Report: Sara Del Rey Offered WWE Contract

WWE has offered a contract to Sara Del Rey, reports PWInsider.

According to the report, Del Rey has been offered a deal pending the results of medical examinations. The way WWE works is that once an offer is made to a talent, a contract is contingent on them passing the battery of tests required for medical purposes.

Del Rey, arguably the top female independent wrestler in North America over the past several years, is best known for her work in Ring of Honor, SHIMMER (where she was the first SHIMMER Champion), and CHIKARA. She was also named Diva Dirt’s Wrestler of the Year for 2011.

Del Rey’s former ROH stablemates, the Kings of Wrestling Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, have both joined WWE in the past year with Castagnoli now performing on SmackDown as Antonio Cesaro.

The Queen of Wrestling still has several independent dates in the coming weeks: She is due to face Jazz in the main event of SHINE Wrestling’s debut Internet pay per view. She also will challenge Eddie Kingston in the main event of CHIKARA on July 28th for the Grand Championship. Also just announced, Del Rey will face Hailey Hatred in August at AIW’s Girls Night Out 7.

This past weekend, Del Rey and partner Courtney Rush lost the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships to the Canadian Ninjas at NCW Femmes Fatales.

Adding an extra wrinkle to this story, Del Rey recently made her return to Ring of Honor at their last television tapings. Obviously, if she were to go to WWE, it would have a knock-on effect on her current ROH storyline.

In an exclusive interview with Diva Dirt last year, Del Rey said that joining WWE was her “main focus and goal”.

Sara Del Rey – Wrestler of the Year acceptance:

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  • PeriodPalace

    im confused isnt it an fcw contract she was offered?

    • TheLadySamantha

      Those who are offered WWE contracts go to WWE’s developmental territory aka FCW before being called up to the main roster.

      • divafan

        I really hope the contract was for the main show either both raw or smackdown.. she can really make an impact on the divas and on the entire wwe as well

  • lareeDDT


  • AfroJack

    HOLY PENIS ORGASM!!! i hope this is true

  • elsimate

    Spectacular news.

    Model vs Wrestlers debate in 5..4..3..2..

  • WWEStarInTraining

    I think wwe is finally focusing on real female wrestlers I mean they have Kharma and now possibly Sara del ray plus other great talents like Beth, Natalya, Aj, Eve, Alicia, Paige, Sofia, and Layla.

    • PeriodPalace

      Alicia ?? ur joking right

      • WWEStarInTraining

        Alicia is good though, Wwe just doesnt use her to her full potential imo she is long over due for a title run

        • PeriodPalace

          alicia botches every second move

      • Nostalgia

        Alicia is great when she’s against the likes of Natalya and Beth

        • PeriodPalace

          didnt she give beth a black eye back in december cause she botched her finisher

        • Londonboy

          Why the hell are you people taling about Alicia
          pls someone tell me what does she have to do with Sara getting offerd a wwe contract ???.

      • unscripted & flawless

        Everyone loves to forget Alicia’s great matches she’s had, and it’s not just that super long one on Superstars against Natalya. Alicia is a solid worker. She’s not “the best” but she’s far from horrible. And people need to stop clinging on her injuring Beth, because if I’m not mistaken, Beth BOTCHED once and injured Maryse long time ago, but everyone has seem to “forgotten” about that, but don’t worry, I’ll bring the memory back. So @PeriodPalace, why don’t you go hate somewhere else?

        Either way, I agree with @LondonBoy, this post was about Sara Del Ray – not Alicia Fox. Congrats to her and I hope everything turns out well so she can get herself a contract.

        • divafan

          Alicia is a talented girl compare to kelly. She can do a lot of moves in the ring if only time were given.

        • Sherri Martel Fan

          I’m made up for Sara :) But Alicia didn’t only injure Beth but she injured Natalya the same week. & her push was cancelled. Alicia isn’t good.

      • JamieKym

        Botches every move? You’re mistaking for someone else who’s hasn’t come back yet and before she does, needs to learn the ropes…..literally.

      • corndogagenda

        Haters gonna hate – and use hyperbole.

        • sugarrush28

          This Alicia hate is off the charts. You would think she broke Beth’s jaw or something. It’s wrestling stuff happens. Alicia has put on good matches with people with higher skill level than her and lower skill level than her. Alicia had a few bad matches and you would think she messed up every week.

  • wl75

    I’m just hoping WWE doesn’t mess this up….

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    So happy for her! I can’t believe TNA told her she wasn’t beautiful enough. They just basically did the same thing to Lufisto too. Just stupid.

    • theprincedann

      She isn’t beautiful. Look at the above picture and be honest..

      One hell of an amazing wrestler, but not in the least bit attractive.

      In my opinion ;)

      • melon2617

        She’s not unfortunate but she’s not say…Trish Stratus.

        However, I’m guessing with a more flattering style, professional gear and a few makeup pointers, she could definitely be quite striking.

      • mscandy

        I actually think she’s pretty. You can see that in the video. I think you’re ugly for thinking that way…

    • JamieKym

      They don’t hire them because they didn’t appeal to the crowd and she to been too flat.

  • mr_socko

    No real reason to get excited… she’ll be a generic babyface that never speaks, or she’ll be a generic heel that never speaks, and will get to wrestle for a minute or two here and there.

  • jcarcano12


  • shameronstar

    OMG! The Queen of Wrestling in wwe!? This is tremendous news if it’s true! You know people, including myself at times I’ll admit, give HHH lots of flake because of how he got his position of power but he’s light years ahead of John Lauranitis when it comes to finding talent. I almost want to give HHH a hug and say “Thank You!”

  • numero47

    Happy for the possibility of SDR joining WWE but unless more changes happen I don’t like the idea seeing one of the greatest female wrestlers heading to a place where the women’s division is barely a priority to the company.

    • perceval

      As I’ve said before, just before the Golden Age of Divas, the Women’s Championship was held by Debra, Miss Kitty, & Hervina. The Division was in MUCH WORSE SHAPE in 1999 than it was at the end of 2011.

      By the end of 2001, the Division had Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Jacqueline Moore, Ivory, & Jazz, with Victoria in Developmental and soon to be called up, and Molly having been introduced to a young woman working the indies named Gail Kim. Meanwhile, Terri Runnels, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, & Dawn Marie were on hand to provide charismatic eye candy.

      Sometimes, you just need the right combination of talent. You couldn’t build a great Division around Debra and Miss Kitty. You could around Trish and Lita. And now, you can around AJ and Kharma.

      • numero47

        Even going a little before the “Golden Era of the Divas” and before the end of the 1999s WWE had an extremely elite roster of women. Joshi stars such as AJ Kong, Madusa, Bull Nakano, Tomoko Watanabe, Bertha Faye and a couple other notable names.
        We’ve had the “Women’s Tag Team” titles established and the term “Diva” was never used to refer to the female talent.
        Fast foward to the “Golden Era of the Divas” yes we saw great talent such as the women you’ve mentioned: Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Jacqueline Moore, Ivory, & Jazz. The crowd was behind them and WWE gave them time to have legit matches.
        We are all aware of how the divisin currently stands and as fans its frustrating to see the division has fallen but if WWE can call up more women such as SDR, Paige, Kharma etc. an give them time in the ring I think the division can reignite excitement again.

  • PeriodPalace

    its a developmental contract , not a proper wee contract , divadirt didnt report that for some reason

    • Melanie

      Because it’s a given that it’s a developmental contract. All WWE contracts start as developmental contracts.

      • shameronstar

        Weren’t Sin Cara and Kharma exceptions to that rule?

        • Melanie

          There are always exceptions to any rule!

        • French.One

          Sin Cara was too expensive to be put on FCW, and they regret it now, I’m not sure they will skip the FCW step again for another wrestler.

      • AfroJack

        Indy stars who still have bookings to attend when signed to WWE take a developmental contract and after all their wrestling appearances are finished they report to FCW. The likes of Tenille, Britani even Beth had to wait to finish indy bookings

        Awesome Kong and Sin Cara had no bookings so could go to the main roster right away.

  • jcarcano12

    Mercedes Martinez might get a contact to! :D

    • xxQOXxx

      No. It’s was Mercedes KV that had a tryout not Mercedes Martinez.

      • jcarcano12

        Ahh I feel stupid now -!-

        • xxQOXxx

          Dont. Lots of sites have reported it as being Mercedes Martinez so that probably were you’ve heard it from.

  • amb3r

    Paige is the “only” new diva I’m interested in.

    I’ve been hearing good things about this Lady, I can’t wait to see her in WWE pit up against AJ, as AJ is the hottest commodity, atm!! I think AJ would destroy her in a minute. (o^-^o)

  • Londonboy

    I am so happy for Sara she is one of my all time fav wrestlers 11 years of hard work has finally paid off and she has made it to the WWE.
    I just hope they use her properly and dont just have her become a Jobber .

  • Gameman305

    No Fucking Way! I Hope She Takes It! It would be Awesome if Sara is in The WWE!

  • jcarcano12

    Oh today is my birthday. :)

    • Marshy

      Today it feels like that it is everybody birthday when someone like Sara Del Rey signs a contract with WWE.

  • shameronstar

    I just thought of a funny storyline they could do by having Sara become Kelly Kelly’s mentor to help train her to become “The Barbie Princess of Wrestling!” They could have video packages of Sara pushing Kelly to her limits and beyond like that training scene from the Rocky movie!

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      and the have Sara turn on Kelly making it to like a summer long fued where the “student” in Kelly tries to overcome and beat her “teacher” in Sara that would be a good storyline I’m like already picturing the video package inmy head!!!!

  • French.One

    AWESOME §§§§

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    WOW’ i am in complete shock right now, just wow, and i am so so so happy, i really seems like WWE is starting to rebuild there division with the signs of 5 indy women in the last year Sofia, Paige, Rachelle St Claire, Tenille, Buggy Nova, and now the top indy women out there

    I am so so so happy, just wow fingers crossed that everythings goes well with her testing and we see her soon in FCW

    imagone SDR Vs Kharma, SDR Vs Tamina, SDR Vs Paige, SDR Vs Sofia, SDR Vs Tenille, SDR Vs Beth, SDR Vs Nattie

    i am sper excited, now if they just release the right girls and leave the right girls, i think wwe will have its best roster in a long long time

    • jcarcano12

      I will love to see srd vs kharma

    • gavin harvey

      theres reorts that wwe wont fire any one until linda mcmahons campain is over because they said wwe give people jobs and it make linda look bad if they fire people

      • GailKimFan09e

        This is actually true their was an article stating that wwe management doesn’t want to back track on their statement of saying that they offer job and opportunity to anyone of any race or size or gender. Therefore they don’t want to look bad firing people for no good reason, as of late the only way a diva or superstar leaves wwe it’ll be on their own request.

  • gavin harvey

    congrats sara hope she takes it ! and hhh is suppose to be in charge of wwe development now and wants alot more independent talent including male and female wrestlers ! just hope they start given the woman more time to shine ! id love kharma to come in and be the big baddie for a while and holding the title for ages and says no woman in wwe or any where can beat ther then sara to debute and beats her ! just hope she by passes the development stage shes to good for fcw or nxt !

    • jcarcano12

      I think kharma is going to attack AJ at the pay pre view or 1000 episode

  • bromero329

    WOW. Ive never actually seen her wrestlint but i know everyone here loves her. congratulations to her. and idk this news until i read natties tweet. which made me think lol. but this is good for her. her dream is finally coming true.

    i just hope wwe doesnt screw this up. im hoping to see a SDR vs Natalya match since they are good friends. but i doubt it since we still havvent gotten beth vs natalya lol


  • SherriShepherdWWE

    and i just want that to add, i thought it was sweet that Nattie tweeted to SDR saying, good things come to thouse who wait :), i love it

    • jcarcano12

      Really? That sweet I hope I get a wwe contract:) jk I’m not a wrestler

  • bromero329

    they dont really need to take any divas out . they need more divas to come in.

    rosa & aksana are perfect where they are ( as valets).

    everone else is good in the ring so just add more females to the main roster and we might be going back to SmackDown ( laycool era) when the matches and storylines were great. basically before mid 2011/2012

    • shameronstar

      It could actually be much better because the potential of the current talent pool is much higher than it has been in years!

  • shameronstar

    This could actually be a very mutual benefit because the divas could learn a LOT from this highly seasoned veteran because I hear she’s a pretty cool lady too, so she probably wouldn’t mind teaching some of the girls a thing or 2!