Today in History: Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde in a “1,000 Thumbtacks” Match

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June 25th, 2009 | While we’re usually not big fans of stipulations that include the words “on a pole”, Daffney and Taylor Wilde‘s “1,000 Thumbtacks” match had our attention. A bag full of thumbtacks hung from a pole in one of corners, and Daffney was the first to grab it, spilling the tacks all over the mat. The Knockouts fought hard to avoid being tossed into the thumbtacks, but Daffney eventually took the fall, being dropped back-first onto them and thereby losing the match. Daffney’s willingness to take big, painful bumps has defined her career, but given her current lawsuit against TNA concerning medical bills from injuries sustained from taking her bumps, hers should be considered a cautionary tale.

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  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    I wish TNA would go back to doing these kinda matches, and not just regular matches. ):

    • Indymark75

      I mostly expect some pretty ordinary matches from TNA women in the future. Not that some Knockouts wouldn’t do these matches again, it’s the cost of sewing them back up after the damage is done.

  • Mariah Dynamite

    I wasn’t a fan of Daffney in WCW, but in TNA she was amazing. She is honestly one of my favorite female wrestlers post 2000. She could work, cut promos, and wasn’t worried about taking a few risks. Rarely do you see a women come in with looks, talent, a good gimmick, and can work. I definitely respect her and hope her situation with TNA works out for the best and everything that should be right is done right. Hate that she isn’t on my TV weekly.

  • Jhonmarco

    I miss these 2 so much. Despite Taylor’s lack of charisma, her wrestling was always on-point.

  • Jillfan1

    I LOVED THIS TIME IF only (not complaining) Sarita and Gail and a few others that were amazing competitors where withing the company at this time not right now but yet there would be overloaded with KO’S, It would have been so INCREDIBLE THIS MATCH ONE OF MY FAVORITES LOVE THE FEUD THE CROWD was in to they got attention for their in ring skills sure they were beautiful but the crwod didn’t really see only T&A i miss these times sucks only 3 yrs ago and I’m speaking like it was 10 yrs ago TNA is ok when it comes to the KO’S they need to fix up ASAP >.< Wish Taylor never left girl was magic and crisp in the ring Daffney deserved to be Champion before anyone else at that time

  • Liam Holden

    haha Daffney was all kinds of awesome.

    WWE recently did a list of absurd champions and listed Daffney as WCW Cruiserweight Champ, Trish as Hardcore (strangely) Judy Bagwell as tag team champion and Jackie as Cruiserweight

  • Ryan

    Daffney was insane!! loved this chick!!! She was on of many pple here she was loved very much her wrestling was very good. Also she had that Table Match with Hamada THAT WAS INSANE!!!!!

    Miss Taylor Wilde too!! She was one or if not the best

  • Michael K.

    My favorite ex-knockout! Loved me some Zombie Hot!

  • javiousmckenzie

    Paige gives me so much Daffney mixed with Victoria i would love them to put her with the Ascension and giver her a character like this