Gail vs Brooke Title Match Postponed, Tag Team Match Tonight

The previously announced Knockouts Championship match that was due to air tonight has been postponed.

Gail Kim was due to get her title rematch against Brooke Tessmacher on Impact Wrestling tonight, but TNA now reports that the match will take place next week.

The storyline reason for the switch according to TNA is: “Gail Kim lodged a protest through her lawyer and upon further review of the contract, a clause was found preventing the title match from happening tonight! Gail’s lawyer had a clause hidden in the contract that required the former champion 8 days notice of her rematch.”

Instead of the title match, Gail and Madison Rayne will take on Brooke and Tara tonight on Impact.

TNA has a pay per view this Sunday, but the fact that the title match has been postponed till next week rather than on the pay per view suggests the Knockouts won’t be featured on Sunday’s card.

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  • swano86

    Can’t wait for this match!!!

  • Litax3

    At least there’s a match:)

  • lucky1now

    glad tara is being used

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    I thought Brooke and Tara had a mini feud from the Number 1 contender match?
    This could be interesting.

    •!/ShannonMarie_xo ShannonMarie_xo

      They did. But if you follow either, or both, of them on twitter they tweeted that they “made up” or “put their differences” aside and went out for dinner or something along those lines lol

  • wl75

    OK, that’s an unusual way to postpone a match…but I agree, I suspect there won’t be a KO match on the PPV (there wasn’t last year), so this makes sense. There are already 8 matches on the PPV card, so it’d be rushed anyway.

  • WaitingForSundae

    So my prediction for tonight based on nothing but a crazy guess.

    Madison’s crush is going to turn out to be Earl Hebner. Something will happen between him and her in the match that causes Gail to get pinned by Miss Tessmacher. It will also split up Madison and Gail, or at least very much put a wedge between them and Madison then costs Gail in the rematch next week. Madison as a face feuds with Gail. Miss Tessmacher moves on to feud with Mickie James once she goes heel.

    • theprincedann

      Earl! I never thought of that! Hahaha.

      The new T-shirt design of Earl Hebner..

      • Kaledrina

        ah, that reminds me of how on the house show circuit, when people would chant “you screwed bret” during a knockouts match earl was officiating, angelina love would grab the microphone and say she actually didn’t screw bret… lol.

    •!/ShannonMarie_xo ShannonMarie_xo

      I really like this idea. It’s very clever. haha.

      Brooke & Mickie would be a great feud!

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Ha. I was thinking that it might be Earl, too. It’s classic TNA booking.

    • wl75

      Nice call on that…..

  • Kaledrina

    at least they bothered to make up a lame excuse i guess? and hey, we’re still getting a match.. so yeah, a few things can come of this.. madison and her crush, tara/tess not being on the same level.


    I am happy for Tara but i want Sarita and Rosita, i think is better TNT VS Sarita Rosita and Gail on the announce table. I love the match between TNT and Sarita & Rosita IN HARDCORE JUSTICE

  • cwoww

    Tara turns on Tessmacher tonight, and Madison on Gail. LOL

  • GailKim95

    Yes! TnT is back!!!!!!!!!!


    Was wondering what happened with Brooke & Victoria. LOL good, i didn’t want to se Brooke and Gail fight 1on1 again anyways.

  • velvelove

    i wish they would at least comment on the mutual releas eof angelina and wish her the best on tv