Today in History: Trish and Jackie Gayda Compete in “That Match”

On this day in history:

July 8th, 2002 | Yes, it’s the infamous bout some refer to simply as “that match”. Trish Stratus teamed with Bradshaw to take on Jackie Gayda and Chris Nowinski in a match that seemed hell-bent on proving the validity of Murphy’s Law, at least as far as the Divas were concerned. It’s hard for any Diva fan to watch this match without grimacing, because it’s obvious that Trish and Jackie weren’t on the same page. Hell, as JR would say, they weren’t even reading the same book. Perhaps Jackie just wasn’t ready for prime time. Perhaps she was just having an off night. Either way, it’s in the books as one of the most cringe-worthy matches in Divas history.

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