WWE Launching New Weekly TV Show in October

WWE has announced today the launch of a new weekly TV series, WWE Main Event, to debut on the ION network in October.

An official press release sent out today states that the new show will air Wednesdays at 8pm ET and will continue storylines from Raw and SmackDown.

The show premieres on October 3rd.

Read the press release below:

[notice]STAMFORD, Conn., June 25, 2012 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) and ION Television today announced a new weekly one-hour original series airing on Wednesday nights at 8/7C. WWE Main Event will debut on October 3, 2012, and feature WWE Superstars and Divas from the rosters of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. The new show will be available in 100 million U.S. television households on ION Television, a top-rated general entertainment network that features a broad mix of critically acclaimed series, movies and original programming.

“ION Television is delighted to begin a new partnership with such a successful and well-recognized franchise as WWE,” said Brandon Burgess, CEO, ION Media Networks. “As a general entertainment network with a solid foundation, WWE Main Event is a great addition to our lineup that features something for everyone. We look forward to introducing our ION audience to all of the excitement and drama WWE has to offer as well as welcoming a passionate new fan base to the network.”

“WWE looks forward to this new partnership with ION Television,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “We are excited about producing this new television show, WWE Main Event, and bringing our fans to ION Television every Wednesday.”

WWE Main Event will feature in-ring action and fit seamlessly in storylines from Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, making Wednesday night appointment viewing for fans. The new series will offer a big arena experience with live audiences like current WWE weekly programs.[/notice]

Thoughts: Hmm, they say it will continue storylines from Raw and SmackDown, but I’m skeptical. Another WWE Superstars? Or a replacement? I’ve never heard of ION, but then again I’m not American, so…

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  • mikie91

    Superstars 2.0?

  • darkangels

    just another wwe weekly review show i swear wwe is going down hill fast

  • lucky1now

    im going to stay positive and hope this actually works out

  • jcarcano12

    ION is a boring channel

    • WWFoverWWE

      LMAO I agree

    • perceval

      And what was the USA channel back in the 80s? TNN (now Spike) was a country music station before Raw transformed it into what it became. What was UPN before Smackdown?

    • DarknessRuler

      Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Leverage, Cold Case, Without a Trace

      Sorry but ION is not a boring channel.

      • jcarcano12

        I don’t Like those shows

  • Poison Ivory

    RAW going for 3 hours, a new show, what next? They’re having already troubles with filling their shows without using pointless filler.

  • Marshy

    Should just give the show to the Divas,cause they are on least amount of time on TV than any midcarders or any underdogs, and besides everytime that you or we or I turn around that they have sign another Diva to the roster.

    • TDS1984

      I have been saying this for years!

  • Lanoom

    …Ion? Really? This is weirder than when Smackdown came to SyFy.

    Anyway, it’s just going to be a new Superstars.

  • ahlhelm

    This will replace Superstars, I all but guarantee it.

    If by “continuing storylines” they mean, give Epico & Primo another match, they are probably telling the truth.

  • xxQOXxx

    Why is everyone complaining? If it has Divas on i don’t care how boring the channel is.

  • AfroJack

    WWE Superstars doesn’t continue storylines.. just random matches. So it ain’t another Superstars, if anything it’s another way to build up high profile feuds/PPV matches, kinda like Saturday Night Main Event, but I wonder if Sky Sports will air it?

    It airs on Wednesday but what about NXT!? and I’m guessing the WWE Network has been completely scrapped

  • B1G_FaN

    I don’t think I get that channel and I get almost every channel known to mankind!

  • Indymark75

    So another expensive program…how much are the McMahon’s willing to bleed in such a pointless manner, and how much WWE can fans stomach?

    • Mikas

      This doesnt cost WWE money, they get paid by the tv stations to make these programs.

  • perceval

    OK, so we go from “They don’t give enough time to the Divas!” to “They’re adding an hour to Raw & adding another hour of programming with this! They’ll have to fill that time with things like several minute Natalya vs AJ matches! OH NOEZ!”

    Heat did very well during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, and it was about mixing matches with recapping Raw. While it wasn’t one of the two main shows, it was very vital. Lita, Trish & Victoria all debuted on it. That show saw a lot of great women’s matches. I don’t see how anyone who supports the Divas can see a modern version of Heat (whatever it’s name turns out to be) as a BAD thing. The original was VITAL to building the Golden Era of Divas.

    Heat’s biggest moment was January 31, 1999: Rock vs Mankind for the WWF Championship. Yep, the WWF Championship once changed hands on the “C” show.

    • AfroJack

      Yeah I remember that, Heat got a 6.6 rating that time! Heat was actually the B show then, since Smackdown didn’t exist then. WWF Shotgun was the C show at that time.

      Anyway, WWE should really be more original and consistent with their new shows. We already had WWF Superstars and WWF Main Event back in the 90s.

    • Prescott

      Damn great post. I dare to say a lot of that was *because* of the eras. That was an era about buzz, shoots, crazy matches, crazier spots, non-PG happenings, etc. In fact, it drew better than the PG Era but Vince & WWE think that PG is their long-term answer and it also helps in keeping sponsors, involving charities, ducking the Million Moms/clones and their unquestionable power, etc.

      It’s a neat idea but as long as they don’t even succeed much with their B Show, SmackDown, it’s a pipe dream to think that they can get a Phoenix out of the ashes of Superstars and NXT with a third show. They switch the aprons before RAW, throw on a few matches with undercard talent, mix in recaps and video promos, that’s about it. The fans get this whether consciously or unconsciously and react accordingly, meaning not at all.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    It will probably be like Superstars. Start off with the main eventers and for continuing storylines, but then just become the D show for people who have nothing to do.

  • SteveSteve

    Im kind of excited about this. Before superstars was on some ridiculouse chanel not many people got so it really didnt mean anything but ion is acually channel 17 for me (I live in ny) so maybe since its on a more general chanel itll mean more and stuff like that. Holler

  • shameronstar

    In unrelated news, I heard Kharma has finished training and is ready to return.

    • Kessuki

      thankyou for this tidbit of useful information.

  • BobAnthony

    The story behind Ion is quite complex. It began as the PAX network in 1998. Its flagship station in New York is WPXN-TV Channel 31, the former non-commercial foreign language WNYC-TV (run by the city of New York) then a failed commercial business TV station WBIS+ (why that plus sign, I’ll never know).

    I think a more comprehensive look can be at Ion’s Wikipedia page.


    I bet $10 it’s gonna be just recapping.

  • pumped up kicks

    What happened to wwe having their own network??

    • Mikas

      Scheduled for the end of 2012. At least thats what they said in one of their stock meetings.

  • Prescott

    Really rough move here. It’s a sign of the times. They’re off Broadcast TV, not exactly blowing it up on ScyFy (LOL), the WGN show didn’t even stick. NXT, meh. Even Tough Enough was not exactly the best thing ever. Now there may be no WWE Network (let’s just throw it all on YouTube so I can go back to Linda’s campaign!) and ION network is the go-to place? What’s with calling it Main Event too?

    The week is already too saturated as it is. Many look at spoilers so LIVE is key to getting/keeping hot angles and generating buzz. All it says to me is WWE is weakening, if slightly, and the prospects for competition seem brighter and brighter. Now if only TNA could rid themselves of the Bischhogan cancer and quit force-feeding us Madison Rayne . . .