Pro-Wrestling: EVE ‘Special Edition’ Line-Up: TNA Knockout Winter, Twins vs Twins, An Alpha Female vs An Amazon

Pro-Wrestling: EVE has unveiled a partial line-up for its next show, Special Edition, which takes place on July 14 in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.

The main event title match has been announced and will feature EVE Champion Alpha Female taking another woman of immense stature, Ayesha Ray, also known as Amazon.

Plus, it has been announced that TNA Knockout Winter will face Nikki Storm, and former champion Jenny Sjodin will also be in action.

Details below:


Saturday July 14
The Delphi Centre
CO10 1RR

Doors Open 18:30
First Bell 19:00

Tickets available from
£20 Front Row (less than a third remaining), £10 General Admission, £5 Concessions,
£18 Family of Four.
KIDS GO FREE when accompanied by a full paying adult (General Admission Only).

Originally scheduled to be a live iPPV, EVE were recently notified that the iPPV supplying company were unfortunately unable to keep to the agreed dates due to an unexpected scheduling conflict. This put EVE management in an awkward spot due to an obviously reduced income for the night in a very niche market. Our choices were either a) move the date of the iPPV, b) cancel or c) run as a taped show. Naturally we opted to move the date at first, however, we were unable to find a sufficient venue within the required time frame. The idea of running a single date instead of a weekender (The Delphi Centre was unable to accomodate a second date at short notice), as EVE usually does, was one that would hurt EVE financially due to the restricted income without iPPV and thus we were realistically left with the only option of cancelling.

But as we all know, we’ve had our hands forced before and we always come up with something! We REALLY hated the idea of not staging an event again until November 10 and so after speaking to a number of fans at shows that featured EVE guest matches (such as at BritWrestFest, Southside, IPW:UK) we knew we had to at least do something! We therefore have worked with several individuals in making July 14 possible, and so on Saturday, July 14th, Pro-Wrestling: EVE will present EVE: SPECIAL EDITION.

The show will feature three guest matches from several of the top mens promotions in Europe, helping expose the EVE brand to those who perhaps would otherwise not give women’s wrestling a chance due to the way it had been portrayed on television in addition to helping expose their brands to wrestling fans perhaps unaware of them.

These matches compliment the ‘Special Edition’ Pro-Wrestling: EVE DVD taping that will see Alpha Female defend the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship, plus the return of two former EVE Professionals and the EVE debut of former WWE Diva and TNA Knockouts Champion – “Winter” Katarina Waters!

“Special Edition” will also see two returns to Pro-Wrestling:EVE in addition to two debuts, a European Dream Match, First Time Ever Match and of course the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship will be defended in the evenings Main Event!


“The Hardcore Daredevil” Blue Nikita is the last active European singles star from the ‘ChickFight Era’ and was always right at the top of the list of classic battles waging wars with Amazing Kong (Khama), Cheerleader Melissa and most notably “The Croatian Panther” Wesna Busic – in fact it was Blue Nikita and Wesna’s violent matches that actually contributed to ChickFight being banned from a venue in Ipswich.

When Pro-Wrestling:EVE began Blue Nikita continued her ChickFight winning ways by defeating Britani Knight and then Saraya Knight at the debut EVE tapings on 8 May 2010 before being suspended from the company for unprofessional conduct. Blue Nikita returned to EVE on April 8 2011 before once again disappearing from the active roster again due to unprofessional conduct. Blue Nikita’s personality matches that of her in-ring style, its reckless, dangerous and sometimes even self destructive – but to think Blue Nikita can’t wrestle would be a major mistake. At one time the Greek native was in fact regarded as perhaps the best technical wrestler in all of Europe and her win over Sara Del Ray showed not only that but coupled in with her hard-hitting strikes and high impact wrestling style Blue Nikita was also one of the best in the world….

But now another European wrestler appears to lay claim to the that throne. Not by saying she does but rather by industry experts, fans and even her peers claiming that she does. “The Female Fight Machine” Jenny Sjodin burst onto the radars of wrestling fans on May 8 2010 in the very first match of the debut Pro-Wrestling:EVE event. On June 4 2011 Sjodin captured the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship and would go on to defend that title successfully for the next 10 months – even headlining the very first ever live European iPPV on February 18 2012 against Alpha Female at Pro-Wrestling:EVE “No Man’s Land: Sjodin v Alpha”. Sjodin used her hybrid style of professional wrestling meets mixed martial arts in order to gain her amazing success in such a short period of time.

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu and grappling gold medal winner in numerous tournaments all around the world, Sjodin has also recently been adding a number of top rope moves to her arsenal, top that off with her innovative submission holds, pin-point accuracy strikes and being one of the strongest female professional wrestlers in the game today and you have arguably the most complete professional wrestler in existence.

Blue Nikita vs Jenny Sjodin warrants the term “European Dream Match”, it is a fight that wrestling fans have been asking for and its a match that both will refuse to lose.

After graduating from the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada under the tutelage of former WWE, WCW and ECW Champion Lance Storm, Rhia O’Reilly made her professional wrestling debut on Saturday May 8 2010 at the debut show of Pro-Wrestling:EVE. Unfortunately despite the sound training from Lance Storm and the tremendous subsequent training from the great Justin Richards in the UK, O’Reilly was has not been able to find her winning ways amassing an EVE Career Record of 15 Fights, 3 Wins, 12 Losses. Frustration ended up getting the better of O’Reilly who after a loss to Super Janey B snapped and attacked the Super Hero in a dark alley outside the venue of where the two had fought that night ( Despite the change in attitude “The Fightin’ Irish” still found herself on the losing end of matches and because of this it’s now been determined that should Rhia O’Reilly wish to remain of the main Pro-Wrestling:EVE events then she MUST WIN her match against the talented and unorthodox Kirsty Love at EVE Special Edition. Should O’Reilly fail she will be removed from all EVE Main Shows until she has won three matches in a row across our affiliated promotions. Its a MUST WIN MATCH for O’Reilly!

Its a First Time Ever in female professional wrestling as twins battle twins with the EVE debut of The Owens Twins against former OVW champions Holly and Hannah – The Blossom Twins!

Not a great deal is currently known about Kacey and Leah Owens other than that they’re twins from County Down, Northern Ireland and are products of the Fight Factory training school. They’re easily the most dominant females in Ireland right now are looking to make a name for themselves at Special Edition by defeating arguably one of the premier tag teams in the world in The Blossom Twins who recently advanced in the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament with an impressive (if somewhat controversial) win over Perfect Storm!

There’s a lot we could say about this match, however “The Dynamite Queen” and self proclaimed “World’s Finest” Nikki Storm has released a video explaining everything herself!


Ayesha Ray may be more familiar to some wrestling fans by the name Amazon. The 6ft Londoner appeared on some of the early Pro-Wrestling:EVE events towering over opponents such as Jenny Sjodin, April Davids and Rhia O’Reilly and damn near dominated in the EVE Last Chance Battle Royal on April 8 2011. After disappearing from EVE following a Losers Leaves EVE tag team match on April 9 (although she herself was not pinned), Ayesha Ray has been granted a return to EVE after continuously dominating the regional wrestling scene in the UK.
Back and with a brand new attitude the once silent Londoner is now in your face with a sinister smile and ready to bring her imagination of horror to life at the expense of the EVE roster.

As mentioned earlier, after dominating the regional wrestling scene in the UK Ayesha Ray comes into this match wanting the biggest fight in Europe possible and they don’t come bigger than the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion Alpha Female!

The 6’1″ Professional Predator won the EVE Championship on April 1st in front of over 900 fans at The Coronet Theatre in London ending the incredible 10 month reign of “The Female Fight Machine” Jenny Sjodin. Losing just one match (under questionable circumstances) since May 8 2010 Alpha’s EVE tenure can certainly be described as nothing short of dominant – but the challenges keep getting tougher and in this case bigger. For the first time Alpha goes into a contest against someone whom she won’t tower over, against someone whom she can’t easily throw around and against someone who who isn’t just prepared to wrestle – but is prepared to fight. Ayesha Ray is a completely different kind of threat to Alpha Female than she’s ever experienced before. Ayesha Ray is like no other wrestler Alpha has ever faced and this match will be nothing sort of a war. Ayesha Ray has the opportunity to make the greatest return to EVE imaginable and instantly put herself on the wrestling worlds radar.

July 14 – EVE Championship – Alpha Female (C) vs Ayesha Ray

Its Gonna Be a Fight!

We’ll have more announcements including the identity of the three guest matches over the next few days!

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Pro-Wrestling:EVE presents
“Special Edition”
The Delphi Centre
Alexandra Road, CO10 2RR
Sudbury, Suffolk.

Doors Open 18:30.

Tickets available from
£20 Front Row (less than a third remaining), £10 General Admission, £5 Concessions
£18 Family of Four
KIDS GO FREE when accompanied by a full paying adult (General Admission Only).


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Pro-Wrestling:EVE presents
“Special Edition”
The Delphi Centre
Alexandra Road, CO10 2RR
Sudbury, Suffolk.

Doors Open 18:30.

Tickets available from
£20 Front Row (less than a third remaining), £10 General Admission, £5 Concessions
£18 Family of Four
KIDS GO FREE when accompanied by a full paying adult (General Admission Only).[/notice]

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