The Week in Eye Candy: Week of June 17th, 2012

Our weekly photoshoot breakdown is constructed to give you, the reader, the main stage. Each week, we’ll highlight the new WWE and TNA photoshoots and give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite. In the next week’s post, we’ll unveil the winner. At the end of the month, we’ll take each week’s winner and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. All of this will be determined by you, so do your Diva Dirt duty and vote!

Beth Phoenix

Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Beth Phoenix. Angelina Love‘s shoot earned 220 votes to Beth’s 316.

Beth’s photoshoot will included in our “photoshoot of the month” poll at the end of June.

This week’s batch of photoshoots feature Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky. Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot. Vote in the poll below and come back this time next week to see the winner.

Brooke Tessmacher

Velvet Sky



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  • xxQOXxx


  • DarknessRuler

    All Velvet shoots are the same.

  • mpezza

    Brooke. Im really not a fan of Velvet or her attires.

  • art


  • JJ

    How could you not vote Brooke!!?! She’s put a lot of effort into her body recently and her abs look amazing.

    Still can’t vote from my iPhone :(

  • trishfan11

    Never liked Velvet. Don’t hate her but I have never understood her pull. On the other hand, Brooke should easily take this.

  • Rhawk

    Velvet’s phtotshoots always look the same as the last, so Brooke gets my vote here. Plus her arse is WAAAY better than Velvet’s, just being honest here. ;-)

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      O by far! Compared to Brooke, Velvet doesn’t even have an Ass Lmao

      • swax1

        Brooke Tessmacher is just plain #Asstasstic B-)

  • Jhonmarco

    Neither really, but if I had to choose I’d go with Brooke.

  • misschrissi7

    Brooke gets my vote. I love both KOs, but Velvet looks like she’s trying to hard to be sexy & i’m not a fan of her RollerDerby ring gear.

  • BillyGP

    Brooke get my vote.

  • melon2617

    I’m never a huge fan of Brooke’s photoshoots. I’m not sure why but I just never like them, so I voted Velvet.

  • jcarcano12

    Velvet but this picture r boring

  • Kessuki

    lol theres nothing happening in either but i chose brooke. not much difference between the two but i like brooke and she will be a half decent champ.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Brooke looks great, and so happy she is our champ now. Velvet Eh i don’t know i used to love her, but not anymore. and i hate her horrible RollerDerby attire.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    WOW perhaps the two most stunning women wrestlers alive against each other.

    Brooke gets my vote

  • swax1

    THE hottest TNA Knockouts Champion of All Time Brooke Tessmacher all the way! B-)

  • DaffanaticEmma

    Voted for Brooke this time because there’s always so many Velvet photo shoots it’s nice to see a new Brooke one and like her poses more. If I had her looks/body I’d be very very lucky!