Angelina Love Granted Release From TNA

Former five-time TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love has announced on Twitter that she has been granted her release from TNA, and cites her departure as “completely amicable”.

“To all my wonderful fans, just want to let you know I have been granted my release from TNA. It was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I’ve had there over the years. Now I’m on to the next amazing chapter of my life! If you are looking to book me please contact John at Thank you so much!”

As previously mentioned, Love was a record-breaking five time Knockouts champion, as well as a former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion alongside Winter.

She made a couple of appearances for TNA in 2004, mainly wrestling on Xplosion against Trinity, and was brought back to the company with the relaunch of their women’s division in 2007. Originally wrestling under her previous ring name “Angel Williams”, she quickly formed a popular alliance with Talia Madison (later re-named Velvet Sky) as “The Beautiful People”.

  • MickieFan226

    It’s a shame she left the company, but I think TNA dropped the ball with Angelina. Especially with her & Winter, too! Best of luck to her in the future.

  • mikie91

    Wow wasn’t expecting that! She definitely wasn’t being used so good for her! I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her in WWE. I feel like her and all of the recent signees can help the dying division right now especially since it’s so low on girls and actual talent.

    • norisclouds

      I would be really shocked to see her in WWE ever.

      1. Her age

      2. Her look – just not PG friendly, the tattoos, sexuality, I can’t see WWE getting behind that at all

      Maybe she’s moving on to doing other things outside of wrestling.

      • NurseBetty

        1. Layla, Beth & Kharma are in their 30’s

        2. Its called a makeover. Lita had tattoos.

        I wouldn’t mind her in the WWE either. We don’t know if she’s gonna stop wrestling. Maybe so maybe not. Whatever she chooses to do. I wish her well.

        • norisclouds

          Kharma was an exception and I’d say Layla is on her last leg (no pun intended)

          Lita was also an exception from a different era, having been signed in 1999. Her tattoo became iconic because it was so unusual.

          When was the last time you saw a diva with prominent tattoos on WWE tv? They usually had Ashley M.s and the Bella twins tatts covered up. Angelina is covered in tattoos. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the majority of divas over the years have them where you can’t see them or don’t have any at all.

    • FashionQueen86

      In my opinion, Angelina sort of looks like Maryse sometimes. I think WWE would pick her up. Or at least she reminds me of Maryse

  • MRvinaro

    Stupid TNA

    I really Hope Angelina will go to the WWE

    she deserve so much better I really liked her as champion
    She’s one of the best female wrestler ever

    Plzz Angelina give WWE a shot she can go and feud with Kharma again :D

    • TheLadySamantha

      Stupid TNA? She was granted her release, which obviously means she wanted it.

      • AfroJack

        and it’s TNA’s fault that she did. Not using her for months

        • wwesvrrocks101

          I don’t think that was the problem. She probably felt like there was nothing for her left.

    • FashionQueen86

      I feel like WWE does not deserve her because look at the way they treat their current divas? They’ll just make her look like a joke and she’s better than that.

  • WWFoverWWE

    FU*K!!! This is so sad to hear. Angelina helped create the knockouts division so it won’t be the same without her. I always thought TNA would eventually start pushing her again, but I guess Angelina felt it was time to move on.

    I wonder if she’s retiring from wrestling?

  • Gleekout

    First Maxine and now Angelina.
    TNA is really stupid to have let her go. She deserves way more. I hope she signs with WWE so I can still see her wrestle.

  • mikie91

    ^ No she said she’s still taking bookings and not for just signings. I really hope she tries out some of the big female promotions.

    • mikie91

      Sorry this was for WWFOVERWWE

  • WWFoverWWE

    If WWE had any interest in Angelina, they would’ve signed her when she was having her visa issues in 2010.

    • Looking Glass

      Not really, if she was having her Visa Issues, WWE wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her. Plus this is like saying if WWE had any interest in Kharma/Kong they would have signed her when she audition for Tough Enough. Things change.

      • WWFoverWWE

        Not really. Angelina was in the top of her game and in her prime in 2010, you can’t compare that to kharma when she auditioned for tough enough.

        • Looking Glass

          And you can’t make a statement like that, she was released for visa issues not because the company wanted rid of her and it was known as the time she had every intention of going back. Daniel Bryan was released for tie-gate, TNA could’ve swiped in and got him? They didn’t, because it was known that once the issue died down, he would be going back.

          Unless your head of Talent Management over at WWE HQ you can’t make sweeping statements about how business is run. Especially considering how Triple H calls the shots as far as management these days, which he didn’t back in 2010.

        • WWFoverWWE

          whatever you say.

        • Looking Glass

          Some people in here are so narrow-minded and self-righteous. Literally, making a point about the logic of your statement and you try and turn it into smark wars? Unbelievable.

      • Lita-Sault-666

        WWFOVERWWE has always been like that, everytime they comment its as if there looking to start an argument xD.

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      no really because she wanted to go back to TNA once her issues were worked she was the top if the division back in 2010 so she would wanted o leave TNA for a low spot in WWE now she might go to WWE i hope she does she is one of my favorite wrestlers and i think she would be a freash face in WWE!!!!

  • CJDippa1

    Am I the only person who doesn’t see this as a huge loss?

    I mean, yeah Angelina can be argued to be one of the women wrestlers who jumpstarted the Knockouts division, however I think she accomplished as much as she can now. She was pushed heavily throughout her career (besides the typical slump of many stars going through their final months), got alot of the limelight, and won many belts.

    It’s time to pass the torch on. With many newer, fresher girls coming in, there is no spot for Angelina on the card right now. I rather have her wrestle at various promotions than sitting backstage, not being called to wrestle except for jobbing on Xplosion.

    I would say the same to Velvet, however she never really got a time to shine on her own and she is TNA’s “it” girl, so I don’t see her going anywhere, yet.

    Farewell Angelina. Thank you for what you done!

    • VinceNotVance

      Completely agree with you. Angelina had a great career in TNA, but it’s time to move on.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      Totally agree! She had a great few years in TNA! 5 time women’s champion. There wasn’t much else for her to do. I would like to see TNA have a good clear out the roster just needs freshening up.

  • BC757

    Maybe WWE will sign her, I would like to maybe she an Angelina vs Layla feud. She definently could add some wrestling and charisma depth in the roster

  • VinceNotVance

    Not shocked in the slightest.

    What else is there for Angelina Love to do? Win the Knockout Title again? Have another Beautiful People reunion? A Tessmacher feud would’ve been interesting, but after that, then what?

    Don’t get me wrong, Angelina is brilliant, but she already did all she could in TNA, and let’s face it, she’s not getting any younger. Now’s a great time as any to pursue other options and leave TNA on good terms.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    It’s a shame her and velvet diddnt win the belts made for them in her career though :/ but I will miss her on tv (even though we diddnt see her often) its a loss no matter what..

    • WWFoverWWE

      Just like torrie wilson who never won the divas title that was made for her :(

      • VelvetLoveFan

        Yah:/ it really makes u sad when the belt(s) were made for that person or team ya know?!:(

  • Juan

    And there goes TNA’s Trish Stratus (or so we thought she was). This sucks but hey she had a good run with a solid 5 years in TNA!!

  • FilmJenkins

    It’s stupid to let a 5 time champion go. I think TNA called her bluffing, but she wasn’t.

    I think trying for the WWE is great idea for her. I feel like she’ll be eaten alive in the indies, especially at her low weight.

    Good luck.

    • Ed

      “It’s stupid to let a 5 time champion go.”

      How do you figure that? I highly doubt she was going to win the title 5 MORE times. What else did she have left to do, really?

  • RyRy21

    She was my favorite knockout ill miss her.
    Wish she would have gotten one last push(or at least a win) or had her and velvet have one last run and finally win the tag belts…
    or at the very least she could have helped velvet win the knockout title =(

  • Looking Glass

    They dropped the ball on her, she was the front-runner of the division alongside Gail and Kong at one stage, then when they left she was pretty much Queen of the Knockouts. They build her as their Golden Girl then boot her out the way in favour of Velvet for the T&A factor by putting her in that daft Winter storyline that burned out fast. They really demoted her down repeatedly. I would love to see her on WWE television but after the stuff her and Velvet said both on TV and online (it may have just been scripted) I don’t know it could look bad.

    If that failed, she would be a perfect addition to the Women of Honour roster, should ROH launch it soon.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    NA missed the ball with her on a lot of things, however I do possible see her going back to WWE since when she was with TBP wwe really noticed them and made laycool and everything, so wwe is definatly aware of her talent, so I hope she gets signed, fingers crossed. However, I do wanna say thiss, everybody on this stie pretty much knows I’m a wwe mark lol however I find it fun when maxine got released they wish her and some other fivas would leave and go to tna and now that angelina is leaving tna they want her to go wwe because they think she be treated better lol I find it funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FrankNFurter

    I’m saddened, this is the first release, WWE or TNA, that I genuinely care about. I realize that it was her decision but she is one of my all-time favorite pro wrestlers, male or female. She surely made her mark in TNA though, I just hope by “next amazing chapter” she’s referring to WWE considering reports say they are interested in signing TBP.

    Gosh, if Naomi ever gets released I would jump off a bridge or the equivalent.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Also I don’t think she will go to wwe anytime soon especially with tna sueing wwe , tna will just say wwe was offering love out her contract and all that stuff , which kinda sucks

    • NurseBetty

      Which they can’t because after a person is released they can do whatever they want. TNA (or WWE) has no control over that.

      The only way they can sue is if WWE (and TNA had proof) bribed Angelina with a higher pay and a instant storyline upon her debut.

  • Raekon

    Very sorry to see her go but honestly, after the Ring Ka King stuff, she barely appeared in TNA at all (maybe like 3 times?) so its better for her to move on.

    If WWE doesn’t take her in (which I doubt due to her looks, tatoos and stuff), I hope she will go to the Shine promotion in which mercedes, sara and all the other girls are in! :)

  • WhalenX12

    Fingers crossed WWE gives her an offer.

    • nitesaver

      I doubt they would be interested in her and her look.

      • perceval

        Chesty blonde?

        • norisclouds

          It’s not just that…her style her hair, all of those tattoos, I would be really surprised if WWE extended an offer to her. There’s a big difference between the sex appeal of Love and a Kelly Kelly.

        • Poison Ivory

          @NORISCLOUDS Kelly is actually kinda pretty instead of sexy.

        • NurseBetty

          @noriscloud its called a makeover

        • norisclouds

          @NURSEBETTY It won’t work. Sometimes perception is a big issue too. If WWE doesn’t perceive her as being the type of talent they want by look or ability, they aren’t going to pick her up. And my major point was that Kelly is very PG friendly even though she’s sexy…and yea guys find her sexy not just pretty. Angelina is just more of a sex pot. Her original gimmick was a lesbian porn star. Nothing about that screams PG. WWE would need to have the perception that they could actually re-work her to work on their show and I don’t see that happening.

          They would need a hell of a lot of make up to cover those tattoos too.

        • perceval

          Tats worked fine for Lita. So, we’d have a Diva that looks like Trish’s & Lita’s love child?

        • norisclouds

          Perceval, you KNOW Lita was signed in a different time period. That would never fly today.

  • LucTempest

    Even though there are several other women’s wrestlers I would like to see WWE pick up, I wouldn’t mind Angel back with them.
    She was trained along side Michelle McCool in DSW at one time, so a return isn’t that far-fetched.
    Although rumour had it Stephanie fired her because she didn’t feel Angel was “diva-pretty”.

  • kimauri

    i’m going to miss seeing one of favorite tna knockouts on tv

  • Kessuki

    God I hope she doesn’t go to wwe. She shouldn’t go there to degrade herself in 1min rollup matches- no thanks. I honestly feel leaving tna is a smart move. She isn’t gettting younger and we know tna doesn’t pay well so its time she takes a risk and do what Lisa Varon & Gail did to rejuvenate their career before possibly retiring. Angelina needs a fresh challenge, whether that’s in the wrestling business or outside it. As a 5x champ she has had a glittering career and may have decided to wind down her career and retire from the wrestling biz before the end of the year. I really hope divadirt interview her

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    That sucks. TNA definitely dropped the ball on her since her return, but that was more due to the hot mess that was 2010 and the de-emphasizing of the Knockouts in general especially during that period due to all the new creative personnel. She just never bounced back. Even with Winter, it didn’t really work because she never got the chance to talk and that was really her thing. That’s primarily why she was a star in the first place.

    I really doubt she goes to WWE, it’d be nice to be pleasantly surprised, though. I just hope she can get right in on the more prominent women’s companies which basically means Shimmer and WSU. Get some of that spotlight back and get her shine on even if it isn’t with a televised promotion.

  • KellyKellyAJFan

    I’m sure if she was being used more, she would’ve stayed longer. When I first read this topic I was just like “Wow, major loss right there.” But truthfully even though Angel (or Angelina) was amazing in her own right, unfortunately they just sort of became lazy with her so it won’t be as big of a hit to the Knockouts Division as far as storylines go. But as far as talent, it is a pretty big hit. Angelina was gorgeous and great on the mic and ring. I wish her the best in whatever is next to come for her <3