Mercedes Martinez Rumor Killer

Diva Dirt can confirm that rumors circulating on various websites this past weekend linking veteran wrestler and former WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez to a WWE tryout are false.

It was reported that Martinez took part in a WWE tryout at the company’s developmental camp in Tampa, FL.

Wishing to clarify on these claims, Martinez told Diva Dirt: “As far as any rumors to a WWE tryout or even getting signed, those rumors are false.”

It looks as though the rumors began circulating after another female wrestler, Mercedes KV, was spotted in the audience on a recent episode of FCW’s television show.

The WSU and SHIMMER star will next be seen as part of SHINE Wrestling’s debut event on Internet pay per view July 20th.

As reported earlier this week, WWE has indeed offered a contract to Martinez’s fellow top independent wrestler, Sara Del Rey.

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  • xxQOXxx

    I said this the other day.

    Mercedes said in her WSU Shoot that the last time she did a tryout for them(a few years ago) that she would have to change her ‘look’ which she refuses to do. She also said that she isn’t interested in signing with them anymore.

    The rumours of her getting a tryout with Sara was just people getting her name confused with Mercedes KV.

  • elsimate

    Never believed it for the reasons XXQOXXX stated and it wasn’t a reputable source that reported it.

  • AfroJack

    what companies does Mercedes KV wrestle for?

    • elsimate

      “The WSU and SHIMMER star”

    • Mikas

      Several indies in the Northeast, but Chaotic Wrestling seems to be her ‘home’ since thats where she started. She also worked for NECW, PWF and NWA on Fire, all companies who operate in the Massachusetts area.

      Chaotic Wrestling is one of the companies that has connections with WWE, in supplying jobbers, extras for security guards etc. Kofi Kingston also comes from there.

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        Ya @Mikias is right, Mercedes KV is currently Chaotic wrestling champion, and i can actually see all the girls down in Chaotic one day in WWE, they all have that diva look, from Mercedes KV, Kacey Ray, Alexxis, Nikki ROxx (prob never happen )

        • Marshy

          I could actually see Mercedes KV,Kacey Ray who looks like a cross between Ivory and Paula Abdul,Alexxis.and with Nikki Roxx,well her picture on Chaotic Wrestling that IMO that she looks like a young version of Vicki Guerrero.

        • cutymania

          hey they signed Del Rey, no reason not to sign Nikki if we’re talking looks alone.

          Mercedes KV has a great mentor in Nikki Roxx, I think she’ll go far. She has definitely improved a lot recently, despite me writing her off as just a pretty face when her name first surfaced.

  • sanchezdiego96

    If it’s not reported on Diva Dirt, I dont believe it.

  • Lily

    Well, at least they have SDR.

    I’m still so shocked that WWE have Kharma and SDR in their company. I wonder what other female wrestler signings will come by.

  • charleshp

    It should be noted that there’s a marked change in what they’re looking for as a ‘look’ or ‘type’ with Hunter vs Johnny Ace.

  • JamieKym

    Again, DivaDirt forgets to mention Sara Del Ray was also in the audience at that show.