SmackDown Redux (July 3rd, 2012): Layla Reminds Us She’s Champ, While AJ Swaps Spit with the Main Event

‘Ello mateys. Welcome to another edition of your friendly neighborhood SmackDown Redux. I am your host today, Cryssi, and I want to wish each and every single one of you American readers a happy, happy, HAPPY Fourth of Jew-Lie (apparently that’s how I pronounce ‘July’). I’m not sure what happens on SmackDown as I was working as it was airing, but if Raw is any indication of what we’re going to get, then I’m super excited to be writing this. I know y’all love my ‘live blog’ Redux editions so let’s go ahead and get this one underway. If I get distracted, then you have my humble apologies. I am simultaneously watching Wimbledon and Andy Murray is taking on David Ferrer, an attractive Spanish man with chiseled features. He’s no Nadal, but he will do I suppose.

I know, I know.

SmackDown kicks off with one of those cheesy group backstage segments that involve a gimmick, and I suppose it’s fitting since tonight is going to be one big gimmick – the Great American Bash.

I miss WCW =(

The segment features cameos by Alicia Fox, Natalya (who has a couple of lines), Kaitlyn, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, and Eve Torres. All of them, sans Eve, are in bikinis.

I’m not going to judge it as much as I dislike cheesy group segments. Natalya’s bikini from Raw last week was so much cuter, and the more I see of Kaitlyn in bikinis the more jealous I get of her body and just how simple she is. I love that she goes for simple instead of flash. She’s right up there with AJ for me in terms of Divas I feel like I can relate to.

I also want to say that it’s great seeing Eve back on television. Along with AJ, she’s the one to watch. They’ve worked hard on developing her character and having seeds planted for a potential feud with AJ on Raw was a little more than I was prepared to handle. I love it and welcome back to our televisions, Eve! I’m so glad they didn’t just drop your storyline and remembered how terribly you treated Teddy.

Moving from backstage into the actual show, we have an opening segment with Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus that has no bearing on anything Redux-wise. Our next delicious Diva segment comes in the form of a mixed tag match featuring our Div’s Champion, Layla, and in a cameo appearance, Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, taking on the team of Aksana and her boy toy, Antonio Cesaro.

The shortness of this match was greatly appreciated because for one, Wun Wun doesn’t need to be in a wrestling ring. He definitely doesn’t need to be in a wrestling ring with the great Antonio. That said, the match wasn’t all that great. Aksana isn’t my favorite Diva in the ring and Layla has been a bit sloppy since she returned from injury. I’m not at all sold on Layla as a babyface doing cutesy little things in the ring such as playfully toying with her opponents. It’s not working for me and that’s unfortunate since I absolutely adore Layla.

Aksana is just Aksana and what  I want her to do is use this time with Antonio to try and get better. She’s working with one of the best wrestlers in the world in Claudio, breaking kayfabe for a minute, and it would be to her best advantage to pick his brain and try to learn everything she possibly can from him. I have never been sold on Aksana as a Diva because part of me wonders if she’s really doing this for all the right reasons. I don’t sense her passion, her drive to learn, but to be fair, I haven’t really seen anything she’s done since NXT.

The roster is getting smaller and believe it or not, I hope they don’t call anyone up. I think they need to take the girls that they have, work with them on developing characters and personalities like they have with AJ, Vickie, and Eve, and make us get excited every time the girls are on TV. I just didn’t find myself freaking out over this match like I did on Raw when AJ and Sheamus took on Queen Vickie and Prince Dawlf. You knew that match wasn’t going to be a classic but you didn’t care because it involved AJ and Vickie, two women who we look forward to seeing every single week.

This was just blah for me. But I’m really glad that the Divas Champion was actually on TV for a change.

Backstage, the party is still raging. Natalya is still hanging out with her new BFF, Yoshi Tatsu (where’s your Tyson Kidd loyalty Natalya?? How can you hang with his bitter enemy?!), Alicia Fox is still incredibly fit, and Tamina is now hanging with her cousins, the Usos. Family fun.

You knew it was only a matter of time before Brodus and the Funkdactyls showed up to make it a true party. And man, I love how they were all dressed so appropriately. At least Naomi and Cameron were in the lime green again. However I will NEVER forgive them or the WWE for having BB Christian dance in that God awful segment on Raw. Shudders.

Thankfully, the terrible images from Monday are erased as Queen Vickie Guerrero comes onto the stage and introduces Prince Dawlf. He’s going to take on Alex Riley in a MiTB qualifying match.

Always good to see Queen Vickie and Prince Dawlf. As much as I want them apart, I want them to stay together. It’s such a touchy subject for me. All I know is that as an honorary Diva, Prince Dawlf always has a place in any Redux that I do with or without the Queen.

Ooooh! It’s AJ time!

All night long, it has been teased that Michael Cole is going to do an exclusive in-ring interview with AJ about her actions on Monday night when CM Punk and Daniel Bryan went through a table thanks to her. This is bound to be incredible.

Even I don’t know what to write at this moment. Just when you think you have this storyline all figured out, it changes just like that! AJ is a gift from God to wrestling, the WWE, and to the Divas. I don’t know who, or what, or why this is happening but it’s the best thing the WWE has done in YEARS. I don’t ever want this storyline to end, to be honest. It has given new life to all of those who are/have been involved and it has everyone talking.

Tonight was just another chapter in this wonderful book. I didn’t see the ending of Raw until the video package and seeing AJ had that kind of moment, that kind of power is just so amazing to me. SmackDown was no exception. Her kiss with Daniel Bryan was freaking hot. It was like they were the only people in that building. It was a beautiful moment. Then for her to go and kiss Punk?? AJ, you skank! I LOVE IT!

Not only did she make out with Punk, but she made out with him AFTER making out with DB. How twisted and sick is that? It’s beautiful. This storyline is EVERYTHING right now. I’m so glad we still have two more shows until Money in the Bank. What in the bluest of hell can possibly happen next with these three and good lord, just think of what will happen if Kane happens to win MITB?

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Speaking of endless possibilities, the backstage party is still raging. The Funkdactyls are dancing. One of the Usos remind me of a young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the face. Wow. It’s a great time for everyone but Eve.

Not a good week for Eve Torres I have to say. I kind of wanted her to snap like Carrie. It didn’t happen but at least poor Zack Ryder got some kind of revenge from Eve’s sinful actions of the past. And let’s be honest, Americans; it’s not really a barbeque until someone gets into a fight with the person who tries to suck all the fun out of things. Damn you Aaron “The Idol” Stevens. Michelle McCool is somewhere watching this and shaking her yardstick at you.

Tonight’s SmackDown was a great show. They usually do terrible when it comes to live TV but they put time and effort into this one and it showed. The matches were fun, AJ continues to impress, and it’s so sad that the only bad thing was that mixed tag. We got Layla on TV so that was a plus. She is the champion, you know. I’m already looking forward to Raw next week. It should be amazing and I absolutely can not wait to see what they have in store for us.

Until next time… Cryssi out!

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  • bjorn448

    I love to see that AJ is one of the main characters of WWE right now.

  • Simply Flawless

    I have a feeling, I am hoping that we could see a development between Eve and Layla on next weeks Smackdown. Maybe involving Zack Ryder being the GM. It’s unlikely but I’d like to see it happen

    • KellyKellyAJFan

      That’s what I’m hoping for as well. The minute Zack won the battle royal, I just knew that somehow he was going to try and humiliate Eve or make her suffer or something during next week’s smackdown. But I am hoping Eve will somehow “seduce” him into giving her a non-title match against Layla. Or even if we could get a simple segment between them. Eve is what Layla’s title reign needs right now.

  • Cheetara86

    AJ is just a sparkling star for the WWE right now. They struck gold with picking AJ for this role.

    The kisses: both were awesome, but damn the Punk/AJ one was freaking hot. AJ must be dreaming: gets to make out with two main event players, gets all this amazing exposure, all these rave reviews. Hopefully, once Punk/Bryan dies down, she can keep the luster.

    What if the crazy thing AJ does is that, she acts completely normal at MITB? Cause, I honestly think Punk will win at MITB and will lose the title to Cena.

    • perceval

      Let’s not forget that Kane is in the MITB match. Suppose he wins, and cashes it in at the end of the night…

      • Cheetara86

        I think Cena wins MITB. I already see them teasing Punk/ Cena for the summer.

  • MrAliciaFox

    I agree that the mixed tag match wasn’t GREAT but I don’t think Layla has been as “sloppy” as you’re making her out to be. She’s had a messy spot here and there but nothing too bad.

    Side note: After Aj made out with Daniel and then Punk, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Punk was kissing her, and tasting Daniel’s residual saliva lol

    • koshiro

      Agreed about Layla
      YES, I was thinking exactly the same thing about saliva when it happened.. LOL
      Happy I wasn’t the only one

      • MrAliciaFox

        Layla has been very solid, and she is very fun to watch!

        • Essex Boy

          Daniels saliva?! I feel for punk! Oh my god.. That beard… No! No! No!

  • mykel1990

    I dug Smackdown diva-wise. I liked the segments, I found them corny, yet entertaining. The match was pretty okay, Iiked the “we want layla” chant, so people do care, and I like that she can still be silly as a face. Her in-ring work to me hasn’t been sloppy, but that’s just me. I LOVED Aksana in red, she looked fabu, but the highlight of the match was that sexy beast Claudio Castagnoli lol. The AJ segment had me wanting to throw up in my mouth a little in the beginning, but I enjoyed the crazy-girl-double-makeover-with-Punk-getting-Daniel-Bryan’s-sloppy-seconds moment lol

  • MickieFan4Life

    I know that everybody says this but I hate that Natalya’s talent is being wasted on a lame backstage party. She deserves to be in the ring fighting with Layla for the title.

    Anyway, everytime AJ has a segment on Raw or SmackDown she always seem to make my jaw drop. Bravo to WWE for believing in this girl.

  • redsandman99

    I don’t think any of us should have expected much from the mixed tag match. Khali is just so awful that nobody can save it, even if they’re as talented as Antonio is. And Aksana isn’t great either, so Layla really didn’t have a whole bunch to work with. At least she got on TV and won.

    And AJ…what else can be said? She didn’t have to even say a word. Her facials are good and two kisses later neither Bryan or Punk have a beat on what she’s going to do come MITB. And neither do we really. We can try to predict but with all the twists and turns this has taken it’s just getting more and more interesting.

  • velvelove

    i wouldnt agree with calling layla sloppy
    and i would rather see this where they may wrestle, than watching vickie try and be in the ring.

    • MickieFan4Life

      Layla’s not sloppy but I am tired of her doing that same cross body in every match. It seems like the only move she’s got in her set.

  • Addy

    Layla is definitely not doing as bad as people are making her out to be. I prefer her wrestling to AJ’s(Love AJ but she needs to stop the dramatic collapse after every move).

    Also, the sad thing is… Aj shouldn’t have to be considered a gift of god. I mean, she IS a gift from god considering the state of the divas, but this should be a standard thing, not the once in a lifetime chance that we should all freak out. Divas should always have some kind of foothold on the men storylines, even if a minor role. Sadly, that’s not how the WWE works so woohoo more freaking out!

    And Eve should gone cray after the punch and attacked someone. Just go crazy. Crazy everywhere.

  • melon2617

    I’ve been enjoying Layla’s in ring work a lot.

    As for AJ, this storyline is great but I can’t see her with Punk long term. There is just no chemistry between them. I love her insane, I want attention storyline but I think there needs to be more Kaitlyn interaction. She needs to be seen as having a real friend. Punk doesn’t really “care”, he pities her. Bryan is using her, Kane is amused by her. She needs a friend.

    • WWFoverWWE

      kaitlyn tried being a friend that and got slapped like three times for it.

      • mykel1990

        And slapped the bejesus out of her each time at that.

      • gl83

        Technically she was only slapped two times……….

        ………and got her head kicked off into the third row.

        • melon2617

          I know, but this is my problem; men do not know how to write for women. I just blogged about this, Kaitlyn should have been in this storyline from the get-go. Emotionally abused women feel like they are alone, with no one to turn to and WWE is basically saying “Your friends will turn on you when you’re down.” Speaking as a woman, if I fell off my rocker after a breakup, my best friends would take a bunch of slaps and kicks to the head and still want to help me. Backstage segments of Kaitlyn reaching out to Punk to get him to help AJ would have given her a chance to showcase her chops as well as really demonstrated the power of female friendship, something so rarely seen in WWE programming.

          The best option would be for AJ to end up with neither man. Punk isn’t interested in her, he wants to help her as a well meaning guy. Not to mention he’d look like a predator, preying on this loony chick. Men who date women so soon after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship are generally more controlling than their predeccessors. Having AJ turn on Bryan and leave with her BFF Kaitlyn would give AJ an empowered character, albeit insane, but she could focus on something she should be focused on; the Divas Championship.

        • WWFoverWWE

          kaitlyn needs to worry about herself instead of what AJ is always doing.

  • shannymac

    AJ is pretty much livIng my dream right now. I love/hate her so much!

    • WWFoverWWE


  • VelvetLoveFan

    Maybe if wwe diddnt make aksana look weak and actually let her fight back than the match would of been better, cuz aksana is good wrestler look at her matches at FCW!

    and AJ, she is crazy haha but it’s good character for her!

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      Aksana isn’t a good wrestler. Good wrestlers are women like Beth, Natalya, Kharma & AJ. Aksana is pretty rubbish!

      • Jhonmarco

        Beth’s pretty sloppy though, I mean if you’re gonna call out Aksana like that. I find Beth to be sloppy, boring, and just bland. I do agree with the love for Kharma, Natalya, & AJ.

        • mykel1990

          Finally! Someone who thinks what I have said about Beth since she turned face!

        • Bethinho

          i guess being sloppy,boring and bland is related to each one´s taste…..
          anyway is there a reason to celebrate the appearance of the divas champion?isn´t supposed to be a normal thing?oh wait…

      • hado

        Sorry but AJ isn’t really good in the ring. I mean she can’t run the ropes correctly, her cross body’s are hopeless (I mean even K2 does it better) and she has no power in her moves at all. Beth is boring, and bland, I mean she does the same moves in every single match (even when she is a heel or a face.)

        • gl83

          Well then since all the Divas suck in the ring. Let’s just disband the divas division then.

  • xobrittanny

    I really do love this storyline with Punk & AJ & Bryan I was very surprised she kissed both of them but her kiss with punk was more passion into it if anyone didnt notice, But i hope she doesnt screw punk at MITB because he does like her you can tell, And we will just have to wait till Monday on RAW. as for layla shes been doing really well in the ring but she was better if she had a new tag partner. And kharma should return already they could really use her.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I don’t think Layla is sloppy I think its because WWE isn’t giving her better oppenents in which I believe that Eve should be Layla’s new oppenent.

    That AJ/Punk/Bryan segment was awesome espically in the end I must admit that kiss between AJ and Punk made me slightly jealous and was pretty hot.

    • xobrittanny

      right? it sure was hot lol makes me a little jealous cm punk is my idol! But i dont want the storyline to end its the best thing going in wwe right now I agree with what you said about layla they should have layla/eve fued.

      • hado

        But since returning to WWE, Layla has only really faced off against Natalya & Beth who are better then Eve.

  • shameronstar

    I don’t think Layla has been sloppy.Actually it’s the contrary, I think her wrestling is actually much better than it was before because she has more move variety, technique, and she seems more comfortable in the ring to me!

    • redsandman99

      I agree. In all honesty, this match wasn’t anything to go by in terms of her in ring skills. Limited time and a very limited opponent leads to even the best of people not being able to do much.

  • wl75

    I do wonder what’ll happen next week on Smackdown to Eve with Zack Ryder being GM…and it ain’t a WWE party unless some gets something thrown in their face..

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    I’m just waiting for Aj to turn Heel.

  • TheLadySamantha

    Layla as a face is literally a snooze fest.

  • Essex Boy

    Oh my god.. With that beard?… No! No! No!

  • French.One

    Aksana is so at the bottom of the division right now, I wouldn’t be surprise to see her released.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    o @ Layla using Kelly’s moves.

  • layglamacool

    Layla has always been sloppy and inconsistent with her in-ring work.

    • art

      LOL name when???..

    • art

      People saying laylas been sloppy i’d like to know when>??..i know she was against beth on ppv but she hasn’t been sloppy since…..
      i didnt mind this match besides khali being in it…
      aksana & layla should have had a catfight at the start & nice for the crowd to chant for layla…

      • art

        Oops this was meant to be my own comment…

        • layglamacool

          I’m talking about before the injury. I wouldn’t list Layla as a solid in ring performer.

        • art

          Are you saying before the injury she wasn’t solid or now because more people agree that shes more solid then sloppy…

  • KellyKellyAJFan

    I hope Eve will not be stuck in the role of being made an example of by Teddy for long. Her history with Zack just gives me the impression it’ll be a repeat of this come next Sunday. But as a Eve fan, I have to say I am at least happy that she on TV because that seems to be pretty uneven for most of the other Divas. Well, really all except for AJ of late and at times, Layla. Though I don’t completely mind it. I mean, I’d rather time be put into giving AJ character or Layla time than just a random two minute Divas match that would’ve served no purpose anyway if that makes any sense? I really don’t have many words to say about Punk/AJ/Bryan. I’m more concerned with the Division at this point. I really am hoping WWE will insert Eve into the championship picture. I mean, Eve has proved by her segments and matches that she has what it takes to become a top heel in the Division and I don’t want them to ruin her character while she is still pretty much gold. So I’m totally crossing my fingers for a Eve/Layla feud.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Sucks that Aj’s storyline is not even helping the divas division, it’s only benefitting Aj.

    The tag match was okay I guess, but it’s clear Aksana’s future in wrestling isn’t looking too good. WWE will probably keep her in the manager type role.

    I only liked the backstage party because naomi and cameron were there dancing.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    Im kind of glad Layla is being used on Raw and Smackdown now. People will start now to reconize who is the current Divas champion