In Video: Highlights from Mia Yim vs Greg Excellent TLC Match

Earlier this year, Mia Yim became the final woman to compete in the famed ECW Arena battling — in true ECW style — with a male opponent in a brutal match, a TLC match.

The pair had been feuding since 2011 in CZW and this was the big showdown to end the war.

Check out highlights of the match below:

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  • chrissy

    What a female wrestler….Mia is Awsome :)

  • shameronstar

    Wow! If you look up badass in the dictionary Mia Yim will be the pictorial definition. She is one of the toughest female wrestlers I’ve ever seen and she’s skilled and pretty! If this woman doesn’t get signed to a main stream company in the neither future soon than something is seriously wrong!

  • Matty

    Mia is a strong, badass woman! I loved the ending to the match – looked like a great fight!

  • Nostalgia


  • cededub2001

    Call me a whuss, but I kind of teared up at the end. It’s amazing to see what these people do to entertain us. Looks like Mia and Greg put on an amazing show, and I’m glad there’s video like this to help us appreciate their efforts. Great job and Mia is awesome.

  • bromero329

    nice video. saw this a few months ago i thin.k on here too? looked likke a great match.

  • Liam Holden

    ..and we wonder why people think wrestling is fake. Greg Excellent would crush Mia if they were fighting for real.

    sorry but I don’t think a tiny woman could take on a huge man in a real fight – unless someone can prove me wrong.

    • Jhonmarco

      Mia is not tiny though. She’s 5,7 and has a tight and extremely strong body. Hell one of her kicks broke a girl’s nose for christ sakes (not that this something to be proud of, but it shows her kicks’ power). It’s sad that you look at this match like this, instead of being happy that a woman is getting the shot to compete with a man and such.

      • cutymania

        that’s mainly because Allysin Kay had no time to protect herself. Not saying Mia’s kicks aren’t powerful cos obviously they are, but with enough force and at the right angle, anyone can break a nose.

        • Jhonmarco

          Totally I get that, just using an example of the power behind her kicks and legs.

  • pumped up kicks

    That was hardcore I dont care what the haters have to sau.Mia is an amazing wrestler

  • princesschocolate

    I <3 Mia

  • Rhawk

    While this feud may have made more prof to people that wrestling is indeed scripted (not fake but scripted), this was also a very good feud and a hell of a match.
    Hopefully ROH can start up their supposed Women’s division soon and center it around Mia, otherwise this woman NEEDS to be in TNA, if not there then WWE, at least main television.

  • joshmm3

    wow indeed that looked like an awesome match. Its too bad we cant see action like this from a tv…no we get summer beach matches. Mia deserves twice what any diva makes!!!

  • TrishAndAliciaFan24

    i miss mia <3

  • Raekon

    Too bad I can’t watch it in germany. :(
    All the best for Mia though!

  • swax1

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Mia Yim just redefined the term Hard Core! congratulations to her! B-)

  • Essex Boy

    So proud of her :)

  • Art of Wrestling

    Wow Mias Awesome

  • DarkMaverick87

    I am probably going to get heat for saying this, but I just find it funny that a few posts above this one is a tag of Reby Sky which justifies her moniker as the “Queen of Extreme” for her elbow drop from the second rope. I know it’s strictly because she is the female centerpiece of that promotion, but I still can’t help but laugh. Nice try, Reby! But Mia’s got ya beat.

    (this post is all in good fun… please don’t take it too seriously)

    • TheJoJoIsCrazy

      I just wanted to capitalize on this comment because I agree.
      I think it’s funny becauseb I believe WWE did the same with Ashley in regards to REby by giving them top rope spots.

      I skeebed to the REby thread because of your comment and noticed alot of people seeming to want the extreme style dead. Don’t get me wrong I love technically sound bad asses like Molly or Ivory BUT I love extreme wrestlers like Lita or Jazz. Mia is a great representaive of that. I wish more people were behind it. Not necessarily replicated ECW but more hardcore matches. Hell, I miss Daffney. Okay I’m done moping. Sorry. =[