Raw Redux (June 25th, 2012): AJ Wins a Battle Royal. YES! YES! YES!

Well, it’s unfair to say that the Divas division has been rejuvenated in recent weeks because it absolutely hasn’t, but what has been rejuvenated is the character that AJ has been portraying. She’s still wrapped up in this weird love square with Daniel Bryan, Kane, and the WWE Champion, CM Punk. And when Raw kicks off it’s programming with a video package centered around AJ and her relationships with these men, you know it’s going to be a good night.

It’s not night, however. It’s the morning after, and having only seen a small part of Raw last night, I’m curious to see where it went after I tuned out. With Vickie Guerrero getting her chance to be the general manager, you know things are going to be interesting.

The WWE gets us off to a quick start, Diva-wise, as they feature AJ in an incredible video package. After that, we head backstage where AJ is having a conversation. She’s addressing all three of her guys, and has a different message for each of them. To me, it seems like she is practicing for later?

I’m right, like usual.

Hmmm, I wonder where this is going to go? The last thing I want to see is Daniel Bryan and AJ go their separate ways. Lord knows I’m #AJBryan. I even voted for them last night in the WWE Twitter poll! But I also saw an incredible suggestion on Twitter. Someone, and  I believe it was Breaking Kayfabe, said that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk should just team up and form a new version of the MegaPowers. Talk about mouth-watering possibilities. People would care about tag team wrestling then and the thought of AJ as a punky misfit Miss Elizabeth?! YES, PLEASE!

If you aren’t completely sold on AJ, then I’m not entirely sure what you look for in your Divas. She’s been given so much to do in this feud, and it’s all been beautiful. I can promise you that your favorite Diva, whoever she might be, will never get this much to do on WWE television. I love it. Period.

Another Diva that I love, Vickie Guerrero, kicked off the non-backstage portion of the show, and rightfully so. She’s in the running to be the permanent GM of both Raw and SmackDown. As she starts to speak, she’s greeted with absolute massive heat and it’s glorious. I love the reactions Vickie gets from the crowds. They LOVE to hate this woman and she absolutely glows under the jeers of the crowd. It’s incredible. As Vickie’s first official act as guest GM, she announces a triple threat elimination match that is going to happen right now.

Cue Daniel Bryan’s theme!

I think we all know where this is going to go. DB is followed by Kane, and Kane is followed by CM Punk. Time for another orgasmic match between these three men. Can I just say that this is probably my favorite feud in forever?

Let’s see if AJ makes her presence felt.

Holy heck, what a match! Not that I’m surprised, but that may be my favorite from these three thus far. I wasn’t too keen on the limited amount of AJ, but it was effective. I can’t wait until it dawns on Kane that she keeps costing him matches. I think Kane needs to completely snap, and then I want to watch CM Punk come to AJ’s rescue. With Punk so distracted by keeping AJ safe from Kane, it’s going to give Daniel Bryan the perfect opportunity to take the championship from Punk. Then maybe my dream of AJ and DB revealing all of this craziness has been their own master plan cam come true. I will never stop wanting that to happen. Ever. What better way to make AJ a heel than have her screw over Punk?

After the match, we are taken backstage again, and this time we go to Queen Vickie’s office for the night.

Vickie is watching the monitor, pleased with the outcome of her triple threat elimination match, when Albie and Ricardo come into the picture. Albie is sexy and tries to sweet talk Queen Vickie, reminding her that he is the rightful number one contender to Sheamus’ World Heavyweight Championship. He has Ricardo present Vickie with a dozen red roses (assuming that someone of Albie’s wealth and stature would splurge for a dozen…) and then yells at his valet to go get a vase. Vickie is overcome, and obviously swooning over Albie, and Prince Dawlf comes up. He tells Albie that he stepped up, stole the show, and that Albie needs to take a number when it comes to who is the rightful number one contender. He turns to his Queen, who makes a fair, and unbiased decision. She puts both men against one another in a contract on a pole match for later on in the night.

Ricardo returns with the vase of flowers, and Prince Dawlf takes them. Sarcastically he asks if they’re for him, then he takes them, throws them against the wall, and storms off. Albie is irritated, and poor Ricardo, bless him, looks like he wants to cry. Vickie reassures him that they were beautiful and we fade to a promo for a returning Brodus Clay.

The returning Brodus Clay is going to be taking on the Big Show. All I can hope is that Cameron and Naomi are in their lime green outfits!

Oh, look! Prayers are answered! Honestly, I didn’t much care for the match. I think if Cameron and Naomi are going to continue on with Brodus, they need to help him in his matches. I get that they’re faces, but there were so many opportunities for them to try and get involved, and protect Brodus. Having the Big Show bully them would give him more heel heat as well, so it would have been beneficial to all of them. Brodus’ opponents should start looking at Naomi and Cameron as weaknesses. I think that would give the trio a little more fire because their gimmick is going to wear thin real quick. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

Continuing on with my theme of pretty much recapping the entire show… AJ is backstage again.

She’s talking again but this time, she has someone listening. The Big Red Machine is there! Kane tells AJ that he isn’t exactly expressive when it comes to revealing his feelings, and he tells AJ that it may come as a shock to her, but he isn’t exactly boyfriend material. AJ doesn’t seem to mind and says that their relationship is pretty unconventional. Kane quickly kills AJ’s smile by declaring that he doesn’t do relationships. He also adds that he’s a monster, and that he wears a mask. Then he tells our geek goddess that his only pleasure is inflicting pain on people. Kane continues on to say that in spite of all that, even he finds her a little unstable, and then tells her that it’s best that the two of them stay away from each other.

Well, damn. I may be Team  DB, but I didn’t necessarily want Kane and AJ to break up. My girl emotions feel kind of bad for her right now… until she starts to laugh/cry. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

This is lovely.

Want to know what else is lovely? Chris Jericho returning, looking like a rejected 1990’s rockstar, and Queen Vickie making her presence felt in his verbal war of words with John Cena.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch Cena speak, nor did I hear Jericho speak. Rafael Nadal was taking off his shirt at Center Court as this was going on. But as Queen Vickie declares that NO ONE can place themselves in either MiTB contract matches, I naturally assume that both Jericho and Cena booked themselves a spot in the match for the WWE Championship. Jericho tries to speak but Queen Vickie flips out. She tells him not to ever interrupt her because she is the general manager. You go, girl! Jericho gets cheeky as he apologizes and asks the Queen if she is going to suspend him.

Queen Vickie just gives a fake laugh and announces that the Board of Directors has already made the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. It will only be comprised of former WWE Champions, and that does include Cena and Jericho. Cena gives the Queen her props and tells her to only listen to the BoD, not to ever make her own decisions. A vengeful Queen Vickie declares that tonight’s main event is going to be John Cena versus Chris Jericho. Nice.

Queen Vickie rocks this whole GM thing, no?

Oh, dear. A Diva summer beach battle royal thing. This won’t be good, I’m sure. Can’t be any worse than the Heath Slater/Sid Vicious segment I just fast-forwarded through. What is good is how entertaining the contract on a pole match ended up being. Triple threat on SmackDown for the championship? Count me in!

Up next is the Diva battle royal but before we head to the ring, CM Punk is backstage talking on his iPhone. He concludes his call and AJ comes up behind him, covers his eyes, and tells him to guess. He wants to know if it’s King Kong Bundy. AJ smiles and apologizes to Punk for earlier since the outcome of the match probably wasn’t what he was hoping for. She tells him that she’s going to make it up to him by dedicating her match to him tonight. Punk thanks her and says that after the match they need to sit down and have a long, serious discussion about where things are going between the two of them. AJ jumps to the conclusion that Punk wants to take things to the next level and she agrees to the chat, but says that right now she just wants to concentrate on her match. She heads off, leaving Punk shaking his head.

No entrances as the Divas are already in the ring as we return from commercial break. Immediately my eyes flock to Natalya who’s wearing what I believe is a Betsey Johnson bikini. If it’s not, then it’s a more expensive version of one. Either way, I love it. The Divas involved in this match are Maxine, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn (who looks incredible), Beth Phoenix, Divas Champion Layla, AJ, Aksana, and Tamina (who is wearing the ugliest bikini I have ever seen — sorry, Tamina!). Before the match can start, Queen Vickie comes out. She’s in a black satin robe and decides she’s going to enter herself in this match. She makes a huge spectacle of disrobing and revealing her fabulous body in a leopard print, one piece bathing suit. The other Divas aren’t so impressed.

The bell rings and of course everyone goes after Vickie. After that it’s a hot mess of a few minutes that sees Beth accidentally eliminate Nattie, while trying to eliminate Layla. Beth gets eliminated by Layla, which prompts AJ to go after the champion. Layla ends up eliminated by AJ which leaves us with Queen Vickie versus AJ. Queen Vickie attempts to get rid of AJ, then celebrates like she won the match. AJ surprises her by sneaking back in. They catfight, then our Queen decides she has had enough. She’s trying to eliminate herself, but AJ kicks her out anyway. Queen Vickie hits the ground with a thud and AJ wins the battle royal and celebrates in true Daniel Bryan style. YES! YES! YES! chants all around.

Oh my goodness… that celebration was gold. Also, does this mean AJ is next in line for a championship shot having eliminated Layla? We can only hope. Oh man, I HOPE.

That does it for Raw. There were a million and one things to like about the show. I am not a radical feminist, so I don’t care if they compete in bathing suits. Their ring gear is about as small as a bathing suit a lot of the times so it’s whatever to me. AJ winning the battle royal gives me hope that she’s granted a Divas Championship shot at Money in the Bank. Of course, in my head, I’m picturing her and Daniel Bryan as the golden couple of the WWE. I know, I’m pretty crazy.

I liked what Raw gave us tonight, I truly do. There’s a lot of questions, and not a whole lot of answers. It’s refreshing, and more than anything, it’s different. I look forward to SmackDown this week.

Until next time… Cryssi out!

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  • jen07201

    AJ reminds me a little bit of crazy Mickie James.

  • Litaker61

    AJ is literally the most interesting character in the company right now. Its so fresh to see a diva actually get this much attention and AJ is working the crazy chick angle better than I ever thought she could.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Why do I have a feeling that AJ is going to go even more bananas once Punk tells her to hit the bricks?

    Loved the swimsuits and how fab does Vickie look? Amazing!

  • SherriShepherdWWE




  • SigmaX

    Every bit of screentime paid off lastnight for AJ as those chants pretty much cemented her as the absoloute top diva , and there is no one else that I am glad got this chance than her.

    And yes I to hope lastnight was either seeds planting or just full blown telling us Layla Vs AJ is the next big diva feud…because quite frankly it is the ONLY diva feud that would be worth a damn because both women can wrestle and have actual personality that they can convey to the crowd and get them to pay attention.

    The era of the Geek Goddess has begun.

    • BillyGP

      all i got to say to this is YES YES YES

  • BillyGP

    AJ is the best thing going in the WWE.

    Great night for AJ which means for the divas to me AJ was the star of RAW. YES YES YES

  • TheLadySamantha

    This was literally the worst Divas match I’ve seen in a while.

    • BillyGP

      Honestly it was to put over AJ not to be a real match. The chants she got from the crowd was great.

      • perceval

        Some people just won’t look at the big picture.

        • TheLadySamantha

          I think it’s hilarious how people are still defending this vomit inducing match. Open your eyes. Whether it was to put AJ over or not, I still expect a semi-decent match. This was just a mess.

  • shameronstar

    I thought this was a fun little match not anything to take seriously. Although, I am curious to see how this division is going to get back on its feet. I mean over half the people in this match are none exist because there either a) valets(Rosa Mendes and Aksana) or b) wrestle almost elusively online(Maxine, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Natalya, and Alicia Fox). The only people really who are constantly doing anything right now are Layla, Beth Phoenix, and AJ. Although, I do feel that Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Kharma would also be in the top diva rank as well if they were currently active! I just hope that something starts happening because the entire division is in need of a desperate extreme make-over!

    • perceval

      Well, you start by having a very over center that gets her name chanted during her matches. Then, you give her a feud for the title. From there, you’ve got another big name in Kharma who will be back, plus Beth & Nattie. While that’s going on, Kaitlyn, Maxine, & others can get more seasoning.

      Then, you work out a way to have 2 more hours of TV to work with.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Kaitlyn looked fantastic. Thats all I have to say about the battle royal lol.

    As for AJ, I’m really glad to see a brand new diva getting a push and a very entertaining storyline. Can’t wait for more!!

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    If aj goes against layla she’ll get the same treatment as the divas who have recently held the title…id rather aj stay involved with the guys….

    • SigmaX

      You’re basing this on what? just a hollow assumption I presume?

      AJ became the top diva lastnight and considering how much screentime she has gotten if you think they would tone down her screentime just because she is feuding with Layla you’re sadly mistaken.

      WWE have quite literally put everything behind AJ and she has surpassed expectations , and who says she can’t pull a stephanie and go for the top prize in her division all while remaining involved in the wwe title picture.

      Other divas have done it with no problem.


      And all of them turned out pretty well I would say.

      • French.One

        jurisprudence Eve invoked

    • perceval

      Let’s look at history when it comes to the Champion being involved in storylines with the guys…

      Summer 2000: Stephanie vs Lita, both involved in storylines with the guys. This meant Triple H, Angle, the Rock, and Matt & Jeff Hardy were involved with the Women’s Championship, giving it the main event.

      Winter 2001: Women’s Champion Trish is paired with WWF Champion the Rock, leading to the main event with them against Vince & Angle, also involving Austin, Jericho, & Flair. Oh, and a match between Trish & Lita during this leads to the Hardys vs Undertaker feud.

      Summer 2004: Most of the IWC declares it a mistake to put Trish & Lita in the title picture, because they’re tied up with storylines with the guys (Jericho vs Christian & Matt vs Kane). Instead, they carry the momentum from those angles into something big, eventually the main event.

      Summer 2006: A Trish vs Mickie match is interrupted by Lita and WWE Champion Edge. Over the next few months, Edge, Cena, Orton, Carlito, the McMahons, Bischoff, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H were involved with the Women’s Championship. This kept it in a VERY high profile, with Trish & Lita even getting one more Raw main event along the way.

      So, I fail to see how AJ being involved in the main storylines would be a BAD thing for the butterfly belt. If history is any indication, it would give it the highest profile it’s ever had.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        i should have explained myself better if she gets the title they MAY end her storyline with the guys & see her for 1 minute every raw or no diva matches at all because shes in the main storyline of raw….

  • xobrittanny

    I hope Punk doesnt turn down aj, There adorable and i hope this won for AJ means she gets a title shot at MITB Because she should have the title and that would make Punk&Aj= CHAMPIONNS!!!!! :) i hope this storyline doesnt end i love it so far

  • melina prez

    The match was shitty until Layla,Natalya,Beth,aj, and vickie were left. thank god aj won. I hope she gets a divas title oppertunity at MITB!!! She wins there helps bryan win the WWE championship and they are WWEs new power couple!!!! wouldent that be just great?! I liked all the segments. AJ is freraky good at her part…..

    Natalya 10/10
    Layla 9.5/10
    Kaitlyn 9/10
    Maxine 8.7/10
    Roa 8.5/10
    AJ 8/10
    Alicia Fox 8/10
    Beth 7.5/10
    aksana 7/10
    Tamina -198690056/10

    Vickies swimsuit looked like shit but she looked hot in it…she should have worn the one in her twitter profile picture. Raw 4/10 Twitter 7/10

    • shameronstar

      LMAO! at Tamina’s rating. I think Tamina was raised around a lot of males because usually those kinds of women have horrible fashion sense, but it’s a shame because Tamina honestly is a pretty woman who could look much better with the right wardrobe!

  • http://Twitter.com/Just_Trevon Flybytre

    AJ VS Layla At MITB With AJ Winning. Maybe Just Maybe People Will Care About The Divas Champion If AJ Had The Belt She’s The Only Diva Getting Screen Time At This Point, And It Might Bring More Attention To The Divas Division As A Whole.

  • Prescott

    Great recap! Since putting over AJ with triple Flair-flops on the very first NXT Divas preview post, I’ve obviously been pulling for her. Her work in FCW across multiple styles really impressed me. She has a natural feel for a lot of things that don’t get taught to most easily and, to some, never at all. Her win and hooking the crowd on YES! chants really got me marking. Just the fact that some women & children are into the YES, despite all of WWE’s efforts for that precious demographic not to be, gives me hope.

    Also, just not digging Layla as the champ. Her wrestling has improved and the match layouts are optimizing what she can do & all, but it’s just not clicking. The fans know too. Smarks rule the WWE Universe ever since Matt Hardy got a pop for yelling “ROH!” – It’s true, it’s damn true. We all know, whether we think about it alot or not, that we’re being denied Awesome Kong and somehow this Brit basketball dancer is the reason. Considering that she crapped HARD on Eric Bischoff on TNA, Vince should make good on promoter rules and push Kharma, especially because she’s awesome sauce.

    Also, the Funkadancers still suck. Still out of sync, still upstaging, still silently, slowly burying Brodus even though few realize it yet. His over is diminishing when it should’ve been increasing. He’s a mediocre wrestler on his best day, his entrance has been cumbersome for a while, and even Randy Orton is joking about him (“What wrestler do you MOST want to face?” ‘Brodus Clay’ LOL.) on his Twitter. go look. I can’t fathom why Cameron thinks she’s on the WWE Board of Directors right now, though… I can, I just can’t post the real reason here. Whoops! Anyway, Crowd Don’t Lie, and that thing is crashing harder than a Hardy brother after their tenth speedball.

    • shameronstar

      Well, it is hard to NOT up-stage someone when you’re more talented and/or charismatic then the person who is the center of any group you’re apart of!

      • Prescott

        It’s not about talent, it’s about getting over. They’re backup dancers and that is it. Their role is enhancement of the act they’re supporting, and they fail miserably at that. Instead of dancing in sync and not (deliberately) upstaging, they vamp and upstage and create a visual picture which is far too busy for most to keep following. So you tend to focus on one person, which is often Cameron because she’s working 600 miles an hour & barely caring about the other 2. Since the whole act together is so new, the net effect is NOTHING, as we’re seeing. If the Funkadancers drew outside the lines later on, when Brodus was over, it would serve to get *them* over.

        It’s a fail on violating basic booking principles. I said it then, said it again, and will keep saying it every time while the whole Funk-a-enterprise comes crashing into the ground. Then you’ll have 2 backup dancers with mild over that’ll have to take their place in the already-crowded Diva line w/ limited time windows. Their rush to swallow up any TV time, regardless of context, is already their downfall.

        • WWFoverWWE

          Naomi and Cameron became more than dancers when WWE recognized them as official wwe divas. They’re not wrestling yet, but the hints have shown that they will someday.

          People already know that the dancers are 85% of the reason why Brodus is over because they’re supposed to serve as eye candy and bring the sex appeal to Brodus’s act.

          Brodus is not a dancer, so upstaging him in the entrance is not a difficult thing to do.

    • Jake

      Quit trying to spill some tea like your Ken Doane or something.

      I don’t see the logic in Cameron and Naomi should slow down because that will help Brodus stay over.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    Lol People we all know that AJ is the “top” diva in the company right now since she is the ONLY diva to be throughout the show, if WWE gave all the other divas a chance and give them more time then most likely AJ would have competition

    • SigmaX

      You can’t just slot divas into the same position and go it is a guarantee they will get over.

      If AJ sucked in this role the crowd more than likely would not have taken to her , look at her in the dbry storyline originally when they tried to paint her as sympathetic the crowd would have none of it and were 100% behind dbry , now it is only through them going away from that and playing up the fact she is nuts and her astounding portrayl have the crowd finally gotten on her side.

      AJ is untouchable as of now…the only one that would be anywhere in the remote area of that same overness has not been seen for months and thats Kharma , and she is over for an entirely different reason.

      • French.One

        yet Kailtlyn won NXT over AJ…

        • redsandman99

          Winning things like NXT don’t mean anything for your career. Kaval won season 2 of NXT and what good did it do him? Kaitlyn won and still mostly is on NXT. Johnny Curtis won NXT as well and didn’t escape it.

        • MRvinaro

          Blonde hair bay that’s why -_-

        • perceval

          “yet Kailtlyn won NXT over AJ…”

          Yeah, and Christy Hemme won the first Diva Search over Michelle McCool. Who would up with Championships and the top spot on the Diva roster?

        • Raekon

          The one that had a relationship with someone that is close buddies and very over with the company. ;p

          Even I’m very happy that AJ is getting so much exposure, what @WWEANDTNADIVAFAN is saying is right.

          All the other divas are very talented aswell but never get the chance to showcase it except of Beth maybe.

          Eve had a bigger rolle recently and then when she had to be at Johnnys side when he was in trouble, she just vanished and prepared to appear in a other show.

          The main problem with the WWE is that they either care for the divas division once in a while or they doesn’t.

          Was already leaked through backstage comments that Vince is like that. All he cares about is his main eventers and main belts.

          Everyone else is shoved in the back and is either used once in a while for a few weeks or get’s misused 24/7.

          It still bugs me that they destroyed the storylines of Maxine, Kaitlyn, Alicia, Tamina and Nattie on NXT along with the guys ones that were far more entertaining than any Raw or SD show at all.

          Last week it looked as if they will start going back on track with backstage segments (like the one that wasn’t good between derrick and johnny) so there is hope we might get to see them shine on NXT again.

          If it doesn’t happen, we will have only AJ to look at once in a while when the other Divas are all either jobbing once in a while, working real matches in houseshows (Rosa, Kaitlyn, Beth, Nattie, Alicia, Tamina and Aksana mostly) or just appearing in another battle royal so there are some to get eliminated.

          There is so much talent in the division and so much room with the longer shows now and they still doesn’t giving them time to develope their characters, nor do they give them any real matches.

          Really sad!

      • T@KESH1

        “If AJ sucked in this role the crowd more than likely would not have taken to her , look at her in the dbry storyline originally when they tried to paint her as sympathetic the crowd would have none of it and were 100% behind dbry”

        c’mon, were they really supposed to boo and NOT chant “Yes!”?!

        there’s no way Aj could’ve sucked at this given her height and plain looks, she nearly could be as lacking of effect as Tamina and the result would be the same. She was truly “born” to play the part.

  • Ayrton12

    I like AJ,a the last Raw show and some of the current divas but look at that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht-Rb3tn0es PG sucks, I think that it is one of the reasons that wwe divas are not much time as past years! the PG Era -.-

  • redsandman99

    AJ’s portrayal of her character is just fantastic. It’s what’s making non diva fans get behind her in a way they weren’t behind her during her playing the victim to Bryan. Wrestling fans love unstable chicks. It’s a proven fact. As for the match, all diva battle royals these days are a mess. The last good one was the one where Beth won the number one contendership and then turned heel and that was because it had time to be good. AJ had the crowd into it though which was a nice plus. Really hoping for her to be named the number one contender and face Layla at Money in the Bank. She’s about the hottest thing going right now (though that is the fault of WWE who can’t seem to push anyone else properly) so why not give her the shot? She can go after the title and mix it up with Layla.

  • redsandman99

    AJ’s portrayal of her character is just fantastic. It’s what’s making non diva fans get behind her in a way they weren’t behind her during her playing the victim to Bryan. Wrestling fans love unstable chicks. It’s a proven fact. As for the match, all diva battle royals these days are a mess. The last good one was the one where Beth won the number one contendership and then turned heel and that was because it had time to be good. AJ had the crowd into it though which was a nice plus. Really hoping for her to be named the number one contender and face Layla at Money in the Bank. She’s about the hottest thing going right now (though that is the fault of WWE who can’t seem to push anyone else properly) so why not give her the shot? She can go after the title and still be in the mix with the boys.

  • SweeneyTodd

    AJ overkill. The last view weeks she moved from entertaining to annoying. Can’t see this crying, smiling, jumping all the time any more.

    • BillyGP

      really? She the best thing going in the WWE and is OVER more so then the diva champion

      • WWFoverWWE

        That’s because WWE is investing in her unlike the other divas.

        • light_it_upAJ

          You do realize that, in her 1st SD match (before WWE invested all the diva time in AJ) there were AJ chants (not prominent, to be fair, but they existed), which is more than Kaitlyn,Natalya, Alicia, or Tamina were getting. Also, there was more negative backlash for AJ’s NXT elimination than any other in season 3.

          Basically, AJ has been at least slightly more over than many of the other divas since NXT. That tells me that AJ is responsible for more of her own success than her detractors like to give her credit for.

        • T@KESH1


          hold up, if you’re gonna analyze merit, Aj’s 1st smackdown match was after her tag matches and face booking as the little underdog she is, as it was against Tamina yet again. That’s not the same given opportunity as Alicia Fox just being an ex-valet or 6 month wrestling experienced Kaitlyn losing her music/program with Vickie/Dolph, Tamina not coming out to her fam’s music/using the splash, Natalya not being given the minutes to display herself.

          Aj is executing this MEGA push well and it reveals two things:
          1. by comparison only a few others have shown the ability to be able to execute this push. (Eve, Kaitlyn, Maxine)
          2. Aj’s plain looks and size are what truly enable it. Everyone else has model looks and are significantly bigger, if they were to try to make D.Bryan look like the lucky one in the relationship, it would require alot more. There would have been a tremendous suspension of disbelief issue with them.

        • T@KESH1

          *edit – ..to make D.Bryan “NOT” look like the lucky one..

    • MRvinaro

      lol just shut up at least a Diva is doing something

    • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1

      Sweeneytodd,do i smell peanut butter?because there’s alot of jelly going on over there.your BORING Diva Search Layla ain’t shit and AJ tossed that Divas CHUMP out of the ring like t nothing that she is! :-D

  • Dev

    A couple notes:

    1) AJ needs to feud with Layla for the Divas Championship. It’d be interesting if one of the guys from the WWE Title feud started to distract her the same way she distracts them (sans the skipping). I would love to see Lay and Aj feud till Summerslam when AJ takes the belt.

    2) Vickie needs to be the permanent General Manager. I think the only person who would be better than her would be Stephanie McMahon. Both can garner heat just by walking out onto the stage. One thing that makes Steph better is that she can get huge face pops as well. A Vickie VS Stephanie feud would be EPIC.

    3) Vickie is hot. I don’t even like women and I’d go downtown to Gina Town. haha. Did anyone else notice the “Milf” chants she got right before the other Divas jumped her? I’m so happy she’s at a place where she’s comfortable enough to go out there with the girls and show her stuff.

    4) If I don’t get my AJ vs Lay feud, I’d actually like to see a Vickie Divas Championship run. I think it would have the Stephanie effect and get people invested on the basis that people want the belt off of her. Hell, that would be the perfect time for AJ to swoop in and take the belt. Give Vickie some entrance music, a few basic moves (DDT, Spear, second rope Cougar Splash, etc), and a man that is not Dolph (he’s on to bigger and better things. She should get back with Swagger) and I think she’d be set. Have Swagger win the US Title so it can stop being a joke, and have Vickie as the Divas Champ. I think the possibilities would be endless.

    Thats just my opinion though.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      I would love to see an AJ run and then a feud with Kaitlyn. We need some fresh faces in the Divas title scene and these two rookies could do a great job!

      • Raekon

        I loved their small feud down in FCW after AJ had turned heel there so when the “breakup” of the chickbusters took place in SD I thought we will be getting something real good and a side feud between them.

        What we got however was a few seconds in a match in which AJ all of sudden played “supergirl”, squashing Kaitlyn with like 2 moves which was beyond any lackluster ever since Kaitlyn is someone that could break AJ into pieces.

        I didn’t minded Kaitlyn losing but the whole thing should had been sold better like making Kaitlyn to have to tap out in a submission or something like they did down in FCW that showcased both Divas skills greatly while the ending looked believable.

        Anyway, I really hope we will get to see them work together again cause they have a great chemistry and can work their butts off together very well.

        • light_it_upAJ

          It wasn’t “supergirl” at all. It was “crazed girl” which caught Kaitlyn off-guard(sort of acknowledged on Backstage Fallout). AJ then took out Kaitlyn’s legs, and followed up with a shining wizard for the victory.

        • T@KESH1


          Sure she was crazy, but apparently it gave her supa powers b/c prior to the dropkick and shining wizard, the smallest Diva was GnP’ing her after the worst looking (but best sold) little kid hug of a power double-leg takedown. Seriously, there were eight moves total (including the pin) how does one forget?

          And if one is to go by what is acknowledged on BackStage Fallout, then Kaitlyn said no more kid gloving on Aj on the one prior…so theres no surprise factor rationale available.

          Yes, the end of the match saw patented offense of the top nimble wrestler Aj is, but the clear message of the match was the same (worse actually) than vs Natalya. Btw, if Lillian Garcia had messed up that announcement of the winner, it LITERALLY would’ve been a tko stoppage from gnp strikes!

  • LadyGoDiva

    My thoughts on the battle royal was that it was short and sweet,they hyped it up pretty good and all the ladies looked great in their bikinis even Vickie herself.

    Watching the battle royal overshadowed on whether or not WWE will be smart enough to give AJ a divas title shot it seems to fit into place with this current storyline shes in.Maybe it’ll do some good for the divas divsion even though theres not alot of divas in the roster and most aren’t even in storylines so if we see a AJ vs Layla match at MiTB it could be a great match.

  • jen07201

    Why did Beth and Natalya both go after Kaitlyn?

    • WWFoverWWE

      because they can

    • Raekon

      They tried to eliminated the strongest divas together and it was a good move in my opinion cause it made Kaitlyn and Tamina look as strong as they really are.

      All the other Divas got eliminated by one person only.

    • T@KESH1

      what Raekwon said and plus she singled out Vickie in the corner and it was fellow heels to the rescue.

      Also, it must be noted that Kaitlyn took a kick-away from a corner seated Vickie and sold it Van Dam style sending her back several feet.

  • MadlyFlawless

    First off I love what they’re doing with AJ, its great that the crowd knows her name and actually gives a shit about her. I wish they could build up Layla aswell, it would be nice to see Layla vs AJ but Layla would need a bigger face build up if they want the match to be hyped

    • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1

      Madlyflawless,that BORING WWE Diva Search reject Layla just plain sucks and just needs to get the fuck off my television screen.

      • eveandtrish

        Your just saying that because she blocked you on Twitter. Next time to post her pervy stuff like TLC. Don’t hate, just appreciate.

  • http://xlittlemissobsessive.tumblr.com/ KellyKellyAJFan

    So happy and proud of AJ,once again ;-; I feel like last year was the year for Kelly and now this year might just be AJ’s year. I mean,she’s already won the “Most Impressive Superstar” award against the likes of CM Punk,D-Bry,etc. And she is making the most out of this storyline. I’m not going to lie,I’d rather they keep AJ far,far away from the Divas division. While AJ was likable and over before she was not nearly as much as she is NOW and I’m scared once they put her in 2-3 minute Divas match she will loose what made her “Cray-J” and what is making the crowd love her. But I don’t know,maybe that is just my nerves. Either way,she looked amazing last night. IF she does face Layla for the title(which I see happening,even though I think Eve should be the one facing Layla if anything) then I’d love to see AJ take it off of Eve and face Kelly for it. They’re both so over that I feel like it would just be great. I think seperately,each of them have the stardom and likability to become the Next Trish and Lita,honestly. Especially with their ring styles,backgrounds,etc.

    • http://xlittlemissobsessive.tumblr.com/ KellyKellyAJFan

      Whoops. AJ take it off of Layla,obviously. *Typo*

  • WWFoverWWE

    Probably the worst battle royal I’ve ever seen. I like AJ but her “YES” chanting was annoying.

    • light_it_upAJ

      So, D-Bry chants “YES! YES! YES!” and the audience chants with him= Bryan is great, and so over with the crowd.

      AJ chants “YES! YES! YES!” and the audience chants with her= annoying.

      Great logic. Eh, to each their own, I guess!