Impact Write-Up (July 5th, 2012): TNT Reunite, Plus Madison’s Crush is Revealed!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of your Impact Write-Up. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and the Knockouts are feeling good as they square off in a little tag team action. The previously scheduled title match between Miss Tessmacher and Gail Kim has now been pushed back a week due to Kim’s lawyer finding a clause in her contract that states she must have a week’s notice prior to any title match, thus tonight we will see each woman pick their best friend to team up in a tag match of epic proportions as Tessmacher and Tara square off against Gail and Madison Rayne. Also, after weeks of anticipation, Madison’s “crush” is revealed. Nothing involving Brooke Hogan or Claire, which saddens me and probably makes everyone else happy, so let’s get started!

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We head backstage to spot Tara and Miss Tessmacher standing by in their dressing room, as the camera man asks Brooke about Gail’s legal maneuvers. She claims Gail is scared to face her, and she will beat her no matter what Gail tries to pull. What’s great about tonight though, is that she gets to team up with her best friend, Tara for a little tag action. They hug, as Tara says that Brooke makes her and all the women who have held that belt before her proud. Tessmacher says she wouldn’t have won it without all the help Tara has given her, and the two hug once again to end the segment.

Following a really nice video recap on Taeler Hendrix‘s contract win last week on Gut Check, we’re taken to the ring for our weekly pan up shot of Christy Hemme as she introduces the team of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. The two walk out, looking more focused and attentive this week. Nonetheless, they are still cut off by the addictive theme of our champion and her BFF, Miss Tessmacher and Tara. They step into the ring as the bell sounds and Madison ambushes Brooke from behind. She tosses Tessmacher outside the ring and then proceeds to Irish Whip her into the barricade! Awesome. Rayne throws Brooke into the ring and locks in a choke hold, before slamming her down and tagging in Gail.

Champion and challenger now legal, as Gail kicks Brooke around and forbids her from tagging in Tara. Kim scores with a huge clothesline, but only gets a two count. Knee to the face, as Brooke tries to fight out. A brief moment of glory comes her way, but Gail remains in control. Kim then leaps onto the second rope and attempts a crossbody, but Tessmacher dodges out of the way and soon both Rayne and Tara are legal. Tara goes to town on Madison with some punches and clotheslines. A suplex follows, with a kip up and sidewalk slam as well. She only attains a nearfall, but this sparks her to go for the Widow’s Peak. Kim breaks the move up, though, so Tara shoves Madison into Gail, knocking her out of the ring. From there, she hits the Widow’s Peak! Tag into Brooke, who plants Madison with her clothesline/neckbreaker type move that I wish I knew a name for, and then pins Madison to the mat for the three count. TNT celebrate their win, as Kim looks to strike next week when the title’s on the line.

Also, check out the reveal of Madison Rayne’s “crush” below:

Thoughts: Not as wild a night for the Knockouts as we’ve grown accustomed to lately, but I’m perfectly fine with that because there wasn’t much more they needed to do. Gail and Tessmacher’s match was built for next week through the tag. Tessmacher pinned Madison to look strong heading into it, and we finally got Madison’s crush revealed as well. Things got accomplished in a few segments, and that’s fine and dandy.

Brooke got to speak, as did Tara, which is what I’ve been asking for in terms of Tessmacher’s title reign needing more promos. I thought the tag match was fine and pretty much what you’d expect from it since we’ve probably seen Gail and Madison face every possible combination of two Knockouts you can imagine outside of the few who you unfortunately kind of forget are even employed half the time. I liked it starting out with Madison ambushing Brooke and throwing her into the steel barricade, which was definitely the part of the match we hadn’t seen multiple times before, so I love that they incorporated something different into it to make it stand out from all their other tag matches against various Knockouts.

Also glad they at least gave us a video recap of Taeler’s victory in the Gut Check challenge last week because I already feel worried she won’t get much TV time. TNA have so many talent that already don’t get used, which is why I still don’t get the point of debuting so many new stars as of late, but I really like Taeler so I want her to succeed.

And all I’ll say is that Madison should be commended for doing whatever it takes to not join “Team Underused” with Sarita, Rosita, ODB, and Winter (perhaps soon also Velvet and Mickie). She’s not in the title picture, thus her position in the division was at stake so she thought quickly about what to do and figured that Earl Hebner is guaranteed to be on TV every week. Good on her for locking lips with him to keep herself on screen!

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  • jen07201

    I wonder where they are going to go with this Madison and Earl storyline.

  • defineinsanity

    :l Seriously Madison and Earl pffft! Also I think Tara is being set up to be the next challenger seeing how she’s on a roll winning matches recently. Hopefully Tara turns heel :D

  • Raekon

    Well madison and earl locked lips before during a match in which he kissed her instead after she was hitting on his nerves the whole time.

    Maybe they did it because of that? Not sure.

    The tag team match was great and I liked that they showed Taelers win again.
    Hope to see her in the ring again soon.

    In the beginning of the video though were two guys fighting and I really don’t understand how they could let the black guy that won to fight in the ring like the botchmachine he is.

    He almost broke the other guys face with that moonsault, not the mention the actions before. -_-

  • WWFoverWWE

    Madison and Earl? LOL I shouldn’t be surprised with the amount of times she’s had to kiss him during house shows. Madison has kissed Earl more than her husband.

    The tag match was okay but the two finishers on Madison was overkill.

    • fragile

      i need a list of all the knockouts earl has kissed !

  • redsandman99

    Madison and Earl? Ugh…not crazy about it. Just seems goofy to me but whatever. LIked the match though.

  • Gleekout

    Bleh…. I wish Madison was paired with a wrestler. See a new power couple for once

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    disappointed in madison’s crush. What’s the point? Where can it go? Should have been a male wrestler IMO.

    Brooke pinning Madison does what for her feud with Gail?

    Good to see 2 KO storylines though

    • Raekon

      She will probably “use him” to win matches from now on till someone from the management fires him or her or comes up with other consequenses for both I guess.

  • Alexis18

    At first when Madison came to the ring I thought her crush was going to be on Devon and I thought ‘OK, it’s different’ but then I thought ‘Devon is a face and Madison is a Heel so how is this going to work’ the she kissed Earl.

    At first I didn’t get it but then I thought, ‘Since Earl is the ref he can fix all of her matches whenever he refs them and then she’ll win every time.’ So…I can buy the whole Earl is the one I love storyline for now

  • Kaledrina

    not the first referee madison has gotten off with ! at least they’re staying true to madison’s character, haha.

  • bjorn448

    maybe a promo for Katie Hebner?

  • richies88

    a what a joke. earl hebner what a joke

  • MNM4ever

    hhahahahaha madison and earl hebner, i hope this gets somewhere!!! and even though tna was a bit of a let down this week, there was still a good knockouts match but it wasn’t as good as previous weeks
    Next will surely be heaps better so lets not overreact :)

  •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

    UGGHHH I do not think brooke is a good wrestler IMO especially with that atire she looks like a whore with a title belt. Yes she is cute but she cant wrestle.

  • cutymania

    I thought the tag match was kinda sloppy and I really don’t like Brooke’s finisher. I actually thought all the matches up to the KO tag match, including the X division one, were sloppy in some places.