Hall of Famer Says AJ ‘Stole the Show’ on Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross continued to praise the Diva of the moment, AJ — this time for her role on Monday’s Raw.

Ross says AJ “stole the show”.

This latest praise comes after he dubbed AJ the breakout star of 2012.

Writing on his blog, JR says:

For my money AJ stole the show Monday night. Her crazy train, dementia riddled, girl next door persona is working. AJ makes Glenn Close’s character in ‘Fatal Attraction’ look like Paula Deen.

When is the last time that a female garnered the closing shot on a Raw episode? AJ’s image was the last one we saw from the arena Monday night. I remember the RAW that Trish and Lita closed the show in a memorable bout. What else from the ladies has closed the show on RAW?

For those who missed it (and you must’ve been living under a rock), AJ closed the show on Monday by pushing CM Punk and Daniel Bryan through a table.

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  • Simply Flawless

    Not to sound like a hater because I think AJ is great but people go on like AJ is the only talented diva on the roster. I could name 7 divas that could steal the show equal or better to how AJ could if given the chance

    • elsimate

      Most are terrible actresses and couldnt pull this gimmick off.

    • Jhonmarco

      Really? I couldn’t. Out of all the women employeed by WWE, I feel only AJ, Natalya, Layla, Kaitlyn, & Kharma can act. Girls like Alicia, Eve, Beth, Rosa, Kelly, etc. really can’t act to save their lives.

      • lucky1now

        They just all need something they are comfortable with to get by

      • redsandman99

        Rosa overacts in my opinion. It gets distracting. Alicia and Kelly can’t really do it imo, Eve’s gotten a little better since her heel turn though she’s flubbed over her share of lines and Beth is really just at her best when she’s in full Glamazon mode and just smashing people. Though she does mesh well when she has a goofy counterpart (like Santino or Ricardo).

    • Cheetara86

      there is hardly any dIva in the WWE that could pull this off. The majority suck at acting. They struck gold with AJ.

      • Simply Flawless

        Egh maybe not seven, but js she is not the only one that could steal a show

  • koshiro

    I am happy for her.

    I hope they can continue pushing her as much as possible.
    Because eventually she will go for the Divas Championship, and with that, the division as a whole would get more attention.. (hopefully :D)

  • darkangels

    who thinks AJ will some how win the WWE title

  • lucky1now

    this hasnt happend with a women in some time
    at this point we can say aj is becoming a new trail blazer for the new era of divas

  • DivaSmark

    WWE had needed a diva like AJ for quite a while. It’s probably hard to find a woman to fit a role like this and see her not entirely drop the ball on the whole storyline. Her stuff sort of reminds me of Lita with the whole Kane/Matt/Edge thing. If she has the power to add fuel and credibility to a storyline, then kudos to her.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    It’s easier to stand out when you’re given 5 segments most people don’t get that.

    • Simply Flawless


      • ItsRayVolution

        Especially if you’re the ONLY diva being pushed :/

  • Simply Flawless

    I know I’m gonna get plenty hate for this but in my opinion Layla is a much better diva then Aj, she is the divas champion, she works as hard as she can, and still isn’t treated right by the WWE. Aj gets 5 segments, Layla gets 2 minute matches and hasn’t spoken on TV properly since her return it’s really irritating

    • Mikas

      Sounds like a case of “my favorite diva is better than your favorite diva”.

      • Simply Flawless

        Hell yeah!

  • WWFoverWWE

    Saying AJ is the only talented diva is being unfair. She’s the only one being given a chance.

  • Raymond

    This may be a stretch, but do you think that they’re setting her up to be the first woman to win the WWE Chanpionship? I know it is a bit of a stretch, but I’ve been studying this storyline and she is in the middle of one of the most heated wwe championship rivalry, with her using both men to get “something.” at this point, the only way I ever see this storyline closing and her coming out on top is to somehow take the title from both men (only to lose it soon after)

  • shameronstar

    I heard that Maxine wasn’t the only diva frustrated and that others could possible consider quitting aswell. If I were a wwe diva I would really envy the tna knockouts because they get to look good and kiss ass at the same time, so why can’t the divas be portrayed that way?

    • Essex Boy

      LOL @ “Kiss Ass”.. Typo? It happens a lot on my phone!

    • WWFoverWWE

      I think alicia might be one of them. She doesn’t do anything.

    • perceval

      You mean like Angelina, Winter, Sarita, & Rosita?

      The dirt sheets keep on spinning their story on why Maxine left, never mind that their spin contradicts what Maxine, herself, has said (She wants to be an actress and entertainer, not a wrestler). But, what does SHE know regarding why she left, right?

  • Essex Boy

    It’s obvious AJ is the new Golden girl. They gave her a chance, and she smashed it, and has continually smashed it week in and week out. I understand that also to much of 1 person can be to much and cause people to lose interest (see John Cena ) but I guess I’m just greatful we have a diva doing something interesting week in and week out, not just cutting promos, or competing in 1 min match’s. I’ll take this any day over that crap. Yeah I miss seeing the other divas on tv, but I’m really happy for her. It’s good to know AJ has always dreamed of doing this, this being her true passion in life, and getting rewarded for it makes it all the more enjoyable to witness as a fan.

  • MickieFan4Life

    I love what AJ’s doing right now & alll but I wish she would do more psycho things & not crazy chick things (if that makes sense) that would be memorable for years to come. Like the segment on Raw with Mickie, Ashley & Trish with the present.

  • Bethinho

    it? all very nice,yeah AJ “stole the show”,but on the other hand the divas champion is absent or in comedy seconds of a match,Beth is MIA,Natalya is doing nothing also and Tamina,Alicia and Kaytlin appeared backstage on SD in a supposely funny segment with hornswoogle……

  • Bethinho

    it? all very nice,yeah AJ “stole the show”,but on the other hand the divas champion is absent or in comedy seconds of a match,Beth is MIA,Natalya is doing nothing also and Tamina,Alicia and Kaytlin appeared backstage on SD in a supposely funny segment with hornswoogle……not to mention management struggling to find an idea to bring Kharma back….

  • B1G_FaN

    I am happy that AJ has knocked this storyline out of the park! Good for her!

    Yes, this is the first time a Diva closes raw since the Trish vs. Lita main event several years ago. HOWEVER…….there have been many Divas past and present that could have closed out RAW successfully, they were just NEVER given a chance!

    Invest as much of a storyline into the other WWE DIVAS and just wait and see how much STAR POWER already exists with the DIVAS! Don’t make them disappear or have 30 second matches……………invest storyline time into them and watch them shine!!!