Taeler Hendrix Regains OVW Women’s Title

New TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix has regained the OVW Women’s Championship after losing it just one month ago.

Hendrix, who two weeks ago impressed Impact Wrestling officials enough in a live Gut Check challenge to be awarded a contract with the company, defeated Epiphany for the title at last night’s Saturday Night Special event in an Evening Gown Match.

However, Hendrix had some support from her associate Dylan Bostic in securing the victory; as the referee was knocked out, Bostic, who was in Hendrix’s corner, stripped Epiphany of her gown helping the new Knockout steal the win.

Hendrix lost the championship to Epiphany on June 2nd after a 200+ day reign.

- Listen to our recent interview with Taeler Hendrix

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  • darkangels

    I read the OVW Davis arena have sold shows now last night was no different maybe taeler hindrex on gutcheck have something to do with it. Plus taeler is a heel knockout in OVW that what the ladies division called now.

    • darkangels

      typo soldout

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Nice congratulations..she should STAY in I’ve she’s of no use to tna.

    • defineinsanity

      I know right although she’s new and fresh I think they should leave her in OVW letting the Gail & Brooke feud simmer for awhile then move onto one that involves her (hopefully not a KO title storyline).

      • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

        Ya dude and wow haha I meant to type O.V.W. stupid autocorrect. And about taelor she is pretty cute but she isn’t that hot and her wrestling ability falls short compared to Brooke Tessmacher aka our champ and having taelor come in will just interrupt things much like Gail Kim’s return interrupted velvet sky Mickie Angelina and winter last year..we don’t need taelor we dont need a rookie we need a badass powerhouse heel an established heel!! No time for little girls trying to figure things out, n no disrespect to taelor either. But we need jazz Victoria Serena hell if Sarah del ray wants to jump in, bring it on! Any time! Hell even Michelle mccool woul be awesome to have in tna IMO
        Tna just needs that bad guy to come in

        Ya feel me?

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    An evening gown match. How terrible. Epiphany is a really good wrestler. And Hendrix is a some what good wrestler. Other matches I’ve seen have been ok but this match sounds weird. An also can any one explain to me y all the champions including epiphany were stripped of their belts?

    • wl75

      It was part of an angle- there’s been a storyline power struggle feud between Josette Bynum (Lady JoJo) and Danny Davis which ended up in the OVW board stripping all the titles from everyone and settling both the titles and control in a 4 out of 7 competition last night in a variety of match styles (Battle Royal, Evening Gown Match, 5v5 elimination cage match, etc.) Hendrix was part of Bynum’s heel team (she’s a heel down there, as compared to what is looking like a face in TNA), so she won the title but Bynum’s team lost overall 4-3.

  • jayjayholler

    Evening gown match? How very WWE.