The Month in Eye Candy: June 2012

For the past month you’ve voted on your favorite photoshoots, and each week we crowned a “Photoshoot of the Week”. Today we’re pitting the winners against each other to determine your favorite shoot of June.


Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Layla. Gail Kim‘s shoot came in second, earning 130 votes to Layla’s 158.

Layla’s photoshoot joins the rest of the month’s favorites in the poll below.

The month’s most popular photoshoots feature Beth Phoenix, Brooke Tessmacher, Layla and Natalya.

Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot, vote for your favorite below and come back Sunday to see which shoot was crowned “Photoshoot of the Month”. Be sure to voice your opinions in the comments as well!

Beth Phoenix

Brooke Tessmacher



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  • theprincedann

    Natalya :)

    Beth looks the same in every shoot. As does Brooke. Layla looks great, but I voted Nattie as its predicatable Layla will probably win.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    I love championship photos so i’m going for Brooke!

  • Brandz785

    Is it me or do Beth and Nattie look the same here ?

  •!/brodyrediron BrodyRediron

    Natalya by far. Every shoot she does seems so different yet so “Natalya” :) she has her own unique look to her.

  • xxQOXxx

    Nattie. It’s one of my fav’s of the year.

  • Simply Flawless

    I was gay, but then I saw that picture of Layla ;o

    • art


  • shameronstar

    Natalya is one of the few women of wrestling who is beautiful, has a gorgeous and classy sense of fashion, and has a level of technical in-ring ability that’s almost 2nd to none, so how she isn’t pushed as a top level diva baffles my mind!

  • art

    Natties has the worst photoshop in some pics…..Layla for me her photo all by itself says diva…

  • Jhonmarco

    Natalya, hands down. The others need to step it up.

  • WhalenX12

    GUYS. Kharma’s tweet last night “Getting closer to the time of putting the braids back in. #haveyouseenher” EEEP. Im so excited ;D

    • theprincedann

      I saw it!
      Did you saw what Road Dogg tweeted back?

    • GlamSlamFan

      Saw it, and been grinning like an idiot ever since!

  • melon2617

    Gonna have to pick Layla. That bikini and pose is simply fierce.


    Natalya, no doubt. Layla’s picture was pretty, but i wish there would’ve been more pictures of her!!

  • misschrissi7

    Brooke or Layla for me. Nattie & Beth just look like they are trying to hard.

    In the end I voted Brooke

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Brooke or Layla

    Brooke in a close one


    I hope that DD does a ” The Year in Eye Candy” in the end of the year to see wich one was the best fhotoshoot of the year!

    • theprincedann

      Yes! That would be awesome..

    • Rhawk

      No need to hope, I’m pretty sure they do that every year with the Diva Dirt Awards towards the end of December.

  • KellyKellyAJFan

    Natalya. Her figure looks amazing o.O

  • NurseBetty

    Natalya hands down.

  • NurseBetty

    Natalya hands down!