Mixed Tag Match Announced for Next Week’s SmackDown

Divas Champion Layla and Aksana are set to face off in a mixed tag team match on next week’s live episode of SmackDown.

After Teddy Long revealed himself to be the guest General Manager for Raw and SmackDown next week, the former SmackDown GM — who was jilted by Aksana after he lost his position of power at WrestleMania — booked Aksana and her new man, Antonio Cesaro, in a match against Layla and The Great Khali.

The match will air on a special live edition of SmackDown on Tuesday, July 5th at 8pm on Syfy.

The episode will have a Great American Bash theme.

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  • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

    I’m totally excited to see this!

  • TheFallenAngela

    Umm I don’t know what to say for this match

  • clintocki

    I’m glad Layla is getting used on a weekly basis again now, but am still a little disappointed that there’s been no indication of a next feud for her. This week she was in a battle royal and wrestled AJ, now next week it’s a mixed tag against Aksanna. She’s need a good feud to get her over as champ and maybe (dare I say it) restore some interest in the Divas division.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Maybe Aksana will be her next feud somehow?

  • light_it_upAJ

    Well, I’m probably way off on this, but I’d like to think that maybe they’re testing the waters for Layla’s next opponent. You know, see how Layla works with AJ and Aksana, and maybe others soon.

    I thought AJ and Layla worked well together tonight, and I would like to see them 1 on 1 again w/o the D-Bry interference. I would like to see them go face vs face though, like they did tonight.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

      I thought the match was ok but it seemed to be put together really awkwardly and never seemed to leave the first ground

      • gl83

        Well, the match wasn’t really the focus, it was the segment following. Still, AJ and Layla did put on a good match and give the audience a taste of what they can do if given time to work. Not to mention the crowd was actually reacting to the match with “AJ” chants and a “Crazy Chick” chant.

  • redsandman99

    At least Layla is getting used. Not a huge fan of Aksana’s in ring work but she seems to work a bit better in the ring as a heel and I’d rather see her in the ring than Khali.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Just Imagine Aksana Winning And Pulling a Miss Kitty-like Reign..May be a disgrace but on a butterfly belt Who Cares? Plus that may get her Some Heat :p

  • DarknessRuler

    Very random. This could be good news or bad news.

  • Raekon

    They will probably let the girls work the match for a bit before Layla pins Aksana OR will let Aksana tag Antonio in so he can get crushed by Khali before Khali and Layla starts their “yays!”, dancing around the stage on Khalis music. -.-

    Hate such matches in which he gets involved!
    They should had just either made a Layla vs Aksana out of it or give Layla a wrestler that can work well with Antonio in a competitive match instead.

    Was very happy when Khali was gone and then they are going and bring him back when he can barely walk anymore. -.-

    • trishlita

      love seeing wat u write each week. and yes i can see this happening lol. people respond to the girls getting hurt then retaliating thats wat we need and if i c beth vs any1 again ill die she is getting extremly boring!!!!

  • javiousmckenzie

    The thing is i feel like Maxine may have jumped the gun WWE was in need of a next top heel and she was the perfect opponent if she had stuck it out who knows what may have happened i mean AJ was a NXT jobber for months now look at her …. Maxine you may have made a big mistake

  • shannymac

    Uh, they couldn’t have given Layla a better partner than The Great Khali?

    • redsandman99

      Seriously. There’s plenty of people on the roster that fits that bill.

      • unscripted & flawless

        That’s why I have so much disdain for WWE. Instead of going with a good and over wrestler who could compete in a good match they went with the “biggest man” on the roster because he is supposed to be OH SO intimidating. All they do it for is cheap ass pops from the crowd because people hear this nearly 350 pound man’s name and go wild for those 2 seconds like it really matters – and in reality, when they have people constantly defeat this “monster” and give him a Playboy gimmick, he’s just not that intimidating anymore. So WWE, give it up already and PLEASE release the guy. He’s become the new Hornswoggle to the Divas division. That’s all.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Lets go Layla!! OWN AKSANAS SEXY ASS!…Ona related matter…WHy is WW covering up Aksana’s banging body head to toe?!!!!! THIS IS A CRIME!! WWE is so backwards!!

    Shout out to Maxine will be missed she was one of a kind woman. And AJ Lee too she had a great match with Layla u girls rock! Hate that stupid girly song on Layla lol like the Not Enough For me better..I guess..

    Layla looks like a true champion. She walks acts wrestles like one. I know the IWC dislike her because she is not “over” but whatever..what girl in wwe IS aside from AJ or Vickie?

    • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

      Whose iwc????

      • shameronstar

        You must be new, so I’ll explain what the IWC is. It’s basically an initial meaning the Internet Wrestling Community. You, me, Diva-Dirt, Wrestlezone, and etc. make up this online society of sorts because we all have a common interest in professional wrestling whether it be wwe, tna, or the indies. We also tend to be smarter and more informed about the ins and outs of professional wrestling then the casual fan/viewer and because of that we judge a wrestler based on how well they execute a move, sell a move, bump, use in ring psychology and storytelling, work the mic, portray their character, and use their charisma to garner a strong fanbase.

        • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

          Lol no im not new, I’m been subscribe to diva-dirt since 2009. I just never seen nobody use iwc until today lol. Bit thanks for explaining to me

  • FilmJenkins

    Short match? I expect as such.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    It would be a short match for sure with ACA winning

  • SweeneyTodd

    Not happy with wwe and how they use their divas. Except 2 or 3 Divas all others are pawn in a game of chess. Now Natalya, Tamina or Fox are the pawns. In few feeks Aksana and Layla.

  • Zane

    Cesaro & Aksana are obivously going to lose, no build up towards the Divas Title. :/
    What is the point of this match?

    • SweeneyTodd

      Revenge for Teddy Long.

      • redsandman99

        Boy got his woman stolen and had to rub oil on that man’s chest. Vengeance must be had.

        • BAD KHARMA

          “…and had to rub oil on that man’s chest”

          Yeah that´s pure torture xD

  • AfroJack

    I think you mean July 3rd not 5th haha

  • WWEStarInTraining

    The 5th is on thursday

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    WHY is The Great Khali still hired & why is he involved in this match…..i wouldn’t mind aksana & layla cat fighting with afew moves thrown in because i don’t know if aksana can really do a wrestling match….

  • Alexis18

    Leave it to Teddy to make a tag team match. But Teddy…The Great Khail…really? What about Zack Ryder, or Kofi Kingston, or somebody other than the Great Khail?

  • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood Sitau

    why couldnt they team layla up with someone who matched her new wrestling style? like tyson kidd, or justin gabriel? i mean really the great khali? its just a wasted slot to give the divas champ such a boring partner