Former TNA Knockout Retires from Wrestling

Former TNA Knockout Rosie Lottalove, aka Betsy Ruth, has announced her retirement from professional wrestling. In a short statement on Twitter, she wrote:

Been out of Twitter world 4ever. Had a lot going on. Medical probs have forced me to retire from wrestling :-( Thanks 4 all the support!

She also confirmed that she would be requiring surgery to remove her ovary.

Lottalove, who trained under Bully Ray and D-Von at the Team 3D Academy, was signed briefly by TNA in 2010.

Many will remember that Lottalove infamously took part in an ill-fated tryout match with Daffney, resulting in the veteran suffering a bruised sternum after Lottalove accidentally sat on top of her. Due to her various injuries suffered in TNA, Daffney has since filed a lawsuit against TNA. It was reported earlier this week that TNA paid medical bills exceeding $9,000 for the injuries sustained in the tryout match.

Diva Dirt wishes Rosie the best of luck in maintaining a clean bill of health.

  • Poison Ivory

    I was a huge fan of her gimmick, too bad it didn’t work out. And it must be so sad to have your ovaries removed, knowing that you can’t have children. Best of luck to her

  • joshmm3

    No big loss…(pun intended) I never liked her after that daffney botch anyways.

    • art

      LMAO…..same she was way to dangerous…

      • cutymania

        because accidents don’t happen right? Never hear anyone talking crap about Victoria/Tara and all the injuries she’s given other women..

  • Queen Bee

    Good. She needs to lose weight.

    • mikie91

      I actually like that she’s a big girl. It made her stand out. Too bad she wasn’t great in the ring. She could’ve been something. And her injuring Daffney didn’t help either.

  • MNM4ever

    i thought she was great, something different to the usual womens wrestler :(
    Wish her well for the future!!!!

  • Kantrell


  • mpezza

    Some of you people are so harsh. :/
    But best of luck to her. I hope she gets through surgery and the implications well.

  • GlamSlamFan

    Wow, some of the comments are just nasty.
    If you’re gonna criticize her, criticize her for her wrestling ability, not size.

    …and people wonder why the WWE seem to only hire ‘models’ anymore.

    • Jhonmarco


  • JJ

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of her as a wrestler, she’s a person first and foremost and I hope she gets healthy.

    • TheJoJoIsCrazy

      I just wanted to thank you for giving such a mature, compassionate cmment which is sadly becoming RARE.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I really enjoyed her time in TNA’, and wish it had of lasted longer, and I wish her all the best in the future, and hopefully it goes good for her :)

    p.s I dont have any bad feeling toward her for the try out match with Daffney, things happen,

  • Evan

    She’ll always be known as the Knockout who crushed Daffney..

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    She looks like fake Lita in that pic lol.

    So sad about her ovaries, i hope she recovers and some of you people are heartless, shame on you.

  • Ryan

    Aghh…No big loss…gotta say I did like her in TNA except when she crushed n permanently damaged poor Daffney. But hope Rosie gets better. Much Health n Wealth babe

  • Mariah Dynamite

    She was a terrible pro wrestler and injured one of my favorite female wrestlers. I am glad she is out of the business. The happy-go-lucky-overly-self-concious-and-over-sexed fat girl gimmick ran its course with Faye.