SmackDown Redux (June 22nd, 2012): Bell Hell for Daniel Bryan

While there wasn’t much action from the Divas on the blue brand this week, we got some more AJ/Daniel Bryan/Kane drama when AJ served as the special guest time keeper for Daniel Bryan vs Kane. I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to have someone as unstable as AJ wielding a hammer at ringside, but hey, what do I know? Will AJ insert herself into this match somehow? Will she skip some more? Will she bash someone’s brains in with that hammer? Check out the match below to find out!

First up, we got an awesome video package highlighting AJ’s antics in recent weeks. It’s so refreshing to see WWE put in the time and effort for a Diva with something like this. It just goes to show how impressive AJ has been.

Next up, it’s match time!

Believe it or not, AJ remains relatively calm throughout the match, restricting herself to just making a variety of faces at appropriate times, ranging from confusion to innocence to disgust. It isn’t until the end of the match that AJ throws a monkey wrench into D. Bry’s plan.

Daniel Bryan slaps the Yes Lock on Kane, looking to pick up a victory and as Kane fighting towards her ropes, AJ rings the bell, making Bryan think he won the match. Bryan releases the hold and starts celebrating, but the official informs him that Kane never tapped out. Daniel tries to go on the offensive, but the moment has passed. Kane lays Daniel out with a chokeslam and picks up the victory with an assist from AJ.

Post-match, AJ gives Kane her signature lovesick puppy smile, before skipping off to the back, leaving Kane confused in the middle of the ring.

To be honest, I’m loving this storyline with AJ. I know a lot of fans are waiting with bated breath for the payoff, but I’m really glad that WWE is taking it slow with this one. For once, the writers are building a storyline layer by layer, and really making the fans give a damn about what’s going on. I feel like the payoff of this storyline will be that much more satisfying when it happens because of this. I fully expect AJ to turn up the cray cray in the next few weeks, and solidify her spot as one of the top Divas in WWE today.

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  • #1FoxFan

    So Aj is like the modern day Mickie James. Shes doing an amazing job with the storyline im so proud of her.


    I am SO SICK of wwe not putting in divas matches anymore, i guess its just a middle finger to those who said the divas division sucked shit when there was only 30 second matches

    • ShimmerSupport211

      the Aj crap is done. stop it just stop it…. and i know all the Aj marks don’t care how bad it is because shes on tv but come on. good note to anybody that wants to see the future of womens wrestling… watch shimmer. thats your best choice right now!

      • light_it_upAJ

        The thing is, it’s not bad at all. Fact is, AJ has been brilliant, and made the story about her. If you need any proof of this, check’s poll for who fans think has been the most impressive superstar of 2012 so far. Guess who’s winning the poll with more than twice the votes of CM Punk, 5x the votes of D-Bry, and 15x the votes of Kane? Also more than 3x the votes as the cash-cow John Cena? I’ll give you a hint: SHE is about 5 feet two or three inches tall, and weighs between ninety-five and a hundred seven pounds. And no, her name is not Layla.

        And for anyone who may think the votes are rigged: Would WWE really rig the voting in favor of a Diva over John Cena?

        And yes, I’m an AJ mark, but with good reason, and I need no proof other than AJ’s own actions.

        • swax1

          Light_it_upAJ,AJ is just simply the WHOLE Divas division now and is the ONLY one running the Divas division now.i just don’t know why on God’s green Earth why she ISN’T the WWE Divas Champion now and that that BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS Diva Search reject Layla still is.go AJ! B-)

    • swax1

      Xilovenattiex,is just that the WWE is nothing but an asshole wrestling company that brainwashes everyone to watch their overrated programming every week.thank God for Impact Wrestling and the TNA Knockouts :-)

  • Jhonmarco

    I may look like an AJ mark, but I don’t give a fuck if there is no diva match as long as AJ gets TV time all is good. She just continues to shine, I love it. <3

  • perceval

    I’m wondering when they’re going to pull the trigger with Layla vs AJ. We have a Diva that’s very over, so she just needs to go psycho on the Division.

    Kelly’s expected to appear on Raw, Monday. Maybe that’s where it begins?

    • wl75

      And Eve’s supposed to come back next week too apparently…

  • Crazy_J

    I never watch smackdown anyway but that’s why I’m glad diva dirt is around! lol.. I am happy they are giving a lot to this storyline, however I like wrestling or WRESTLING and they could do a lot more with this storyline if they had another female opposing AJ. I mean.. we all know she can’t get hit by a man or oh lord the world would end. Granted this all will get her over, but okay thats one diva out of about 10 that will actually be over and have a set character. Eve is heel? I think.. I guess! Ever since her change from wrestler to assistant she kinda lost her heat IMO. Beth is way better as a face and thats the way they need to go with her if you ask me. She gets better reactions anyway..Natalya might as well be in fcw at this point cuz we never see her. Layla is still champ even though it’s been a rather boring reign. Kharma isn’t back yet and I fear even when she does come back it’ll be good for a minute but thats about it. I want action. You can reply and tell me im this or that or im stupid or w/e for saying my opinion and I won’t be back to read it so go for it. I’ve only been watching TNA the last month or so because I just have lost desire to watch WWE because I already know whose winning as soon as their music hits, IF a diva’s music even hits. I just hope this blows over and all works out for AJ, and we finally have a diva that can get others over just because of how over she’ll be. I’m still waiting for WWE to drop the ball though. lol

  • Essex Boy

    Always loved AJ. She’s so magnetic.

  • Rosaa

    do you guys think AJ is just playing Kane?

  • melon2617

    I heart AJ but I’m also bored of AJ at the same time. She’s adorable and doing an amazing job, but I also would like her to pick a side so that WWE can focus on cultivating the pairing.

    Also, I think it’s time WWE picked a number one contender for Layla. I assume they were holding off a battle royale or whatever until Kelly & Eve’s returns this week, but we need to start a new feud. I wouldn’t mind seeing AJ and Layla as a mini feud for a bit. Have them mix it up but I think it might be a little too soon to put the title on her just yet.

  • swax1

    That AJ promo was totally EPIC.when is the WWE FINALLY going to take their heads out of their asses and take that WWE Divas Championship away from that BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS Diva Search reject Layla and put it around the waist of someone that is TALENTED and is OVER named AJ already!AJ needs to wrestle and show everyone those awesome skills she has! B-)