVW she’ll be on their radar. I always thought Gut Check meant you went straight on the roster.

      In other news…No, she’s just nothing special and she doesn’t stand out enough to really be bankable as a talent.

      • xoxoRKOxoxo

        With Alex Silva he wasn’t suppose to get the contract but Ric Flair like the promo he cut he changed his vote to yes and they cant take back what millions heard so they’re letting him get less green they’ll probably release him anyway!!!

        As for Hendrix i think she could have protential based on what i saw on TV i think she needs to get some more experience maybe on the Indy longer or have her work with a TNA vet or something but i like her story and she did have the crowd ehind her!!!

        • Looking Glass

          Yeah I saw about that but still, it shouldn’t be a case of winning Gut Check then just going back to where you’ve spent the past 3 years of your career anyway. These guys wrestle it’s not like they’re from Tough Enough or Diva Search.

  • Kaledrina

    hmm, a tricky one. i don’t think she’s ready yet but at the same time, she could easily learn more/better as a knockout? i think it would be nice to see the knockouts have a new face and a ‘homegrown’ one at that.. and then there’s the whole.. i’d rather see sarita, rosita, angelina and winter on tv as opposed to anybody new thing. hmm, iunno.

  • wrslwolf

    I voted no. I’m sure she works hard and trains hard but I wasn’t impressed by tonight’s match. There are many more seasoned wrestlers in the indies to choose from. Still, good luck to Ms Hendrix.

  • 2kute4tv

    This division is to cluttered with talent that they already don’t know how to book them all …. I say keep her in ovw with Josie epiphany and the blossom twins and develop her befor a call up and start using sarita Angelina winter tara Gail Mickie …,,,,,o and Melina

    • Jhonmarco

      Melina isn’t a knockout.

  • jcarcano12


  • JamieKym

    Shit, Why didn’t they give Epiphany a Gutcheck? I want to see her on TNA.

    • Looking Glass

      I would like to see Epiphany at some point, she has a tendency to be sloppy at times but I think she could do well on the mic with her ‘ghettofabulous’ gimmick she had going on in OVW.

    • Ed

      “Shit, Why didn’t they give Epiphany a Gutcheck?”

      Probably because Epiphany looks like she should be wrestling in someone’s backyard in front of 5 people. If she wants a shot, she should start by getting a complete image makeover and losing about 75 lbs. Until then, TNA should stick to trying out women who are actually in shape.

  • DarknessRuler

    I voted no

    The girls not ready yet. And if you’re a girl who wants to be in a wrestling company that Victoria is in and you can’t sell or position yourself for the Widow’s Peak, YOU are NOT ready to be in that company haha.

  • HoustonHomewrecker

    NO! She’s too green. Like someone else said Epiphany is the OVW diva who should have recieved a Gutcheck. But I have a feeling TNA won’t call her up until WWE calls up Kharma.

  • skyliner and holler

    See I voted yes even though her performance wasn’t that great, she still has that somehow it factor :/ whatevs, and because she reminded me of a mix of social val, christy hemme, and Maria xD

  • Kantrell

    Nahhhh lol

  • LaylaElFan

    I voted no
    shes good but, i dont think shes ready yet

  • Chryst Voegele

    she has opportunity but still green…

  • Bethinho

    no.TNA should use a lot better the talent they already got(Sarita,Rosita,Angelina….) before hiring new´s a cryme to leave someone like Sarita off TV.

  • jim462

    I wanna see Sara Del Rey blow them away in a match with Tara on Gutcheck taeler still needs time in OVW to get the experience before they bring her to the big show

  • nathaniel

    I read that Tara is suppose to be a guest judge on the next two Gut Checks, so I guess we will see if she votes to give her a contract or not.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    I’m not really sure on her. She could probably use another year or so of training but TNA has brought in other young women who I wouldn’t have said were ready and they ended up being big successes. With the OVW deal, I think she’ll end up on the roster sooner or later anyway, even if it’s because she’s easily the most attractive woman they have down there.

  • Bhentoooot

    Im not impressed, she’s a trish copy cat. the stratusphere and the attempt to do a chick kick. and she’ll going to be misused.

    • Jake

      It’s not like Trish invented those moves.

      • CJDippa1

        The stratusphere isn’t even a good move anyway. Is there a copyright to use the stratusphere or the Chick Kick? The chick kick is just a generic kick too.

        When Hendrix did the “stratusphere”, I didn’t think once of Stratus until whiny bitches brought it up in the Impact discussion.

        • Cyndi

          Alundra Blayze come up with the headstand head scissor

  • Cody Von Turner

    Her look is quite unique in my opinion, and her promo was terrific. I think that she could work on her in ring skills a little bit more, but that’s it.
    I really hope they pick her up!