Today in History: Melina vs. Michelle at The Bash 2009

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June 28th, 2009 | At 2009’s The Bash, Melina and Michelle McCool came full circle from Melina’s debut match against Michelle back in 2005 (coincidentally, also taking place this week in history). The match put Melina’s Women’s Championship on the line, so when Michelle emerged victorious, she also emerged as the first Diva to have held both the Divas and Women’s Championships.

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  • JJ

    What a surprise Michelle got that honour!

    I still think they took the title off Melina too soon; she should have retained here, by the skin of her teeth, then lost the belt the next month.

    This was a decent enough match. Alicia was a particular highlight; she really shone in her protege role. In hindsight I wish they’d kept her on Smackdown paired with McCool longer.

  • shameronstar

    This was the match when I really started to see Michelle McCool as a legit wrestler because her series of matches with Melina really demonstrated how much she grow as a wrestler!

    • shameronstar

      Also, I wonder what would have happened if Alicia stayed paired with Michelle instead of LayCool being created?

      • jay8333

        Im guessing she might of have taken Layla’s place in lay-cool or maybe there would have not been a diva stable for that time.

  • MNM4ever

    For me, referring to the divas these were by far the glory days of smackdown . The mathces were lenghty and melina/michelle/layla/alicia often put up great matches.
    for me this match at the bash wasnt quite as good as michelle vs melina at one night stand but was still of a very high standard and was very entertaining. Melina especially pulled out all the stops and shone in the match. Gotta lover her <3 She should have kept the title longer though! GREAT MATCH and definitely one of the best in recent times

  • melina prez

    Great match! michelle deserved the win (even thought i would have loved for Melina to win). I think their match at Night of Champions was better and i wish that put them on the card for summer slam like they were originally going to do. I miss them both…

    I really wish they kept Great American Bash…i liked the ppv

  • Jake

    lol Another match that pissed a lot of people off. Then again, what match didn’t piss people off?

  • lucky1now

    these two always did something great together

  • melon2617

    The matches were excellent but I hated this feud, as it was the beginning of the one sided Michelle feuds. Poor Melina never got a win, and when the titles were unified, the entire roster kicked the holy crap out of Michelle and she still beat Melina with just a single big boot.

    My problem with Michelle wasn’t her ability or lack thereof, she was quite capable in the ring. My problem was that Michelle’s feuds only showcased Michelle. Even the Layla half of Laycool was forced to acquiese her accomplishments to Michelle. Everything and everyone revolved around her all of the time and that’s part of why the division is such a mess. No one had a character, just Laycool so when Laycool fell off of the Earth, it was trial by fire trying to help these women develop characters they didn’t have previously. Some of have managed to do that (Eve, AJ, even the Bellas bad girl personality was something), but others have struggled (K2, Beth, Natalya). Michelle’s dominance was a hinderance to the division as a whole. Would I love to see the women’s division have storylines again? Heck yes! But it has to involve more than one woman running the show.

    • ItsRayVolution

      I never really bought that argument about diva feuds being one sided and how one woman is dominant honestly since the same thing can be said about a lot of other girls. Trish Stratus (especially in her heel turn in 2005), Sable, hell even Ivory…and perhaps a few more others -shrugs-

      • melon2617

        Trish’s opponents could beat her. They beat her in tag matches, they beat her for the title, in Jazz’s case, they just beat the crap out of her. During Trish’s heel turn, she only had one real rival in Lita, who was “pregnant” during that time. There were a handful of one-offs, but the focus was Lita, who inevitably beat Trish up, “broke her nose” and then beat her for the title and would have retained it had she not gotten injured.

        In Michelle’s case, there was the odd tag team match victory for her opponents, but they almost always pinned Layla. Michelle was rarely beaten and her opponents were almost always crucified. Laycool got mic time while their opponents stood mute. Laycool got ring time while their opponents got to stand on the ramp and look angry. Once someone finally ended their reign of terror, Michelle claims she “lost her passion” for wrestling and needed to go gently into that good night.

        • redsandman99

          Mickie and Natalya did get mic time in their feuds with Michelle though admittedly it wasn’t anywhere near the mic time Michelle and Layla got to rip through them. After losing the belt, Laycool did get beat up some by Beth and Natalya (tables match, big tag match on New Year’s Eve, Beth beating each of them back to back weeks on Smackdown) but even then it wasn’t like Beth or Natalya were helped. Natalya had a lackluster divas title reign (her feud with Melina was totally screwed up by Melina; it had the chance to be epic) and Beth drifted around until freaking August while Laycool remained the focus.

        • GailKimFan09e

          Michelle GOT PINNED BY SNOOKI….. Enough said!

    • MELshocked


      I love how you say the Melina/Natalya was “totally screwed up by Melina,” when in actuality, it wasn’t at all. Melina said before in an interview that they (creative, I guess) just didn’t want to go that direction, so it was pushed out of the way. If I recall, Michelle even said in an interview or something that her and Layla came up with that whole “thrown out/off of RAW” segment so other girls could get the opportunity, but creative had them come back so they could challenge Natalya for the Royal Rumble match, which even Michelle said made no sense. And if you want to get technical, Melina’s heel turn and her feud with Natalya was doomed from the beginning because it wasn’t given the attention it should have been given. You’re right, it did have the chance to be epic… but so did Divas of Doom. Yet they dropped randomly as well.

      • redsandman99

        I actually meant to say creative screwed up the Melina/Natalya feud but made the mistake of reading what I had just wrote as I kept writing and didn’t bother to check it over that well before posting. My bad.

      • Jhonmarco

        Actually I’d say Melina did screw up the Melina/Natalya feud. She complained about turning heel on twitter and totally broke kayfabe by stating it was just an act because she didn’t want fans to get the wrong idea. Big mistake, as then creative totally buried her & instead of perhaps winning the title at RR, she was defeated in 2-3 minutes on RAW. There of course is the fact that the feud was doomed due to little attention, but to dismiss what Melina did completely is silly. I’ve seen that interview, but honestly I can’t believe half the things that come out of that girl’s mouth.

        • silverink-25

          As far as Melina letting everyone know it was an act, you can’t blame her for not wanting anymore hate against her. Quite a few things were said about her because of her on TV personality, and it was WWE’s idea to make social media a big deal for getting storylines across. Because if I remember correctly, they didn’t start focusing on social media until some time last year or so, maybe 2010. And Melina, as well as other wrestlers, have been using social media for a while to get in touch with the fans as themselves, not their characters.

        • Jhonmarco

          Totally get that and I understand Melina’s reasoning, but I’m sure she is aware of WWE’s feelings toward breaking kayfabe. At the end of the day, is having fans liking you and understanding you’re playing a character worth putting your job on the line? No one is saying she has to play up her character on twitter, just be herself.

    • MELshocked

      “No one is saying she has to play up her character on twitter, just be herself.”

      …But I’m confused, because that is exactly what she did. I don’t blame her for breaking kayfabe, to be honest. When she was heel before, although she pulled it off amazingly and was probably one of the best female heels since Stephanie McMahon (my opinion, anyone can disagree), people were relentless. It was a common thing that people would mistake Melina (the person) for Melina (the character). Now, I’m not saying she is the most perfect person in the world, and she has never tried to say she was, but since she has walked in the door, it seems like every other day… a new “story” pops up about her. People believe these things, without any crucial proof and bash Melina, not only as a character, but as a person. The thing you have to realize is that, sadly, some wrestling fans take wrestling really seriously. They cannot disconnect the storylines from real life and the characters from the people playing them.

      A perfect example of this was when Melina posted her YouTube video about her going to Asia and coming back to “kick Gail’s butt,” she called Gail a “horrible friend” to further their little storyline they had going on. In return, people started jumping on Melina for calling Gail a horrible friend. They were believing it, so bad that Melina had to disable comments on that video, as well as tell people that they are really friends and it was all just a little bit of fun. So, I don’t blame Melina for breaking kayfabe, because when it comes to Melina, people tend to believe anything they hear (not just Melina, that’s the internet masses in general, but you know what I mean). Am I saying the stories are not true? No. What I’m saying is… people read these things on these dirt sheets about her and then to go to Twitter and see her acting like her “character,” well… that would kind of blur the lines for them. In a way, that was Melina’s way to keep her name OFF of dirt sheets, but it back fired and became the reason why she WAS on the dirt sheets. But when it comes to Melina… anything she says or does will become a story, because she is Melina, and that is the sad fact of her career. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and sorry for the long reply lol.

      • Jhonmarco

        Totally understand where you’re coming from.

  • divafan

    I think Michelle had always got the spotlight before not only because she was the wife of undertaker but also because she was a talented wrestler who’s great in mic and in keeping her character. This match was a sample of her great skill. Melina and Michelle had always have a good chemistry in the ring

  • trishstratusfan4ever

    wwe had michelle doin all this history makin for nun.
    shes still irrelevant.its all about queen trish.
    and shes been retired since 06

  • Jhonmarco

    Despite Michelle’s lack of charisma, I LOVED this feud. The matches were always on-point & physical.

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Michelle & Melina had a good chemistry in the ring & they’re both really athletic. This match is really good and entertaining I miss these type of matches…
    PS: This is also the last time that we see Melina with the Women’s title & whatever we love her or not this is undeniable that she is one of the greatest Diva in WWE history.

  • 04bia

    this was a great match, and a great start to their feud.
    i loved their match @ NOC09! my favourite matche till date!!! i cant believe they’re no longer here :(

    idc what people say but michelle did alot for the divas division, she gave us some of the most memorable matches along with melina despite whatever the haters say. i was always a big michelle fan, and her void is here today in wwe. sure she lacked charisma but id take in ring ability over charisma any day. also michelle began getting some personality during laycool and i loved the laycool era! i wish they’d return!

  • sugarrush28

    I loved these 2 together. They put on alot of good matches and are missed today. By me anyway

  • swax1

    Today,that pathetic bitch now TNA Knockout Gail Kim,let a historic achievement in WWE history slip through her fingers when she ALLOWED some BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS Diva Search reject named Michelle McCool to become the first woman in history to hold the WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Divas Championship.Gail at that time was only interested in going backstage and getting on her knees and sucking Vince McMahon’s cock every week and being a jobber instead of wanting to win championships.

    • art

      LOL….do you just change names of all your replies here….gail never sucked vince or she would have had the title…blame michelles power on that….
      gail left because she wasn’t being used…

  • WweLitafan4ever

    melina was good & entertaining;shame she got released.


    Great match. Ouch at 5:23!! Probably didn’t hurt melina tho!


    Damn Michelle was vicious. So was Melina when she was heel.

  • Ryan

    LOVE Michelle mcCool
    But much like Bret Hart I fell in love with Melina here!! I have never seen her this good (except in the submission match against Beth that one time)
    Melina despite being owned here she was STILL kicking ass and Michelle was on her like a pitbull!! These two are so physical and aggressive yet remain on pint and smooth in the technical department! This is deff a classic like Lita vs Trish or Victoria vs Trish!! Melina n Michelle were made for one another! Then again any McCool match was great! Was really happy when Michelle finally after 5 long years won the Womens Championship and the Night of Champs was even greater match!!

    In a way this was redemption for Melina lol..she had done sooo many ppla bad and in fact the first person Melina took out was on Smackdown 2005 Michelle McCool with those douchebags mercury n Morrison doing the SnapShot on Michelle n Christy Hemme haha

    I havent seen a divas match this good in a looooong time.
    And Alicia SUCKS on the mic…Layla is way better n Layla rocks at wrestling!

    Screw the haters Victoria is right pple who feel backstage politics take part are those who rather bicker n whine behind someones back than step up n say it. Hence why so many dislike Michelle McCool and had nothing but bad things to say about her…Shes Takers wife…he can crush u bro!!

  • art

    Was this the start of michelles never ending push or already in it lol…

    • Ryan

      Michelle was getting a push but maryse was also getting a mega push on raw
      Except maryse could not really bad it up in the to except her sexy antics kept her around haha

      • Jhonmarco

        Maryse got some pushes, but nothing compared to McCool. With that said, both more than earned those pushes. McCool had the undeniable skills and Maryse just oozed charisma more than any other woman these past few years honestly. Maryse was WAY more than sexy antics.

        • redsandman99

          If Maryse had the skill of McCool (or McCool had the charisma of Maryse) that would have been just the ultimate combo. Maryse had been coming along nicely at least until her knee injury…after that she just hit a plateu.

        • Ryan

          Yup REDSANDAMAN99 I loved Maryse big time at first became an even bigger fan when she took it to Beth Phoenix at Survivor Series 2008 was proud when she beat Michelle McCool was a GREAT Match with Maria as the ref but then she got hurt n it wasnt until she went to Raw that she became kind of comfortable since on Raw I assume she wasnt required to put much effort, then again if u have an Injury and ARENT required to bust ur butt why should u lol
          I know a lot of divas WOULD bust their butts for the love of wrestling even thru injuries

          Maryse n Michelle both had something one lacked
          Skill n Charisma
          Thing of Beauty those two

  • MNM4ever

    i’ll always feel that if given even more time, melina and michelle could have even topped the NOC match which was almost absolute perfection <3
    it had it all- wrestling quality, told a story and was entertaining through each and every second. I miss seeing melina but well at least she still makes some wrestling appearences :)